Rock Revival Jeans vs True Religion: Comparison

Rock Revival and True religion are common brands that deal in denim clothing. They are well known to design jeans of different styles and sizes for both males and females.

The major difference between these brands is in the price. While Rock revival is not relatively cheap, True religion sells at a price twice as much as Rock revival.

Rock Revival Jeans are designer jeans with a good range of styles available to choose from while True Religion is also designers but has a wider collection of styles available to choose from. True religion is also more popular than Rock revival.

However, if you are still confused about what brand is best for you or you want to find out more about both brands, then this article is for you.

Let’s take a closer look and find out more about these brands, the similarities they share, and the differences.

What Does The First Say About These Brands?

Both Rock Revival jeans and True Religion are made with cotton. Blue is the common color across both brands, but they both design jeans in other colors.

At first glance, you should be able to tell which jeans you prefer. The style, cut, size, color, and other physical aesthetics would influence your choice.

Rock Revival

  • Cotton
  • Stitching
  • Brand’s name
  • 5-pocket construction
  • Cut
  • Color
  • Washes

Rock revival was established in 2005 and is focused on designing clothing for men and women. It is an American-based company, located in Los Angeles.

Rock revival is notable for its quality denim jeans, and the careful attention they pay to satisfy its customers. The jeans are made of quality cotton materials to improve their durability.

The heavy-duty stitching reinforces the jeans and makes them more durable and long-lasting. The brand’s name can be found on a leather patch on the waist at the back of the jeans.

The brand logo can be found on the metallic buttons on the front. The jeans are made with 5 pockets. The back pocket has the unique Rock revival trademark with the side stitching accents.

Rock revival jeans come in different cuts; from straight, relaxed, and skinny to boot cut. The jeans are made in different colors, blue being the staple color.

They are also made in different washes that give them the fade pattern and make them softer.

True Religion

  • Cotton
  • Stitching
  • Brand’s logo
  • 5-pocket construction
  • Cut
  • Color
  • Washes

True religion is a luxury and designer brand that started in 2002 with the aim of redefining denim wear and producing top-quality denim clothing.

This brand is popular for the classic designs of their jeans and their super T stitching. True religion is also an American-based company and they deal with quality denim for their jeans.

The jeans are made of quality cotton that offers good durability and breathability. The jeans are well stitched with double stitching to increase durability. The rear has the brand’s name, seat size another labeling.

True revival jeans are available in different cuts; skinny, loose, straight, bootcut, e.t.c. They are also made with 5 pockets.

They are also available in different colors. The jeans are made with different washes, from light to mid-wash.

Comparison Between Rock Revival Jeans And True Religion?

Let us take a look at the comparisons between these brands on the following features.

  • Construction
  • Stitching
  • Material
  • Cut
  • Rise
  • Build quality
  • Price
  • Size and fitting
  • Style

Rock Revival Jeans vs True Religion: Construction

Rock revival jeans are made with first-rate materials, mixed with a blend of rock and roll culture with cutting-edge fashion.

This brand employs exquisite craftsmanship and pays careful attention to details.  Each pair of jean’s style is unique and complements one another.

They are made with quality cotton that feels soft on the skin and is very durable. The jeans are strong and heavy with very strong rivets.

There is a zip fly and button for closure. The buttons are top-quality metal buttons with the brand’s logo carved on them.

Rock revival jeans are constructed with 5 pockets, two at the front, and two at the back with a small coin pocket at the back.

These jeans have a clean style and custom washes that produces a unique, polished silhouette. The dark rinse washes are made by hand with grinding, fading, destruction, whiskering, and resins.

They are made with different cuts and fittings, giving you whole classic designs to choose from.

True Religion jeans are well constructed and the brand has made a name for itself and carved a niche in the denim world by designing high-quality jeans.

The eye-catching designs, top craftsmanship, and premium materials are the qualities that set this brand apart from many.

The jeans are constructed with cotton of good quality. They are soft yet durable. They are made with a 5-pocket styling and have zip fly and buttons for closure.

True religion makes available raw denim that has been unwashed. These jeans are usually darker in color as the color has not been washed off. They are stiff and more durable.

Unwashed jeans are more conservative and eco-friendly. True religion jeans are also available in different washes that give them a sleek appearance.

They come in different cuts and fittings. The jeans are hand-finished with careful detailing including the stitching at the back pockets, buttonholes, and cuffs.

They have 3 inner labels that carry the logo, size information, and other security details to help identify the real jeans from the fake.

The Rock revival and True religion jeans are well constructed with high-quality materials and great craftsmanship.

Rock Revival Jeans vs True Religion: Stitching

Rock revival jeans are heavily stitched to enhance their durability. You would not find any seams undone or any thread coming loose.

