How To Sit In A Hoop Petticoat! Here’s what we know!

If you’ve ever wondered how to sit in a hoop petticoat and not get it destroyed, or bulge up discomfitingly, then this article is for you.

The hoop petticoat otherwise referred to as a hoop skirt, appears to have a dense framework because of its obvious round and roof-like shape. 

This often makes people wonder how it is possible to sit while wearing it and not ruin it. 

Difference Between a Hoop Petticoat and a Petticoat?

Yes. There is a difference between a hoop petticoat and a petticoat. Oftentimes, people mistake both and call them interchangeably.

Know that a petticoat has many tulle fabric layers sewn across it to give it the fullness that it deserves, meanwhile a hoop petticoat gets its fullness by having plastic hoops fixed underneath the fabric.

Many people preferred the hoop petticoat because it comes with less fabric, hence more breathable for warmer settings.

How to sit on a hoop petticoat

5 Different Ways To Sit In A Hoop Petticoat

  • Raise it a mid-thigh
  • Sit without adjustment
  • Use the or second hoop
  • Use an average-height narrow stool
  • Reconstruct the hoops

Understanding what the hoop skirt is made of gives you an insight into how best to sit on it. Many people are of the opinion that the skirt’s farmwork is inflexible and stiff, but here, a hoop petticoat is defined as a framework of flexible, usually horizontal hoops worn under a woman’s skirt to make it full and stand out. 

The keyword there is “flexible.” And as such, it is pretty simple to sit on it. However, there are certain things you must do.

This is because while it has a flexible formulation, it is also susceptible to damage. Plus, you should be comfortable while sitting down as well. So this calls for certain adjustments in any event that you have to sit down. 

1. Raise It At Mid-Thigh

The petticoat frame is not initially a single body. It is a collection of several parts joined to form a single unit. Hence, there is some 25°-30° flexibility across the many parts from whence they are joined. 

This makes it possible to sit on when slightly raised at the mid-thigh level. It is flexible enough. Raising the petticoat as the mid-thigh will create a shift in the end to where the frames in that area are connected. 

Know that you’re just going to sit on it. This is unavoidable. Nevertheless, you must do it correctly. To be more precise, you sit on a petticoat by raising it at the mid-thigh level while tilting it a bit backward to cause a slight bulge almost underneath your waist. 

This way, there is a significant space to safely sit without feeling uncomfortable or causing damage to the framework of the petticoat. 

2. Sit Without Adjustments (For Modern Extra-Soft Hoop Petticoats)

The truth is, sitting on a petticoat is not half as difficult as many people imagine it to be. When the thought of sitting on a petticoat comes to mind, it is often imagined as a tough and rigid inner structure that is stiff and does not bend. 

However, in modern hoop petticoats, the bonning is soft to allow you to sit down as you normally should. And when you do, your skirt and the hoop would naturally fall around you without any difficulty. 

This option is for people using the modern extra-flexible hoop skirt frame that is very elastic and returns to its original position after having been sat on.  

3. Use Third Or Second Hoop

Another alternative way to sit in a hoop skirt is to use one of the hoops. Here, all you have to do is to reach out and grab the third or second hoop, then draw it a tad upward, before sitting down. 

This would create a narrow space between the third and second hoops where your bottom would easily rest just right at the edge of the chair you sit in, this would happen without excessively raising the edge of the skirt to reveal your thighs. 

You must understand that if you must wear a hoop petticoat and sit, you have to be at the edge of your seat. This is because leaning back would not only mar the back of the hoop, but it’d also distort the front of it. 

4. Use An Average-Height Narrow Stool

This way to sit on a hoop petticoat is one of the simplest. All you have to do is to allow the framework of the petticoat to roof around the stool. But how do you do that? 

You’d simply raise the hoop petticoat a bit and slide the chair under it. Remember you’re not directly sitting on the hoop skirt here.

You should adjust the skirt a bit upward reaching your navel level to create a chance to easily accommodate the chair when you sit without causing a bulge. 

You must know that you cannot slide a long stool underneath this skirt, a short one that can easily be slid under, would, in the end, cause the edges of the skirt to touch the floor when you sit. And this would stain and make it uncomfortable. 

5. Reconstruct The hoops

The reconstruction of the hoop has not been a popular thing but it has proven to work for the people that have tried it. In this case, the hoops are altered from this factory shape to better serve this user. 

This is done by adjusting the hoops’ connections. The round hoops that stay at the buttocks area are cut halfway and vertically connected at the sides.

This creates a faux image of the presence of the hoops in that area whereas it is absent there. This way, one can easily sit without concerning oneself with hacks on how better to sit in a petticoat. 

However, know that this method is a tad complex and should only be done by professionals as a single mistake can mar the frame to an irredeemable extent. 

