10 Pants Similar To Crye Precision (in 2023)

It is satisfying to get pants whose model carries unique features that meet your personal need, this could eventually make them your favorite.

It is more satisfying to know of the existence of several good similar pants as it offers you the luxury of choices.

Crye Precision pants, even though they are not the best military-like pants, are equipped with some features that make them find relevance more in certain functions, weathers, and to a class of people.

To that effect, this article brings you to 10 pants similar to Crye precision that are an ideal pick at any point in time.

The factors considered are fitting, comfort level, price, construction, size, and a few other features.

While it is true that the pants on this list aren’t all the same, it is also true that they are captured in the same circumference of functionality and relevance to be a perfect alternative to Crye precision.

Here Are 10 Alternatives To Cry Precision Pants

Pants Similar To Crye Precision Unique Features Rating
Galls Tactical Pants Dynamic flexibility. Reinforced crotch gussets 4.3/5
Thin Blue Line Ergonomic. Versatile 4.3/5
Under Armour Tactical Pants Water-repellent. Cruelty-free. 4.5/5
M-Tac Aggressore Flex Tactical Pants Multifunctional. Versatile silhouette. 4.3/5
ACU Army Ergonomic design. Wrinkle resistant. 4.1/5
Emerson Gear Pants All-round protection. 4.3/5
Rothco Pants Three-feature closure. 4.0/5
LA Police Gear Pants Hook and loop closure. 4.0/5
Akarmy Pants Wear-resistant. 4.2/5
CQR Tactical Pants Fast-drying. 4.2/5

1. Galls Tactical Pants

The Galls pants have a 4.3 out of 5 on Knoji rating online. And this is from 56% of reviews on its pants online from customers.


  • Reinforced crotch gussets
  • Functional rear and front pockets
  • Combat fit
  • Flexible

This is one pant that competes with most military-based apparel. Although, within its category, it is midrange performing pants. It has a design that is tailored to meet the needs of the modern-day hurdles faced by safety professionals.

You’d know functional pants from having their core parts given priority; here, the knees are made with abrasion-resistant fabric to elevate their durability level.

The waist is fashioned with elastomers to enhance dynamic movements and varying degrees of flexibility. The crotch gussets are reinforced, so this makes possible unlimited motion range.

The hurdles faced by safety professionals are quite intense, so it makes sense that the Galls pants come with not just a loop closure, but also a hook one, all for a secure fit.

Galls, as a brand in police and military gear, is very active and offers favorable promo codes. It currently has over 15 discount codes for customers to choose from.

2. Thin Blue Line

The Thin Blue Line pants have a 4.3 Knoji online rating out of 5.0 from having reviewed 61% of its pants.


  • Ergonomic
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight

This brand is also a midrange performing brand. However, a 4.3 rating is a fair one. There is something about US brands that reeks of quality and confidence, and this brand isn’t left out.

Specifically, this trouser features adjustable drawstrings and a flexible texture. While this trouser may not come off in semblance with most military-like pants, its mother brands make great pants that you may want to check out.

Besides, this is used also by security personnel on patrol duties and other times that don’t require the complete dress code as official times would demand.

A cool thing about it is its low maintenance cost; it’s both hand and machine-washable, and it seldom gets dirty.

Plus, it is very lightweight too, even though its appearance doesn’t give it the look. All thanks to the light cotton material used for the design. The features and materials collectively contribute to an ergonomic feel.

Conclusively, it is honest and factual to mention that Thin Blue Line, with all of its qualities, isn’t at the zenith of good pants compared to other alternatives to Crye precision. As a brand, Thin Blue Line currently offers over 28 discount codes.

3. Under Armor Men’s Tactical Patrol Pants

Under Armour brand has a 4.5 Knoji rating out of 5.0 from having reviewed 67% of its pants online.


  • Cruelty-free
  • Strategic pocketing
  • Water-repelling

This is one brand that makes cruelty-free products. Under Armour has very high brand recognition for its ethically-sourced products.

This one here has the A storm technology design; this makes a water-repelling feature possible without forsaking breathability.

The brand claims that its pursuit of innovation is relentless, and as such, it has embedded features that enhance a spring and forward movement in this apparel. Some of which are reinforced crotch and knee, this also adds to the overall durability.

While the pants appear to have a streamlined fit that can be discomforting, it is flexible and lightweight because of the materials adopted for the design.

It is designed with a strategic pocketing method, not for solely holding valuables, but also for a classic and combatant look.

The Under Armour brand has carved out a good name for itself in the world of military-like and athletic pants, focusing not just on comfort but also on material usage, differentiating designs and styles with the inclusion of innovative stitching.

Although the brand currently has only 2 discount codes.

4. M-Tac Aggressore Flex Tactical Pants

The M-Tac Agressore Flex Tactical Pants have a 4.3 out of 5.0 Knoji rating from having reviewed 58% of its pants online.


  • Multifunctional
  • Rugged design
  • Versatile silhouette

The Aggressor pants are a fine blend of three materials; polyester, spandex, and cotton.

This iteration is characterized by a vast measure of versatility; the silhouette, model, overall design, and construction are sufficient to serve as EMS pants, police uniform, range shooting or paintball pants, soldiers’ training pants, and other functions where tactical pants are used.

Another thing that makes this an ideal alternative to Crye Precision is because of its rugged design. This makes it handle intense rigors that other casual pants cannot survive.

Especially as there are double layers of fabric used in some key areas; the knee, the buttocks, and the crotch areas.

