Old Navy vs Levi’s Jeans: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Old Navy and Levi’s is that Levi’s are more expensive and have a higher quality than Old Navy.

One reason for this is because Levi’s takes pride in their denim, as they use 100% cotton and they don’t use any Spandex or Lycra in their denim at all.

Old Navy denim jeans are cheaper than Levi’s denim jeans. Old Navy jeans are typically priced around $20, while Levi’s jeans can be as expensive as $90 in some cases.

The price difference is largely because Old Navy sells its denim at much lower margins than Levi’s. We can say that one major difference is that Old Navy jeans are more affordable, while Levi’s are not.

And the quality of both brands is different too as Old Navy jeans are typically made with cotton and polyester, while Levi’s do not.

They obviously use different materials, have different fits, and come in a variety of colors.

Is Old Navy as good as Levi’s?

Old Navy vs Levis Jeans
Old Navy Jeans

Old Navy is no match for Levi’s. Although, both Old Navy and Levi’s offer their own advantage in terms of style and comfort. Their jeans are staple in most wardrobes.

They are versatile and can be worn with many different outfits, do you think Old Navy is as good as Levi’s? Well, they are not.

Levi’s jeans have been around for over 140 years! They are a well-established brand and are known for their denim which is still made in the united state to date, Old Navy jeans are manufactured by GAP, which is a company that was founded in 1969.

It does seem to be true that Levi’s jeans are on the more expensive side of things. Levi’s jeans cost about $68 per pair, however, the quality of Levi’s jeans is unmatched when compared with Old Navy jeans.

When you buy Levi’s, you know you are buying high-quality clothing and that your purchase will last a long time because Levi’s produce clothing made to last so you don’t have to worry about the tear and wear any time soon.

If you are looking for well-made high-quality jeans, you can’t go wrong with Levi’s. However, if you don’t have the budget or expectations for such high quality, Old Navy jeans will work for you just fine.

You just have to decide which pair is best for you and according to your budget.

Why Old Navy is not as good as Levi’s

The Old Navy brand is not as good as Levi’s, which is more expensive. Old Navy is a cheaper alternative to Levi’s and not as good quality, most folks prefer Levi’s, they know the brand for the superior quality of their products that has been around since 1853.

Old Navy jeans will shrink and gets smaller after washing them

Unlike Levi’s that most of their jeans are preshrunk and there is likely to be little or no shrinkage after every wash.

Levi’s jeans are durable compared to Old Navy, they last longer because it’s made with better quality fabric unlike Old Navy, their clothes are likely to wear and tear within a short period because of the cheap material used in making them.

Levi’s are more fashionable

Levi’s are also more fashionable and are often the brand of choice for young, fashion-conscious people.

The Old Navy brand is aimed at a more middle-aged audience and is often the brand of choice for people on a budget. Old Navy is obviously no match for Levi’s.

We can’t talk about Levi’s and not make mention of Levi’s 501 original-fit and 511 Slim-Fit, they are a pair of jeans every man should have in their closets.

Levi’s women’s jeans aren’t left out; 501 for women and Levi’s wedgie straight leg jeans are what we talk about when we think of Levi’s as classic jeans.

What are the similarities between Old Navy and Levi’s

The similarities between Old Navy and Levi’s are listed below;

  • They both have international locations
  • Both brands are popular
  • Both brands have a great assortment of products
  • Old Navy and Levi’s both specializes in Jeans
  • Their clothing is available for different age group
  • Both brands offer affordable prices
  • Old Navy and Levi’s uses same similar colors
  • Both brands are known for displaying their logo on their products
  • They both have a long history of manufacturing quality clothes
  • Both brands have an appreciation for arts
  • They both support creativity and innovation in their design process
  • They are both an American clothing company
  • Their headquarters are both located in the same place
  • They are both made up of passionate people

They both have international locations

This is one of the most important similarities between the two brands as they share an international presence.

The old navy’s first store was opened in 1994 in the US and ever since then, the retail company has extended its international presence with company-operated stores in China, Mexico, Canada as well as an authorized store in other several countries.

Old Navy has made it possible for customers to buy their products globally in these authorized stores and also online.

Levi’s on the other hand is one of the world’s biggest clothing companies and a global leader in Denims. They have their products available in over 100 countries.

