Rag and Bone vs Theory: Comparison of the Brands

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The Rag & Bone brand has its headquarters in the US and is regarded as an American fashion label. They sell ready-to-wear products, fragrances, accessories, and footwear, while the brand Theory produces clothes and accessories in contemporary designs for men and women.

Why the comparison?

Rag & Bone fashion label has been around for two decades plus, putting their mark in the industry. Its brand combines modern design and British elegance woven into its style.

This fashion style is sewn classically and finished with a New York undertone. Its founder, drove the company to produce jeans, partnering with Kentucky denim makers.

This brand built a name by keeping a promise of delivering simple designs with the highest dedication and craftsmanship. They also have a footwear collection and fragrance among their products.

The theory brand is a leader in contemporary fashion for both men and women. Founded in New York, the brand started out producing indigenous-themed women’s collections, focusing on stretch pants. Two years later they added a new men’s collection to their brand.

Theory sways its customers with designs that are timeless and has a high rate of appeal among its customers.

What they offer is a design that brings comfort to everyday wear, while also making you look interesting.

History of Rag and Bone

Rag and Bone vs Theory

Rag and Bone were created in the year 2002 by Nathan Bogel and Marcus Wainwright, in the year 2001, Marcus Wainwright went to a factory in Kentucky where stayed for 18 months to start to produce and perfect his craft of making men’s jeans.

Today Rag and Bone produce a ready to wear men’s and women’s jeans under Rag and Bone jeans, footwear, and accessory line. Rag and Bone footwear is popular for their Newbury boot.

Tull Price was a footwear designer who formally owned Royal Elastics and the current owner of Feit, with the help of Tull Price Rag and Bone, launched its shoe creation in 2008.

Davis Neville bought Nathan Bogel’s shares of the fashion company and joined Wainwright as a partner in the business in 2005.

By the year 2011 spring Rag and Bone jeans had a DIY traditional creative photo shoot project, fashion models and influencers were given a camera and some clothes to interpret Rag and Bone jeans in their style.

Models of the likes of Abbey Lew Kershaw, Candice Swanepoel, Jessica Hart, Lily Aldridge, Miranda Kerr, and Poppy Delavigne as models and bar and influencers.

In the year 2015 Rag and Bone spoke about the brand expanding its retail outreach.

2016 was a big year for Rag and Bone as they pivoted into other fashion items and accessories. Rag and Bone expanded its scope and started to produce fragrances by 2016 and launched a fragrance line of eight unisex perfumes.

These scents included Amber, Bergamot, Cypress, Encens, Rose, Neroli, Oddity, and Oud.

Also in 2016 Rag and Bone has its first licensing deal for its eyewear brand with an Italian eyewear designer by the creator name Safilo Group which started two years later in January 2018.

Rag and Bone took to strong media commercial and influence in December 2009 when they contracted Stephen Shore to photograph their SS 2020 campaign.

Stephen Shore photographed many models like Ajani Russell, Chloe Fineman, Dylan Penn, Faith Lynch, India Graham, James Turlington, Olivia Cooke, Pyper America, Paloma Elsesser, and Sean Lyles rocking the bends fits and fashion ensembles.

History of Theory

Rag and Bone vs Theory

The Theory is a men’s contemporary fashion label founded in New York in the year 1997 by Andrew Rosen who was a former CEO of Anne Klein, and his partner Elie Tahari.

The company’s headquarters is based in number 2 Gansevoort Street, Meatpacking District Manhattan, New York.

Andrew Rosen and Elie Tahari launched Theory as a women’s collection in New York with emphasis on stretchy comfortable pants, this collection was well accepted by the public and was a success that a men’s collection was introduced in 1999.

In the year 2000 Theory created a licensing deal with an international Japan link founded in the year 1998, the manufacture and distribute brand as well as operate stores under Theory’s name in Asia, Japan.

The Theory created their first line of women’s handbags and shoes in the year 2003 making them gain popularity that they launched nationally in the spring of 2006.

In the year 2012, Andrew Rosen was given a Founder Award in honor of Eleanor Lambert. The Theory opens its first 2 stores in Paris in 2012.

By 2013, Andrew Rosen and CFDA pioneered a project to invest in the Fashion Manufacturing Initiative with the purpose of future garment factories.

Lisa Kulson who was a head designer and formal Vice President at Theory returned as creative director of women’s design in 2014.

Theory launched its first redesign of the logo in 18 years.

In 2014, Theory had about  221 retail outlets and global sales of around $1 billion.

Theory collaborated with Uniqlo which was a brand for Japanese engineering, the created a capsule men’s collection that offered 4 types of shirts that were well accepted by people.

The capsule collection was known to provide minimalism in fashion at a lower cost.

In the year 2016, Theory owned about 489 stores and franchises.

In North America, Theory has outlets in Aspen, Atlanta, Aventura, Costa Mesa, Dallas Highland Park, and village, East Hampton, Greenwich, Westport, Los Angeles, New York City, Palm Beach, Philadelphia, Manchester, Vermont, and San Francisco.

Rag and Bone vs Theory: Comparison

Features Rag & Bone Theory
Fashion Items Ready to wear fashion line Contemporary men’s and women’s clothing
Luxury Not a luxury brand Not a luxury brand
Brand popularity Worldwide customers and stores Popular brand
Management Owned by founder Changed ownership to link international
Culture Friendly Rigid
Style Simple fast fashion Contemporary
Work environment Standard Clean and aesthetic



Rag & Bone is a worldwide brand having hundreds of sores locations to its name. majority of their customers are men but the margin of difference is little compared to female customers. Fast fashion wears are timeless and appeal to all genders.

