Rag and Bone vs All Saints Denim: Which is Better?

The main difference between Rag and Bone and All Saints Denim is in the fit. Being more comfortable and roomy denim jeans, the sizing of Rag and Bone ranges from 23 to 32.

If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, I suggest trying on many sizes in the store to find the one that fits you best; I personally find that I need to size down by one or two. I find their pairs to be comfy regardless of size.

In direct contrast, AllSaints denim doesn’t have a wide range of sizes. It has a smaller range, and it fits true to size. This means that if you’re size 27, it is a size 27 jeans that’ll fit you.

However, that isn’t all that will be used in this article to compare Rag and Bone and AllSaints denim. Join me as I go through the reasons we are comparing these two brands/clothing lines in the first place.

What Are The Reasons Or The Essence Of this Comparison?

Age, the season, the climate, the budget, the event, and the style of the time should all be considered while picking out an outfit.


Clothing options are impacted by one’s financial situation. Children from affluent families may afford to devote a larger fraction of their income to clothing than their low-income counterparts.

They have more disposable income to spend on trendy clothing rather than practical items. Parents from lower socioeconomic backgrounds tend to favor sturdy clothing over expensive pieces.

Therefore, the level of disposable income in a household influences the clothing choices made by its members. Durability, comfort, and affordability are prioritized over attractiveness in societies with low levels of economic development.


Similarly, one’s wardrobe choices would be different for various events. Durable dresses with simple designs are best suited for casual or everyday use, while novel fabrics and innovative silhouettes are preferred for special occasions and formal attire.

Rag and Bone: A Comprehensive Overview

Rag and Bone vs All Saints Denim

Both Nathan Bogle and Marcus Wainwright contributed greatly to the establishment of Rag & Bone in 2002. The label’s men’s collection debuted in 2004, while the women’s collection debuted the following year.

Bogle left the company in 2006, and David Neville, who had joined in 2005, was made a partner alongside Wainwright the same year. Shoe designer and current co-owner of FEIT, Tull Price helped launch Rag & Bone Footwear in 2008.

The D.I.Y. Project was conceived by Rag & Bone /JEAN in the spring of 2011 with the intention of inverting the conventional picture shoot.

Each female in the continuing creative project Rag & Bone /JEAN is given a digital camera, a bag of clothes, and the same assignment: to create a personal interpretation of the Rag & Bone /JEAN brand.

Here are a few of the things that made an impression on me in my Rag and Bone;

  • The entire collection is crafted from high-quality materials. Denim as heavy as 14.5 ounces nevertheless managed to feel comfortable. Using high-quality fabrics is essential if you want to appear well-dressed.
  • The cut and fit of the clothes I was perusing elevated the casual style, even though all I was looking at were jeans, t-shirts, and shoes, the three staples of every guy’s wardrobe.
  • Within the United States, shipping is free, and if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, you have a generous 30 days to send it back.

All Saints Denim: A Comprehensive Overview

Rag and Bone vs All Saints Denim

AllSaints, a retailer of fashionable items from Great Britain, has its headquarters in the capital city. Both Stuart Trevor and Katie Bolongaro contributed to its inception in 1994.

Stuart Trevor’s initials, which spelled out the company’s name, inspired the moniker. His assumed identity was “The Saint,” from which the company took its name. Together, Trevor and Bolongaro have gone on to start their own record label, Bolongaro Trevor.

The company’s roots are in the wholesale menswear market. Its target market was exclusive to high-end department stores like Harrods and Nichols. On All Saints’ Day (November 1), 1997, it launched its first storefront in London.

Until 1998, when Bolongaro designed the first women’s line, the company only sold men’s clothing.

As time went on, AllSaints opened more stores across the UK. This company was acquired by a fashion investor in 2004. In 2006, an e-commerce website was introduced alongside a children’s clothing line.

AllSaints entered the American market in 2009 and has since expanded throughout the country. New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco are just some of the main cities where it has opened locations.

Italy, Chile, Peru, Dubai, Taiwan, Turkey, and Qatar were among the many nations where AllSaints opened stores in 2016. The men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories retailer AllSaints was purchased by Lion Capital in 2011. There are 232 of them in 27 different nations.

Similarities Between All Saints Denim and Rag and Bone

  • It’s no secret that Rag & Bone’s “Fit 2” jeans are the brand’s most famous product; once you wear them, you’ll understand why. In a similar vein, All Saints Denim is the “poster-boy” product for the All Saints brand.
  • The Rag and Bone fit, just like the All Saints Denim is perfect for business casual attire, and the premium 10oz Japanese denim has just the proper amount of flexibility. Even better, the intense black color will gradually lighten up with use, giving them a cool patina that evokes the look of vintage clothing.
  • A quality pair of black jeans is essential for a company that is known for adding its own brand of grungy chic to its menswear. Rag and Bone, alongside its contemporary, All Saints are an embodiment of this feature.
  • They are a slim fit, yet they are surprisingly comfortable despite their minimal appearance.

