Public Rec vs Birddogs Pants: Which Is Better?

The men’s Pant from the Birddogs carry built-in underwear which might sound awkward at first but then, a try-on will definitely convince you that they are indeed comfortable.

The Pants at Public Rec do not carry built-in underwear, I’m afraid there is no underwear for you in the Public Rec Pants.

The differences that both Brands share can all be gotten from their method of construction.

In this article, we will review the features of each Brand and understand the difference they share in their method of construction.

What is Public Rec?

Public Rec vs Birddogs

Public Rec is a famous clothing Brand with branches spread around the world in countries like Peru, Indonesia, Thailand, and then Vietnam.

They have a go-to line which is made up of spandex, Pima Cotton, and Tensel which are noted as key factors in making the texture of their wears thick, durable and comfortable.

The Public Rec clothing line features a lot of bottoms that we are likely to use every day of our lives.

They have shorts, Pants, Joggers, and then underwear.

All of these mentioned above have a very unique construction done to them which makes them stand out even in the midst of their lookalikes.

With the competition now in the world of fashion, the Public Rec clothing has managed to maintain its position in providing quality wear for the use of the general public and athletes.

It is safe to assume that Public Rec clothing is made for athletes as most of their wear is made to serve on the go.

What is Birddogs?

Public Rec vs Birddogs

Birddogs Brand is known for its men’s shorts that have managed to put the name of the Brand in the mind of everyone out there who loves to keep form and look good while keeping form.

This is the go-to brand when you want to look good and fit even when you engage in your workout sessions.

The Birddogs Inc. features a line of clothing that consists of Pants and shorts.

In the shorts collection, we have the khaki shorts, gym shorts, oxford shorts, and then bathing shorts.

In the Pants collection we have the khaki Pants, Joggers and then sweat Pants.

The Pants made by the Birddogs are some of the stylish pairs you must have come across sometime but had no idea about.

They have a perfect construction that makes them blend in with regular straight trousers even though they aren’t.

Public Rec vs Birddogs: Comparison

Getting the differences between both Brands with the fact that they both make wears that are alike is not an easy thing.

However, as stated earlier, we’ve managed to dig out some differences too critical to ignore from the way individual Brands construct their Pants.

In this part of the article, we will be sharing these discoveries with you, hopefully, you will also see and understand them enough to differentiate one from the other.

Let’s dive in!!

Features Public Rec Birddogs
First Glance These feature a faux zip fly and an elastic waist with an internal drawstring.

Logo on the back pocket, the front pockets have zip covers.

Products are made in a variety of colors.

Features belt loops and pockets zippers, built-in underwear, and Elastic waist in rare cases.

They have functioning zips fly.

Also, make products in different colors to suit one’s preference.

Functionality Functional collection. They make joggers, Pants, shorts, and underwear that fit our daily activities.

The need for underwear is inevitable.

A functional collection that consists of shorts and a variety of Pants collections; including Sweatpants.

Their Pants come with inbuilt comfortable underwear.

Fitting Offers a generous and customized fitting.

The thighs are having enough room to breathe and these offer a tapered ankle for a smart finish.

Size down for in-between sizes.

They fit true to size, with an elastic waist for customized fitting.

Also, come with belt loops in most Pants and zippers.

These also feature tapered legs.

The inbuilt underwear is elastic.

Must order a size up for regular fit.

Construction These are made with Nylon and Spandex.

Features back pocket zippers for valuable’s security.

Stretchy yet offers a perfect fitting.

Strong and durable seam for longevity.

This is sturdier and thick.

These are made with a mixture of cotton, spandex, and salamander Urine which gives them the natural and blended look they display.

Seam thread is blended with the color of the fabric, and is also strong for durability.

This is softer and comfy.

Price $113 and above. $109 and above.

First Glance

The first glance of Pants from individual Brands is convincing enough to make you think they are from the same Brand.

But when you pick up the Public Rec Pants and go for the fly, you will see that there are no zippers which is in fact a red flag for some when convenience comes into play.

The Birddogs have zippers and also feature built-in underwear that you can use to differentiate them from any other Brand out there.


The functionality of the Birddogs Pants is nothing to compare with the Public Rec and that is if you feel comfortable wearing them without your own underwear.

But if you are someone like me who does not really go with planning everything, you might find the inbuilt underwear that Birddogs Pants come with to be a hindrance to how you can use them.

For instance, you hang out with your friends at their place, by the swimming pool or the beach and everyone goes like “Yay let’s go swimming”.

You can’t pull off your pants if you are not wearing separate underwear, can you?

You will have to pass on that or better still, go for it and end up soaked and wet, cold all through the ride or walk back home.

Nevertheless, the decision of which one is more functional is a choice you will have to make on your own after noting down your chances.


Both Brands make Pants that offer you a chance to customize the fitting, especially at the waist.

