Rag and Bone vs APC: Which Is Better?

A pair of jeans is a wardrobe essential. You can hardly find anyone who doesn’t own a pair or like me has multiple pairs. The hard decision of finding a brand of denim that works for you is a factor that haunts every jean lover.

The major difference between Rag & Bone and APC jeans is, Rag and Bone usually produces non-stretch denim which is made from 98% cotton and 2% polyurethane.

I tried APC jeans and found them to be stretchy and tight. The brand sales pitch is selling raw denim which is 100 percent cotton.

I find APC Jeans because most non-stretch jeans are not comfortable. Rag and Bone are also very expensive with a price tag ranging from $190 – $375, discounted prices can also be gotten if you look hard enough.

APC jeans are the more affordable of the two brands with a price range of $150 to $250.

So I’ll take you through both brands and you have the best jeans of your choice.

History of Rag and Bone

Rag and Bone vs APC

Rag and Bone were established in the year 2002, by two businessmen Nathan Bogel and Marcus Wainwright.

Marcus Wainwright visited a plant in Kentucky where lived for a year and six months to learn to manufacture and refine his craft in the creation of superior men’s jeans.

Presently, Rag and Bone manufacture denim which is ready-to-wear men’s and women’s jeans under Rag and Bone jeans, footwear, and accessory line. Rag and Bone brand is well-known for its Newbury boot.

Tull Price was a footwear inventor who previously acquired Royal Elastics and the existing proprietor of Feit, in 2008 with the assistance of Tull Price Rag and Bone, introduced its shoe collection.

In 2005, Davis Neville obtained Nathan Bogel’s shares of the fashion corporation and engaged Wainwright as a member of the business.

In the spring of 2011, Rag and Bone jeans had a DIY conventional inventive photo shoot program, many fashion models and industry big shots were provided a camera and apparel to decipher Rag and Bone jeans in their style.

Models such as Abbey Lew Kershaw, Candice Swanepoel, Jessica Hart, Lily Aldridge, Miranda Kerr, and Poppy Delavigne posed as models and bar influencers.

By early 2015, Rag and Bone announced that the brand was extending its retail outreach.

2016 was a major year for Rag and Bone as they leaned into creating other fashion items and accessories. Rag and Bone extended its market and began production of fragrances in 2016 and introduced a fragrance line consisting of eight unisex perfumes.

These fragrances included Amber, Bergamot, Cypress, Encens, Rose, Neroli, Oddity, and Oud.

Also in 2016, Rag and Bone started a licensing agreement for its eyewear brand, joining an Italian eyewear creator called the Safilo Group which began two years later in January 2018.

History of APC brand

Rag and Bone vs APC

APC is a fashion brand launched in the year 1987 by Jean Touitou, APC first launched a menswear collection with the labels HIVER 1987. By the year 1993, the brand got popular opening multiple international outlets.

In 1989, APC replaced the HIVER season labels with APC and this action confirmed the creation of the brand.

In 1993, APC launched several outlets internationally in Tokyo Daikanyama and New York Mercer Street. APC was known for its minimalist design with simple patterns and sharp lines, the brand later introduced Japanese raw denim.

In 2011, APC launched its new quilts collection designed by Jessica Ogden, APC began to organize parades in 2018 and included them in the official calendar of the Fédération française de la coutur.

APC had collaborations with creative brands like Braindead, Catherine Deneuve, Carharrt WIP, Charlotte Chesnais, Kid Cudi, Goop company, Kanye West, RTH, and Suzanne Koller.

Rag and Bone vs APC: Comparison

Features Rag and Bone  APC jeans
Size Available in large and Run true to size Run slim and expands to body shape
Style Different types of shape and colors Simple blue and style
Color Black and blue Blue, black
Usage Outdoor, work, and casual Professional, casual events
Denim Treated denim Raw denim
Waistband Rubber elastic flat
Price 135$ to 345$ 122 to 250$
Material Cotton, polyurethane 100 percent cotton
Looks Classic dressy
Buttoning style Button fly Button fly


Rag and Bone jeans run larger. Rag and Bone size chart should be consulted when buying a pair.

