Reasons Why Ripped Jeans Are Cool

Ripped Jeans have stolen the spotlight again to be one of the most talked-about clothing in the world today.

Most people think they are cool, fashionable, and expressive as they carry with them a meaning that stands against oppression from the government.

The history of Ripped Jeans can be traced back to the 1970s. As of then people turning up in Ripped Jeans was seen as a sign of social movement against the government.

In this article, I will give you Ten reasons why Ripped Jeans are cool. This will be interesting and educative, let’s dive in!!

10 Major Reasons why Ripped Jeans Are Cool

  1. They are Fashionable
  2. They are Cheap
  3. They are Expressive
  4. They are Relaxing
  5. They are Trendy
  6. They are Ceremonial
  7. They are Good for Hiking
  8. They are Durable
  9. They are Easily Made
  10. They are Iconic

They are Fashionable

Ripped jean happens to be one of the most fashionable pieces of clothing around the world today.

It is quite surprising how many people all over the world have come clean with their love for Ripped Jeans.

Today when you surf the internet you see people from different cultures, with different beliefs all bound together by Ripped Jeans and it is no longer a secret that Ripped Jeans are fashionable as any other clothing out there.

In fact, some people have gone to the extent of customizing Ripped Jeans with some other wears and I must say I find these to be amazing combinations that I will love to share with you, maybe you too would not mind styling your Ripped Jeans like that once in a while.

Have a look!!

Reasons Why Ripped Jeans Are Cool
Reasons Why Ripped Jeans Are Cool
Reasons Why Ripped Jeans Are Cool
Reasons Why Ripped Jeans Are Cool

They are Cheap

Just like most of the clothing lines out there, Ripped Jeans are considerably priced so that anyone can afford them and own a pair.

Their price tag has nothing to do with the fact that they are Ripped, as a matter of fact, there are Ripped Jeans that cost up to a thousand bucks in some stores regardless of the fact that they are Ripped and would expose some part of your body.

Reasons Why Ripped Jeans Are Cool

They being cheap means that you too can own a pair without much stress and it doesn’t necessarily have to be from a top brand or from a popular designer.

Something about the Ripped Jeans that I find amazing is the fact that no one really cares about where you got your Ripped Jeans from, just make sure they are Ripped in an awesome manner and all eyes will be on you.

You can even take out your old Jeans and rip them yourself, you can freestyle and customize your Jeans to a style only you wear in order to be unique and original.

They are Expressive

Reasons Why Ripped Jeans Are Cool

Ripped Jeans are expressive in the sense that any time you turn up in them you are indirectly passing a message to whoever cares to listen and understand.

Remember I mentioned that Ripped Jeans are being worn for social movements against the government, it should interest you to know that there are other expressive reasons behind Ripped Jeans and I will share them with you as the article progresses.

Back in the days, fellas tend to turn up in Ripped Jeans whenever there is a musical concert that is specially organized by top celebrities around the cities and all.

This is usually a large number of fans coming out to vibe and musically protest against the vices of the government and all.

Nowadays, the generational evolution has added more expressive meanings to Ripped Jeans and one of the most popular of them all is sexual appeal.

Most people wear Ripped Jeans to display their beautiful selves. Their thighs and calves etc.

Ladies most especially wear Ripped Jeans that are Ripped on the thigh, this will make part of their thigh visible enough for anyone to see.

A lot of people, men especially find this attractive and this has become a normal practice in so many parts of the world today.

They are Relaxing

Ripped Jeans are some of the most relaxing clothing we have today.

It doesn’t matter if the weather is hot and sweaty, you can wear Ripped Jeans and have a good day.

This is so because Ripped Jeans are breathable and likely to be the most breathable we have, the punched holes on the fabric make them extremely breathable more than anything you have seen before.

The technique used in ripping and punching these holes is something to be admired, note that the designers do not just punch or rip wherever they feel like on these Jeans.

If you take a good look at professionally made Ripped Jeans, you will notice that the ripping is done in parts that are likely to be heaty on a hot day.

I am talking about the thighs, the chest for the Jeans jacket, etc.

With ripping on places like this, it is impossible for you to be uncomfortable in Ripped Jeans and this makes them relaxing for everyday wear regardless of the weather.

Reasons Why Ripped Jeans Are Cool

They are Trendy

We can all agree that Ripped Jeans are trendy. In fact, they are some of the clothing that has been trendy for a very long time and they still haven’t lost the touch and spotlight in this aspect to date.

Reasons Why Ripped Jeans Are Cool

This is one of the most accepted clotheslines all over the world and it doesn’t even matter where they originated from and why.

Today we have top brands that are committed to the manufacturing of Ripped Jeans, these brands are dedicated not just to the sake of fashion but to satisfying the needs of customers and also making a name and more money for themselves.

