Old Navy Powersoft vs Athleta Salutation Stash: Which Leggings Is Better?

Leggings are staples that serve multiple purposes. You can switch from workouts, and lounging to stepping out in these pants for casual occasions.

However, the build quality of these pants would determine the efficiency. While some are built specifically for workouts and may not be comfortable for lounge use, others may be very versatile. 

If you’re a lover of leggings, then you should’ve heard of the Old navy powersoft and Athleta salutation stash leggings. These leggings are both athletic leggings for women.

The Old Navy and Athleta brands deal specifically in sports leggings that are great for any kind of sports and fitness activities.

These brands are a subsidiary of GAP Inc. and are very popular for the quality, stylish look, and affordability of their leggings.

The Old Navy powersoft and Athleta salutation stash share some similarities. They’re both made of 4-way stretch fabric that offers exceptional comfort.

In addition, they’re compression leggings and are designed with side pockets. But what are the differences between both brands? Which is of better quality? Keep reading to find out.

Old Navy Powerpress Vs Athleta salutation stash

Old Navy Powersoft leggings

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Old Navy powersoft vs Athleta

Athleta Salutation Stash Leggings

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What Is The Difference Between Old Navy Powersoft And Athleta Salutation Stash Leggings?

The difference between old navy powersoft and Athleta salutation stash leggings is in their build quality.

Old navy powersoft leggings make use of a soft 4-way stretch material that combines 73% polyester and 27% spandex.

In addition, these materials are peachy-soft to feel and lightweight. On the other hand, Athleta salutation stash leggings are constructed with sustainable fibers that eliminate waste.

The leggings are made with the Athleta trademark Powervita fabric. This is a blend of recycled nylon and lycra. In addition, this material is buttery soft and offers adequate support to the body. 

Another difference in these leggings is in the price. While Athleta salutation stash is not expensive, Old navy powersoft is way more affordable than salutation stash leggings.

Old Navy Powersoft Review

Old Navy brand deals in clothing. This brand is a subsidiary of Gap Inc. that started on March 11, 1994, in the United States of America.

The Powersoft leggings were created for women for sporting activities. These leggings are made with a durable blend of materials that offer a suitable fit and comfort for workouts. The material is opaque, allowing you squat in confidence.

In addition, they offer lightweight compression that enables blood flow while you exercise for extra comfort. 

The Powersoft leggings are designed to look stylish. They will not only keep you comfortable but also keep you looking good.

In addition, these leggings have an elastic waistband and sit on the waist. They will not slide down as you exercise.

Also, they’re designed with on-seam side pockets for storing your items. These pockets are deep and can keep your cellphone. They’re free of tags to prevent chafing and irritation on the skin.

The Old navy Powersoft leggings are very breathable. They’re constructed with a Go-Dry moisture-wicking technology. This property helps keep out moisture, keeping you cool and dry all day.

These leggings come in five different colors and prints, they also have regular, petite, and tall sizes to give you enough options to choose from. Plus sizes are also available.

The old Navy Powersoft leggings are very affordable. Most reviewers like these leggings for their quality and yet very low price. They compare them with brands like fabletics for their quality. 


  • They’re designed with Go-Dry moisture-wicking technology.
  • They’ve deep On-seam side pockets
  • They’re Lightweight
  • They’ve got a peachy-soft feel
  • They’re breathable.
  • They’re designed with an elastic waistband
  • They sit on the waist
  • They are none see-through fabrics
  • They’re very affordable


  • Not very soft for some customers
  • Some reviewers say they’re too tight

Athletic Salutation Stash Review

Athleta brand started as a fitness brand for women in the 1980s. This brand catered to women in different sporting activities: from yoga, cycling, hiking, and running to other forms of fitness activities.

In 2008, this brand became a subsidiary of Gap Inc. which increases its popularity.

One special about Athleta is that they cater to women in all categories. Women of any age or size can find what they desire with this brand.

In addition, a good percentage of their products are made from sustainable materials that eliminate waste from the environment. 

The Athleta salutation stash leggings are made with the signature Athleta powervita fabric. This is a combination of recycled nylon and lycra that offers an excellent blend of comfort and fitting.

These leggings offer medium compression and are very suitable for workouts, especially yoga. They will suck you in without being too tight-fitting. They have a comfortable waistband that sits just under the navel and won’t slide down your waist while you exercise.

They’re breathable, designed with sweat-wicking and quick drying properties that keep you comfortable and dry all day. In addition, these leggings are rated UPF 50+, as they’re great to use in the sun.

The Athleta salutation stash leggings are available in different colors. The prices also differ with the colors. They’re available in different sizes to suit different body sizes.

This will give a wide option to choose from. These leggings are designed with side stash pockets that look flat when nothing is inside. The Athleta salutation stash leggings great quality leggings.


  • They’re breathable
  • They’ve moisture-wicking property
  • They’re quick-drying
  • They’ve side stash pockets
  • They’re non-see-through
  • They’ve got a butter-soft feel
  • They’re relatively affordable


  • They’re hardly on sale
  • Some customers say they’re not high-waisted enough

What Are The Comparisons Between Old Navy Powersoft And Athleta Leggings?

