Old Navy Powerpress vs Powersoft: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Old Navy Powerpress and Powersoft is that the Powersoft comes with a side-mounted hidden pocket by the side of the leggings, which makes it possible for you to be able to keep something in there while you workout.

The Powerpress leggings do not come with this pocket. This is a physical difference that these two leggings have. The Old Navy Powerpress was originally called Elevate Leggings.

The name was changed but they still maintained the quality, comfort, and durability that the leggings have. The good thing about these leggings is that they are more than just workout leggings.

You can wear them comfortably all day even if you are not working out in them. Let us dive deeper into the comparison of these two leggings.

Old Navy Powerpress Review?

Old Navy Powerpress vs Powersoft

The Old Navy Powerpress was originally known as Elevate Leggings, though the name had to be changed to Old Navy Powerpress. The change of name did not affect the quality of leggings that they produce. It has a new name, but it still performs admirably.

This Old Navy Powerpress leggings are high-level compression leggings that are primarily used for workouts. Compression leggings are a type of workout legging that is typically worn to increase blood flow during exercise.

It has a four-way stretch that gives you the liberty to move and also stretch as you want. These workout leggings have the right fit you need while working out. You will not complain about discomfort as you work out with these leggings.

You will get amazing features like the Go-dry moisture-wicking wicking technology, which keeps you dry all day long.

While you are at the gym, there is every possibility that you will sweat. The moisture-wicking technology can help absorb the sweat and keep you dry.


  • Four-way super stretch
  • Go-Dry moisture-wicking technology
  • Elastic waistband
  • Breathable


  • There is no side pocket.

Old Navy Powersoft Review?

Old Navy Powerpress vs Powersoft

The Old Navy Powersoft is also a compression legging that works to keep you comfortable and to allow blood flow while you workout.

In terms of function, these Powersoft workout leggings are similar to those of the Powerpress, with the only difference being that this Powersoft does not include a side-mounted hidden pocket to help you keep things organized.

This Powersoft is so comfortable that it sits above your waist when you wear it. It also fits snugly around your hips and thighs. light and give you that peachy-soft feel when you wear them to workout.

Compression leggings that are this comfortable will make it so easy for you to enjoy your workout session. The waistband is also elastic, so no matter your size, these leggings will be able to expand and adjust to your size and still be comfortable for you.

When you get these leggings to wear, you will notice that they have a side-mounted on-seam pocket, which makes it possible for you to store a few things while you work out.


  • On-seam side pockets
  • Elastic waistband
  • peachy-soft feel
  • Lightweight
  • comfortable fit
  • Breathable
  • Go-Dry moisture-wicking technology


  • It does not have a wide-size option.

What similarities do the Old Navy Powerpress and Powersoft have?

Because Thd Powersoft and Powerpress are from the same company and they also perform similar functions, they have a wide variety of similarities that I will share with you in this segment of this article.

Take a look at the similarities between the two leggings:

  • They are both compression leggings.
  • They both have the Go-Dry moisture-wicking technology.
  • They both have an elastic waistband.
  • They are both fitted through the hip and thigh.
  • They both have the four-way super stretch feature for ease of movement.

They are both compression leggings

The Powersoft and Powerpress leggings are both compression leggings. The best type of leggings you can wear for a workout are compression leggings. They are sporty and better than the regular type of leggings.

What compression leggings do is that they help to increase blood flow around your body as you workout. This is different from the regular leggings people wear for fashion.

The good thing about these compression leggings is that even if you are not working out, they still look good on you and you can still wear them. This is one way that these two types of leggings are similar.

They both have the Go-Dry moisture-wicking technology

Sweating while you work out is inevitable. What this means is that you are most likely to sweat when you work out. Because of this, you need to wear something that has moisture-wicking technology.

That is what the Powerpress and Powersoft leggings have in common, and it is one reason why many people love to wear them.

Specifically, the Powerpress and the Powersoft leggings both have what is known as the Go-Dry moisture-wicking technology.

Even though you sweat all day, the moisture-wicking technology will help to keep you dry and warm. You will not have to have a sweaty body all day long. This is an important feature in workout wear.

They both have an elastic waistband

Because people are not of the same size, some are bigger while some are slimmer, what makes the Powerpress and Powersoft leggings fit properly is when they have this elastic waistband that tends to stretch and expand based on your waist size.

I like that after the waist has stretched, it will still return to its original size. This is the quality of a good and durable elastic waistband.

They are both fitted through the hip and thigh

Fitting is another important factor that one needs to consider while choosing what to wear while working out. The Powerpress and Powersoft leggings are fitted around the hip and the thigh.