People all over the world have a space for Ripped Jeans somewhere in their hearts and it may only take a matter of time but eventually, you will want to own a pair of Ripped Jeans yourself.

And at that point, you might not have any special or unique reason for owning them other than wanting to join the trend.

They are ceremonial

Ripped Jeans are worn for ceremonial purposes that will intrigue you.

In some parts of Africa, university students have a tradition of organizing a ceremony each session that is tagged Rag day.

This is a special day carved out by students and the school management altogether for students to exhibit and display a special and unprofessional look in the school environment.

The origin of Rag day is an interesting story that I intend to share briefly with you as the article progresses.

It all started in South Africa in the year 1925 when the university of Pretoria introduced Rag day.

Reasons Why Ripped Jeans Are Cool

As of then it was tagged “The Procession”, it still is known as the procession but today in some African universities, students call it Rag day.

Initially, the reason behind this movement was to raise funds for student charities and you should find it interesting that to date the same reason is still behind Rag day.

With this brief story of mine, you too can also attest to the fact that Ripped Jeans are ceremonial which makes them cool since they are worn to motivate students and in the process generate funds for student charity.

At the time of making this research, I felt the ceremonial capability of Ripped Jeans is still limited so I decided to explore more and I found out that even to date, there are occasions that people wear Ripped Jeans as a dress code.

Reasons Why Ripped Jeans Are Cool

Weddings, naming, and even graduation ceremonies all around the world.

They are good for Hiking

Ripped Jeans are cool and recommended for hiking. Many people might argue this so allow me to give you reasons why I believe so.

First and foremost, when you go hiking you would want your knees to be loose and free in order for you to be able to climb onto ridges and over obstacles where encountered.

Noting the fact that Jeans are some of the ideal trousers for hiking due to their thick textures, it is only advisable and wise that you rip your Jeans at the knee level in order to be able to move your legs freely, not to compress your knee cap which might result to medical complications.

Thick un-Ripped Jeans have the possibility to restrain your movement, especially at the knee side since we need the knee to be loose and free before we can climb over some obstacles and all.

Reasons Why Ripped Jeans Are Cool

You don’t want to encounter a situation where your kneecap is affected in any way which is why Ripped Jeans are recommended and cool in the sense that they will not only ease your movement, they will let the air in when you move even on a hot day.

They are durable

Reasons Why Ripped Jeans Are Cool

Most of the Jeans that are Ripped today are strong and durable Jeans.

Any Jeans that are not strong and are Ripped will eventually turn into something abominable which others will call crazy Jeans.

This is the case whereby the Ripped Jeans will lose their composure and durability and start to expand the ripping which will eventually turn into tears and then lose the beauty it was supposed to have as Ripped jeans.

In order for manufacturers to prevent this from happening, they decide to make use of strong, quality, and durable Jeans for the provision of Ripped Jeans.

This makes most of the Ripped Jeans you see today durable which is actually cool knowing the fact that you are spending your money on long-lasting apparel.

Another thing that makes Ripped Jeans more durable is the fact that people do not wear them on a regular.

They are easily made

Ripped Jeans are easily made to some extent. Although not the original ones, a lot of the Ripped Jeans worn today are actually customized by the wearer.

Reasons Why Ripped Jeans Are Cool

I know because I have customized a few of my Jeans and I must confess that the feeling is cool and you can’t help but start feeling like a designer yourself if after ripping them they come out professional to the point of people asking you where you got them from.

However, with regards to giving credits to whom credits are due, professionally made Ripped Jeans have some of the most complex processes there is to manufacturing any wear.

It takes a lot of time and energy to make it a success and a beautiful one at that.

Nevertheless, this does not change the fact that you can easily rip your Jeans at home whenever you feel like turning up in Ripped Jeans and you can’t afford a new one.

They are Iconic

Ripped Jeans are said to have been in existence since the 1970s. I believe they have been in existence even before then but only got popular by then.

Judging from the kind of popular people who have worn Ripped Jeans and the celebrities who are still making appearances in them today, I have all the reasons to believe that Ripped Jeans are iconic.

Reasons Why Ripped Jeans Are Cool

Looking at where they came from and where they are now, anyone wearing the Ripped jean today is simply following the steps of the early celebrities with the likes of Madonna and co.

What started as a jean is worn today with different other outfits as seen in the part where we discussed how fashionable Ripped Jeans can be.

You can see that you can rock Ripped Jeans with different other outfits, it lets you customize your appearances.

The consideration of this has opened doors to the development of new outfits and styles altogether which makes them Iconic if you ask me.


The most important thing to note is the fact that Ripped Jeans are customizable, easy to make, and very affordable to an extent.

If you are not yet a fan of Ripped Jeans, you should try a couple to see how they fit on you.

They are fashionable, refreshing, and trendy, it is a win-win with the Ripped Jeans and I promise you won’t regret this.


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