10 Sweatpants Duplicate of Joah Brown

We love Sweatpants dupes and how they have become a necessity in our wardrobes. This is the same for Joah Brown sweatpants.

These Joah Brown sweats are made for luxurious comfort. They are oversized and relaxed, with an elastic waistband and ankle cuffs.

These ensure that they remain fixed to your torso. An adjustable drawstring is embedded in them for maximum fit, so you can perform your task easily. 

Features I love about Joah Brown are the brushed cotton material and French terry fabric, which is awesome for layering. 

They are ideal fashion pieces and are loved by many who commend their durability. The dupes listed in this article do well to remind you of the best qualities of Joah Browns.

So if you are looking for comfortable and durable sweatpants similar to Joah Brown, you are in the right place.

Check out our well-curated list of ten sweatpants dupe of Joah Brown

Our Top picks

  • Best for casual outings and home lounge: VINMEN – Sports Pants
  • Best for a sporting event: Yovela Sports Pants 
  • Best high waist design: HeSaYep Sports Pants
  • Best for the winter season: Waitfairy Sports Pants
  • Best for plus size: Saloogoe Sports Pants
  • Best unisex jogging: Atronele Lightweight Joggers
  • Best for vacation: Neva Nude Joggers pants
  • Best for lounging: Ivay Sports Pants 
  • Best lightweight: EZ-Joyce sports pants 
  • Best for hiking: Deckpro – Hiking Cargo Pants

VINMEN – Sports Pants

Vinmen women’s sports pants are a good dupe for Joah Brown, they are medium weight and have a loose fit. Used as a perfect cover for mildly cold weather but cannot hold extreme cold.

 I love the feel of these sweatpants, they are spacious and comfortable for lounging, yoga, hiking, jogging, running, sport or as sleepwear.

Vinmen joggers have an adjustable waist made of elastic and a drawstring, and the legs come with an elastic ring band at the ankle. 

The feature I love about these dupes is the ring band that allows me to roll my pants away from my ankles In case of wet weather and comes with two large pockets.

Vinmen pants are a good piece to own because you can use them to pair different tops nicely, and are timeless.

They can be hand washed in cold water, and don’t crack or lose color but do make sure not to use bleaching agents on the materials. These pants are a bonus for me as they don’t pick up hair or lint.

Key Features 

  • Fabric: 85% Cotton, 15% Polyester
  • Closure Type: Elastic mid waist with drawstring 
  • Two pocket designs 
  • Elastic waist with drawstring 


  • Brand: VINMEN
  • Weight:7kg

Yovela High Waist Sports Pants 

Yovela is a female sports pant brand that can pass for Joah Brown dupes, they are very warm, fashionable and provide comfort.

They have a high elastic waist which enhances the length of my legs, making my waist look slimmer, the ankles of the pants are ribbed which enhances the appearance of my short legs. 

Yovela pants provide warmth yet give that sleek look without making my sweatpants look bogus in the cold weather.

Yovela pants can be used for yoga, sports, hiking, shopping or walking. They come with two very large pockets in the front that can freely contain the whole of my palm, mobile phones and wallet. 

These pants feature a ribbed cuff which makes it an elegant look when styling with sports shoes, casual shoes and low ankle boots.

You can take care of these pants by cold hand wash and hanging them to dry.

Key Feature

  • Fabric: 65% polyester, 35% cotton
  • Closure Type: Elastic high waist
  • Two-pocket design


  • Brand:YOVELA
  • Weight:7.5kg

HeSaYep Sports Pants

HeSaYep is a brand known for producing quality sweatpants, this sport pants can pass for the Joah Brown dupes.

The brand sports pants have a loose fit with a blend of polyester and 75%cotton which makes them comfortable and breathable.

HeSaYep sport dupes are comfortable and light, they cannot hold warmth in very cold conditions as they are breathable.

It features two front pockets and a high waist with an elastic band for utmost comfort, the ankle has a round ribbed finishing made of elastic that allows you to adjust the length of your pants suitably.

HeSaYep pants can be used for yoga, sport, outdoor, outing, holidays, lounging and casual event. The simple nature of these pants makes them a great fit if paired with a top, blouse, shirt, sweatshirt or sweater. Hand wash in cold water and hang to dry.

Key Features 

  • Closure Type: Elastic high waist 
  • Fabric: Polyester 25% and 75% cotton.
  • Two-pocket design


  • Brand: HeSaYep
  • Weight:8.5kg

Waitfairy sports pants

Waitfairy High waist winter sports pants are a dupe of Joah Brown, they are thick and great for summer and cold weather. 

This brand has an aesthetic fit and look, that has a loose fit which leaves enough room for comfort when jogging, hiking, running, sport lounging or sleeping.

The waist uses a drawstring to fasten the pants to your body, while ring bands on the ankle make it easier to pull up or down away from wet surfaces. 

Waitfairy offers versatility in style, they can be paired with tops like t-shirts, sweaters, blouses and, sweatshirt.

Waitfairy has multiple color options ranging from black, blue, mint, green, pink, lilac and grey, it features a 2-front large pocket that can hold my mobile phone and key. 

To take proper care of these pants, it is advisable to wash pants with cold water and hang them to dry.

Key Features 

  • Closure Type: Elastic high waist 
  • Fabric: Polyester 5% and 95% cotton.
  • Two-pocket design


  • Brand: WAIT FAIRY
  • Weight: 9kg

Saloogoe Sports Pants

Saloogoe is a women’s sports pant brand that can pass for Joah Brown dupes, they are moderately thick with a loose fit. 

They can only be used for mild to moderately cold temperatures, as they don’t retain enough heat for extreme weather.

Saloogoe pants give me room for space when I am in motion, whether it’s yoga, hiking, running, jogging, sport, climbing, work, cycling, travel or sleepwear.