APC jeans are okay when it comes to sizing, they usually run true to size. So when you are shopping for your next pair of jeans you can stick to getting your actual sizes.

You can also follow the APC sizing guide to ensure that you have the correct fit. Generally, APC runs true to size, if you are interested in getting a bigger size, sizing up is the best way to go.

APC jeans collection has a range of fit categories namely: new standard, the petite new standard, petite standard, and standard. You can check out their websites for their size chart.

APC uses a European size system, while Rag and Bone jeans run a size up. So if you are setting down to select a good fit, keep this in mind as you hit the stores.


Rag and Bone are lovable jeans to own, each pair of denim sits comfortably around you and is great when paired with a simple top.

What I love about rag and Bone jeans is how effortlessly it takes to stand out while APC jeans are better because it offers four standard sizes, and these follow through with its minimalist design template.

Its jeans collection ranges from trendy to classic pieces that last, these includes Skinny jeans, straight or ripped which is available for you to choose from depending on your choice or intentions.

They created a timeless piece of fashion that uses its simplicity in design to shine with a simple top. Each of the four cut sizes has slight variations in style that is unique to each brand.


APC jeans come in traditional blue and black colors, they also come in various levels of intensity and fade you can choose from.

I do love a light blue or black and We all know black jean rocks, I prefer APC brand jeans because of their color options.

Rag and Bone have a blue, black, and grey variant collection. They easily blend well with any pair of clothing I have on, some have a light thickness in some areas while heavily dyed in other areas making APC jeans better as they do not come light or poorly dyed, unlike Rag and Bone.


Rag and Bone denim was mastered in Kentucky, a combination of cotton and polyurethane has made non-stretch denim that is comfortable.

This denim material is treated and won’t shrink or loosen up as use continues, while APC flagship denim brand introduced raw denim that is 100% cotton.

At first, I found it to be stiff but this is common for a raw denim material, the jeans loosen up as time progresses and fits your shape perfectly, this makes APC jeans a better choice and fit.


Rag and Bone sports high waist jeans usually come with an elastic waistband. This feature makes the jeans hard to style because of the absence of waist hooks for belts. This makes it hard to give an outfit a more polished look.

while APC has a flat waistband with five pockets and five belt loops. These hooks are a plus for me as it helps to give an outfit a more elevated look or appearance.

You have to know which works best for your comfort and style but I recommend the APC brand jeans for both style and comfort.


Rag and Bone jeans are expensive. You find prices ranging from $190 to $400, these are upscale prices for anyone who just want an easy pair of jeans.

I find that it helps to watch out for discount sales and opportunities, where good deals are available to snatch these jeans.

While APC jeans are less expensive and affordable going for $125 – $250 a pair. You are getting your money’s worth if you still shop from the APC jean collection.


Rag and Bone jeans are treated jeans fabric, this makes them stiff and rigid. It’s made from a combination of 98% cotton and 2% polyurethane, and I found them comfortable and soft.

APC jeans are raw denim of 100% cotton, which expands as you constantly use them, you should check out a safe way to wash APC jeans.

APC jeans are preferable because they have more cotton and are stretchy.


Rag and Bone jeans give a simple look when I put them on, its straight cut is defined and not too tight around your legs.

APC jeans have more to give with their classic appearance, slimmer and fitting in style, giving you a casual appearance.

Button style

Both jean brand uses a button fly.

Final verdict

Rag and Bone make a fine pair of long-lasting non stretch jeans which are comfortable, but I prefer APC jeans because;

  • They are more elastic and slim fit,
  • I like jeans that can expand and mold to the shape of your body.
  • Price is affordable.


Rag and Bone jeans are worthy investments, their price tag is a good exchange for having durable long-lasting jeans. A single pair of quality jeans would serve more than buying cheap threads that won’t last a season.


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