Theory fashion label makes high-quality clothing; its contemporary designs are sought after by both genders alike. the ratio of men consumers to women is evenly distributed.

Consumers who fancy near luxurious items go for Theory collections because they offer astute professional designs that appear both trendy and minimal.

Rag & Bone brand craftsmanship over time has remained top-notch, creating pieces that last. Embedded within its design is the English heritage, combined with New York style and layering.


Rag & Bone brand is not a luxury brand, but have a major collection of jean. In 2001, founder wainwright conceived the idea to venture out into the jeans collection.

He traveled to Kentucky to be close to the design and conception of the company’s new jeans collection.

Now it produces ready-to-wear jeans for men and women alongside, footwear and various accessories. Theory brands are often regarded as near-luxury items.

Management switch hands to a fast retailer in Asia in 2009, bringing more clean-lined cut and style that professionals, street artists, etc. Could vibe too.

The brand focuses on using high-quality fabrics and materials which are expertly sewn, giving each merchandise lasting durability. This brand believes in sustainability and evolving fashion.

Brand popularity

The Rag & Bone brand was established twenty years ago and has a name that is a force in the fashion industry.

Its merchandise is sold in over 700 different outlets around the world, meeting the needs of many of its loyal and new consumers.

With multiple products under its name, this fashion brand is supplying services to a wide range of consumers.

Since its founding days, many ad campaigns have been initiated, partnering with celebrities, musicians and actors.

This has led to significant growth in sales of its products. Theory brand has over 500 store locations with its headquarters located in Manhattan.

The brand has a name that is synonymous with quality, considered one of the best clothing brands in the world.

Many fashion lovers seek out this brand because it is made using the best grade of materials and its design style combines minimalist style with complex designs.

Collaborations with link international spun the brand to greater heights with each collection.


Rag & Bone label was birthed by American Marcus wainwright. And over time has had one to two partners in the organization, joining up with a shoemaker it produced the Rag & Bone footwear, and other accessories were included in the brand’s revamped collections.

In The early 2000s see the brand leaned more into the jeans production, producing denim jeans that in authentic and fashionable.

The management is headed by Marcus and co. with design additions and style controlled by himself and it is collaborators.

This brand has been awarded various awards for craftsmanship, winning menswear designer of the year in 2015, they have also been nominated severally too in this category.

Theory brand was birthed by Andrew Rosen in 1997. The year 2000 had them joining forces with japan retail company link international.

This management merger with LINNK expanded its reach far into Asia, focusing mainly on Japan. Women’s handbags and shoes were added to their collection soon after and more stores opened in Paris and the US.

Recently partnered with Uniqlo, which is a fast-retailing brand, Theory manufactured a capsule collection with positive feedback from consumers worldwide. In Europe, they sell under the name Helmut Lang, after purchasing it from Prada.


Rag & Bone has an average rating in labor policies as they don’t offer enough information on this.

Its employees comment on having a free space that is healthy for performance. Issues of growth and promotion within company ranks are prevalent.

Their diversity score is high with different ages, races, and gender accepted in their workspace. Complaints about full access to management have been mentioned.

Its management prides itself in guiding workers through a practice culture that ensures expertise and professionalism on the job.

Theory brand has a very diverse work culture, with employees sighting a mid to good rating.

The floor workers have good team bonding but management may not be easily accessible. Frequent change in management has increased confusion in identity crises and some store locations suffer these effects.

Work environment

Rag & Bone brand is well invested in their environment and also conscious of keeping their carbon footprint low. Clothing fabrics are being recycled a rag & bone to lessen textile waste.

What these brand offers are a refining environment for workers and customer alike. safety at work is regularly sensitized to its workers and also the environment.

Employees have commented on cool and likable co-workers. The hierarchy in the work environment wasn’t rigid and its free ground where work is done comfortably.

Theory brand is reputable for looking esthetic and clean. lots of workers and customers admit being satisfied with the feel and clean nature of its stores. Its products are termed sustainable luxury, each made with the protection of the environment in mind.

Luxury items are long-term, and share quality of having unique designs. sustainable luxury is using high quality materials that are durable but not the price tag of popular luxury goods.


Rag & Bone style and design are finely cut and well-crafted merchandise with high detailing. The hems are sewn together with British and New York inspired swag in the mix.

For sizing, its clothes run pretty largely. Its design is trendy and classic. When selecting a luxury brand, we want to be sure we are getting money’s worth. The brand has one of the best jeans on the market, which are fun and comfortable.

The Theory brand adds a philosophy of aesthetic contemporary design to its merchandise. Ideas are created on a minimalist scale, with character elegance, and luxury included in design and style.

Their main concern is changing the way people feel about the clothes they wear, bringing a sense of completeness and confidence in every fit.

Price Tag

Rag & Bone has a pocket-friendly price while Theory is the more expensive of the two on average.

Using sustainable luxury as a guiding principle, its fabrics are sourced ethically and materials are of the best quality. Rag and Bone have a range of prices from 190$ to 375$.


Rag and Bone operate in 700 shops worldwide. Its headquarters are in the united states with other retail shops as well.

The Theory is headquarters in New York and operates more than 500 stores around the globe. Both e-commerce stores also have their products displayed and accessible always.

Final verdict

Comparing both brands in this article has been fun and sadly, e have reached the end. Rag & Bone is a highly recommended brand of the two because they offer regular fits that can be easily recognized and accepted.

Its classic exterior feel remains unchallenged and very lovable by consumers. If luxury is what you seek a brand Theory has you covered. I hope with this article you can select the brand that suits you. Cheers.


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