Why Is Sitting In A Petticoat Important? 

  • To preserve shape and beauty
  • To be comfortable
  • To avoid social humiliation

1. To Preserve Shape And Maintain Beauty

Sitting on a petticoat is important because, of course, you can’t stand in it all day. But then, you just have to sit on it correctly. 

It has always been a thing of concern on the importance of sitting correctly in a petticoat for several decades that predate 1840.

The main idea of wearing a hoop petticoat in the first place was to make the waist look smaller and to make the wearer look more beautiful than she normally would in conventional skirts. 

So the importance of sitting on a petticoat correctly is to preserve its shape and maintain the beauty of the user. 

2. To Be Comfortable

Yes, one of the main importance of correctly sitting in a petticoat is to be comfortable. For example, sitting in a hoop petticoat that has a dense frame that is not very flexible can cause a bulge that would become uncomfortable. Except you’re equipped with the knowledge to sit correctly at the edge of the chair. 

3. To Avoid Social Humiliation

When it comes to wearing a petticoat and sitting in it, a lady has just two options; sit correctly or suffer social humiliation.

The latter comes to play when her underclothes become visible to someone sitting behind her as a result of her improper sitting position. 

You should know that you cannot lean back. Although a chair against the wall has always been the best option. However, that wouldn’t always be the case as you do not control events.

So it is important to find ways to sit properly, such that it wouldn’t break the hoop or reveal your thighs regardless of where the chair is positioned.

Here Are Some Great Petticoats to Buy

The best petticoats to buy are the types with good features and functionalities that meet users’ needs. Below are a few of the ones that fall in the aforementioned class.

Yuluosha Hoop Petticoat


  • Adjustable waist
  • Full length
  • Great petticoat function

One of the core factors that decide if a hoop petticoat can fit well and stay comfortable is if the waist size is perfect for the wearer.

But in a case as such where the wearer has the luxury of waist adjustment to the desired fit at any point in time, is just perfect! Plus, this feature eradicates the possibility of having the skirt slip.

The Initial reason for wearing the hoop petticoat is for the beauty it adds. And this beauty only comes in full when the hoop petticoat has a full length. The Yuluosha Caroline Hoop Petticoat is an obvious ideal choice as it has a full length. 

What feature of a hoop petticoat is better than one that helps in adding the ideal fluffiness and elegance to your dress?  This is the true hoop petticoat function; to make you the epicenter of attention. Here you have it. 

Beautelicte Hoop Petticoat


  • Adjustable hoops
  • Wide fitting range
  • Relatively less pricey

The best hoop petticoats are the types that can have you comfortably sit in them. And the fact that this Beautelicte hoop petticoat has adjustable hoops that give you a preferred customized fit, makes it easy to adjust to an extent where it doesn’t cause hindrance. 

To be able to enjoy the hoop petticoat, it doesn’t just have to fit a few tops that you pair it with.

A wide fitting range gives you the luxury of options to pair it with as many tops as possible. You might want to consider the Beautelicte hoop petticoat in this regard. 

Compared to most Hoop Petticoats, this one is relatively less pricey for the quality it has and the values that it offers. It is uncommon to see products of good value and lower prices. 

MeiLiMiyu Hoop Petticoat


  • Premium material
  • Adjustable waist
  • Many functions

If you’re looking for a classy hoop petticoat that is not very round, then this is for you. This type is a tad different from the conventional ones and gives a more classy appearance. It looks more mature and sophisticated. 

The premium material is very lightweight too. So this allows you to easily carry and walk in it. Plus, the waist is also adjustable too. This means the waist would only fit exactly as you have adjusted it to be. 

It could suffice for many social and formal functions because of its looks.  

Abaowedding Hoop Petticoat


  • Short and comfortable
  • Stain resistant 
  • lightweight

One cool thing about this iteration is that it is short and comfortable. While you could rightly say that this is made for girls, it is rocked by adults too who want to dress in a way that requires a short hoop petticoat. This waist is adjustable too. 

Plus, the material from which it is made seldom contacts stains and dirt. Often, dusty particles slide on the slippery surface and fall off. Hence, it is pretty easy to maintain. 

Another reason most people have stuck with this brand is because of its return policy. If you purchase this and are dissatisfied with what you get, you’re free to return it with no hidden charges attached. 


You’re sure to mar a hoop petticoat if you don’t sit properly in it. However, one thing you must understand is that there are different hoop petticoat models with different levels of stiffness and flexibility. 

This means the ideal way to sit in one may not quite suffice for the other. So this vividly spells out the need to have a perfect understanding of the different sitting methods for each hoop petticoat model.  

It is based on this understanding, and from proven and working results that we have carefully written down this article to serve as a guide on how to sit in a petticoat correctly. Please adhere to the guidelines outlined, as it has been structured to help you. 


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