We will be drawing a comparison between the following features:

Features Old Navy Powersoft Athleta Salutation Stash
Fabric 73% polyester and 27% spandex blend Powervita fabric combines nylon and lycra
Build quality They’re well-built with excellent quality They’re well-built with excellent quality
Price Prices range from $17.97-$44.99 Prices range from $44-$109
Style They’re stylish, designed with on-seam side pockets, and come in different colors and prints They’re stylish, designed with bonded stash pockets, and available in different colors, particularly neutral colors
Size and Fitting Runs from XL-4X Runs from XXS-3X


The Old Navy Powersoft leggings are made with a combination of polyester and spandex. Polyester takes the highest proportion of this blend, being 73% while spandex is only 27%.

This combination gives these leggings a peachy feel and the spandex material makes them stretchy. This will enable you to perform any form of exercise without difficulty as these leggings are very flexible.

The Athleta salutation stash leggings on the other hand have a blend of recycled nylon and lycra. This blend gives these leggings a buttery-feel touch. They stretch well and will allow adequate performance during yoga.

Build Quality

The Old Navy Powersoft leggings are built with excellent quality that keeps athletic women in love with these leggings. Polyester is a very durable material that can last long without abrasion.

In addition, the added spandex makes these leggings very stretchy. This polyester/spandex blend makes these leggings very great for sports. It is a 4-way stretch design that offers a good range of motion.

Also, it’s very thick and non-see-through, allowing you to bend or squat without fear. The waistband is elastic and sits on the waist, it’s very comfortable and will stay put during training.

The Powersoft is built with light compression. This will improve blood flow and enhance performance during workouts. They have flat lock seams that prevent chafing on the skin. 

Furthermore, the Powersoft leggings are constructed with a Go-Dry moisture-wicking technology that wicks away sweat and keeps them breathable. This technology will enable you to exercise in hot weather comfortably. The Old navy Powersoft is of great quality.

The Athleta salutation stash is also built with premium quality. They’re a staple for sports. The powervita fabric combination of nylon and lycra increases the durability of these leggings.

Nylon is soft and flexible and also reliable. The added lycra reinforces this fabric and helps it retain its shape. In addition, It’s a 4-way stretch design that offers a good range of motion. The material is thick and opaque and will leave nothing to the eyes.

These leggings are designed with an unpinchable three-layer waistband that sits slightly beneath the navel and stays put.

It’s stretchy and comfortable and lined with mesh for extra support. They’re designed with medium compression that Improves performance during workouts. The flat-lock stitching help minimize chafing.

The Athleta salutation stash leggings have sweat-wicking properties that increase the durability of these leggings. You can perform yoga in the sun without worrying about the heat as they’re also rated UPF 50+

In addition, they’re good for the winter as they’re exceptional in retaining heat. The salutation stash leggings are of good quality and especially great for yoga.

The Old navy Powersoft and Athleta salutation stash leggings are both premium leggings, offering comfort, style, and performance.

They are both well built as they both perform similar functions. However, I feel the Athleta salutation stash has a more durable build than the Old Navy Powersoft leggings.


The Old navy Powersoft leggings come at a very affordable price. In fact, they’re cheap and have good quality. You can get these leggings at a price range of $17.97-$44.99.

The Athleta salutation stash on the other cost more than the Powersoft, but it’s not a luxury brand.

These leggings are more affordable than other luxury brands like Lulemon yet the quality can be compared. They can be gotten at a price range of $44-$109 depending on the color.

The Old navy Powersoft has a better price offer than the Athleta salutation stash leggings.


The Old navy Powersoft leggings are stylish pants that will look great on different body sizes. They improve your appearance and will keep you looking smart while you perform.

They will hug your body and help outline your curves. In addition, the light compression will support your butt, but won’t pop it out. However, take note that these leggings may not be comfortable for lounging because of the compression.

Also, these leggings are styled with on-seam side pockets that make them more attractive while providing a storage area for your items.

The Powersoft leggings are available in different colors and prints, giving you a lot of designs to choose from.

The Athleta salutation stash leggings are fashionable pants. These leggings have cuts that shape the hips through the thighs and to the legs.

They help flatter your figure while providing maximum comfort during exercise. In addition, the medium compression will give great fitting to your behind and hips.

Also, they’re styled with two bonded stash pockets to store your items. These pockets lie flat when it’s empty and they also streamline your belongings. The salutation stash is also available in different colors, having more neutral colors.

Both leggings are stylish and great on the body.

Size And Fitting

The Old navy Powersoft leggings run a little large, you will have to size down to get your proper fitting. They offer sizes for different body types including plus size. Their sizes run from XL-4X.

The Athleta salutation stash on the other hand runs true to size. They’ve got a very good range of sizes to suit many body types. Their sizes run from XXS-3X. 

The Athleta leggings have better sizing and fitting, they offer a more snug fit.

Final Verdict: Which Is Better?

The Old navy Powersoft and Athleta salutation stash are great leggings for sports. They’re both well-built with good quality and offer comfort and good fitting.

However, I feel the Athleta salutation stash leggings are better. They’ve got a more durable build and offer proper fitting and size. The price is not on the high end.

However, if you prefer cheaper leggings, then opt for the Powersoft leggings as they also offer great quality.


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