Replay vs Levi’s Denim: Which Is Better?

This is going to be an interesting one, considering the fact that both jeans are widely known.

You probably already heard of these brands or you own their products. Replay and Levi’s have been around for a while and they didn’t just stay around, they fought their way to the top.

Now, we get to pick which of these brands stomps the other in an in-depth comparison.

Considering the widely received review on both, The major difference is that Levi’s happens to have significantly greater brand recognition, compared to Replays.

Levi’s currently offer student discounts on purchases. You might want to check that out.

But why would anyone go for Replays instead of Levi’s? Well, they didn’t stay around for thirty years, just to lag behind. Replays are no joke!

History of Replay Denim (1981-Present)

The Replay brand was registered in 1978 by the idealistic entrepreneur, Claudio Buziol. He founded the company, Fashion Box, based in the town of Asolo (Treviso) in Italy, in 1981.

They create, promote, and distribute casual wear for men, women, and children, along with accessories and even footwear. They trade under the following brand names; Replay, Red Seal, We Are Replay, etc.

REPLAY takes its name from the idea of “re-making”, “re-creating” and “re-elaborating”, which seemed to appeal to Claudio Buziol when he saw the word come up on his TV screen during a football match.

This distinctive brand has evolved along this theme since its debut, taking the best of its first productions and giving it a trendy upgrade. Although Replay is widely recognized today as a jeans brand, the first jeans weren’t available in the market until the year 1989.

The jeans were sold about a million times in just two years. The jeans were made with a special type of fabric, double-ring denim, which he discovered on a journey to Japan.

This denim fabric soon became a trademark of the Replay brand. In the year 1990, Replay made an annual income of over 18 million euros. In 1991, the Replay brand opened its first store in Milan.

In 1992, 16 more Replay stores were opened and the annual income rose up to 69 million euros. In 1993, they opened their first branch in New York.

In 1994, Replay worked on their first blue jeans format; indigo-blue denim. The annual sales kept rising, definitely not for nothing, up to 353 million euros in 2006.

History of Levi’s Denim (1853-Present)

This probably explains its greater brand recognition, widely known as the world’s largest maker of pants.

The Levi company has its origin traced to Levi Strauss, an immigrant from Bavaria who arrived in San Francisco in 1850 during the Gold Rush, bringing dry goods to miners for sale.

Realizing the need for strong durable pants by the gold miners, Strauss hired a tailor to make clothing out of tent canvas. Later on, the tent canvas was substituted for denim, and copper riveting (buttons) was added to pocket seams.

A partnership was formed in 1853 by Strauss and his two brothers, Jonas and Louis. After the death of Levi Strauss in 1902, the company leadership passed to his four nephews and, after 1918, down to his in-laws, the Haas family.

The Levi company’s most peculiar development occurred after 1946 when it abandoned wholesaling and concentrated on manufacturing clothing under its own company label.

By the 1960s, Levi’s had become popular around the world, along with the other jeans affiliated with the American Cowboys. When the company went public in 1971, it was already operating in over 50 countries.

In 1985 the Haas family and other relatives of Levi Strauss, organized a leveraged buyout that enabled the return of the company to private ownership.

In 1986, Levi Strauss & Co. introduced a new line of casual pants known as Dockers in the United States. In 1994, the brand was released in Europe.

Why this comparison

Both brands create similar products, evolving through the years since their debut and satisfying the end-users.

The two brands have also succeeded in getting listed among the best producers of clothing, so why do we have to compare?

There is someone out there who would go for Levi’s and not Replay jeans. There is also someone who would rather have a Replay jeans than Levi’s.

The comparison helps you to know why anyone would choose one over the other. The reviews tend to matter but it’s better to have your own review. From the comparison, you should be able to deduce:

How to differentiate the two

With this comparison, you can note the physical appearances of the two. Not only will you be able to recognize them but you can tell when you are glaring at a fake product.

Which is more durable

Of course, the best producers offer the most durable products but can they be exactly alike? No matter how little, you get to tell the difference

Which is more fashionable

You are probably willing to spend a fortune on something that appears beautiful enough. Ugly jeans definitely didn’t make it up the list to stay there.

They are both fashionable but what kind of fashion would you go for? And which brand offers it better?

Which is cheaper

Not everyone can afford luxury items but I’m pretty sure no one would reject something that appeals to him. You get to know which of these jeans is more expensive than the other.

Replay vs Levi’s Denim: Let’s get to the Comparison

 It’s time to get to the point. Before you rush to the store with that hard-earned money of yours, I am sure you want to know this.

You will probably find some pairs of Levi’s and Replay, then you’ll find it hard to choose. Let’s check out some similarities in the brand and products.

Replay vs Levi’s Denim: Similarities

Range of Distribution

The Levi brand operates in over fifty countries making as much as $620 million as their annual revenue.

Similarly, the Replay brand operates in over fifty countries, making as much as €350 million as their annual revenue.

Wide Range of Jeans

Both brands took enough time making these products so they developed over time. Levi boasts of its contemporary style, always matching the trends. Replay also provides every style that has been made.

