Skinny Jeans vs Jeggings: Comparison

The major difference between Skinny jeans and jeggings lies in their texture.

Jeggings have a more-friendly texture to the skin that is soft enough to not cause any form of inconvenience to the body whenever you wear them.

Infact, due to their interior and how they feel, you can sleep in them and wake up just fine with no form of complications at all, not even a mark.

Skinny jeans on the other hand can cause your blood to not flow well when you wear them, due to how they will compress your muscles which is because of how thick the jeans texture is.

Therefore, it is medically not advisable to wear them for long periods, talkless of sleeping in them.

What are Skinny Jeans?

Skinny Jeans vs Jeggings

As of the 21st century, skinny jeans turned out to be the trend in the world of fashion.

There is no place on earth that you will go to, that you don’t see people rocking the skinny jeans which will make you wonder why the obsession, the popularity and all.

Based on my research; skinny jeans first came into fashion in the year 2008 with men being its first original wearers.

But it was still low-key not until 2010 when it started gaining more popularity and it later spread into the women’s trend as well.

Today wherever you walk or go you see people of all classes and ages rocking the Skinny jeans.

It is awesome to join the trend as they still haven’t lost their place yet in the world of fashion.

To date, a large number of skinny jeans are still bought and the competition has only started as we now have so many brands manufacturing better and better skinny jeans as time goes on.

What are Jeggings?

Skinny Jeans vs Jeggings

Jeggings are a high-breed of jeans and leggings.

This means that they are made to offer you the comfort that leggings will give you and also the trend and Impression that jeans would give.

This doesn’t mean that the jeggings are as strong as the jeans, they are quite durable but can’t compare to the jeans’ fabric which is all-out denim.

Unlike skinny jeans, the jeggings came into fashion in the 2000s. Although they didn’t receive worldwide recognition like back in 2010 the same year that the skinny jeans started trending, they grew among fashion enthusiasts the world over.

It is safe to assume that at that time a lot of people confuse the two for each other.

The competition between these two still exists to date, as a number of people still prefer the jeggings to the skinny jeans and I must say they have a solid reason for this choice.

Skinny Jeans vs Jeggings: Comparison

Apart from the texture difference that both bottoms share, it is sometimes hard to differentiate one from the other.

However, with careful research, we managed to dig up some more differences that both share and we will be sharing these discoveries with you.

Characteristics Skinny Jeans Jeggings
First Glance These come with zippers and a button for enhanced fitting, and usable front and back pockets.


They have belt loops for sure fitting.

Also with different colored threading in most cases for decoration as well.

False pockets, no zippers and they come with an elastic waistband for a customized fitting.


Different color threads for inseam and out-seam for decoration.

Fitting They fit snugly around the waist, with no need for belts in most cases.


If too tight might pinch the body and cause discomfort.

Offers a true-to-size fitting, elastic waist, and body grip fitting enough to display one’s curve with no implications.


Too tight only reveals more of your curvy self.

Functionality Extremely versatile, can be worn for office and other casual activities.


But too tight to sleep in.

Extremely versatile as well, more effective for casual use and not recommended for office work.


Extremely comfortable for sleeping in.

Construction A perfect display of denim which is a combination of cotton, spandex, or polyester.


Gives a thick and tenacious grip.

Jeggings are a stretch of spandex and polyester with cotton being just a needle dropped in a haystack.


It gives a soft and light grip.

Price Can be gotten for a price starting from $10 to $50 on Amazon. Can be gotten for a price starting from $20 to $200 on Amazon.


First Glance

Having looked at their first glance, it is no longer hard to determine which one is the better one in the sense that the jeggings only have fake pockets that you cannot use while the skinny jeans on the other hand give you front and back pockets.

The Skinny jeans come with zippers which is very necessary for the sake of convenience while the jeggings do not.

In the sense of appearance, they both look the same and it sometimes depends on their waist for one to differentiate them in rare cases.


The Jeggings are better when it comes to fitting and the reason is that jeggings are made to be elastic in all forms.

From the waist down to the legs are stretchy, it is hard to have a loose fit with the jeggings in play.

One thing to takeaway here is the fact that the jeggings will give the deserved grip with no implications.

The skinny jeans on the other hand when too tight can cause muscles to itch and lack the adequate flow of blood.


The skinny jeans are more casual than the jeggings.

Frankly, there are places you won’t be comfortable wearing the jeggings to simply because they feel so light and stand the possibility of getting torn by any pointy object.

Apart from that, jeggings might not be thick enough to keep the cold out when it is cold so, in other words, the skinny jeans are more functional.


The jeggings are softer and thinner compared to the Skinny jeans because of the percentage of the material used in making them as shown in the table above.

