Simms vs Orvis Waders: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Simms waders and Orvis is in the fabric and the warranty of the products.

Simms waders are made with polyester while Orvis waders are made with nylon and they offer a better and longer warranty for their waders.

Also, Simms waders seem to be more lasting than Orvis. They are both around the same amount when it comes to pricing and they are good quality waders you can use for fly fishing.

If you’re thinking of going fly fishing, you should choose between Simms and Orvis waders to use for that.

Why this Comparison?

I am not quite sure there is a specific comparison between the waders of these two brands. This comparison is to enable you to choose the best wader for yourself as you’re planning your fly fishing adventure.

I understand how some people might hesitate to buy a particular wader because they fear they’ll have holes in them in a few days.

This comparison is to reveal the features of these two wader brands so that you can know which is better for you according to your specifications.

I am going to compare the construction, the quality, the comfort level, the pricing, the sizing, and the silhouette of these two wader brands. In the end, I’ll give the final verdict on the one I believe is better for you.

First Glance At Simms Waders

Simms vs Orvis Waders

At first glance, Simms waders look like an overall. But, you will notice that it’s not just the regular overall people wear. It’s specifically made for fly fishing and it’s the best gear you could use for fishing.

You will notice the 3-layer upper and the 4-layer lower. Also at first glance, you will notice the stocking feet which will probably be the neoprene fabric.

You will also notice the waist belt on the wader and it’s an important part of the gear. For the waist belt, you will notice two belt loops made to occupy the belt.

When you glance at Simms waders at first, you will notice the hand warmer pocket and that cannot go unnoticed. I am sure that you will easily notice the price tag on it as that will further encourage you to check for other features or just get past it.

If you were to touch Simms waders at first, you’ll notice that it is lightweight and easily wearable. You will also notice the chest pocket where you can put your valuable items while fishing. That, cannot go unnoticed.

First Glance At Orvis Waders

Simms vs Orvis Waders

Orvis waders mostly look like what Simms waders are like when you first glance at them. Probably, the brand signature will be the main difference and then with few differences in design.

Orvis waders also have waist belt for the waist fitting and there are belt loops to accommodate the belt. At first glance, you will notice the external storage pocket just at the upper front of the wader.

In Orvis, the handwarmer pocket is in kangaroo style and you will notice that most likely. At first glance, you will also notice the neoprene booties at the feet.

At first glance, you will also notice the seam construction. And then, if you were to touch the fabric, you will realize that it is also lightweight just like Simms.

Orvis waders look fashionable too and you might like the Clearwater style. I am quite certain that the price tag will not escape your sight because that might be the first thing you’ll notice when you get to the store or even when you’re ordering online.

Orvis waders are also made to look like the regular overall but, with a great difference.

Comparison Proper: Simms vs Orvis Waders

Now that we have seen what these two wader brands look familiar, how then do we know the one that is better?

To decipher that, I will make a head-to-head comparison of the construction, quality, comfort level, price, size, and silhouette of these two brands.


Construction is essential as it might prevent the waders from leaking. Simms waders are well made and the designs are great and unique.

Simms waders are made of polyester fabric and they are also waterproofed. They are made in 3-layer upper and 4-layer lower styles.

There are handwarmer pockets designed at the sides of the waders. There are also belt loops and waist belts to help keep the waders in place. Simms waders are also made with Neoprene stocking feet for the foot and all the parts are waterproof.

Orvis Waders are also made well with a nice construction. They are made with 4-layer waterproof and they are made of nylon fabric.

There is an external pocket design on the front of the waders. This is on every Orvis wader. There are also kangaroo-style handwarmer pockets on the waders for the warmth of the hands.

Orvis waders are also made with Neoprene booties just as Simms waders. They are made in low-profile seam construction. They also have belt loops for belts. Both Simms and Orvis waders have a good construction.


Simms waders are really good quality. They last for long before they even begin to leak.

And then, Simms brand is even better as they offer 60 days warranty for free repairs when there is any fault. And then, they offer a little amount for repairs after 60 days.

Aside from these facts, many people have actually testified to Simms being good quality. And I personally think they are better quality of fly fishing waders.

Orvis waders are also good quality. They last a while before leaking and the fabric is great. In my research, I have observed more complaints about the quality of Orvis than Simms.

