Pajama Jeans vs Jeggings: Comparison

The major difference between Pajama Jeans and Jeggings is that Pajama jeans is a flare-leg jean which is usually less body-hugging and marketed majorly for housewives and those who just want to wear something free and relaxing at home.

While Jeggings is a body-hugging legging made of Jean material that gives you the flexibility that you need and also gives you the same comfort as a skintight legging.

Unlike the Jeggings which are usually skin-tight, Pajama jeans usually have a flare that makes you feel more relaxed, however, it does not give the same flexible feel as the skintight Jeggings do.

Are there other differences?

Yes, there are other differences between Pajama jeans and Jeggings. They are not totally the same. Here are the other differences that they have:

  • Pajama jeans are marketed to housewives more and it is not skin tight while Jeggings.
  • Jeggings are more flexible and versatile while Pajama jeans are usually limited and not as versatile
  • Jeggings are more fashionable

Pajama jeans are marketed to housewives more and it is not skin tight while Jeggings

Pajama jeans are marketed mostly to housewives who need something so free that they can wear it at home without it being skintight.

You will also notice Jeggings are more skin-tight. You can easily tell this difference just by simply placing the Jeggings and Pajama jeans side by side to compare.

Even when you wear the Jeggings and you wear the Pajama jeans as well, you will notice that the Jeggings will hug you, and the Pajama jeans has more flare. The flare gives you that feeling of wearing bootcut jeans.

Jeggings are more flexible and versatile while Pajama jeans are usually limited and not as versatile

When it comes to flexibility, Jeggings does it better. When you wear Jeggings that are so fitting and body-hugging, you will have the liberty to move the way you want which gives you enough flexibility.

You can also wear Jeggings with a wide variety of outfits and they will still look so good on you, this is what makes them versatile.

However, the Pajama jeans are not as versatile, there are certain types of outfits you will not be able to wear with them, this makes it selective and you will not be able to wear them with a wide variety of outfits.

Jeggings are more fashionable than Pajama jeans

Jeggins always look so good on you when you wear them. Jeggings are just leggings that look like jeans, jeans are naturally fashionable, the same thing applies to jeggings.

When you wear Jeggings, because of the skintight feature that it has,it makes your shape prominent making you look more attractive.

This is not applicable to Pajama jeans, because they have flare, it does not make your shape prominent. It may look ok, but not as attractive as when you wear Jeggings that show your curves as a lady and make you look attractive.

How did Pajama jeans come about?

Pajama jeans came about to make sure that men and women have a choice on the exact type of jeans they want without sacrificing either comfort or style.

Just like many other jean brands out there, Pajama jeans are made in China. They are made out of a material called DeninSoft.

This DenimSoft material is a blend of cotton and Spandex, this spandex looks like dark wash denim.

Pajama jeans are indirectly made to mimic jeans, that is why you see that it also comes with five pockets.

Pajama jeans also did something good on their jeans, instead of making use of the regular belt loops that other jean brands make use of, they made a waistband instead that has a pink drawstring.

This makes the Jean stay well on your waist without the need to use a belt.

How did Jeggings come about?

Jeggings came about due to the high demand for a tighter style of jeans, this demand became higher in the late 2000s.

“Jeggings” is a registered brand name of the popular brand Sanko Group. When the demand became higher than the supply of skinny jeans, the brand “Jeggings” was created to look like leggings.

In the real sense, Jeggings are actually leggings that are made out of Jean material. They are also skin-tight but flexible just like leggings, the only difference there is the material build.

You get a stronger jean material with the Jeggings and still get the same flexibility that leggings offer.

But take note that Jeggings are not as tough as the regular jeans material that you have, but they are of good quality and will still serve you so well.

Do Jeggings and Pajama Jeans share any similarities at all? 

Yes, Pajama jeans and Jeggings share some similarities. Knowing what these similarities help you to know what way these two brands of jeans are similar.

Take a look at the various similarities:

  • They are both made of jeans
  • They are both comfortable

They are both made of jeans

This is the most obvious similarity between Jegging and Pajama jeans. When you get hold of even feel the material of the Jeggings and Pajama jeans you will notice that they both have the Jean material.

Jeggings may be more flexible because of their skinny build, they are still jean materials.

They are both comfortable

One feature that buyers look for when they want to buy jeans is the comfort that the jeans give. If they end up buying jeans that are not comfortable, it means they have to call for a refund or replacement.

When you buy Jeggings or Pajama jeans you do not need to worry about comfort, this is because they are naturally built to give you the comfort you desire. You can buy it and wear it all day without bothering about discomfort.

These are the two things that brands are similar in.

When should you wear Panama jeans?

Pajama jeans are majorly targeted at housewives. What this means is that Pajama jeans are best if you wear them at home or if you would be wearing them just around the house.

They are not as fashionable as Jeggings that you can wear to a wide range of social gatherings and occasions.

Pajama jeans have this flare which makes the jeans too loose and if you wear them out, they may not give you that flexibility and ease of movement that you need, especially in social gatherings.

This is one of the major reasons why Pajama jeans are not the best when it comes to outings. They are better when you wear it at home or around the house at large.

When should you wear Jeggings?

Because Jeggings are so fashionable when you wear it, they are best worn to social gatherings and outings.

When you wear Jeggings, it makes your shape so prominent as a woman, this is attractive as well. When next you want to go out to a social gathering you should wear Jeggings.

The good thing about Jeggings is that it can be worn with as many outfits as possible and it will still look so good on you.

The skin-tight fitting that Jeggings have also gives you the freedom to move comfortably all day long.

You can also stretch and not bother about it will affect the Jeggings. This is because Jeggings can stretch and still retain their normal shape. Jeggings can also be styled differently and they will still look so good on you.

Which one is better and why?

If I were to pick between Jeggings and Pajama jeans I would always go for Jeggings.

Jeggings are actually better for me this is because they are body-hugging, skin-tight and they are so versatile that you can style them with different types of clothes.

And it is also a better brand that can be worn outside or for social gatherings. Pajama Jeans are good as well, but they are more of indoor jeans than outdoor jeans.

Left for me I will always go for Jeggings. However, if you are the type of person that does not like jeans that are skin-tight and flexible, or you like to flare a lot, Pajama jeans may be the best option for you.

On the flip side, if what you prefer is jeans that are body-hugging and skin-tight, and what you can wear for outings, then Jeggings would be a better option for you.

Also, if you like to wear jeans that make your shape prominent making you look more attractive, then Jeggings are also a good option for you to go for.

You should make a decision on which one you prefer based on what you need it for. If you will be going for outings and occasions more, Jeggings would be the better option for you.

If you prefer something you can wear at home and relax or something you can wear around the garden, then Pajama jeans are the best for you.


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