10 Old Navy Types of Jeans – 2023

There are a lot of good-looking jeans similar to the Old Navy type of jeans. But the problem is that most online shoppers find it very difficult to shop for jeans, probably because they are expensive or the fear of not finding a perfect or similar fit.

Sometimes these overpriced jeans seem to appear too short, too faded, too low-rise, or even too baggy.

However, Old Navy Jeans are timeless jeans, that’s why choosing a similar jeans style is vitally important to your lifestyle.

So, in this guide, I reviewed the 10 best types of jeans similar to Old Navy, so that you can choose the best one for your body size.

That said, here are the different types of jeans that are similar to Old Navy you definitely want to try out this summer! They are similar in comfort it brings, durability, and fitting.

Let’s go shopping.

10 Old Navy Type of Jeans

Below are the lists of the best Old Navy type of jeans to help you kickstart your denim journey:

Name Features Rating
Resfeber Boyfriend Jeans They are loose-fitting  jeans with a relaxed leg feature 4.5/ 5
Levi’s Skinny Jeans The jean is made from fine fabrics which makes them super stretchy and give you that skinny look 4.5/ 5
Wrangler’s Plus-size Jeans The jeans feature a button fly zip which is more supportive for the tummy than a zip fly 4.5/ 5
ALLA BREVE High-Rise Jeans The jeans don’t feel tight or too constricting at the waist and hip and it has a comfortable stretch 4/ 5
Levi’s Ankle Straight Jeans The jeans don’t feel tight at the ankle and can be machine washed (cold) 4.5/ 5
Wrangler Boot-cut Jeans The jeans have a great wash and the leg opening fits perfectly on boots 4.5/ 5
Allee Mid-Rise Jeans The jeans are not too heavy but lightweight and it sits comfortably at the waist 4/ 5
Lucky Low-Rise Jeans The jeans sit below the navel and don’t shrink during the washing and it’s available in several sizes 4/ 5
No Nonsense Jeggings The jeans is super stretchy as it is made from 7% spandex, 32% polyester, 61% cotton 4/ 5
Gloria Vanderbilt Curvy Jeans They are comfortable work jeans as they don’t gap at the waistband 4.5/ 5


Resfeber Boyfriend Jeans


Boyfriend jeans are suited explicitly for styling various casual outfits in a more relaxed way. Plus, they are the only pair of jeans that would convince you to ditch your skinnies for good!

Boyfriend jeans are so versatile making them one of the most worn denim jean styles even amongst celebrities due to the fact that they are more relaxed-looking pants, loose-fitting, magically fit with most types of shoes, and they are a bit more distressed.

Apart from that, it also offers a range of styling options for ladies with different body sizes, such as a combination with a plain white tee, fur coat, and even with colorful heels!


  • The relaxed leg feature makes it easy for you to try out different footwear
  • A loose-fitting solution gives you the optimum comfort you need even while at work
  • Distressed look so you can see how classic you look without breaking the bank
  • Contrast top-stitching, that means you don’t have to worry about looking odd all day long
  • Built-in belt loop so you can add extra accessories to your outfit


  • Doesn’t stretch as much as skinny jeans do

Levi Skinny Jeans

Similar to Old Navy’s rockstar skinny jeans and is best for any outfit combination hence it’s timeless jeans.

Skinny jeans are so over-hyped these days, especially the super skinny types because of their special design pattern that covers all body sizes.

And one would also agree that one’s body size fluctuates most of the time without you even realizing it, not until you are ready to buy a new pair of jeans!

Because of the fine fabrics used in making these jeans, they are super stretchy and give you that skinny look when you wear it.

In addition, they are size-inclusive and come in different popular colors and amazing styles such as the boot cut, mid-rise, and the popular high-waisted type of jeans.


  • Don’t feel tight or too constricting
  • Multiple colors make it easy for you to be flexible in your different dressing styles
  • The universal fit solution makes it possible for individuals with different body shapes and sizes to comfortably wear it
  • Super stretchy thus hugs you in all the right places
  • Different washes make it look classic when worn
  • One of the most comfortable work pants which means you don’t have to spend more money on work outfits any longer


  • High waisted jeans could feel uncomfortable after a heavy meal
  • Both the mid-rise and the high-waisted skinny jeans could be more uncomfortable around the abdomen than the low-rise type

Wrangler Plus-Size Jeans

Wrangler’s plus-size jeans tend to be popular amongst ladies with a big tummy. This pair of jeans aims to delight folks of any body size. And this plus-size option is totally dependable and has a different wash and various cuts to choose from.

Now, if you are curious whether you would find a good fit or not, then it would be pleasing to know that these jeans come in various heights and style ranges.

Also, one similar feature these jeans have with Old Navy you will find helpful is that the more you wear them, the more comfortable you get in them.


  • The jeans have functional pockets
  • The button fly feels more supportive for the tummy than a zip fly
  • Supportively hugs all your curves without making one feel so much exposed
  • Feels sturdy and not super heavy while walking
  • Wide legs for extra comfort


  • 99% cotton hence there’s little to no stretch for you
  • You might find it difficult closing up each button after putting on the jeans
  • Your thigh may feel restricted upon first time wearing it, so you will need to wear them for some time at home before heading outdoors
  • Slightly big in the waist area, but fits so well

ALLABREVE High-Rise Jeans

These jeans are the best wardrobe staple for every lady who loves transitioning between skinny and straight-leg jeans.

When I think of high-waisted jeans, my mind goes to an easy-going day time both in the office and at the mall. I love how these high-rise jeans collections cater to all types of outfits.

