Reasons Why Ripped Jeans Are Bad?

Have you ever stopped to wonder why the heat and hate against Ripped Jeans?

It seems like a normal trend that is accepted by a lot of people out there but yet, there are still a lot of people, ‘out there’ who do not fancy Ripped Jeans, and worst of all, they tag it to be a bad social trend.

To fully understand what is really happening, first, we need to have a better insight into what Ripped Jeans are all about.

In order to do so, I have taken the remedy to include pictures that will point your attention to the exact place I want it to be in order to be sure that we are on the same boat floating in the same direction.

9 Reasons Why Ripped Jeans Are Bad

  1. They Are Considered Ungodly
  2. They Are Indecent
  3. They Bring About Disrespect
  4. They Are Not Protective
  5. They Cost More Than They Should
  6. They Cause Distractions in Schools
  7. They Are Bad for Business
  8. They Are Not Long Lasting
  9. They Have a Bad History

They Are Considered Ungodly

Reasons Why Ripped Jeans Are Bad
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In many parts of the world, we have people from different religions who believe that Ripped Jeans are not good and consider them to be ungodly.

Today in India, there are people who are strongly against Ripped Jeans and these people claim to have the interest of their religion and culture at heart.

One of these people is Uttarakhand CM Tirath Singh, who said he is not against Jeans entirely but Ripped Jeans because he feels that traditions and cultures are no longer respected in the way they should in India.

Especially with the fact that a lot of people now find Ripped Jeans to be comfortable enough to be worn anywhere, even to holy grounds.

Islam is one of these religions today in the world that is strongly against Ripped Jeans because they believe it is inappropriate for you to come to the presence of God in Ripped clothes entirely.

They are considered indecent

Speaking of indecency, some people feel that decency is based on how you appear.

Now with this definition in mind, it is clear that to this kind of people you are simply an indecent person if you turn up in Ripped Jeans.

Reasons Why Ripped Jeans Are Bad
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There are many schools in the world especially colleges and high schools that have banned the wearing of Ripped Jeans on school premises.

Schools like this have even set up punishments to give to students who disobey the school’s law and turn up in Ripped Jeans of any form, regardless of the part that is exposed.

For some students, the only time they get to wear Ripped Jeans to school is on Rag day which is also known as “The Procession”, a day marked out to be celebrated in the Western part of Africa.

They bring about Disrespect

Turning up in Ripped Jeans might limit your rights and the amount of respect you receive in some places.

This is not a general thing as some people do not really care about how you look or appear.

To some, it is a different story as you are judged and respected according to how you dress.

This is gradually becoming a common practice around the world, especially in developing countries that have large numbers of uncivilized villages and people.

You are tagged as a crazy person when you appear in Ripped Jeans and in some cases, you might be harassed and sent back to where you came from.

Reasons Why Ripped Jeans Are Bad
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Cases like this are rare but they happen, you should at least try to understand your environment before dressing however you want.

They are not Protective

Ripped Jeans are not as protective as other clothes we wear and this is why.

The Ripped parts expose your skin to insects, this makes it very easy for any kind of insect to crawl into your pants or jackets through the Ripping on them and making life unbearable for you.

With special consideration to insects, you shouldn’t be comfortable sleeping in Ripped Jeans because no matter how you cover yourself there is always this small opening that the insects can use to get to you.

For those people who love camping and hiking in Ripped Jeans, it might not be a Bad idea entirely but then by doing so you are exposing yourself to some dangers lying around and can be picked up at any time if care is not taken.

Reasons Why Ripped Jeans Are Bad
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There might be shrubs that will leave a very unpleasant pain and mark on your body when they come in contact to that part of your body that is not covered with the Jeans you are wearing because it is Ripped.

In the real sense, when you analyze how safe all this is you will find that it is not worth the risk.

They cost more than they should

Reasons Why Ripped Jeans Are Bad
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It is okay if I spend a couple of bucks getting a piece of cloth that will cover my entire body, one that I can casually wear whenever and wherever without having to fear disrespect or exposure of any kind.

A lot of the people out there feel the prices for most of these designer Ripped Jeans are overhyped.

For the fact that their usability is limited, one shouldn’t have to spend so much on something he won’t be using when he or she feels like it.

With regards to this, a lot of people feel getting designers Ripped Jeans for an outrageous amount is nothing but a scam and that is Bad.

They Cause Distraction in Schools

Not many schools allow the use of Ripped Jeans in the environment but for those few that allow, they seem to regret it and are gradually on the verge of banning them as well.

This is because a lot of students are distracted by Ripped Jeans in one of the funniest ways ever.

Reasons Why Ripped Jeans Are Bad
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A lot of students now engage in the act of pulling these hanging threads in an attempt to expand the wideness of the Ripping.

A lot of students engaged in this act managed to miss a lot of the class activities especially when the teacher is explaining important things during this period.

Students like this tend to fail woefully when asked questions with regards to what was discussed when they were engaged in that act.

Another form of distraction that this has caused is the adults.

When a girl comes to class in Jeans that are Ripped around the thigh, she tends to take the attention of most of the boys in the class.

Funny enough, sometimes even the attention of the teacher or lecturer is not spared.

They are Bad for business

I believe many retailers and manufacturers will agree that Ripped Jeans Are Bad for business because not everyone has the money to afford the original, so in most cases, people rather customize than get from the stores.

Also, the fact that many people find Ripped Jeans ungodly makes them Bad for business.

Maybe 2 out of the 10 people that will visit your store in a day will ask for Ripped Jeans.

The rest will want something that will cover them entirely as they feel comfortable spending on that.

Some of these people tend to customize their own Ripped Jeans from the old ones they have at home which further reduces the chances of retailers making money off ripped Jeans.

Reasons Why Ripped Jeans Are Bad
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They are not Long Lasting

Some Ripped Jeans in the market do not live up to the expectations Jeans are known for.

Jeans as we know are supposed to be a long-lasting material.

However, when Ripped or punctured, the holes tend to expand and eventually turn into something no decent person will want to appear in.

If this happens then you must have lost the value of your money due to the fact that they didn’t live up to the expectations you had when you bought them which is bad.

Reasons Why Ripped Jeans Are Bad
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Getting fake Ripped Jeans or customizing your own on the other hand is not totally Bad.

The red flag is when the hanging threads start to pull on their own which will gradually start expanding the Ripping ruining whatever design you had made initially.

They have a Bad History

Everything that we have discussed here has led us back to the history of Ripped Jeans.

The history of Ripped Jeans gives us more insight into why a lot of people see Ripped Jeans as a bad trend.

Tracing back to their emergence and how they became popular, Ripped Jeans are worn as a show of aggression against the government and society.

Reasons Why Ripped Jeans Are Bad
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Back in those days, Ripped Jeans were worn for a political movement and were popularised by a lot of well-known celebrities the likes of Madonna.

A lot of people (who are not interested in politics) considered this and decided they want nothing to do with it.

There are people who do not want to be engaged in any social movement especially one that involves the government.

This kind of people will rather stick to the normal Jeans they know than have anything to do with Ripped Jeans and with consideration of this, they find Ripped Jeans to be Bad.


I am sure that apart from the reasons discussed here a lot of you might have personal reasons why you feel Ripped Jeans Are Bad.

If you ever just feel Ripped Jeans are off and are not cool, then this should make you understand that you are not alone and that there are thousands of people out there who feel the same way you do.


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