Shapewear vs Waist Trainer: Which Is Better?

You might be wondering what the major difference is between waist trainers and shapewear. The difference is that shapewear gives a temporary result while waist trainer gives a permanent result.

That’s the main difference and they are used differently. While shapewear can be used occasionally for the outfit, the waist trainer is used over time to fix the shape of the body.

Whichever one you get will depend on what you need and how you want to use them. If you are okay with your shape and you want to shape up a bit for an occasion, shapewear will be best.

But, if you are looking at fixing your shape, then a waist trainer will do that very well.

Review of Shapewear

Shapewear vs Waist Trainer

Shapewear might as well just look like a tank top when you first glance at it. At first glance, you will notice the shoulder straps on most Shapewears and in some, the straps might just be straps with hooks.

You will also notice that most shapewears come with tights and some come with a tuck-in strap below the thighs.

That way, the butt can have a good lift and the belly is shaped. Most shapewears come with zippers in the front and belly section. So, you will probably notice that in 4 out of 5 shapewears you come across.

Check out these examples for more details.

Shaperx Shapewear For Women Tummy Control

This is one of the best shapewears you could find and it is quite comfortable. It has a zipper opening and it is made in a burst bodysuit pattern. This shapewear is made to effect a smoother curve on the waste.

It compresses the belly and lifts the butt. For the sizing, you can do well to size down for better fitting. So, if you’re urgently in need of shapewear for that wedding event or party, then get this very one ASAP. It is affordable and you can get it for about $39.

Tummy Control Body Shaper Short

So, here is shapewear that comes with shorts. Apart from working well for the belly, this is also great for the butt. It is very comfortable to wear and easy to wear.

This shapewear shapes the tummy, butt, and thigh.

It has silicone strips in the waist seam for better effect and silhouette. By the time you wear this shapewear, it will give you an hourglass shape at the moment.

You can as well get this online now for just $22. So, if the previous one is too expensive for you, then get this and enjoy the same results.

Waist Trainers Review

Shapewear vs Waist Trainer

Waist trainers are mostly straps materials on the belly. The aim is to reduce belly fat by compressing the belly. At first glance, you will notice the hook and eye closure in most waist trainers.

These trainers are actually made with strong layers in order for them to stay strapped to the body. When you observe them, you will notice that they are meant to be wrapped around the belly.

Some waist trainers have belts which furthermore strap the trainer on the belly. Let’s check out these examples for further details.

Yianna Women’s Latex Sport Girdle Waist Trainer

As my norm is, I always pick out the best stuff for you all. This is one of the best waist trainers you could ever find. It is made of Latex fabric and it has the hook and eye classic closure type.

This waist trainer is made for smooth and high compression. They are so good at shaping the body of women when used conventionally. This waist trainer gives the best result in fixing the shape of women who just gave birth and are looking to get back into shape.

I strongly recommend this if that is the situation you are in right now. In no time, with consistent use, your shape will be back to normal. It is sold for only $31.

Holynn Neoprene Sweat Waist Trainer

This waist trainer is made of double layers fabric and it is lightweight as well. It has a sweat belt strapped around the belly to keep the trainer in place. One good thing about this trainer is that it doesn’t irritate the skin.

By the time you begin using this waist trainer for hours per day, you will discover the double amount of sweat that comes out of you.

And, that is a good sign that the fats are getting out. This trainer is made of Neoprene fabric and it is sure worth the price. It is very affordable as you can get it for $20.

Shapewear vs Waist Trainer: Head-to-Head Comparison

This article is to properly compare these two types of wear and decide which is better to use. Before we eventually say which is better, we will compare the construction, the quality, the comfort level, the price, the sizing and fitting, and the silhouette of shapewear and waist trainers.

Shapewear vs Waist Trainer: Construction

When it comes to construction, it mainly concerns the materials and the designs of these wears. Shapewears are made with poliam or nylon and elastano or spandex.

So, basically, shapewears are made of nylon and spandex. There is the fabric and then the stretch.

Every shapewear is made to stretch. And so, if you get anyone that isn’t stretching, you might as well be with the wrong product.

There are designed to push up the butt and compress the belly. Some of them are made to push up the burst as well. The long zipper is for closure.

On the other hand, waist trainers are made with cotton and spandex. Some are made with other materials like Neoprene fabric. But, all waist trainers are also made with stretch.