This makes it more comfortable for you because if the leggings are not fitted around the hip, they will definitely fall off while you are working out, and it will be a bit embarrassing if your leggings fall off while working out. You should avoid this at all cost.

That is why these leggings were made to be fitted around the hip and thigh so that they will not fall off each time you do an intensive workout.

They both have the four-way super stretch feature for ease of movement

There is a good chance that you will make a quick movement while working out, as well as jump and stretch.

If what you are wearing is not stretchy enough, it could tear. That is why these Powersoft and Powerpress leggings have this four-way super stretch feature, which makes it possible for you to move at ease and perform any type of stretch while you work out. This is an important feature as well.

Let’s get into the major comparison between these two leggings

Old Navy Powerpress vs Powersoft: First glance

At first glance, you may not be able to tell the difference between the two, but when you get a closer look by getting hold of both leggings, you will notice that there is a side-mounted on-seam hidden pocket on the side of the Powersoft leggings

This is not present in the Powerpress leggings at all. This is one difference that you will notice on first glance. You may even need to take a closer look in order to see the pocket clearly because it is hidden.

Old Navy Powerpress vs Powersoft: Quality

The Old Navy Powersoft leggings are made with 73% polyester and 23% spandex. while that of the Powerpress is made with 85% polyester and 15% spandex.

These are two good materials; the only difference is that the Powerpress has more polyester than that of the Powersoft. A combination of polyester and spandex makes the leggings durable and comfortable all day long.

This durability makes the leggings less prone to deteriorating easily. With this, you can use it for a long period of time.

Winner: Tie

Old Navy Powerpress vs Powersoft: Design

Based on the description and images you’ve seen thus far, Powersoft has a better design than Powerpress.

This does not mean that the Powerpress does not have a good design at all. No doubt, the Powerpress has a good design. However, the side hidden pocket gives Powersoft a win over Powerpress when it comes to design.

This side pocket makes it look so good on you when you wear it. You will also notice that these Powersoft leggings have a shiny finish. This looks attractive when you wear them with your workout outfit.

When it comes to design, it is a clear win for the Old Navy Powersoft leggings. If you would love to have something more stylish and with a cool design, the Powersoft will be a good option for you. If you need something simpler, the Powerpress will serve you well.

Winner: Powersoft

Old Navy Powerpress vs Powersoft: Sizing

When it comes to sizing, the Powersoft leggings come mostly in a 16–30 XL size. This size is mostly for those who are fat. Powersoft leggings do not give you a wide variety of sizes.

If you get to purchase one, it may be an XL size, and if you do not wear XL, you may not be able to see your size. The situation is different from that of Powerpress.

When you purchase the Old Navy Powerpress, you will have the option to get any size you want. You can get XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, etc.

With this, you have options on what size you can buy. It is obvious which one is better when it comes to sizing.

The Powerpress has a wider range of size options, which makes it the winner when compared to the Powersoft leggings.

Next time you want to choose between the Powersoft and Powerpress and you want something that you will be able to select different sizes, the Powerpress is a better option for you.

Winner: Powerpress

Old Navy Powerpress vs Powersoft: Price

Prizing is another important factor that one needs to be on the lookout for before purchasing any of the leggings. If the leggings you want to buy are too pricey, you may likely not purchase them, especially if they are way above your budget.

The Powerpress and the Powersoft are averagely priced, despite the fact that they offer great quality. However, some of the Powersoft leggings can cost about $10 more than the Powerpress leggings.

This means that it is a bit more expensive than the Powerpress. Generally, both of them are really affordable. You can purchase either the Powerpress or the Powersoft leggings for between $25-$45.

This is quite affordable, but then you tend to pay about $10 more if you are going for the Powersoft leggings.

Consider it as paying $10 more for a hidden pocket in which to store a few items while working out. It may sound funny, but it may actually be the case.

Which one is better? Overall verdict

Both of them are really good, but then before you choose which one is better overall, you need to decide what exactly you need in compression leggings.

If you are the type that pays a lot of attention to the design it comes with, the side pocket, and fit, and you are willing to spend an extra $10 to purchase it, then the Old Navy Powersoft is a good one for you.

However, if you do not care about the side pocket or the design, if you would love to get a wide variety of sizes and you want something simple and does not look too stylish, and you do not want to spend too much but still get good quality, then the Powerpress is a good option for you.

You should take your time before you make a decision on which one you should go for because if you make a decision on the one you want and it ends up not meeting your needs, you may not be able to return or ask for a replacement.

That is why you need to be sure before making a choice.


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