However, skinny jeans will last longer than jeggings due to the thickness of the material used in manufacturing the jeans.


The individual price of each model is as expected.

Regardless of the fact that Skinny Jeans are not as comfortable as jeggings, jeggings might be useless where the Skinny jeans will be used.

Why chose Skinny Jeans?

In as much as skinny jeans are not as soft as the jeggings, there are tons of places that you can’t wear the jeggings to but can comfortably rock the skinny jeans.

This is due to the material differences as skinny jeans are sturdier than jeggings.

In this part, I will outline some of the reasons I believe should make you choose skinny jeans over jeggings.

  • Durability
  • Versatility


It is no doubt that skinny jeans are way more durable than jeggings.

The texture of jeggings is not thick enough to withstand long-lasting use.

The material will fall apart with any feeling of heavy activities put on it.

The way the jeggings fall off is quiet. You will have brown-like hairs that are a result of the elastane used in manufacturing them, pulling from the exterior and hanging on your pants which are visible enough to everyone.

The case is different with skinny jeans that are made with much quality and long-lasting material (Denim).


With consideration to convenience, this is another reason why you should choose skinny jeans over jeggings.

The construction of the skinny jeans gives you the go-to wear.

The jeggings, on the other hand, do not come with zippers or pockets which is a turn-off for me.

Why chose Jeggings?

Likewise, the jeggings there are also tons of reasons why you should choose the jeggings over Skinny jeans.

Unlike skinny jeans, jeggings do not have pockets and zippers which is quite useful in some rare cases.

In this part, I will also outline some of the reasons why jeggings are to be considered over skinny jeans.

  • Comfort
  • Anti-theft


With comfort in play, jeggings are way cooler than Skinny jeans and this is why.

Jeggings are not as strong and sturdy as Skinny Jeans; they do not offer you a compressing feeling like skinny jeans would due to the thickness of the material used in making them.

This makes it possible for you to use them for long hours, wear them to bed and all.

Considering the fact that they lack zippers, this might come as an advantage in the sense that you will never have the case of zip failure in public.


Jeggings do not carry pockets which makes it impossible for you to put your phone, or your wallet in your pockets because you don’t have them.

But guess what else is impossible to happen?

That’s right, you cannot be a victim of pickpocketing.

Frequently Asked Questions on Skinny Jeans and Jeggings

In this part, I will answer some of the questions you might have with regard to how far you have come reading this article.

  • Do Jeggings Fade?
  • Do Jeggings Shrink?

Do Jeggings Fade?

Yes, jeggings fade. Just because they are made with much lighter material does not mean they won’t fade.

If you wash them with bleaching detergents, they will bleed and so does drying them under the sun takes its own toll on them.

To avoid all these.

Make sure to wash with cold water and then use non-bleaching detergent to wash colored jeggings.

Dry under room temperature and you are good to go.

Do Jeggings Shrink?

Yes, the jeggings carrying a high percentage of cotton are prone to shrink lengthwise and crosswise.

Since jeggings are made with a variety of materials like cotton, spandex (Elastane), and polyester, you are down to get a pair that is made with a high percentage of cotton and this pair will definitely shrink.

To avoid this, it is important to not wash them with hot water or use a dryer on them.

Also, check with the manufacturers or store to know the material of the jeggings you are buying.

Where can you wear skinny Jeans to?

There are many places you can wear skinny jeans to. There is actually no limit to where you can wear these to.

The limitation comes from inside your heart maybe you won’t feel comfortable meeting your parents in skinnies or hanging out with your friends in skinnies but I want you to know that you can and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  • You can wear Skinny jeans to the office/work
  • You can wear your skinny jean to the park
  • You can wear your skinny jeans to hang out with family and friends
  • You can wear your skinny jeans to the church
  • You can wear your skinny jeans to school
  • You can wear your skinny jeans to hike in them

These among many others are where you can wear skinny jeans.

Where can you wear Jeggings to?

The jeggings are cool bottoms and are loved by many people around the world.

Just like Skinny jeans, they have a lot of use put into them and so far they have proven to be capable to serve as good alternatives to Skinny jeans if ever the need comes.

After all, they are more comfortable than skinny jeans.

Speaking of where you can wear jeggings to;

  • You can wear jeggings to school
  • You can wear jeggings to the park
  • You can wear jeggings to hang out with family and friends

It is however important to note that some jeggings are not the ideal pants to wear to work or church and hiking is a no-go area.

This is because some of these jeggings are transparent enough to make your innerwear visible if you are wearing any.

Final Verdict

The decision of which one is better is something you will have to make on your own.

As you can see, one sort of lacks what the other has.

If you ask me, I think it’s better to have both in your wardrobe and see how that plays out.


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