Shapewear Makes Me Look Fatter! What to Do?

“Hold on! Shapewear makes you look fatter? If you feel this way, the sight of any shapewear at all could leave you feeling depressed, and upset. It might even make you feel as if fate is against you!

Virtually everyone has had that experience at one point or the other where you are getting the opposite of what you are working for, and it feels like you are doing things wrongly.

Sometimes, it is because you are looking in the wrong direction. Sometimes, you are doing things wrongly, and this is most likely the case when your shapewear makes you look fatter.

How’s that possible?! It is very much possible, even though Shapewear was created to do the opposite of that. Now, we have to learn why things are different for us.”

Reasons Why Shapewear Makes you Look Fatter

  • You are already fat
  • The shapewear piece is not your size
  • Bulky pants underneath

You Are Already Fat

 Being fat is not a big deal and it’s normal to want to lose some weight. Since Shapewear is for getting a ‘slimmer’ look, then it shouldn’t be forbidden for fat people, right?

This is similar to having a drug prescribed for your headache so you take more than the prescription suggests just to get a quicker response and, unfortunately, it doesn’t work.

 Wearing a piece of shapewear is said to make you ‘slimmer’ when all it actually does is accentuate your shape to give a flattering look.

A fat person can wear a piece of shapewear and it should make you slimmer but if you wear a smaller size hoping it’d be a better option, you will only get disappointed. It is like pushing hard against a bloated balloon and expecting a compression in size.

The Shapewear Piece Is Not Your Size

This was mentioned in the earlier paragraph but it also applies to ladies who are not very fat. You can imagine wearing a piece of Shapewear that makes you suddenly look bloated.

The size matters. Whatever size you go for in your regular pants should be the size you go for when choosing a piece of shapewear.

Shapewear can make you look bigger if you are wearing a bigger size. The same applies if you are wearing a smaller size.

The fabric will push against your fatty areas and instead of emphasizing your curves, it emphasizes your fat. Congratulations! Asides from making you look fatter, choosing a smaller size can cause damage.

Bulky Pants Underneath

When you wear the right size of shapewear, it lays on your body. It fits comfortably and tight in the right places. However, wearing thick or loose underpants will add to your size.

While the piece of shapewear should show the outline of your curves and your legs, the outline of your bulky pants is added.

Whatever you are wearing under your shapewear matters so it doesn’t look like you have excess fat in the wrong places. The right size of shapewear matters and so does the right size of underpants.

What To Do If Your Shapewear Makes You Look Fatter

Your shapewear makes you look bigger and fatter. That is not normal but that doesn’t make Shapewear forbidden for you. Irrespective of your body size or type, you can fit in.

Shapewear is for everyone and you are not exempted so if it’s looking wrong, it’s time to get it fixed. There are a few things you can do to change how you look in shapewear;

  • Find your correct size
  • Change your shapewear
  • Shrink Shapewear if it’s stretched out
  • Don’t wear loose pants under shapewear

Find Your Correct Size

This is one of the most possible reasons for your shapewear to make you look fatter; it is not your size. If you are wearing a smaller size or a bigger one, you should get another piece of shapewear that is your correct size.

 When you get the correct size of shapewear, you will definitely see a notable difference. Wearing the right size of shapewear will work better than a smaller size because, with the right shapewear size, the right compression is applied to your body without discomfort.

When your shapewear feels too tight and uncomfortable, it will not work effectively and you would only be punishing yourself.

Change Your Shapewear

Just in case the earlier advice doesn’t work well for you, there are a million things to blame except this article. You can decide to choose the right size of shapewear from a fashion brand and it feels loose or tight on you.

If shapewear has excessive compression, some parts of you may bulge which is the opposite of what you expect from a piece of shapewear.

 The advice is to change the brand if it is not offering the right size or the right compression for you.

Shrink Shapewear If It’s Stretched Out

 Virtually every fabric that is worn on your body has to get stretched out, someday. Your shapewear won’t remain the same forever so when you get the right size of shapewear, be ready to get a replacement in the future.

Some shapewear pieces stretch out faster than others. You can decide to find a brand that offers high quality and durability or you can try to fix the stretched-out piece of shapewear.

 If it is stretched out, it is loose. Loose Shapewear will feel and look baggy on you. To fix this, you can try shrinking the fabric. Not all fabrics can be shrunk and not all can be shrunk in the same way.

By shrinking your loose fabric, it will feel smaller and get back in shape. However, the effect is temporary and can’t be trusted to last.

Don’t Wear Loose Pants Under Shapewear

 When you figure your shapewear pants make you look fat and all measures are taken to get your shapewear pants in order, you should also note what you wear under.

It is usually obvious to tell when it’s your underpants making your shapewear pants bulge but it is not always so. Some shapewear pants work well in smoothing out bumps so the bulge is smooth enough to be mistaken for your skin.

 As long as you watch out for everything mentioned above, there is no reason for Shapewear pants to make you look fat, unless Fate is hell-bent on that particular shape you see.

What Happens If You Wear Shapewear Every day?

Donning shapewear is not a very good idea, especially if you want a normal life. There are misconceptions about the value of shapewear and most people seem to misuse it because of the stories that aren’t true.

Before we look into what happens if you put on shapewear every day, let’s talk about what “can not” be caused by shapewear

  • Shapewear will not make you lose fat
  • Shapewear will not give you muscles
  • Shapewear cannot cause a permanent change to your body

Shapewear only makes you slimmer “in Shapewear”. In other words, once you are out of those pants, you are the same cute and chubby chick. A mere piece of fabric cannot make you thinner.

Shapewear will only make you slimmer by redistributing your fat and giving you a smooth look. Unfortunately, even that effect is temporary. Wearing shapewear every day will not change this fact so let’s look at the danger it will cause instead.

  • Wearing shapewear means compressing your organs which may affect your digestive system.
  • Cases of indigestion can lead to bloating.
  • A long-term compression on your legs can lead to numbness
  • A long-term compression leads to varicose veins
  • Wearing tight shapewear can lead to shortness of breath
  • While shapewear is said to improve posture, long use of shapewear might lead to reliance on a piece of fabric to stand firm.

Wearing shapewear all the days of your life is like believing in a lie. You might enjoy the compression for a while but your body doesn’t and it soon starts to reject it.

Great Shapewear To Buy For Perfect Fit

 Below are some true-to-size shapewear pieces to put your money on for a perfect fit:

PAUKEE Butt Lifter Shapewear

This one is not just a fitted shaper. It has a butt lifter feature to sculpt your bum and give you a flattering shape. There are multiple great reviews you might want to check on Amazon.

Instead of spending a fortune on big brands that sacrifice quality and inflate prices, you can put that money on a product that is assuredly perfect for you.

Price: $20

SPANX Tummy Control Shapewear Shorts

This looks a lot different from the first one and has a very high waistband. Spanx is a well-known brand. You can tell from the many reviews that this pair of shaper shorts is the perfect one for you. The price might be scary but if you are willing to sacrifice money for great quality, then carry on with buying.

Price: $28 – $98

SHAPERX Shapewear Bodysuit

Not only does this shaper bodysuit fit perfectly but it also compresses you well enough till you can’t stop singing praises. You can check the amazing reviews on Amazon. It is super stretchy and comfortable, and you don’t have to struggle to find the perfect size. The price is not very low but if you will put $90 on Spanx, I bet you’ll pay double to get your hands on this piece.

Price: $49 – $50


Don’t blame your shapewear for those unattractive bulges. Shapewear does its job but it should not be overused, and if you will use Shapewear, use the right ones. Your shape matters.


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