Paige vs AG Jeans: Which Is Better?

Speaking of a major difference between the two iconic brands, you might be thinking of some pros and cons or some sort of area where one brand has an edge over the other. It is fair to say you might not find any.

We could dilly-dally over it from dusk to dawn like we are doing right now, and we would still have one answer…. One answer that probably isn’t true.

PAIGE is a luxury brand. So is AG. PAIGE has an expensive collection. So does AG. PAIGE has extremely beautiful styles of jeans that blow AG jeans out of the water. Any PAIGE fan will realize the joke in that after looking into the AG styles. Now, how do we get a winner here?

The major difference between Paige Jeans and AG Jeans is the DESIGN. AG has impressive designs but PAIGE jeans are on a whole new level when speaking of “fashionable”.

PAIGE Jeans have designs that rather stay rare and expensive than lead the trends. Now, we can look at the minor differences that are “major” enough to pick one over the other.

Now, we can look at the minor differences that are “major” enough to pick one over the other.

PAIGE Jeans Review

The PAIGE Brand is a fashion set-up created in 2004. The Lifestyle company has its products cater to both male and female wears so both genders can judge in this case.

The PAIGE jeans are created with the brand’s special Denim named “Transcend”. With this scientifically modified fiber, the PAIGE brand can produce soft and comfortable fabrics which reportedly “can never stretch out”.

The PAIGE brand has been able to produce many jean styles with their special Denim. The brand’s wide collection makes it special among the new brands in the fashion industry.

The PAIGE brand has every jean style you might want to go for. In addition, they have a coated version of virtually every of their jean styles. The coating makes the jeans appear a lot better and shinier.

An example of their female jeans with a coating is the PAIGE Verdugo skinny jeans. This is one of their most popular jeans for the ladies and we will be taking a look at the coated version.

PAIGE Verdugo Coated Skinny Jeans

Despite the popularity and wide approval of this pair of jeans, there are still negative reviews.

More than a few customers have complained of a quick fading in the color and quick stretch-out but how true is that when most people are not having the same complaints?

All reviews agree with the comfortable fit and softness of the jeans. One reviewer claimed the fabric’s coating disappeared after the first wash while another reviewer claimed it took a few washes.

However, this part can be overlooked since the jeans come with care instructions. Any coated jeans should be washed by dry-cleaning (with very low heat) only.

Another reviewer advises you to size down, despite the “true to size” tag, because the fabric “will stretch out”.

Most of the reviews agree with this while one says the fabric doesn’t stretch out enough to require sizing down.

Price: $189


PAIGE Federal Slim Jeans (Men)

This is one of the popular men’s jeans from the PAIGE brand. At the first glance, you would probably consider this pair as normal jeans you can get anywhere.

That is because men’s Jeans don’t have many styles like women’s. However, the difference is in the feel and all the reviews agree with the Jeans’ comfort and softness.

One of the reviews agrees with the stretch level, softness, and comfort but states that the legs are too long. Unfortunately, every other review testifies to a perfect fit so we will have to ignore that.

Price: $200



  • Softness and comfort of the fabric
  • Quality
  • A wide array of styles
  • High stretch
  • High brand recognition
  • True to size


  • High complaints about sagging
  • Rare complaints about long legs

AG Jeans Review

The AG brand was founded in 2000 in Los Angeles and has grown fast to be among one of the most recognized denim brands in the industry.

Like the PAIGE brand, the AG brand offers a wide collection of jean styles for both men and women.

The high similarity between the two brands will make you vacillate from time to time.

The AG brand may not have a special name like “Transcend” for its denim but the AG denim is just as special as any denim from any big brand.

The AG denim is soft and thin which allows easy breathability.

By just a touch, you can tell the denim is of high quality. With this great denim, AG has produced many jean styles and even coated ones.

We will be looking at the AG-coated legging jeans.

AG Coated Legging Jeans

This pair holds a high rating and a pretty high price. However, most of the reviews seem to agree with the worth of the jeans, though not all are positive.

One (or most) of the reviews praises the brand for the good quality, perfect fit, and nicely coated color but mentions that the jeans will stretch out with time.

Another review supports all of the good reviews but gives an average rating because “she wants a Low-rise waist”. That is not a downside to be considered anyway.

A review appreciates the quality and fitting and mentions the Jeans’ beautiful vintage look. While one review states the legs are too short, other reviews claim it fits like a glove.

Price: $285


AG Everett Slim Straight Jeans

This is another top-rated pair of jeans for men.  The AG brand inserts perfection into all of the styles it offers and this one is proof.

You will find more reviews that hand out five stars to this pair. One of the reviews calls it a great alternative to your traditional denim jeans. It comes in a slim tapered fit, that is not baggy in any way and not too slim to feel tight.

Despite the good popular reviews, there are also reviews, though rare, about customers getting a delivery of used jeans or fake tags. These reviews are unpopular so it shouldn’t be a discouragement.

Another unpopular but repeated complaint of the customers has to do with leg length which they say is slightly too long. Even with this, most of the reviews claim it comes true to size.