They have an adjustable waist made of an elastic band and a ring band at the ankle. The band helps me to pull my pants in different ways away from water or dirt.

Saloogoe pants feature two large pockets and can be paired with different tops like t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters or blouses.

It is important we take care of our sweatpants by hand or machine washing with cold water, and turning them inside out to air dry, but remember not to use any bleaching agent. They are also resistant to lint and hair.

Key Features 

  • Closure Type: Elastic high waist 
  • Fabric: 78% polyester, 17% rayon, 5% elastane. 
  • Two-pocket design


  • Brand: SALOOGOE
  • Weight:10kg

Atronele Lightweight Joggers

Atronele is a good unisex sportswear brand that goes for a dupe of Joah Brown, they have a slim fit compared to your regular sweatpants. 

This brand makes sports pants to be a bit elastic with a blend of cotton and more polyester. It is not bulky or bogus, it’s breathable and comfortable.

It is a good choice for lounging in the summer, yoga, sport, outdoor, outing, holidays, and casual uses.

Atronele sport sweat pants are classic, sleek loungewear, it has a very good fit when paired with a round neck or V-neck polo, sweater and hoodies.

These sweatpants dupes feature an elastic high waist with drawstrings, and two front pockets which I like the most as I can put in my mobile phones and Air Pods comfortably. The Pant’s legs have a 4-inches band to the ankle making it look more sleek giving you a taller appearance.

Key Features 

  • Fabric:86% polyester,14% elastane. 
  • Closure Type: Elastic high waist and -drawstrings.
  • Two-pocket design


  • Brand: ATRONELE
  • Weight:7kg

Neva Nude sports pants

Neva Nude is a unisex sweatpants dupe to Joah Brown, it is particularly my all-time favourite because it’s made from a hundred percent cotton, very thick and chunky. 

I recommend Neva Nude pants, particularly for very cold weather. I wear them so much during the cold season as they keep me warm and cosy. 

They cover a range of different fun and neutral colors letting you show up in style and express yourself through fashion.

I love the feel and cozy nature of these pants, they are perfect for lounging, hiking, sport, running, yoga or sleepwear. 

These pants feature an adjustable drawstring on the waistline, and the ring band at the ankle makes it possible to restyle or prevent water from getting on them when raining.

They have a good fit when paired with polos, cardigans, sweatshirts, sweaters, crop-tops, workout tops and a turtle neck.

It is very important to note that this pant comes in many fun colors thereby using bleach would not be advisable and should be avoided, a hand or machine cold would be just perfect.

Key Features

  • Closure Type: Elastic high waist and drawstrings.
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton 
  • No pocket


  • Brand:NEVANUDE 
  • Weight:11.8kg

Ivay Sports Pants 

IVAY is known for its unique 100 percent cotton sweatpants, it reminds me of Joah Brown dupes.

 The material of the pants is chunky but breathable, wearing them during summer was quite okay for me, I didn’t sweat much because it’s made of breathable cotton material.

Ivay pants come in different pop colors for you to choose from, they are very comfortable and you can wear these pants for many purposes like jogging, hiking, lounging, sport, running, yoga or sleepwear.

Ivay pants feature no pockets, a high waist with adjustable drawstring or ropes for the waist and a ring ribbed ankle fit. Can be paired with a workout outfit or tops, shirt,  hoodies, bomber jackets or sweatshirts.

Key Features 

  • Closure Type: Elastic high waist and -drawstrings.
  • Fabric:100% cotton 
  • No pocket


  • Brand: IVAY
  • Weight:10kg

EZ-Joyce sports pants 

EZ-Joyce is a sports sweatpants brand known for producing lightweight sports pants made out of a hundred percent polyester, the shape is likened to that of Joah Brown pants dupes. 

They produce pants that are light and breathable, when I put them on they don’t get too sweaty at the gym. 

They don’t retain moisture and are well aerated allowing your pores and skin to breathe underneath them.

This brand only produces pants in classic neutral tones, which are very comfortable and can be used for versatile purposes like yoga, outing, carnival, hiking, golf, sleepwear and running.

EZ-Joyce sport sweatpants have a medium waist with elastic, this gives the waist a banded and smaller appearance. 

They also have drawstrings to help you fit them to your waist to avoid them rolling down when you hit the gym. 

They feature two wide front pockets that are ample enough to contain my keys, sanitiser and wallet.

They can be worn with a turtle neck, crew neck, sweatshirt, sweater or tight polos.

Key Features 

Closure Type: Mid waist and drawstrings.

Fabric: 100% Polyester 

2 large front pockets



Weight: 7.8kg

Deckpro Cargo Pants

Deckpro is a female sweatpants brand known for its elastic and very sleek look, they are made with 95% of polyester and 5 % spandex. 

They are lightweight and breathable, and not ideal for very cold weather conditions, they are excellent for walking,  running,  jogging, hiking, travel, yoga, lounging, or sleepwear. 

These pants are cool to use for activities during heat seasons, wicking away sweat and helping your skin to breathe.

Deckpro sweatpants have a small elastic waist with added drawstring for securing the waist tightly, they have large pockets with zippers and a four inches band at the ankle for a preppy appearance.

They have a great fit when paired with a shirt, bomber jacket, crew neck, turtle neck and hoodies.

Key Features 

  • Closure Type: Small elastic waist and drawstrings.
  • Fabric: 95% Polyester and 5% spandex
  • Large zipper pockets


  • Brand: DECKPRO
  • Weight: 8.2kg


We have gone through enough of the best dupes for Joah Brown sweatpants, they are great fashion pieces to have in our wardrobe. They are timeless and can go from a formal to informal fit depending on how you switch it up.

I hope this article guides you in choosing your favourite dupes of Joah Brown. 


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