Prana vs Lululemon Yoga Pants: Which Is Better?

The main difference I have observed between Prana and Lululemon Yoga pants is in the smoothness of the pants. Lululemon is really more smooth than Prana.

They are both similar in many features. But, Lululemon tends to retain its uniqueness in smoothness and Lululemon is majorly more durable than Prana pants.

Why this Comparison?

So many of you are already familiar with prana pants and even Lululemon pants. I knew about Lululemon before I got to know about Prana pants.

This comparison is necessary to decide which is better between the two pant brands and to help you make a better decision on which to purchase.

I am sure you are hesitant about the brand to buy and you’re here for answers. You are in the right place. I will outline the features of these brands so that you’ll see for yourself the one that is better for you.

I’ll compare the construction of these pants, the quality of the materials, the comfort level of both Prana and Lululemon pants, the pricing, the size & fitting, and then the silhouette of the pants.

At the end of the comparison, I’ll then say which is better between these two pant brands.

First Glance At PrAna Pants

Prana vs Lululemon Yoga Pants

When you look at Prana pants at first glance, they look like jeans pants from a distance. It is when you feel and put them on that you will know that they are yoga pants.

They primarily have a mid-rise style that may go too low sometimes. Some of Prana pants are styled casually and you easily notice the styling when you glance at them.

Also, you will notice the many pockets styling of Prana pants. At first glance, you will notice that they are mostly like nylon because they are made of nylon primarily.

If you touch the fabric, you will notice how soft and stretchy it feels. This is when you will realize that it is a great yoga pant suitable for yoga sessions. Prana pants are actually very stretchy.

I’ve already realized that they really look like good travel pants. And then, by the time you glance at the price tag, you will notice how affordable they are and they look like pants you can actually afford with a moderate budget.

Prana pants also look fashionable and if fashion is your thing, you may like them.

First Glance At Lululemon Yoga Pants

Prana vs Lululemon Yoga Pants

Lululemon pants really look like the conventional yoga pants you might be having in mind. They look different and expensive.

At first glance, you will see that they are available in many styles and beautiful designs that you can choose from.

Also, you will notice that they look like pants that you can even wear to the office or for dinner.

There is some other unique thing you’ll notice about the pants: the sizing is different and you would have to understand the size chart before ordering a pair.

And then, by the time you touch Lululemon pants for the first time, you’ll realize how smooth the pants are.

They are also soft and stretchy. You will notice the side pockets designed to accommodate some things like your phone.

In most Lululemon pants, you will notice the drawstring closure in the pants. And then, the price tag cannot escape your sight because that might probably be the first thing you’ll notice, especially if you have a budget.

Lululemon pants are quite expensive. I think this might be the only reason you might purchase Prana instead for your yoga sessions.

Let’s get to the Comparison

Before I say which is better, I’ll also like you to decide for yourself by checking out the comparison I’ll be making here using the construction, quality, comfort level, price, sizing, and silhouette features.


I understand how much difference the construction of yoga pants can make to the brand. The moment the construction is off, the brand is tainted with a bad name.

For Prana pants, I think they have a good construction. They are mostly made in a mid-rise style and that is okay if that’s what you want.

The most unique thing here is that Prana pants are made in the 5 pockets styling and that’s different from Lululemon pants.

Another uniqueness is that they are made to be water-resistant pants. They are made of nylon, polyester, and spandex.

Lululemon pants, on the other hand, are mostly in the high-rise styling and they are constructed with fewer pockets. There is a hidden waistband pocket and some of the pants have side pockets for valuables like your phone.

They are made of Nulux, Nulu, Luxtreme, and lycra fabrics. Elastane and nylon are also added for the construction of the pants.

What makes Lululemon smoother than Prana is that they use lycra elastane for their stretch. And, that does not only stretch the pants, but it also makes them very smooth. Both pants have great construction.


The quality of pants is in relation to the fabric used in making the pants. It is the quality of that pant that will tell how long that pant will hold up.

Prana pants are really good quality pants. They are mostly made of nylon and spandex and then, some are made of polyester and spandex. This makes Prana pants very stretchy.

In comparison to Lululemon, they are more stretchy. But, they pick up dust easily and they also clean off easily. In general, they are good quality for the price but not as good as Lululemon.

Lululemon is expensive pants and so, the quality of their pants is really good quality. You wouldn’t want to pay more for less quality. The fabrics are soft, smooth, and stretchy.

