Can You Put Sweatpants In The Dryer? 

Yes, you can put your sweatpants in the dryer. But, this should be done under certain conditions.

When putting sweatpants in the dryer, the setting will not be like when you put other clothings in the dryer.

First, you have to understand that you will set the dryer to “air dry” or you can set it to “tumble dry low” when you are drying your sweatpants.

Sweatpants are made differently from other clothings and they must be treated differently for them to get the best care.

Also, there are other options of drying your sweatpants. In this article, I will show you other ways to dry your sweatpants and how to make them last longer. 

What To Consider Before Putting Sweatpants In The Dryer

There are certain things you should consider before using the dryer for your sweatpants. After considering all these, you will then decide if you still need to use the dryer for your sweatpants.

Your sweatpants will shrink

Yes. Your sweatpants will most likely shrink when you dry them in the dryer.

This is expected of every fabric made of cotton. That is why it is not advisable to dry your jeans in the dryer.

And the reason this is so is because, sweatpants are made of cotton just like jeans are made of cotton.

But, it is very okay if you like your sweatpants to shrink and you want them that way. Let me tell you why sweatpants will shrink in the dryer. 

Cotton is made of plant tissue and we all know that plant wilt in the presence of heat.

So, cotton will wilt, shrink in the presence of heat. And, dryer emits direct heat on the clothes especially when using the normal settings.

So, it is very natural that your sweatpants shrink. So, if you are ready to accept that, then you can go ahead and use the dryer.

Remember, if you must use the dryer for your sweatpants, set in “air dry” or “tumble dry low” for the level of shrinkage to be reduced.

Your sweatpants may peel easily

By the time you put your sweatpants in the dryer with other clothes, you shouldn’t be surprised when you begin to see your sweatpants peeling quickly.

There are two things responsible for that in this case; the heat and the rubbing together with other clothes that may be hard.

So, you have to consider this before deciding to put your sweatpants in the dryer. You might end up losing the new look of your sweatpants.

You might have to dry them alone

In a bid to avoid the previous situation, you might want to dry just your sweatpants at a time in the dryer. You will not have to put any other clothing.

And then, the drying will actually take time because the settings is different this time around.

That will also mean that you won’t have to wash any other clothes that day until your sweatpants are dried.

You are almost putting aside a special day for your sweatpants in the dryer. So, if you are willing to go with this, then that’s up to you and it’s okay.

Your sweatpants may not last longer

This is what you might want to avoid. At this point, many people blame the brands of the sweatpants without realizing that the fault is from their care of the sweatpants.

This will happen when you constantly wash your sweatpants in the dryer.

You might end up damaging your sweatpants, especially if you do not take the precautions prescribed above.

If you are still willing to accept this, then, there’s nothing stopping you from putting your sweatpants in the dryer. 

Other Ways To Dry Your Sweatpants

Apart from drying your sweatpants in the dryer, there are other proven ways to dry them better and faster.

Using a Dry Towel and a tumble dryer

This method will not only dry your sweatpants, but it will also dry them faster and safer.

I said earlier that putting your sweatpants in the dryer with other clothes can easily cause peeling in your sweatpants.

You can avoid that effect if you place your sweatpants in a dry and fresh towel, then place it in a tumble dryer.

That way, your Sweatpants can dry faster also. This is very effective when you do not want your sweatpants to shrink.

If you haven’t tried this on your sweatpants, you should probably try this on your next wash. You will have your sweatpants as fresh and new as ever with this method.

Line dry your sweatpants

This is basically the most effective and easiest way to dry your sweatpants.

There is no extra effort needed here. You have to place your sweatpants on a line in an open space to drip off water and dry.

You can also keep them where there is sun but not when the sun is in high intensity.

With this method, your sweatpants will not shrink, they will not easily peel and they are likely to last longer.

So, why not arrange a line of rope from one end to another just to place your clothes on them.

You are advised to line dry most of your clothings like jeans for a more natural effect.

When next you wash your sweatpants, you should try line drying them. Even if you just want to dry out sweat from the sweatpants, line drying them is the best option here. 

You can use a dry rack for your sweatpants

This is another option for those who may not want to use lines to dry their sweatpants.

You can use a dry rack if you have them and let your sweatpants drip out water from there. This is also very easy to apply and quick.

With this option, you can use your dryer for other clothings while drying your sweatpants on the dry rack. You can either use the line dry method or you use the dry rack method. Both will maintain the shape and quality of your sweatpants.