Most Waist trainers are made with double layers or three layers in order for the compression to be heightened.

Some waist trainers are made with belts while others are made with a hook and eye closure. Depending on the brand, waist trainers are mainly made to be wrapped around the body.

Shapewear vs Waist Trainer: Quality

When we talk of quality here, we are considering which is better made and which is long-lasting.

Shapewears are made to be worn occasionally and so, may last as long as you wear them. Depending on the brand, shapewear is supposed to last long reason being that, they are not worn always.

Most people majorly use shapewears when they have important occasions and that is just like monthly. But, with continuous everyday use, your shapewear may not last that long.

Waist trainers are made to be worn consistently for as long as you want until you achieve the desired shape. As a result of this, you need a waist trainer that will last you as long as you want to use it.

If with everyday use, you are able to use one waist trainer for one year, that’s lasting enough. But, for hygiene’s sake, you might not want to use just one waist trainer every day.

Most waist trainers are made with two or three layers and that is to enable the long durability of the trainer. The issue might be in the closure type and that is dependent on the brand.

Waist trainers have better quality than shapewears.

Shapewear vs Waist Trainer: Comfort Level

No matter how much you want to keep up your shape, I am certain that you still want to be comfortable doing that. Shapewears are really comfortable and easy to use.

I find them much more comfortable than waist trainers. They can be worn like normal tights and tank tops and you can easily move around with.

And because they have stretch, with the right size on you, you will get maximum comfort from shapewears. This is also dependent on brands because some brands can be more comfortable than the others.

Waist trainers are also comfortable when you get them from a very good brand. Just like the one I recommended above, it doesn’t irritate the skin, and that is a major discomfort in waist trainers because of the double layers they are made of.

They are made so thick that air rarely enters your body and that can be really uncomfortable. If you want to get comfortable in waist trainers, get the ones that have a track record of comfort just like the ones I mentioned above.

For comfort, shapewears are more comfortable than waist trainers.

Shapewear vs Waist Trainer: Price

There is not much difference in the pricing of these wears. You can get both for the same amount. You can find shapewears between $18 to $45. That is affordable enough.

The price is dependent on the brand you buy from. I think any shapewear above $50 is expensive.

For waist trainers, they are also affordable as you can get them for $20 to $40. So, in this case, we can’t really say which is more affordable and which is not because both offer affordable options and they are good.

Just check for your favorite brand and get at the price affordable to you.

Shapewear vs Waist Trainer: Size/Fitting

When it comes to sizing, there are a lot of factors to consider. This is not just a normal top or tight where you can check for your normal size and get them. You need to be meticulous in measuring the size when getting either waist trainers or shapewears.

Shapewears are generally true to size and that is if you get the sizing right. There is a size chart where you can check for your size. For some brands, you might need to order a size up while you might have to order a size down in some other brands.

For waist trainers, I think they are more fitting because the hook and eye closure are in sections where you can always adjust to fit you.

So, if the last hook is loose on you, you can shift to the next just so you get a better fitting.

So, you may get a medium size of waist trainers even when you are a bit more than that because you can still adjust them to fit you.

When it comes to size and fitting, both shapewears and trainers are true to size, but waist trainers are more fitting.

Shapewear vs Waist Trainer: Silhouette

You already see how the shape of these two will be on you. Shapewears are mostly used for special occasions and they are made to last for that. They are made just like tights and tank tops with a little compression on the belly to shape the belly.

Most shapewears appear sexy and cute and women who are fashionable will likely go for them. Shapewears are available for all body sizes and they shape into dresses very well.

Waist trainers are made mostly for the gym. So, most women use waist trainers for different exercises just to burn belly fat. Many other women do not even need to exercise before they see the results, they only just wear it all day consistently.

Waist trainers are just for the belly and they do a good job at hiding the belly fat while in use. They also look cute and fashionable depending on the brand. But, I think that shapewears are more stylish than waist trainers.

Final Verdict (Which Is Better?)

This will depend on the result you want to see and how you want to use them. If you just need an occasional shaping of your body for specific events, then shapewear is better for you. If you need to totally fix your shape permanently, then waist trainers are better for you.

All that is left is for you to make your decision. But, I think that it’s better to fix your shape at once and not have to wear shapewear again in the long run. If I were to choose, I’ll prefer fixing the whole thing and getting waist trainers.


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