Orvis seems to leak easily and you have to spend money on repairs every now and then. But, that’s certainly not on every pair of the waders because a lot of people have also testified to the good quality of Orvis.

Simms waders have always been ahead of Orvis when it comes to quality and I still think that Simms is better in quality than Orvis.

Comfort Level

I believe that a lot of people look out for comfort in their waders. For someone like me, comfort is a priority.

Simms waders are quite comfortable while using it in the water. They are made of polyester and so, they are light enough to be breathable and thick enough to keep you warm while in the waters.

Because of that, I find Simms waders really comfortable. And then, they are made with waterproof covering, which means that you stay dry throughout your time in water and that alone is comfort.

Orvis waders are not lagging behind in terms of comfort. This is probably the first comparison I will make and agree that both products have the same comfort level.

Orvis are breathable to allow air in and keep you dry. The handwarmer pocket is to keep your palms warm and comfortable while in water, especially in winter.

Orvis are also lightweight and that enables flexibility while in the water. And then, they also have a waterproof covering which keeps water from penetrating your clothes. I think that both Simms and Orvis are comfortable waders.


I am sure that pricing really matters when it comes to the choice of a product to buy. We all have our budgets for whatever we want.

Simms and Orvis waders seem to be around the same amount and you might not have many issues deciding on which to buy.

You can find Simms waders for about $200. That is quite an expensive amount for a wader. There are low-budget waders apart from Simms and Orvis and you can decide to check them out if this is beyond your budget. But, I think they are worth the price.

Orvis waders, on the other hand, are as expensive as Simms. You can find Orvis waders for the amount of $229. I didn’t quite find anyone lower than that amount.

So, in this case, they seem to be more expensive than Simms even if both are expensive. So, when it comes to pricing, both are expensive.

But, Simms is less expensive than Orvis.

Size & Fitting

I think this is where the issue always is. Sizing has been a long-standing issue in the apparel industry and I don’t think it will end totally.

You only have to understand the sizing of a certain brand in order to be able to order the right size for yourself.

For Simms waders, they are quite true to size and they are fitting.

They offer a great fitting and they are nice in size. When the sizing is right, you will feel more comfortable. There is a size chart for Simms waders. Just check for your size and make your order.

Orvis waders are also true to size and they are fitting as well. There is not much fuss about the sizing of waders because people do not necessarily need skinny fit or baggy fit.

Orvis sizing seems to be more favorable to petite women and they are really good-looking on them.

The waist belt also helps the fitting as it keeps the wader tugged on the body. Orvis is true to size and they are fitting as well.

So, when it comes to size and fitting, they are both good. But, I think Simms is better fitting than Orvis.


These two wader brands look alike. Like I said earlier, Simms waders look like the regular overall used by carpenters. But, they are different. They are specifically made for fly fishing and the design is different.

Simms waders are fashionable and they are available in great colors. Although, I don’t think the color is really important here except you really want your wader in your favorite color.

The overall outlook of Simms waders is cute and stylish. They have a slightly different styling from Orvis waders.

Orvis waders are also cute and fashionable. I actually find them fashionable and stylish. They are available in different colors and they are designed beautifully.

They have a unique design which is the kangaroo style for the handwarmer pocket. That’s just unique to Orvis waders. Orvis waders also look like the regular overall but they are not.

They are made for fly fishing and they can only be used for fly fishing and any water business. Both Simms and Orvis waders look like the kind of waders you should use for your fishing adventure.

You should not go fishing without any of these. Simms and Orvis waders are both fashionable with stylish designs.

Final Verdict – Which Is Better?

At this point, it is actually difficult to say which is better. I believe both Waders are really good. One seems to do better where the other is not.

Let’s go over the comparison briefly. When it comes to the construction of the waders, both are well made. Simms are of better quality than Orvis.

And then, both Simms and Orvis waders have the same level of comfort. When it comes to pricing, both are expensive, but Orvis are more expensive.

They are both true to size and fitting. But, Simms is better fitting. I find both Simms and Orvis fashionable with stylish designs.

From the above summary, which do you think is better? I believe that any of them can be good for anyone out there. Sometimes, the problem is from the sizing.

Sometimes, the price. If you want something that will not easily leak and you can stay comfortable in, I think you should buy Simms waders.

If you’re willing to go with the styling and comfortable Orvis, that’s still find. But, for me, I think that Simms are better waders than Orvis.


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