Rag and Bone Nina vs Cate: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Rag and Bone Nina and Cate jeans is that Cate jeans are Rag and Bone slim fit while Rag and Bone Nina jeans are the skinny fit.

Although the Cate jeans look skinny around the legs, they are slimmer at the thighs than the Nina version. And because of the extra roominess, they are mostly loved by plus-sized ladies but the Nina fit tends to fit most ladies.

However, both jeans are uniquely curated with the same fabrics that make them look almost similar in appearance but they are actually different in terms of fit and cut.

Why this comparison?

This comparison exists between both jeans as they are specially curated to align to the difference in body shape and sizes. And because the denim quality looks very much alike, one could be mistaken for the other or may feel tighter than the other.

So, rag and bone made these jeans so as to reach out to a greater population that wears properly fitted jeans without breaking the bank for a more expensive type.

Rag and Bone Nina Jeans Review

Rag and Bone Nina jeans is a New York-based label co-founded by British designers Marcus Wainwright and David Neville in 2002.

The brand is known for its distinguished way of curating the British style of fashion in a more directional, and modern design.

However, the Nina jeans are a classic slim fit, featuring all the qualities of casual chic jeans which include a closure button that is flattered with a zipper fly, and sturdy belt loops.

This set of Rag and Bone jeans are mostly worn by slim guys because of the relaxed look, slim fit along the thigh, and skinny leg opening.

Also, the jeans sit at the waist, without feeling loose as they fit snugly with just the right amount of stretch to make you comfortable on them without the use of belts.

Rag and Bone Cate Jeans Review

The quintessential slim-fit skinny jeans, make a great wardrobe piece to transition between a slim and skinny look.

Made from 41.5% cotton, 2.5% elastane, 50% modal, and 6% polyester, these jeans are set to offer more than regular slim-fitting jeans would present.

As they sit at a different rise on the waist, and feel skinny through the knees but slim at the thigh.

They are available in several sizes so that you can find the correct fit jeans in the wash or color that intrigues you. And just like the Nina, they come in high-quality denim finished with the five-pocket styling and an excellent wash.

Cate jeans are true slim-fit trousers, and they are the only pair from the Banana Republic that looks skinny and feels slim at the same time.

Tailored with a stylish cuff opening, they don’t bag easily or lose shape as the authentic stretch gives the jeans much structure during movement.

Comparison (table first)

 Features Cate Jeans Nina Jeans
Size Jeans run small Jeans run small
Style Tapered cut that makes you taller and slimmer Organic slim fit that gives the legs a nice skinny cu
Denim Quality Looks authentic at first sight Made from the best craftsmanship of traditional denim
Material The jeans hold up after several washes Feels real like almost your body size
Fashion Quality Very versatile and easy to effortlessly pair with shirts The jeans look casually chic and very stylish
Build Quality Jeans still fit relatively slim without Jeans feel skinny even after subsequent wash and use feeling too loose
Durability The jeans are designed to adapt to stress because of the ample stretch embedded in it Made from tough fabrics which are fabricated with enough stretch


There is a bit of a struggle when it comes to finding the correct size of a pair of Cate or Nina jeans. And this is a common issue that most brands face with Rag and Bone jeans, especially if you are in between a medium and large size.

However, Rag and Bone clothes generally fit slimmer or smaller, and this is great for slender guys. But if you are muscular, it is wise you size up to get your proper fitting jeans.

So, when it comes to sizing both Cate and Nina have it.


For the styling of Rag and Bone Nina jeans, what you get is a more tapered leg that transitions smoothly from the thighs below the knee and along the legs making you taller and slimmer.

The Cate jeans, however, sourced from the same premium denim and tailored with that ample stretch, are styled to snuggly sit comfortably at your waistline without feeling too tight or draped around the waist.

Its organic slim fit transitions unnoticeably from the hip and thighs through to the leg in a nice skinny cut.

Both jeans are perfected in a mid-rise, allowing for that extra versatility in styling that any other luxurious jeans would offer you.

So, when it comes to styling, the Nina and Cate Jeans have it. It’s a DRAW.

Denim quality

Constructed from the best Italian fabrics, Rag and Bone jeans focus on only what matters which is translated into the fit.

Every single piece of their denim passes through a streamlining process before becoming a simple architecture that is represented by four jeans rises, which include the Low, Mid, High, and Super High rise.

So, even if you are unsure as to what quality standard these jeans secure, just know that they are an authentic pair of jeans made from the best craftsmanship of traditional denim manufacturers in Kentucky.

Both jeans have it, it’s a DRAW!


Both Cate and Nina denim is blended with 97% cotton and 3% spandex. The fabrication offers that casual and minimalistic look to the pants when you pair them with your favorite shirt.

However, if you don’t want jeans that fade but you want to invest only in a top-quality pair that feels as though it was tailored to your exact body size, then both versions from Rag and Bone are worth it.

When it comes to material, both jeans have it. It’s a DRAW!

Fashion quality

There’s no obvious difference between the quality of fashion that each jeans offer because they are from the same brand. Both pairs are available in a number of wash and color options that will spike your interest making them quite versatile and very fashionable.

Both Cate and Nina jeans feel lightweight but not lacking in toughness to stand the taste of time. And the chic look they offer makes it so easy to effortlessly pair them with whatever shirt suits your fancy.

But be warned as you may become so obsessed with wearing them upon the first trial because the jeans are fabulously simple.

So, it’s a DRAW!

Build quality

The denim of both Nina and Cate jeans are stitched with the best thread and softest fabric, making them ideal for summer.

Also, the inseams are knitted outside (inlay). The implication of this is to make the jeans continuously look classic instead of rough with loose seams even after a year of washing, drying, and wearing.

They are both made to be biodegradable so that the waste impact on the environment is significantly reduced. And just like Nina, Cate jeans are crafted with the highest grade of Italian or Japanese cotton fabricated with other breathable materials.

So, when it comes to the build quality then, both Rag and Bone jeans have it. It’s a DRAW.


Because jeans are not only versatile but also very stylish, it would be nice to get a pair that you would wear for longer, and Rag and Bone jeans seem to understand this.

Both Nina and Cate are tailored with just the right amount of fabric combination, making them tough and organic at the same time.

The jeans are designed to adapt to stress because of the ample stretch embedded in them.

Also, they come in great wash and colors, and as long as you take care of the denim they don’t significantly change from their original color.

So, it’s a DRAW.

Final Verdict

After reviewing both signature silhouettes from rag and bone jeans, the craftsmanship, and timeless style continue to redefine the modern style of wearing jeans.

They come in the great wash, feel very comfortable, and a bonus you will admire about these jeans is that they are incredibly stretch tolerant.

With the Cate slim jeans, you can seamlessly wear skinny jeans just as you have imagined without the discomforts as they are tailored with just the right transition from a slim fit to a skinny fit.

The Nina fit, however, is best for curating that tight-fitting look without breaking a leg.

So, whether or not it is the slim or skinny fit that looks stylish, what really matters is that you feel very comfortable in Rag and Bone jeans.

And since both jeans are surprisingly lightweight, and don’t fade out quickly, you can now decide on which pair is right for you, or you can even try them both.


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