A lot of people just love how soft Lululemon pants are and I think they are best for yoga. Some of them have flat seams and some do not have inner thigh chafing.

I also like the fact that most Lululemon pants are available in high-rise style and they are very durable. Both Lululemon and Prana are good quality, but I think Lululemon is the better quality.

Comfort Level

Comfort is something that is non-negotiable. Most pants are actually comfortable. Just that, you might not feel comfortable in particular pants the way I would.

In general, Prana are comfortable pants. They have a lot of stretch and that goes to show how much comfort they have.

They are the kind of pants you can comfortably use for your yoga sessions, especially if you are wearing a good-fitting one.

The spandex that is added to the fabric is for stretch and that goes a long way to make them comfortable on the body.

Comfort is another thing people know Lululemon pants for. The feeling the pants give on the skin is really soothing and comfortable.

I have never come across yoga pants as comfortable as Lululemon. You might find other complaints about Lululemon pants, but comfort will not be part of it.

They are smooth, soft, and very comfortable. That is why a lot of people do not bother about the price because they know what they are paying for.

I assume that you want to be as comfortable as I want to in yoga pants, then Lululemon is your best choice. When it comes to comfort, Lululemon is better.


This is where a lot of people will finally fall back to when they want to decide on which yoga pants to buy. Prana pants are quite affordable and I like that they are good quality for their price.

You can find Prana pants below $100 and I believe that’s something affordable for many people. Prana pants are sold between $62 to $89.

That’s quite affordable. Although they are other yoga pants below that price, I believe that Prana pants are worth the price they are sold for.

On the other hand, Lululemon pants are quite expensive. So, if you’re looking at the price first, I’m sure you will not even consider buying Lululemon.

But, unless you look at the quality, you will not realize how much they are worth the price. Lululemon pants are sold for $88 to $138. Imagine spending that much just on a pair of yoga pants that you may probably not use for any other activity.

If you actually want quality and you are willing to spend for it, I think Lululemon is good. They are surely worth the money. When it comes to price, Prana pants are more affordable than Lululemon pants.


Sizing issues can really be annoying and disappointing. It can be time-wasting and cost you money when you have to return for another size.

Prana yoga pants are fairly true to size and are well-fitting. But, it might run small on you. In this case, just size up before ordering. Another sizing issue here is the rise style.

The mid-rise might get too low which might make you uncomfortable while practicing yoga. Sizing and fit also contribute to the comfort of pants. Aside from these, Prana pants are true to size and they fit well.

Lululemon pants also have their own share of sizing issues. If you do not understand the sizing chart of Lululemon, you might not get the sizing right.

Lululemon has a way of changing their sizing from time to time. So, if you bought a particular size some time ago, confirm if it’s still the same size chart.

Aside from all these, Lululemon is true to size and they fit snugly on the body. They are stretchy and so, can easily conform to your size. I think that both brands are true to size and they are fitting as well.


Prana pants have a fashionable and unique look. Sometimes, they can pass for regular pant. They are made of thin fabric and they are breathable.

They dry very fast and are good for winter. So, if you’re looking for yoga pants for the winter, you should get this. Prana pants do not have the best drape.

They are styled casually. They have low rise style and that may not be what you want. And then, they are water-resistant.

Prana pants are actually not only for yoga, but they are great travel pants. They are not actually good for hiking.

Lululemon pants are just like they were made for yoga. They have great wicking. That is, they dry up quickly. Lululemon pants also look like the kind of pants you can use for any sport and you can use them for official work if you buy that type.

They look like they are gonna last long, which they do. I find the side pockets and waistband pocket attractive, as they are not easily noticeable unless you insert an item in them.

I think both Prana pants and Lululemon pants have their own unique silhouette.

Final Verdict (Which Is Better?)

I believe that this is where most of you were waiting for. The funny thing is that any of these pants can be the best for different people and it’s okay that way. Let’s go over the comparison briefly.

When it comes to construction, both are well constructed and designed. Lululemon pants are of better quality than Prana. Lululemon is more comfortable than PrAna pants.

And then, Prana pants are more affordable than Lululemon pants. When it comes to size and fitting, both are true to size and they are good fitting.

They both have a good silhouette and they are fashionable. Although, I prefer the silhouette of Lululemon to Prana.

Both pants are good in something and I think that whichever one you choose at this point is good and the best for you. If you’re looking for something of a moderate budget, then I advise that you choose Prana pants.

If you’re looking for quality and durability and you have the money to spend, then go for Lululemon. For me, I think Lululemon pants are better. 

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