Nulux vs Nulu Leggings: Which Is Better?

Popular examples of athleisure clothing in the present day are the Nulux Legging and the Nulu Legging.

Check out your local gym or grocery store and see how many ladies you see wearing skintight leggings and a loose top. Have you ever contrasted Nulux leggings to Nulu leggings, though, to see if there really is a distinction between the two?

The key difference between Nulux and Nulu is that Nulux is lighter in weight and silkier in feel. Lightweight and translucent, Nulux is similar to Nulu and may have a lesser level of coverage.

All items in the bestselling Align line are crafted from luxuriously smooth Nulu. It doesn’t have the best performance, but it’s really cozy. Nulux is another alternative.

We’re well aware of the significance of just one letter. This fabric is just as comfortable as Nulu, but it is better at wicking away sweat.

When do you wear Nulux?

Nulux vs Nulu Leggings

Nulux is worn for intensive workouts or jogging. Cross-trainers and other athletes who are into serious workouts can benefit from wearing Nulux.

It was made to resemble the comfort of Nulu fabric, but to better manage moisture and provide structural support during rigorous workouts.

Made of 84 percent nylon and 16 percent Lycra elastane, Nulux is the fabric Lululemon employed and is intended for consumers who appreciate cross-training.

If you prefer textiles that provide coverage yet feel like you’re wearing nothing, this is a variant for high-sweat exercise.

Nulux, being much lighter than Nulu, helps to keep you a little bit cooler throughout strenuous activities. You can find alternatives to shorts in the form of Nulux crops and Nulux.

Nulux is more slippery than Nulu and not as robust as luxtreme. Nulux is the offspring of Nulu and luxtreme. As the name would imply, it does not pill easily, making it an excellent choice for high-friction sports like jogging.

When do you wear Nulu?

Nulux vs Nulu Leggings

You can wear your Nulu to yoga, run errands, to breakfast, or really any time.

You’ll feel like you’re not donning anything at all thanks to the Nulu fabric’s incredible softness.

The standard length is the 25-inch pair, although they also come in 17, 21, 23, 25, 28, and 31-inch lengths. Like most other Lululemon bottoms, these rise to the upper abdomen.

You can wear yours for as long as you like and they will still feel as comfy as the first day you bought them.

There is no doubt about the quality. The reassurance is available. You can locate the ultra-cozy lounge Nulux of your dreams, and you’ll probably wash them just so you can wear them again.

Does Nulu Show Sweat?

Yes – if you sweat a lot in your colorful Nulux, it will show. Black pants hide sweat well. Furthermore, sweat typically does not show up on prints.

Sweat will be more visible on any solid, block color. Although the Nulu fabric is the coziest, it is not recommended for intense workouts where you would perspire heavily.

When tested while weightlifting, the Align Nulux took much longer to dry than the competition.

In any case, you won’t even notice you’re wearing them because they’re so light.

However, you need not worry about any embarrassing see-through in a downward-facing dog because even the lighter hues are sufficiently impenetrable.

What Similarities Do Nulux and Nulu Have?

  • Neither fabric is intended to be compressed in any way. These aren’t going to help much if you’re looking for compression.
  • Both are extremely elastic and create a seamless appearance and feel. While Nulu is ideal for gentle exercises like yoga and Pilates, Nulux shines during more strenuous, high-friction routines like jogging and cardio.
  • Lightweight and translucent, Nulux is similar to Nulu and may have a lesser level of coverage.
  • The two terms, “Nulux” and “Nulu,” relate to essentially the same thing: skin-tight bottom and upper-body coverings.
  • Both are easy to put on and take off, as well as being slick and warm enough to wear as an extra layer when it gets chilly.

Comparison between Nulux and Nulu

Take a look at this brief summary to learn about the primary distinctions between Nulux and Nulu.

Features Nulux Nulu
Style Gives protection while appearing to wear nothing at all. Heavier than Nulux, but still sticks to the skin.
Material Fabricated from Lycra elastane and nylon. Made from a cottony material.
Durability A non-pilling material is used for Nulux, therefore, it doesn’t pill. Nulu will pill due to the kind of material used.
Intended Use Excellent choice for high-friction sports like jogging. You can wear your Nulu to yoga, run errands, to breakfast, or really any time.
Comfort Nulu fabric offers a luxuriously soft touch and a subtle, refreshing sheen. As a result, they’re quite easy to slip on and off. This Nulux, crafted from the ultra-soft Nulu fabric, offers all-day comfort and a figure-flattering design.
Cost They cost between $90 and $150. They cost between $70 and $120.



Though both Nulux and Nulu are made of stretchy fabric, Nulu typically uses a thicker and more durable fabric. Nulux and Nulu can be made from a wide variety of materials, including cotton knit with spandex, polyester knits, and nylon knits.

The fabric used to make Nulux is sometimes a four-way stretch or high-performance sports fabric. This fabric has remarkable flexibility and will retain its shape even after multiple days of yoga, hiking, or jogging.


Generally speaking, Nulux is more at ease than Nulu, however, this might vary greatly.

To begin, both the Nulu and the Nulux can be made using a lightweight cotton knit. This is common in boot-cut Nulu pants, for instance.

In this scenario, the level of comfort is the same because both pairs of pants are made from the same material.

However, in Nulu, they typically utilize a much stretchier and thicker cloth. While not as plush as standard Nulux, this supports you nicely as you move from tree posture to mountain pose.


Nulux typically outlasts Nulu by a wide margin. However, like with any garment, the quality and kind of fabric chosen are crucial.

Long-term use wears down cotton Nulu faster than high-performance sports materials used to make Nulu. Some Nulu fabric materials may also be very long-lasting because of the denser and more robust nature of the fabric.

Nulu leggings produced from athletic fabric, on the other hand, won’t retain their elasticity as well over time as Nulux leggings made from jersey weave.


Nulux is typically much more expensive than standard Nulu. Sporting goods typically cost more than streetwear since they are made with more expensive, high-performance materials. Obviously, the brand makes a huge difference here.

Premium brands now provide both Nulux and Nulu for exorbitant prices. Popular businesses often charge $100 for their Nulu products.

However, you can usually find cheaper, generic Nulu for roughly $20. However, generic versions of Nulux can be purchased for as little as $10 because they are made from cheaper materials.

Intended Use

Nulu is meant for use during light exercise, whereas Nulux is more versatile and can be used in a variety of situations.

However, it’s possible that Nulu wouldn’t make it through a strenuous workout. When you initially try to lunge forward on your fitness track, the seams around the seat may break.

Some Nulux and Nulu leggings are designed for particular activities. You probably shouldn’t try heated yoga in your cotton Nulu trousers, for instance.

Instead, you should put on some Nulux polyester or nylon that can wick sweat away from your skin.

Similarly, there are outdoor-specific versions of the popular Nulu leggings that have secure storage for your smartphone and a higher-strength fabric for use in the great outdoors.

These may not be as cozy for lounging around the home, but they’re perfect on the trail!


Nulux leggings are more comfortable to wear on a daily basis because they are made of a softer material than Nulu.

Because of the higher cost of the fabric, Nulux trousers typically retail for more than Nulu leggings.

Nulu leggings come in a variety of cuts and are always form-fitting. When it’s acceptable to flaunt your Nulux or Nulu leggings in public is a matter of debate. However, athleisure is currently trending and widely worn.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that Nulux is better than Nulu due to the numerous comparisons listed above, the most important being the lighter and more durable fabric used.


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