They are well stitched with precise movement, giving them an even, seamless appearance. The back pockets have thick stitching uniquely made.

The stitching results in the jean’s logo. These jeans have high resistance to wear, they will last you a long time.

True religion jeans are also well stitched. These jeans are double stitched using a 5-needle thread that produces 2 stitches per inch. It is called Super T stitch.

The jeans became very popular for the unique and very durable stitching. These jeans will last you a long time without tearing.

Both jeans are nicely and neatly done to increase their durability. Rock revival jeans have better stitching.

Rock Revival Jeans vs True Religion: Materials

Rock revival jeans are made with cotton and elastane. Cotton makes the larger composition. Cotton is soft and breathable and very durable.

They are of high quality and don’t shrink. Elastane or spandex adds stretch to the jeans and makes them more flexible.

True Religion is also made with 100% cotton. This cotton is of good quality and results in very durable denim jeans.

Stretch materials like elastane/spandex are also used. Polyester and lyocell are also used in some of their jeans.

Both brands make use of cotton and a little percentage of other materials to make their jeans. You can make your choice of jean material you want.

Rock Revival Jeans vs True Religion: Cut

Rock revival jeans are made with different cuts to give customers styles to choose from. These cuts include bootcut, skinny, slim, loose, and straight. The leg opening of the jeans also varies with the cut.

The boot-cut jeans usually have a slim fit from the waist to the knees, then towards the legs, they get free with a wide leg opening.

Some jeans have a slim cut from the waist, then the legs are a straight cut with the leg opening same as the leg. All these styles are unique and appealing, keeping you comfortable all day.

True religion jeans are also made with different cuts; skinny, slim, relaxed, straight, and bootcut. True religion has a wide range of styles available to choose from.

Rock Revival Jeans vs True Religion: Rise

The rise of jeans is the distance from the waistband to the crotch. Rock revival makes jeans with mid-rise or high-rise. High-rise sits above the waist and mid-rise sits at the waist.

True religion also makes jeans with the mid-rise, low-rise, and high-rise. The rise of jean trousers is part of what influences the choice of a buyer.

Rock Revival Jeans vs True Religion: Build quality

Rock revival jeans are greatly built with top-quality materials. These jeans can last you a long time. The durability will wow you and the high price is something you won’t regret.

The jeans have the right amount of stretch to allow you to breathe and keep you comfortable all day. They are handcrafted with extra care, the stitching is precise and orderly to enhance durability.

Rock revival jeans are made with very tough materials. They are heavy and very durable. The washes are great and appealing.

These jeans do not shrink, which is a characteristic of cotton. They are carefully designed to make them last for a very long time without fading or sagging.

Tru religion jeans are top-quality jeans made with premium denim materials produced in the US. The jeans designs are made to appeal to premium denim lovers; their style is continuously improved and they resonate with the trendy jean fashion.

The denim fabrics are solid and have high resistance to wear and tear. These jeans will last you for years.

This luxury brand employs a signature stitching technique for their jeans, they have subtle detailing and perfect fittings.

The stitching in the pockets is heavy. The unique washes with distressed finishes are top-notch. These jeans are hand-finished with careful attention to detail.

Rock Revival Jeans vs True Religion: Price

Rock revival jeans are pretty expensive but not the neck-cutting price. They can be gotten at prices between $100-$200. The quality of these jeans makes up for the price.

True religion is very expensive, more expensive than the Rock revival. This is a luxury brand with top denim products.

They sell retail prices between $250-$400 while wholesale can be gotten around $150. Amazon offers up to a 30% discount ok these jeans, so they can be gotten at lower prices.

There are many online stores selling true religion jeans at a very cheap price. It is either these jeans are counterfeits or thrift wears. It is best if you buy from legal and recognized true religion retail outlets.

To recognize the fake Rock revival of True Religion jeans, always check for the inner tags on the jeans. True religion has 3 inner tags on top of each other with information unique to the brand.

Rock Revival Jeans vs True Religion: Size And Fitting

Rock Revival jeans come true to size. They are made to fit you perfectly and flatter your figure.

True Religion jeans also come true to size. They have a slimmer silhouette and may feel tight at first, but they will fit you perfectly with time.

Rock Revival Jeans vs True Religion: Style

Rock revival jeans are inspired by “rock and roll” vibes with cutting-edge fashion. Their jeans are similar to that of the 70s.

These jeans have flattering cuts and style and they can match almost anything. You can dress old school in these jeans and you can decide to style up to the trendy fashion in them too.

True religion is more classy and trendy jeans. They have a wide range of trendy cuts and styles. These jeans are versatile, and good for almost every occasion.

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