With more than one style and design option to choose from, they lead the way when it comes to sizing. Besides sizing these high-waisted jeans are great for complimenting your waistline and pulling off that casual classic look.


  • Universal fit for all body size, including curvy and straight cut
  • Does not lose its fitting even after so many wash and wear
  • The medium-wash denim is great for those looking for a more vintage vibe
  • Comfortable stretching that makes it easy to walk in
  • Sits so high on the waist giving you that comfortable look


  • It might be too tight on you, as the jeans are designed to hug around the waist and hip

Levi’s Ankle Straight Jeans

Straight-leg jeans look super cute when you tuck the hem of your top in them. They are available in several denim distressed wash and styles, thus you can freely own more than one for your dream outfits.

The ankle straight jeans type gives you the outstanding look and texture of classic-looking jeans.

Unlike most stretchy jeans, these jeans feel thick, give that vintage denim look more, and the straight-leg cut doesn’t feel tight.


  • 99% cotton with 1% spandex makes the jeans easy to stretch out on you during the day
  • True to size as you don’t need to try out other sizes before you get your match
  • The jeans hugs around your curves and leave you confident anytime and anywhere
  • Doesn’t feel tight at the ankle
  • It can be machine washed (cold)


  • Might not give you that ultimate fitting, especially for people who are long-waisted

Wrangler Boot-cut Jeans

Boot-cut jeans are another type of jeans that come in different wash without compromising quality. The jeans are true to size and offer great fitting to all body types.

Just like Old Navy’s bootcut, this jeans also fit well with your boot as they have a leg opening that is not too wide and not too narrow.

They also come in different classic styles that stay in trend all year round making it so easier to shop for the type you really want.


  • Nice quality jeans
  • Affordable pants thus not too pricey
  • Features casual back pocket
  • The jeans come in sizes that compliment most body sizes
  • The jeans have a great wash


  • The jeans may not provide extra room for the thigh and hip area

Allee Mid-Rise Jeans

Mid-Rise Jeans sit below the waist giving you that comfortable feel all day long.

Allee mid-rise jeans are available in all the latest denim washes you have desired and admired from afar. Interestingly, mid-rise jeans are designed in great styles that will wow both your boss and friends at work!

The fact that Allee mid-rise jeans are so affordable despite being made with high-quality stretchy materials is another thing that makes these jeans worth the price.


  • Affordable low-priced jeans
  • Jeans has a comfortable stretch for most body sizes
  • Materials include 78% cotton, 20% polyester, and 2% spandex, which makes the jeans soft and medium-weight


  • Might not give that ultimate loose-fitting you need unlike most jeans

Lucky Low-Rise Jeans


Low-Rise Jeans, also called the low-rider style, has become the trend during summer and amongst folks living in warmer countries. And surprisingly they are the most types of jeans worn by youths today.

Unlike most other jeans, Lucky low-rise Jeans are designed in such a way that they sit just below the navel exposing some part of the skin, and they come in different styles and colors as well.


  • There is a low-rise jeans for every personality
  • The jeans has a classic 5-pocket design
  • The materials include 92% Cotton, 6% Polyester, 1% Spandex
  • The ankle is not too tight on the skin
  • It comes in dark-age appropriate colors
  • The jeans don’t shrink when you wash them
  • The jeans are size-inclusive


  • The jeans cut is extremely low hence exposing your underwear when you sit down
  • The jeans might not be a low waist for those with a really long torso
  • The jeans might be a little loose at the waistband

No Nonsense Jeggings


Jeggings look super attractive and have this easy pull-on feel when wearing them for the first time. They are available in several denim wash, cuts, and styles.

No Nonsense jeggings are very similar to Old Navy’s jeggings because of their elasticity and stretch. Plus they are available in different sizes.


  • The jeans jeggings contain 7% spandex, 32% polyester, and 61% cotton which makes it easy to stretch out on you during the day
  • The jeggings are size-inclusive


  • The jeans are not true to size as they tend to run small sometimes

Gloria Vanderbilt Curvy Jeans

Curvy jeans remain one of the best and choicest jeans for short women, as the jeans are neither too tall nor too short. Just like Old Navy, these denim jeans are thick and durable and give you the outstanding look and texture of classic-looking jeans.

The jeans hug you in all the right places ensuring your curves stand out amidst all your accessories. Plus they are available in other washes.


  • The jeans are not low-rise hence very comfortable even at work
  • Available in several wash and styles
  • The jeans have a universal fit for most body sizes
  • The jeans have a narrower contoured waistband to avoid gapping
  • There’s extra room in the hips and thighs area


  • Limited range of washes
  • The jeans is quite expensive
  • Body sizes with waist measurements equal to or larger than the hip measurement, will fit poorly, and be very uncomfortable in this jeans


Now that we have already seen jeans similar to Old Navy, you can now decide on which to splurge on instead. From the low-rise to the skinny and curvy jeans.

These jeans offer more or less the same qualities Old Navy jeans have, and they are all size-inclusive.

Just like any other denim, these jeans have their pros and cons, so that you can know the value of what you are buying.

And the jeans are made with high-quality raw materials that ensure the jeans last long for you and give you the fitting you desire whether you are slim or a plus-size person.

Another feature amongst these jeans is that they are available in several denim washes and styles making them to be listed as jeans similar to the Old Navy’s type of jeans. Plus their reviews alone make them worth every penny.

So, what are you waiting for, is it about the price? They are all affordable or are you worried about not finding the perfect fit? Just know that there are jeans for every body size and type.


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