This is because the Pants are either made with elastic strings inside or with loops to allow you to fit the waist to your preferred size with a belt.

However, with the Birddogs you will have to size up from your regular size when ordering if you want to get your normal size, if not then you are up for some small sizes.

The case is reversed with the Public Rec Pants. They fit true to size and have enough room for your thighs which counters the probability of squeezing your balls.

You might have to order a size down with the Public Rec if you wear in-between sizes.

Other than that, the Public Rec Pants are good to go and are the best in terms of fitting.


The Birddogs Pants are comfortable when it comes to the interior, and this is due to their construction.

The Birddogs Pants are made with a combination that consists of cotton and polyester as seen on the table.

In fact, if you are used to tight-fitting Pants, you can wear the Birddog Pants longer than you would wear the Public Rec Pants.

This is because Cotton makes the interior of the Birddogs Pant comfy and soft, unlike the Public Rec Pants that are made with nylon and spandex only, which makes them thick and sturdy.

In terms of valuable protection, the front and back pockets of the Public Rec Pants carry zip covers which help in protecting your valuables when you walk, run or even ride on a bike.

You will be letting go of comfort and style if you chose the Public Rec Pants over Birddogs as Birddogs are much more stylish.

Also, Birddogs come with inbuilt underwear a feature that the Public Rec Pants lack, although this underwear can make you uncomfortable if you are not used to how it feels.

You will also be letting go of protection and convenience when you chose the Birddogs Pants over the Public Rec as the Public Rec Pants come with a lot of freedom, at least you get to wear your own choice of underwear.


The price tags of these Pants are okay. The Public Rec Pants cost more than the Birddogs and that is okay.

For the fact that they offer you zippers on all pockets and then ensure that their products fit true to size which means there is no chance of you ordering the wrong size.

The Birddogs on the other hand offers you comfort and stability.

Their Pants may get a little bit tight but there is a chance that you won’t feel uncomfortable due to the fact that they have a soft and comfy interior.

Plus, to justify their price tag they come with underwear. What more can you ask for, for just $109?

Frequently Asked Questions

Now one can’t help but ask certain questions like can you remove the underwear from the Birddogs Pants, can you swim wearing the Birddogs Pants or the Public Rec Pants, and the rest.

In this part of the article, we will try to provide answers to some of these questions to the best of our knowledge gathered from the feedback left by the manufacturers of individual Brands.

  • Can I remove the inbuilt underwear in Birddogs?
  • Can I swim in Birddog/Public Rec Pants?
  • Can I really wear Public Rec Pants all day every day?
  • Where can I wear Public Rec to?
  • Where can I wear Birddogs to?
  • Do Public Rec Pants shrink?
  • Do Birddogs Pants shrink?

Can I remove the inbuilt underwear in Birddogs?

No, you cannot remove the inbuilt underwear that comes with Birddogs Pants.

It is called inbuilt for a reason.

Can I swim in Birddog/Public Rec Pants?

Yes, you can. Both Brands design the Pants to be able to withstand swim, sun, and sweat.

Can I really wear Public Rec Pants all day every day?

Yes, you can. Regardless of the fact that these Pants have no pinch of cotton, they offer a loose fit that lets you rock them, having all the ventilation you want.

There is no chance of uneasy feeling since they are not glued to your legs, they are free.

The heat might make you sweaty due to the fact that they are made with a combination of nylon, but this is something the manufacturers are prepared for which is why they made their Pants in form of sweatpants.

Where can I wear Public Rec to?

Everywhere. There is no limit to where you can go wearing the Pants made by Public Rec.

They have a diverse collection of wears that also includes gym shorts and all, which means you can shuffle and always turn up in the Public Rec wears if you choose to.

Where can I wear Birddogs to?

The Birddogs Pants can also be worn anywhere and anytime.

They also have a diverse collection which contains different types of Pants and shorts that we use on a daily.

The Birddogs Brand is seen more as an athletic Brand since we have a lot of sportsmen rocking this Brand on a daily.

From their shorts to their Pants.

Do Public Rec Pants shrink?

No, they do not shrink because they are made with a high percentage of nylon.

Their shirts which are made with a certain percentage of cotton will shrink a bit.

Do Birddogs Pants shrink?

Yes, the Birddogs are made with a mix of cotton which makes them prone to shrinking.


Comparing competitive Brands like these is not an easy thing at all, especially with the fact that they are top-rated and loved by many.

However, I have said this before; Sometimes it goes beyond what people say about a Brand, I have been wearing the Public Rec Pants for some time now and I love the way they feel.

Most importantly, I love the welcoming they give to people of all ages.

Anyone can rock this and look okay, unlike the Birddogs that might feel a bit tight in some cases.

If you want freedom, then go for the Public Rec.

If you want comfort go for the Birddogs.

There is no crime in having both Brands in your wardrobe, just don’t get the two confused.


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