Both brands are popular

Old Navy and Levi’s are big names that people easily recognize by young adults and teenagers.

Levi’s is one of the highest makers of pants that is known for its blue jeans, it has been the best denim brand for the American working class.

Old Navy is also the latest fashion style for the entire family, after their first store in 1994, Old Navy become the fastest retailer to get 1 billion sales within the space of 4 years.

Both brands have a great assortment of products

Both brands have a collection of items they produce, Apart from denim jeans, Levi’s other products include hats, jackets, skirts, and belts.

At Old Navy, they got sweaters, T-shirts, leggings, jumpsuits, etc.

Old Navy and Levi’s both specialize in jeans

Old Navy provides different types of jeans ranging from straight, boot-cut, skinny, slim, etc. And are Levi’s, you’ll also get skinny, straight, relaxed fit, original fit jeans And so on.

Their clothing is available for different age groups

Both brands offer all their products to all age groups; babies, kids, teenagers, and adults

Both brands offer affordable prices

When it comes to purchasing their quality clothes, both Old Navy and Levi’s provides affordable clothes to those who need them, with coupons and promo codes you can get high-quality clothes at Old Navy, this also takes place at Levi’s

Old Navy and Levi’s uses the same similar colors

The colors used by both brands are somewhat similar to one another because they like earth tones such as browns and greens.

Both brands are known for displaying their logo on their products

You can easily differentiate each brand’s clothing from another, this is because their logo is always displayed on their products, a logo that looks very different but very much represents the brand

They both have a long history of manufacturing quality clothes

Both brands are global apparel and accessories brands that sell great style and quality

Both brands have an appreciation for arts

Both brands have collaborated with various artists to create designs for their products.

Old Navy has been sponsoring art shows since 1987 and Levi’s supports s wide variety of artistic endeavors through their charitable foundation.

They both support creativity and innovation in their design process

Old Navy is known for the innovations, when they were newly started, they went on a few retail experiments to make sure they know what their customers wanted.

They first started in 1995 opening a coffee shop inside one of their locations in San Francisco, then after they opened a new section called “Old Navy kids” in Littleton, Colorado in 1997.

Levi’s on the other hand keeps transforming tastes and trends, consistently revamping their products to suites their customers.

In the year 2020, Levi’s went into action in using innovation to improve their factory safety and productivity at the same time with the use of lasers.

This system was made up to design trendy finishing that would require the use of thousands of chemicals but this lasers makes the process much more effective and in a safer way.

They are both American clothing companies

Old Navy and Levi’s were established by an American

Their headquarters are located in the same place

Their headquarters are located in San Francisco, California, United States

They are both made up of passionate people

Both brands have passionate people who want to bring their products and services to life with great design, creativity, innovation, community involvement, and retail stores that families love to visit year-round.

Differences between Old Navy and Levi’s

Old Navy and Levi’s are two clothing brands that are both popular among customers. However, The major differences between these brands include:

  1. Target audience
  2. Age range
  3. Prices
  4. Style
  5. Quality

Target audience

These two brands differ in their audience. For Old Navy, the brand primarily focused on women with children; the family as a whole.

It’s no surprise that the Old Navy audience is 90% female. However, this contract with Levi’s, as their target is focused on males.

Age range

Levi’s specializes in jeans for adults, 65% of their customers are between the age of 35 to 50. The target age range for Old Navy is between 13 to 35 years of age.

People who commonly patronize Old Navy are young teenagers, single women, and men on a strict budget.


Both Old Navy and Levi’s offer reasonably priced items, but they vary in price points based on the type of clothing you are looking for.

Levi’s offers more expensive options than Old Navy such as jeans, button-up shirts, or leather jackets.

The clothes from Old Navy are cheaper than the clothes from Levi’s because they are targeted at young people with lower incomes.

For example, the cheapest pair of jeans from Levi’s costs $59 while the cheapest pair of jeans from Old Navy costs $35, but it depends on the design, it can be cheaper.


Levi’s focuses on denim; it offers straight-leg jeans or skinny jeans for men and women as well as classic styles like mom jeans or boot-cut jeans.

On the other hand, Old Navy has a variety of styles including joggers, maxi dresses, crop tops for females.

While Levi’s focuses on jeans, Old Navy focuses on providing the latest fashion for the whole family.


Generally speaking, Levi’s clothing has decent and higher quality, a better hand feel, and a longer lifespan than Old Navy.

