Pepe Jeans vs Wrangler: Which Is Better?

The main difference between Pepe jeans and Wrangler is that Wrangler jeans tend to focus more on ranch wear, while Pepe is known worldwide to be an iconic brand that focuses more on casual wear for men, women, and children.

These two brands are both good brands that produce high-quality jeans and clothing for men and women, however, when you place it side by side you will see that this difference I mentioned above is what separates them

Wrangler jeans are mostly loved and worn by men, this does not mean that they do not make jeans for women.

Pepe jeans on the other hand are popularly known for their classic jeans for men, women, and children.

This article differentiates Pepe Jeans from Wrangler and it will also help you know which one you should go for.

What are Pepe jeans?

Pepe jeans were originally found in London in 1973. Despite the fact that Pepe Jeans was founded in London, they already moved to Spain and they are now based there.

The Pepe Jeans brand was founded by Nitin, Arun, and Milan Shah. The Pepe Jeans brand is a brand of jeans known to be popular for their casual wear and denim brand jeans.

They make other styles of jeans, but a lot of their customers love the brand because of their casual line of jeans.

Pepe jeans are also regarded as a high-quality luxury brand that is hell-bent on producing quality jeans for its customers.

When you shop for Pepe jeans, you should expect nothing but the best. If what you are looking for is casual clothing, then you know full well that Pepe jeans are the best when it comes to casual outings.

Another good thing is that they are also unisex. Shopping for unisex casual outfits will be easier when you shop Pepe jeans.

Because of how good the jeans are, they have become a best-selling brand worldwide, so it will be easy for you to trust the brand.


  • They are a luxury clothing brand
  • Pepe jeans are high quality
  • Pepe jeans are luxurious, hey affordable
  • Pepe jeans are a durable brand
  • Pepe jeans
  • They thrive in casual outfit
  • They are comfortable jeans
  • They are best selling and can be trusted


  • They do not have enough styles available for those who value different styles
  • They do not thrive in social outing outfit

What are Wrangler jeans?

Wrangler is an American brand that makes clothing items.

Wrangler brand is specifically known for making clothing that you can use for work, and that is what they are popularly known for. Wrangler is originally owned by Kontoor brands Inc.

Wrangler is also a good company that makes high-quality jeans that will last so long for you when you purchase one for yourself.

Wrangler jeans are made from high-quality cotton that is well sought after in places like Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama, Texas, etc.

They ensure that the Colton obtained from these farms are the best that you can get.

The majority of people who make use of Wrangler jeans are cowboys and those who make use of them for work.

This is because Wrangler jeans are classified into the rugged category, when you want to do difficult tasks, you can always resort to the Wrangler jeans to serve you well.

Wrangler is a brand that you can trust when you want to get your work jeans. Expect nothing less than quality when you purchase these jeans.

If what you want are jeans that you want to wear to your next social outing, there are varieties of Wrangler that you can get, the same thing is applicable when you want to get jeans for rugged work, there are also states available.


  • They are popularly known worldwide
  • They are best used as work jeans
  • They are rugged and strong for tough work
  • They are durable
  • They are affordable and high quality
  • They are made from quality cotton
  • They have different styles


  • The jeans run small
  • The jeans may shrink after a wash

What similarities do Pepe and Wrangler’s jeans have?

Despite the fact that these two brands are different, there are some similarities that they have. That is what I will explain in this segment of this article.

Here are the similarities between these two brands:

  • They are both unisex brands
  • They are both popular brands
  • They both make jeans
  • They are both high quality and affordable
  • They both have different styles

They are both unisex brands

This is one feature that makes the two brands similar. Not all clothing brands out there make clothing for men and women, but Pepe brand and Wrangler do that.

They make different styles of jeans for men and women, while Wrangler focuses more on work jeans, Pepe focuses more on casual jeans that you can wear to your casual outing.

The fact that these brands can be worn by both men and women is really a good thing. If you are female and want to purchase for a male friend, you can simply just pick one up at the store.

If it were a brand that makes only men’s clothing, you will not be able to purchase women’s clothing there as well. Pepe and Wrangler brands do a really great job at making men’s and women’s clothing.

They are both popular

When a brand is popular, it makes people even trust the brand more. What even makes it better is that the brand is popular and has food quality products.

That is what Pepe and Wrangler brands do, they have become so popular because they have high-quality clothing, jeans especially.

And people love the fact that they can purchase jeans from these brands and it will last them a long time.