Rag and Bone vs All Saints Denim: Head-to-Head Comparison

Although at first glance several articles of clothing may appear to be the same, they all have subtle differences that make them special and important in their own ways.

In this comparison of Rag & Bone and All Saints Denim, I will focus on the factors I have found to be most important.

You’ll be able to find the correct clothes for you in stores and online if you keep these things in mind and know your body type inside and out.

Features All Saints Denim Rag and Bone
Material Composition Made from rough brushed leather, which is light and quality. Made from heavy leather, thus they are heavier than AllSaints.
Fit They are true to size. You don’t have to size up or down to get your exact size. They tend to be on the more roomy side. You’ll have to size down to get your exact fit.
Color They have fewer color options than Rag and Bone. They have more color options when compared to AllSaints.
Quality They are made from rough brushed leather, which is more durable than Rag and Bone. They are made from heavy leather, which is durable.

AllSaints, on the other hand, has their starting price at $280.


Rag and Bone have their denim being bought at a starting price range of $150-$200.


Denim for men, or jeans in general, may make or ruin an outfit depending on how well they fit. Because of the lengthening effect, thinner fits are ideal for shorter men and those with a more athletic build. Larger, taller men should choose more athletic or casual cuts.

Rag & Bone tends to be on the roomy side when it relates to fit. Sizing ranges from 23 to 32. If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, I suggest trying on many sizes in the store to find the one that fits you best; I personally find that I need to size down by one or two. I find their pairs to be comfy regardless of size.

AllSaints Denim has limited sizes. And they tend to be a lot less roomy than Rag & Bone. You wouldn’t find a large range of sizes in a store, I know I didn’t.

Unlike Rag & Bone, they run true to their size. This means that you wouldn’t have to size up or size down to get a denim jacket that fits you.


When you buy inexpensive items, you might not feel as much of a commitment to wearing or using them for a long time.

An item that costs $200 can be worn 50 times before it becomes less cost-effective than a $20 item that can only be worn twice. Jeans are a timeless fashion that will save you money in the long run due to their durability.

Rag and Bone have their denim being bought at a starting price range of $150-$200. AllSaints, on the other hand, has their starting price at $280.


Before buying a new pair of denim, it’s a good idea to do some in-depth reading and research on the subject of color.

As you know, there is a wide variety of shades of color.

In most cases, they are names created by the brands themselves, making differentiation between them difficult at best.

However, due to the popularity of online shopping and the sophistication of consumers, most brand websites do a decent job of drawing attention to the most important aspects of a product.

Rag and Bone actually make it through this round astoundingly. With a large variety of colors, from Indigo to Red to Navy Blue, Rag and Bone dominate this section of comparison.

AllSaints Denim doesn’t stand a chance in the color comparison when compared with Rag & Bone. With fewer color options, Rag and Bone beat AllSaints in this department.


I keep coming back to Rag & Bone because every pair of jeans I’ve owned from them has lasted me for years. However, there are additional factors that contribute to my devotion to a particular brand.

The styles are one factor. A dark wash pair of jeans, a skinny pair, and possibly a ripped pair, depending on your own preference, should be in everyone’s closet.

However, you may have just as much fun by incorporating some unconventional styles into your closet, such as a different wash or cut for an item of clothing.

Rag & Bone is a terrific place to find both vintage and cutting-edge shoe styles. Rag & Bone is one of my favorite stores because of their laid-back, hippie-chic aesthetic.

AllSaints as both a brand and denim are quality. However, you cannot compare the quality of AllSaints to that of Rag & Bone.

AllSaints make use of rough brushed leather, the best of its kind for the denim jackets they make, which isn’t as heavy as the leather used in Rag and Bone but has a better consistency or surface texture.

Material Composition

Check the denim’s fabric content when you’re on the hunt for a new pair. Getting a new pair of jeans only to find that they are either too stiff and hurt your bottom when you sit down or too stretchy and lose their form after two wears is the worst.

Rag & Bone is a brand that usually uses leather imported from China, which is brushed, just like AllSaints.

AllSaints denim, on the other hand, is usually made from rough brushed leather.

The Survey Leather Blazer, one of 15 styles of AllSaints denim is made from rough brushed leather with a nubuck finish. Designed with a double layer of wool and a button front, the sleeves have soft patches at the elbows.

The collar has two layers, so it may be worn either folded or standing up. The two-layer construction of the jacket may be easily shaped to create the appearance of additional layers.

The interior of the jacket is goat leather, while the collar is crafted from sheep’s wool.

My Overall Winner

For leather outerwear, All Saints continues to be among my top picks. You shouldn’t feel that you have to spend more than $375/£299 to get the greatest designs, as there are many excellent options in that price range.

The brand is considerate of its customers by providing both dressy and casual wear.

I tried on both my usual size and a size higher to see which would work best and found that coats from All Saints ran true to size across the board. I sized up on the long line coats to give them a more relaxed feel.

If you intend to wear a leather jacket in the winter, you need to think about what you will wear under it and what other layers you will want to wear on top of it.


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