Levi’s has a more flexible and 100% cotton denim appearance than Old Navy. Because of Levi’s quality, this has made the brand stand out as a leader I’m the clothing department for a very long time now.

Other differences are as follows;

  1. Old Navy jeans shrink even more than other brands, while most Levi’s jeans are preshrunk, you do not have to worry about shrinkage
  2. At Levi’s, you can sell your old Levi’s jeans, all your pre-loved items will be sold at affordable prices ranging from $30-$100. This Levi’s secondhand marketplace is a thing Old Navy doesn’t have.
  3. The stores at Old navy are typically smaller than the stores at Levi’s, with q total of 1100 stores and 2800 for Levi’s
  4. Old Navy’s parent company is GAP, while Levi’s was originally founded by Levis Strauss
  5. The present CEO of Old Navy is a woman named Sonia Syngal, she’s been serving since 2017 till date, meanwhile, the CEO of Levi is held by a man named Charles V Bergh since 1 Sept 2011
  6. The company Levi’s has far been in existence since the birth of blue jeans on May 1, 1853, that’s approximately 168 years ago, whereas Old Navy is 27 years, was founded on 11 march, 1994.

Which one will you buy, Old Navy or Levi’s?

Old Navy vs Levis Jeans
Levi’s Jeans

This is a tough one, They are both good brands, but they are different and serve different purposes. And that is more reason why I will prefer buying Levi’s.

I love the brand, I love how they are so consistent with their products. I know how a pair of jeans are supposed to look and feel.

And apparently, I’m 100% sure I’d get that at Levi’s because the brand is known for its unmatched quality products.

Should I try out Old Navy next time I go shopping? Nah, I will be a little reserved because of how much I seek quality and something long-lasting. I will definitely buy from Levi’s.

I’m not trying to make the other brand look bad. Old Navy is not a luxury brand and we all know it, but it is a thing for people shopping for casual clothing for the whole family.

The brand focuses on endless stunning styles and makes sure the items you bought won’t be worn out quickly, because of this, a lot of people still do buy from them.

I believe it’s a thing of “what works for one person may not work for another”. Definitely not for me though, as Old Navy clothes are cheaply made that I might end up replacing them in a year or two.

With Levi’s, I can be more assured that they last for 2 years and more. Yes! They cost more upfront, but I’m less apt to need another pair because of how they hold up very well over time.

Because I look out to buy quality clothing, Levi’s is the obvious choice here.

Why I chose to buy Levi’s over Old Navy

I will tell you why I chose to buy Levi’s instead of Old Navy.

Levi’s has more quality

This is the very first point I had to consider. For a long time now, Levi’s has been one of the most popular brands of denim in the world.

They are known for their high-quality clothing, their wears seem to last longer than Old Navy because of the better quality fabric they are made of. This is one fact I can’t boldly say about Old Navy.

Levi’s jeans don’t shrink as much as Old Navy

Most Levi’s jeans are preshrunk, so there is little or no shrinkage when you wash them, the brand only recommends that you buy your size that fits you best before washing and they will still fit well after washing.

Isn’t this enough reason? Old Navy jeans get a lot smaller after washing them so I really do not want to get into such a mess

Levi’s jeans are durable and last for a long time

Levi’s jeans are flexible and are 100% cotton denim. They are made from CORDURA fibers; a durable synthetic fabric, assuring you the ability to withstand wear and resistance to abrasion.

Levi’s jeans fit better than Old Navy jeans

Levi’s jeans fit perfectly true to size, you can easily get the perfect fit as they prefer to use waist and length measurements than using generalized sizing.

Unlike Old, their jeans and pants are not always true to go-to size, especially their shorts.

Most people buy Levi’s jeans instead of Old Navy

Levi’s has a lot of patrons around the world, initially due to its durability; that is why I am likely to patronize the brand too.

Well, this is all for now, my reasons for choosing Levi’s over Old Navy shouldn’t influence your decision. If you want to buy clothes, then it’s up to you to decide which store you want to go to.

You just have to weigh the pros and cons of each brand before deciding which one is best for you.

This article will be of great help to you, from their major differences and similarities you will know which one to choose from.

If price is an issue then Old Navy might be the best option for you but if denim is important and you’re seeking quality and longevity then Levi’s would be your best bet.


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