This is one thing that these brands are similar in, you can literally shop Wrangler jeans worldwide, the same thing is applicable to Pepe jeans, you can shop them worldwide, either online or offline

They both make comfortable jeans

This similarity is obvious already. Pepe jeans are popularly known to be so comfortable when you wear them. The same thing is applicable to Wrangler jeans.

The work jeans category is also the same thing. You can wear it all day long and it will not be disturbing for you.

No one likes to wear clothing that is uncomfortable, once it is comfortable, people will definitely go for it. That is one of the things that lead to jeans being a popular brand.

They are both high quality and affordable

Not all high-quality jeans out there are really affordable, but the Pepe and Wrangler jean brands have made high-quality jeans really affordable.

This means that you do not need to spend a lot of money just to buy affordable jeans. This helps their customers save a lot of money.

High-quality jeans will last longer for you each time you purchase one for yourself.

They both have different styles

This is one good thing that these jeans brands have in common, they both have different styles of jeans.

This helps in situations where you may not like a particular style of jeans, there will be other styles available that you can purchase for yourself.

Pepe and Wrangler jean brands ensure that their customers have a lot of options of different styles to pick from, just in case the style you desire is not there at the moment.

The fact that they both have different styles of jeans is a huge advantage and it is what makes both of them similar.

Pepe jeans vs Wrangler: Comparison

First glance

 When you take a look at the Pepe and Wrangler jean brands to compare them side by side, at first glance you will notice that the Pepe jean brand looks better.

This is because it was customized in a more stylish way with better designs than the Wrangler jeans that is better optimized and work best as work jeans.

In comparing the Pepe and Wrangler jeans based on first glance, I will always go for the Pepe jeans because they have better stylish designs that will suit your outfit.


When it comes to the material, Pepe and Wrangler jeans are both made from cotton. Cotton is known to be a really durable material that will last so long for you.

They both have the same material build which is cotton, this is a tie between the two brands.

Winner: Tie


When it comes to the design, Pepe jeans are the better ones. This is because they are built in a stylish way with many different styles as well, they can also be used for casual outings.

Wrangler jeans, on the other hand, have a good design, but they cannot be compared to Pepe jeans which are more stylish and fashionable. When it comes to the design, Pepe jeans have the win. It is a clear victory.

Winner: Pepe jeans


One feature that attracts customers to buy a particular brand of jeans is good sizing, in other words, when they run true to size.

The good thing here is that Pepe jeans are really true to size. What this means is that when you purchase the jeans they will be exactly the size you chose and they will also fit you properly.

However, the case is different when it comes to Wrangler jeans. Wrangler jeans usually run small, this means that when you purchase them, they may likely be smaller than your actual size.

Because Wrangler jeans run small, when you purchase one, you may need to size up so that the jeans will not end up being too small for you. Pepe jeans won here.

Winner: Pepe jeans


Pepe jeans and Wrangler jeans are two high-quality jeans that are so durable and will last so long for you.

However, the fact that they are high quality and durable does not mean that they are so expensive, they have a really fair price which makes them so affordable, despite the fact that they have high quality.

When you compare the price of Pepe jeans and Wrangler jeans, you will notice that they are quite similar and they both are not so expensive.

Winner: Tie

Overall quality

Pepe and Wrangler jean brands are two different brands that go the extra mile to ensure that their jeans are made of high quality.

However, Wrangler jeans have a bit of fault which makes the Jean shrink sometimes after you wash them.

This is why Pepe jeans are better in quality, when you make your own Pepe jeans, you will not experience things like the jeans shrinking after a wash. It is a clear win for Pepe jeans.

Winner: Pepe jeans


Now that you have gone through this in-depth comparison between the Pepe jeans brand and Wrangler jeans brand, you have been able to see the pros and cons and where the jeans thrive.

You have also been able to see reasons why you should go for one over the other. For me, I would rather go for Pepe jeans, because they offer a wider variety of styles than Wrangler jeans.

Wrangler jeans lean towards the work jeans category, while Pepe jeans are more fashionable and casual jeans.

If what you are looking for is something that you can wear to work or when you want to do some rugged work, then the Wrangler jeans would suit you best.

However, if what you need is stylish jeans that you can also wear for casual occasions, then the Pepe jeans are what you should go for.

Both jean brands are really good and of high quality, however, it all boils down to the one that suits your needs. What exactly do you need?

Do you need something that can withstand tough work? The Wrangler jeans are there for you, or do you need something stylish? The Pepe jeans are there for you.


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