Although, M-Tac, as a brand, makes other casual pants, belts, shirts, and a few military-like items, however, they majorly make the pants model in this form with functionality that has a high similitude with Crye Precision.

M-Tac has one downside; its promo code is only good for a single purchase.

5. ACU Army

ACU Army has a 4.1 Knoji rating out of 5.0, and this is following the reviews of 51 percent of its online pants.


  • 8-pocket design
  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • Ergonomic feel

Firstly, this design is a hybrid of cotton and nylon. It is a fact that nylon is waterproof and exceptionally lightweight.

Cotton on the other hand serves as an insulator (does not transmit heat), is hypoallergenic (does not cause allergies), and controls moisture.

Having known the qualities of both materials, a blend of the two gives you a clear picture of the value therein. All of which the pants exude.

This model is only hand-washable though. It is made to have an extra-flexible groin area to allow your legs to split apart when a situation calls for it.

The hips are a tad more sturdy. It has a neat finish because of its felled seams; aesthetically, it is great.

While this is an alternative for Crye Precision, it must be spelled out that it is not very rugged to withdraw extreme conditions, however, it is very comfortable to use and easy to walk in.

It’s a cool choice for soft albeit comfortable combat pants. It doesn’t have very high name recognition. However, it’s worth the try if the qualities explained match your needs.

The ACU Army pants only have one active discount code though.

6. Emerson Gear Pants

The Emerson Gear pants have a 4.3 Knoji rating from the reviews of 58% of its pants online.


  • All-round protection
  • Strong and stretchable
  • Standard size

The Emerson brand makes different types of complex and high quality. It’s a well-known and recognized brand by many customers.

Specifically, this one is made based on all-around protection. The primary materials used here are polyester and cotton.

Collectively, these materials respectively contribute to making it have reduced shrinkage and better durability.

One of its core protective features is the knee pad. There are also excellent mobility stretch panels on the back of the laps, and atop the knee areas. They allow for fast moves and twists.

There are over eight functional pockets, the leg openings have adjustable loops and hooks. Plus, it comes in standard size.

This is one of the few pants similar to Crye Precision whose features and construction meets the US army requirements.

The clothing is strong and stretchable. There’s a waist stretch band for proper fit too.

7. Rothco Kids Pants

The Rothco brand has a Knoji rating of 4.0, thus is fair enough considering that the brand hasn’t gained much popularity.


  • Six-pocket design
  • Three-feature closure
  • Lightweight

This is a highly comfortable and functional design; it is a polyester and resilient cotton blend. It is tailored with the required details to meet the grip, comfort level, and overall balance required for the comfort of a kid.

For instance, different measures are taken towards securing the closure; zipper, button, and drawstring. All for a secured fit. Plus, the waist is adjustable for a customized fit too.

It’s way less weighty so that it is easily walked in and carried around. It is a six-pocket design; two at the front, two at the back, and two at the sides for easy carriage of valuables.

To have a full picture of its quality, Its Amazing reviews are a delight to behold as you’d get first-hand reviews of customers’ experiences with the pants.

Rothco has 4 codes maximum for each month on average, however, the brand has up to 58 active offers and coupons.

8. LA Police Gear Pants

The LA Police Gear Pants has a 4.0 Knoji rating based on the reviews of 57 percent of its pants and other of its products online.


  • Hook and loop closure
  • Detailed stitching
  • Athletic fit

The company also makes fair trade and cruelty-free items. It stands as one of the top 50 brands in the same category such as Crye Precision and the likes.

This model is made from polyester fabric and cotton. It’s a nice blend for superior strength and durability.

Here, the designers aimed to make a sturdy, yet comfortable design that carries a well-reinforced knee and detailed stitching.

The overall design is an athletic fit; it’s neither very roomy nor clingy, it’s just spacious enough for a flexible fit.

The rear slip pockets have a loop and hook closure to aid easy access, there are two front pockets as well.

The weight is specifically 7 oz. The pants feature a flexible and elastic waist with nice belt loops.

9. Akarmy Pants

The Knoji rating of this apparel is 4.2 out of 5.0. This is a fair deal to check out.


  • Relaxed fit
  • Flexible
  • Wear-resistant and breathable

This is one pant that is fashioned to suffice for different occasions regardless of the weather.

The overall style is a fusion of casual and military. It’s a tactical model with complex functionality and construction, yet a pretty simple outlook, and this makes it very versatile as it can be used for hiking, casual walking, army training, climbing, etc.

The material is a very good insulator to suit different weathers. The trouser is equipped with strengthened scotch and widened belt loops.

While it is not exactly water-repellent, it hardly has water permissibility, this way, the user seldom gets soaked. It features a button and zipper fly closure to give it a nice waist fit.

10. CQR Tactical Pants

The CQR Tactical pants have up to 4.2 out of 5.0 Knoji rating from the reviews of a percentage of its online products.


  • Knee pad lining
  • Fast-drying
  • Lightweight

There’s a hint of the law enforcement and military performance level infused in this design.

When it comes to good alternatives for Crye Precision Pants, this is one of the coolest in both aesthetics and performance. An embodiment of great outer appeal and conducive features.

The CQR pants feature good flex, due to their high flexible strength and knee protection from the lining of the knee pad.

The shrink and wrinkle resistance is cool too, all thanks to the cotton, elastane, and polyester blend used for the design. The multi pockets save the day for carrying technical items.

From reviews, the reason it is loved by many is because of its ridiculous low maintenance cost, lightweight and fast-drying ability. Some people prefer this to Carhartt and Crye Precision, well it’s all about satisfaction.


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