Price: $170



  • True to size
  • High brand recognition
  • Wide collection of styles
  • Quality
  • Soft and breathable fabric
  • High stretch


  • Rare complaints on long legs
  • Stretch-out risks

Paige vs AG Jeans: Head-to-Head Comparison

Construction Mode

According to the Marie Claire website, one pair of AG jeans requires 2 rounds of sketched designs, 19 machines, over 8000 stitches, and over 60 people to be made.

That sounds exaggerated and probably “not” worth the effort. Not only does this reflect in the prices but also in the quality.

The PAIGE jeans are made with modified denim fibers (Transcend Denim) that incorporate all features of perfect Jeans.

The PAIGE jeans are also high in price but the quality is not lagging either.

Build Quality

The PAIGE brand is known to use the best quality fibers in all of its products. You can feel it just from the touch.

Along with the Transcend Denim and common fibers in jeans (i.e. cotton, polyester, and elastane), PAIGE uses rayon which allows softness and high breathability. The comfort cannot be escaped.

The AG jeans are not lacking in quality either. At the first glance, anyone may notice the thinness of the fabric.

While this makes for high breathability and less weight, it can also be assumed to lack in quality and durability. The AG jeans however prove you wrong, even from the moment you touch them.


This is where quality is questioned. You get all of the hype in your head about these jeans but they turn out to fail.

The PAIGE jeans are not as durable as they claim to be. While the composition of the fabric is good, how the fabric is made might cause the difference between these jeans and durable jeans.

The PAIGE jeans are said to sag quickly around the knees i.e. if the knees feel fitted at first, you will find them loose after some time.

Some of the most recent reviews confirm the PAIGE jeans no longer last a year and some even say the jeans wear out within three months. There are also complaints of pilling.

The AG jeans are not much better. The AG jeans are said to stretch out after wearing the jeans two to three times. That is just too early.

However, the negative reviews on durability end there. When the fabric stretches out, you can keep wearing the new loose size which is why some people advise you to size down.


The PAIGE brand has a range of styles, just like the AG jeans. Both brands were founded in the early 2000s but they have been able to mix vintage styles with the current trends, offering a wide collection of jeans for us to choose from.

With PAIGE, you can get virtually any style of jeans for men and women. The same applies to the AG brand.


Unless you are already familiar with the luxurious prices of these two brands, you might want to take a deep breath first.

It is not very easy to come across PAIGE jeans that cost less than $100. The price can even go as high as $400. That is a lot to spend on a pair of jeans.

Similarly, the prices of AG jeans are very high. In fact, they are not so similar, in the sense that the prices of AG jeans are far more overwhelming.

A pair of AG jeans can cost as low as $100 and more. However, the same AG brand has jeans that cost up to $900 per piece and even more than that.


The two brands have their jeans true to size. Some reviews advise you to size down because the fabric will stretch out.

The same applies to the AG jeans which seem to stretch out faster. However, AG jeans don’t seem to stretch out enough to require sizing down.

Also, the PAIGE jeans sag at the knees and this cannot be remedied by choosing a smaller size.


There is no joke in AG and PAIGE being similar in virtually everything. This applies to all top brands in the fashion world as they strive to serve customers better and provide the best services.

Paige has varieties of styles, ranging from baggy to skinny jeans that never fail to flatter. The AG however isn’t doing any less or any better.


As mentioned earlier, both brands design their jeans to fit perfectly so when you buy them, they are true to size.

However, both brands seem to have a common downside in the fits. There are complaints about long leg lengths of the jeans. Unfortunately, there is no option to choose different lengths.


The versatility of your PAIGE Jeans cannot be more emphasized. As mentioned earlier, the PAIGE brand has varieties of styles that cater to every of your clothing needs. If you need work pants, PAIGE is there for you. If you need shiny trendy jeans, PAIGE has it all.

However, PAIGE is not better than AG at this. AG has virtually every style you can think of and even caters to the men a lot more than the PAIGE brand does.

Paige vs AG Jeans: My Verdict

This won’t be a forced conclusion. We have looked at every area where the two brands appear similar and we have been able to note tiny differences that can affect your purchasing decision.

Which is better? I will be picking PAIGE over AG. Asides from the fashionable styles that the brand offers, PAIGE jeans cost less.

If you are trying to be trendy, purchasing a $1000 pair of jeans from AG won’t be different from buying PAIGE’s Coated Emmie Jeans which costs less.

Speaking of quality, they both have equal downsides and complaints from customers. The AG brand went wrong with customer service and you can imagine your inability to return your $1000 jeans if they don’t fit well.


The two brands are growing great and should probably be competing with Levi and other top brands if they didn’t go wrong with quality.

However, the jeans are worth the money if you care well for them. The styles are fashionable and will pull attention when you want them to.

We can choose to ignore the price tags on the jeans but AG still won’t stand a chance against PAIGE.

This is because customer service matters and, till that fault is fixed, PAIGE wins the contest.


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