Reasons Why Black Jeans Smell Burnt?

Black Jeans are mostly packed with a lot of chemicals that are put in place to make sure they maintain their black color.

There are two main reasons that make your black Jeans smell burnt

  • The chemicals used in making them black
  • When they are exposed to a high level of heat

The chemicals used in making them black

When your black Jeans smell weird like a burnt piece of fabric, it is not your fault and to be sincere there is nothing you can do about that in the meantime because that is an issue from the manufacturers.

It is not really an issue as it was a step taken to ensure they are the way they are.

Unlike other Jeans, black-colored Jeans need a lot of dyes and chemicals to make and keep them black. This explains why you get the burnt smell on black Jeans and probably not other colored Jeans.

When they are exposed to a high level of heat

Another reason that may cause your black Jeans to smell burnt is when you have exposed them to a high volume of heat.

Maybe in the dryer or under the sun. Even when they undergo a process called Sanforization which involves making them pass through high levels of heat and pressure, they will eventually develop the burnt smell and this is mostly because of the chemicals they are made of in the first place.

How do you get the burnt smell out of black Jeans?

Since there is no problem that does not have a solution, I have made research and have come up with ways you can fight off the burnt smell on your black Jeans.

These ways are known to work, not just tested by me but by a lot of other people in order to make this research and article progress.

I will go ahead to outline these simple steps that you can take to ensure your black Jeans do not ruin your day with a burnt smell or any other smell at all.

  • Mix white Vinegar
  • Get a bucket of cold water
  • Soak your black Jeans for 30-60 minutes
  • Rinse through with cold water
  • Dry fully

Mix white Vinegar

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have white vinegar at home, and if you don’t have then do not hesitate to get yourself one in the nearest store because it is going to play a vital role in fighting off the burnt smell on your black Jeans.

When you get your white Vinegar then you are ready to go over to the next step.

Get a bucket of cold water

After getting your white Vinegar, the next thing to do is to get a bucket of cold water. Not much, Just the appropriate amount that will be enough to wash your Jeans in.

After getting the bucket of cold water, make sure to mix the white vinegar with the cold water thoroughly.

Note that it has to be cold-water, it must be cold water because anything other than that will make the vinegar useless and will have no effect on fighting off the burnt smell.

Over to the next step!!

Soak your black Jeans for 30-60 minutes

Now after mixing your white vinegar in your bucket of cold water, the next thing to do is to get your black Jeans and then soak in the bucket of cold water mixed with white vinegar for 60 minutes tops and not less than 30 minutes.

Note that you must have done the first two steps correctly in order to make sure you are on the right path.

Rinse through with cold water

After you must have done steps one to three properly the next and final thing to do is to make sure you rinse with cold water again, a fresh one that is not mixed with vinegar or anything, and make sure it is cold too.

Dry Fully

The last step is equally important as the first step as this is the final step that determines if your other steps will work or not.

When you get down through all those steps to this last one, you should then dry your black Jeans and make sure they dry thoroughly first before taking them in.


One interesting thing about the steps mentioned above is that they will work just fine with other Jeans too and not Just black Jeans so you don’t have to worry when your Jeans let out a funny and weird smell.

All you have to do is make sure you follow these steps accordingly and you are already off the smelly Jeans record book. 😉

How to make Black Jeans Smell Better

There are specific ways you can make them smell better and I will be listing them below.

  • Wash with scented detergents
  • Apply clothing fragrance
  • Always Hang and dry outside

Wash with Scenty detergents

There are detergents that are made with scenting agents, these types of detergents have this written on them.

You can decide to start washing your Jeans with these kinds of detergents and I bet you, you will have your Jeans smelling better in no time.

However, it is important that you take note that these types of detergents are likely to cause your Jeans to bleed and fade as they equally have bleaching agents in them.

You just have to be mindful and careful of the one you pick.

Apply clothing fragrance

These days, people tend to apply fragrances they use on their selves on their clothes.

You can try that too and the funny thing about this is that it works.

You will have your Jeans smelling Just the way you want them and this will increase your confidence when you are in the midst of people.

Always Hang and dry outside

This method is for those who don’t just like the idea of their Jeans emitting any kind of smell at all.

If you are one of those then this is for you.

Instead of washing with scented detergents or applying fragrances, you can just decide to hang them outside and let them fly with the wind.

You will be surprised how much the smell from your Jeans will drastically reduce and magically disappear with regular hanging.

Advantages of having burnt Smell on your Black Jeans

There is absolutely no advantage to you having pairs of Jeans of whatever color that smells burnt.

The smell is irritating and would leave you uncomfortable in the midst of people.

You can’t just walk around freely and with full confidence because even if you are comfortable with the smell, there is a possibility of 6 out of 10 people not liking whatever way your Jeans smell.

It is further proven that burnt smell is toxic, and if this is the case, then not just your environment but you inclusive stand a chance of getting some medical complications when you rock any Jeans that smell burnt and not Just a black pair.

The complication that a burnt smell may cause you are not just any kind as this toxic smell might leave you with some serious problems that may leave you visiting the doctor more than you planned.

There is no advantage to wearing Jeans that smell burnt, in fact, it is safe to assume you are medically not fit or you are simply Just weird if you like the burnt smell emitting from Jeans.

Disadvantages of having Burnt smell on your Black Jeans

Unlike the advantages which we have none, we have a lot of disadvantages that having a black Jean that smells burnt can cause to you and your surroundings and we have already talked about the medical complications in the part where we talked about possibilities of having any advantage related to having black pair of Jeans that smell burnt.

It is clear that a burnt smell will cause you medical problems as the smell is toxic enough, let’s look at more disadvantages.

When you have a black Jean that smells burnt, then you risk spreading the same smell to other pairs of Jeans you own.

This is possible because the smell is sticky and can be communicated to other Jeans you own as long as you keep them in the same closet or drawers or boxes.

This smell can easily contaminate your room, eventually, the smell will take over your room, and then you might get used to it that others may have to be the ones to alert you of the changes in your apartment.

When this smell starts taking its toll on you, you are bound to start having some stomach upsets and light headaches, this is the smell taking its toll on you.


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