Do Refuge Jeans Run Small? Here’s What We Know

Most jeans at Refuge run small, in order to get a jean in your perfect size, you need to size up.

The sizing system in Refuge jeans varies from piece to piece, while some may be your perfect size, others may be a pain to for into.

Therefore it is essential to know your size and pay cognizance to the chart so as to get your body and prevent the hassle of returns.

Since they mostly run small sizes, it’s advisable to purchase one size higher than what the chart says except if you want extremely skinny jeans which you may not be comfortable in.

How do Refuge jeans fit?

Refuge jeans have a variety of fits ranging from skinny to slim to straight to relaxed.

Skinny Fit Refuge jeans

The Refuge skinny jeans are the most fashionable and trendy. They are not for everyone and should be worn by more skinny people as they perfectly fit them because of their slender legs.

The skinny fit is meant to cling to your bottom, thigh, and legs all the way down to the calf and is always tapered with a small leg opening for breathability.

Slim Fit Refuge Jeans

The slim Refuge jeans are always in style and are the most versatile pair of jeans. They are comfortable and have a width stretch with a great fitting which can pair marvelously with almost anything in your closet.

They sit comfortably on the waistline just below the belly button with a mid-rise and fitting from the thigh, tapering towards the ankle

Straight Fit Refuge Jeans

The straight-fit Refuge jeans are perhaps the most jeans for almost any body type. They are similar to slim fit but as the name suggests, they are straight all the way down.

Typically, the Refuge straight fit lacks a taper towards the ankle, unlike the slim fit. They won’t look out of place and you will not be dated in photos.

The straight-fit sits comfortably on your waistline minimal mid-rise with more room in the seat and thigh area.

Relaxed Fit Refuge Jeans

The relaxed fit is super comfortable and are not baggy by any means but basically your quintessential cool jeans fit.

They have ample room to breathe in the seat and thigh areas all the way down to the legs.

They do not have any stretch as thru are loose enough already but are typically wider with leg opening and generous apace towards the bottom.

How to know the right size of Refuge jeans for you

Hold the waistband at both ends

Hold your jeans at both ends of the waistband and try to wrap the waistband around your neck. If one end reaches the other, then it’s your size.

The waistband doesn’t necessarily have to meet precisely but should go around your neck.

Define the width

To find the perfect width, you need to employ the use of your arms. Bend your arms at the elbow and clench your fist, your forearm should easily fit into the zipped-up waistband .

Check the width

Hold the top and bottom end of each Jeans in each hand, and stretch your arms out right to the sides as far as you can.

If the middle of the jeans hangs right under your chin, then congratulations! You’ve chosen a great pair.

Measure out your body size with a measuring tape

The first measurement you are going to take is your waist measurement which is the smallest part of your torso.

Depending on the rise you want, you may want to measure a different part of your waist but for the use measurement, place the tape from the point in between your thighs up to the level of rise you want.

The next measurement you’ll need is your hips, place the tape around your hips and ensure it is not placed tightly but with a little bit of space. The last measurement you ought to take is the length. Place the tape at the top of your inner thigh to your preferred length.

How to care for your Refuge jeans

Wash your Refuge jeans less

Reducing your wash from every 2 to 10 wear is going to make your jean last longer.

You can hang your Refuge jean in the bathroom after every wear and steam from the shower will help relax the wrinkles and refresh the jeans.

Keep your jeans fresh

No one desires to have jeans with odor. One thing you can do is get your jean damp with the fabric spray and hang them on a chair or hanger to air-dry. This will help to keep them fresh.

Never use heat

A common myth with denim care is that the heat will shrink your jeans back after wearing off. The elastin in the jeans is ruined by heat thereby making them stretch out faster and won’t be able to retain their shape over time.

Cold water is recommended when washing Refuge jeans and making sure you air dry.

Air-dry them

Although air-drying gives the jean a kind of crunchy feeling but is the perfect way to save your Refuge jean from wearing out so fast. The heat from the tumble dryer constricts the fiber of the jean, making them shrink.

They may become smaller if you bought a Refuge jeans true to your size. To get them to soften up, if you don’t want them all sturdy after air-drying them, you can put them in the dryer on low heat. This will make them soft again.

Color care

When buying your special pair of Refuge jeans, one of the factors you look out for is the color.

You wouldn’t want the beautiful color of the jean to bleed off just so fast because you didn’t care for them adequately. The color of Refuge jeans fades out with constant wear and wash.

One of the ways to ensure a large chunk of the color does not fade out is to turn the jeans inside out before washing, be sure to use a mild detergent to strip the indigo out of the jeans.

Using a mild detergent will make sure they last longer in terms of color and fade.

4 Refuge jeans you should have in your closet

Refuge light wash mom jeans

Do Refuge Jeans Run Small

It is a pair of Refuge jeans characterized by a high waist above your belly button with a looser fit at the legs and butt areas. They are super comfortable, and versatile.

They can be paired with sticking a blouse or shirt into the jeans, wearing a tight-fitted crop top with a pair of sneakers, or a blazer on top of a  crop top. They are made with high-quality cotton fabrics and do not wear out easily.

Refuge low rise exposed seam flare jeans

Do Refuge Jeans Run Small

For a long time, people have seen skinny and slim fit to be more fashionable but the wide leg flare jeans is an iconic jeans that has a wide range of fits and it’s super comfortable.

Every lady wants to look curvier when they are all dressed up and this is what the Refuge flare jeans provide for you, they tend to make a lady look curvier.

You can wear them the exact way you’ll wear any kind of jeans, all you have to do is modify your footwear.

A crop top will go perfectly with them because they are high-rise jeans and would cover up a larger portion of your belly.

You will also love to try them with a jacket on top of a crop top as this will highlight the waistline, giving you a sexier look.

If pairing it with a jacket, ensure the length of the jacket doesn’t exceed the waistline or else they’ll look all baggy and unfashionable.

Refuge high rise dark wash distressed denim short

Do Refuge Jeans Run Small

They cover your belly button making them look flatter if they were protruded and are distressed in the right areas.

You can pair them with a denim jacket making it denim on denim look or a simple white shirt with a pair of sneakers.

Whenever the summer moments come, they are your best shot! You can style it with a blazer which is the same length as the shorts with a pair of heels.

Refuge Denim Overall

Do Refuge Jeans Run Small

They are a pair of Refuge jeans you can wear in any season and has a more casual look. They have a full length and are super comfy and casual.

You can style them in a streetwear way, sort of boyish. To do this, pair them with an oversized T-shirt that has some graphics or just plain, a bucket hat, and a pair of sneakers.

You can also pair them with a crop top to offset the bagginess or oversize look of the jeans. A pair of canvass will fit rightly and a baseball cap.

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