When you get to a store of either of these brands, you are sure to find something you love and something that fits so much like it’s made for your body.

This is only because they have lasted long enough to develop wide range of jeans, making it easy for you to find one that matches your body type.

Easily Identified Buttons

The buttons are not actually similar in appearance, in any special way. Buttons are just buttons, right? The Replay buttons are easily identified.

Similarly, the Levi’s can be noted from just the buttons alone… but you will have to check out other features to avoid going home with a fake product.

Replay vs Levi’s Denim: Contrasts

This is basically the main point of the entire story. What makes the two brands different? Which of the two products is better?

Why would I go for one and leave the other? Which one favors me more? Let’s launch into the real deal

Buttons and Rivets

Both brands have multiple rivets on the jeans, used to delay the process of your jeans wearing out. The difference between the two is pretty simple. I think it applies to all other jeans two.

The Replay jeans have ‘Replay’ boldly written on the buttons. It is that simple. Similarly, on Levi’s Jeans’ buttons, they have ‘Levi Strauss & Co’ or ‘Levi Strauss Signature’ written.

Replay vs Levi’s Denim Replay vs Levi’s Denim Replay vs Levi’s Denim

There is something about the Levi buttons you might want to know. It should help you fish out the fake ones. That is the non-confidential factory codes that are behind the buttons. The codes only tell where the pair is made.

Crotch Opening/ Fly

The Replay brand happens to feature more jeans with button flies. Levi’s also didn’t introduce zipper flies till 1947 and they only added zippers to appeal to female customers.

Alright, 1947 is a long time and, while the Levi 501 still uses button flies, they have more jeans with zippers now.

I don’t know what argument you or anyone can give but button flies are the worst. Totally needless stress! It’s probably considered one hell of a classic but it becomes a horrific rush hour when Mr. Urine comes knocking.

Replay vs Levi’s Denim Replay vs Levi’s Denim

Levi’s lifetime warranty

The Levi brand offers a lifetime warranty on their jeans. Don’t get this wrong. A lifetime warranty doesn’t actually mean that they will replace your jeans for YOUR lifetime.

It means a guarantee for the lifetime of the jeans (2 years). So you can’t replace worn-out jeans this way. You can, however, replace defective jeans.

So if a seam blows before its time, or a rivet comes out, or whatever other disaster, you can swap out your jeans with the company. There are ways you can reach them.

Replay doesn’t offer this. Replay, on the other hand, sometimes offers up to and over 50% discounts on purchases.


As much as I am not a fan of reviews, they are necessary when it comes to commodities like this. There are some points to note in reviews, to avoid being misled into hating or liking a product before trying it out.

Once the review is not giving a reason for its appraisal or complaint, you shouldn’t totally rely on it. If it sounds based on preference, don’t rely on it. If it highlights the quality of the product, then you know what to expect.

Replay (Good):

Replay vs Levi’s Denim

Replay vs Levi’s Denim

 Replay (Bad):

Replay vs Levi’s Denim

Levi (Bad):

Replay vs Levi’s Denim

Above are the two top brands, yet, they cannot satisfy everyone equally. From the reviews on Replay, it can be deduced that they charge high shipping fees and it is usually hard to cancel orders.

From the reviews on Levi, there is probably an inconsistency with their customer service and there are complaints on denim texture being too thin, leading to easy damage.

Main Features

The iconic stitching on the back pockets of Levi’s jeans is called the Arcuate Design because of its arc formation, one of the most globally recognizable design details on a pair of Levi’s jeans.

They have coin pockets- pocket within a pocket- usually inside the front pocket. 


For the Replays, they sometimes appear seamless and they have a branded detailing by the side.



Levi Jeans on Amazon can come as low as $50, ranging up to $100. If you ask me, that is pretty cheap for designer wear.

Replay jeans are pretty expensive, ranging from $80 up to $185… but you don’t regret what you get.

Which Is Better?

The question is actually crazy, in case you don’t already think so. Are we going to go for Levi’s? I mean we just read the reviews and that person complained about Levi jeans not being tough anymore… or should we go for Replay?

We could just get billed half the product’s price for shipping alone. But these are reviews of certain people. If these two brands still sell as much as they actually still do, then I am not sure if anything is really wrong with them.

According to a review I read, you get to agree to the terms and conditions which include all you need to know about the shipping fees before any transaction happens.

Besides, this only happens on the Replay official website. Levi’s has numerous sections for you to choose from, with indications of sizes, so definitely you shouldn’t be having ripped jeans if you picked your size.

To correct any possible mistake, Levi’s offers repairs and even swaps for your jeans when they decline naturally within two years after purchase.

If I were to choose, I’ll say Levi’s didn’t get to the top just for fun.


Yeah. Levi’s didn’t get to the top just for fun. They have the biggest brand recognition when compared to other denim brands and they have been running for over a decade.

Despite that, Replay jeans are worthy competitors. Some may complain about customer services but, once you have your Replay jeans, you don’t regret getting them. You should check them out and have your own review. Related:

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