You can use a hair dryer

I think this method will be tedious as it will take a long time for your sweatpants to totally dry off the water.

The best situation to try this method is when you want to dry out sweat from your sweatpants to use them at the moment.

Maybe, you had water splashed on your sweatpants, you can use the dryer to dry off the splash of water.

You may not want to try this method on a freshly washed sweatpant, you will be exhausted yourself.

So, from all of these methods, you can pick out the one that easily works for you and apply it to drying your sweatpants. 

Why You Should Not Always Dry Your Sweatpants In The Dryer

You should not always dry your sweatpants in the dryer because of the reasons I’ll mention here.

If you are asking for my candid advice, I will say that you should not dry your sweatpants in a dryer at all. But, you can choose to do that occasionally. Let’s see why it shouldn’t be always.

Your sweatpants will easily get damaged

This is the major reason you should not try drying your sweatpants in the dryer in the first place.

Every other thing that will happen to your sweatpants when you use the dryer will lead to the sweatpants breaking down and being damaged altogether.

Your sweatpants will begin to peel off and finally tear. I am sure that you do not want to experience that after just a few months of using your sweatpants.

Your sweatpants will not last long

Sweatpants are supposed to last for up to 2 to 3 years of regular use.

By the time you use dryer to dry them every time you wash them, that will lessen the durability of your sweatpants.

You should know these things before deciding to use the dryer often.

Oftentimes, we blame quick tears on the manufacturer, but the actual problem is from us.

So, if you eventually want to have your sweatpants stay longer, don’t use the dryer to dry them. I am sure that you do not want to easily lose your favorite sweatpants.

They will shrink badly

This is another reason you should not use dryer for your sweatpants all the time. If using them occasionally will shrink the sweatpants, imagine how much they will shrink when used often.

When a cloth shrinks so bad, the beauty and shape of that cloth are lost.

So, cease using the dryer to dry your sweatpants if you want them to maintain the quality they had when you first bought them. 

How To Make Your Sweatpants Last Longer

Can You Put Sweatpants In The Dryer?

By now, you have learned that drying your sweatpants in the dryer will make them last less.

So, the first step to take here is to avoid the dryer if you want your sweatpants to last longer.

Let’s check out other ways to make your sweatpants last longer.

Start caring for the Sweatpants the moment you buy them

After purchase, don’t use the washing machine to wash them, and don’t use the dryer to dry them.

You should hand wash your sweatpants in cold water for the first two to three times you wash them. This is why you must not start with heat.

The sweatpants will probably face future rough conditions, but the first care will count a lot in making sure that they survive the rough usage that they might be subjected to. 

After washing with cold water, endeavor to hang them to dry at the first to three washes.

This way, even when you occasionally use the washing machine and dryer to wash and dry them, they won’t be detectable damage to the sweatpants.

Remember, first impression matters. In this case, first care matters. 

Wash your Sweatpants alone

You must understand that constant rubbing of your sweatpants with other materials may make the sweatpants peel easily and that will affect the durability of your sweatpants.

So, you have to take care when washing, to not mix them with other clothings in the washer or in the bowl if you’re handwashing.

This is really bad if it is in the washing machine. In the washer, you do not control how the clothings are rubbed and squeezed, you do not control which cloth is next to which, so, your sweatpants could be damaged by the zipper of one other cloth without your knowledge.

But, if hand-washed, you have control over all these factors. Still, you are not to wash them with other clothes. 

If you are using the washing machine, just wash the sweatpants alone in them and then place only your sweatpants in the dryer while applying the special settings. 

Line dry them

Now, whether you use the washing machine to wash your sweatpants, or you handwash them, it is important that you line dry them. If every time you dry your sweatpants, you line dry them, they will last much longer for you.

So, you should try as much as possible to totally avoid using the dryer for your sweatpants. That alone will prevent shrinkage, peeling, and easy damage.

Practicing these methods will certainly help in keeping your sweatpants for a long time and you will have to spend more months and years wearing your favorite sweatpants. 


You can actually place your sweatpants in the dryer and that can be done in certain conditions.

You should probably avoid using the dryer to dry your sweatpants to avoid damage and shrinkage.

If you want your sweatpants to last longer, don’t use the dryer, handwash with cold water, line dry them, and always wash them alone.

Sweatpants are made of cotton and they can easily shrink because cotton is made from plants and plants wilt in the presence of heat.

This is why you should not always place your sweatpants in the dryer. 


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