Nudie vs Edwin Jeans: Which Is Better?

Nudie and Edwin jeans are made in raw and washed categories with organic compounds in them. Although, the compounds and make-up of Nudie jeans are not completely profitable to the atmosphere like Edwin jeans.

Their quality of production differs since Edwin jeans are made of superior elements. This makes Edwin jeans last within a period of one year without ripping off while Nudie jeans barely last for six months still maintaining their quality.

If you are caught in between, not knowing whether to purchase Nudie or Edwin jeans, read on for more details about them.

Nudie vs Edwin Jeans: First glance


Nudie vs Edwin Jeans

Nudie jeans came to be around 2001 in Sweden. The pioneers of Nudie jeans were passionate about raw denim and they began to create masterpieces with them. With time, they built a completely organic label.

Since twenty years of its creation, they were not able to produce completely organic denim till 2012.

Their jeans are made with the consciousness of sustainability and durability in mind. Nudie denim needs to break in so that it can fit better and last longer.

The brand offers “Free Repairs Forever” programs which grant you an offer to stitch your torn jeans on any of their mobile sites without paying any amount.

Edwin Jeans

Nudie vs Edwin Jeans

This brand produces Japanese denim. Edwin jeans were created in 1947 and since then, they have been making waves in the fashion industry.

Edwin’s denim is designed with exceptional skills and invention. They were among the early jeans that pioneered ‘stone washing’ in the 80s and they have been creating fresher styles since then.

Edwin brand designs fantastic jeans in raw denim and denim that have been cleaned with water from the factory.

Nudie vs Edwin Jeans: Let’s get to the comparison

Materials Used For Production

Nudie Jeans

Nudie brand asserts to design their jeans with materials that are sustainable however, they have a harmful environmental effect. Nudie uses natural, renewed cotton and ethical fibers. Which includes;

  • Elastane
  • Reused polyester
  • Lyocell
  • Polyamide
  • Natural wool
  • Leather
  • Jacron
  • Virgin Nylon


This material is added to Nudie jeans to permit stretching. The cotton yarns spun to design these jeans are woven around a slim yarn of elastane material.

This material makes you comfy in Nudie jeans. Also, they give you a soft and elastic feeling. The elastane element is used to enhance Nudie jeans as reused ones.


The percentage of renewed polyester utilized to design Nudie jeans dwindles, depending on the style of jeans in view.

This brand’s jeans combine its reused polyester with renewed wool. Polyester is a fossil derived from artificial fibers used to restore Nudie jeans to their former size before stretching.

Inserting polyester into cotton materials strengthens the woolen yarn. At the same time, when reused polyester is released into the community, it is detrimental to humans and animals.


This is a sustainable cellulosic fiber that is sustainable. This fiber is sturdy and has little or no negative effects on the environment.

This is the major fiber in Nudie jeans and the loop used in its spinning can be reused.


This is the most familiar Nylon brand. It is an artificial fiber that shreds microplastic components when cleaned.

This fiber also makes the denim sturdy and resistant. This material is put on the metal buttons of some denim.


Wool is a biological fiber added for stability and to fend off stains with ease. Its make-up makes the jeans lasting.

Since airing woolen clothes are beneficial to the atmosphere, this material makes Nudie jeans ecologically good for the atmosphere.


Incorporated in Nudie Jeans is a leather material since they look like denim, this makes their jeans unique.

Most of the leather used to produce these jeans is tanned with vegetables, this process reduces the use of processing leather with chemicals.


Some categories of Nudie jeans have patches with leather materials, but in recent times Jacron has been utilized in place of leather materials.

Edwin Jeans

  • Recycled Nylon and renewed Polyester
  • Organic Flax and Hemp
  • Reused cotton and wool
  • In Conversion Cotton
  • Organic Cotton
  • Tencel, Modal, and Monocel (which are all Lenzing Lyocell products)
  • Spandex
  • Poly-Acrylic
  • Virgin Nylon

Recycled Nylon and Renewed Polyester

Polyesters are gotten from unnatural fibers to permit restoration when your Edwin Jeans stretch.

Nylons are made of Polyester and Polyamide, Edwin jeans get renewed nylons by burning containers manually or making use of chemicals.

Organic Cotton

Edwin’s company is approved organic by the USDA Organic, this boosts their use of naturally grown cotton.

From the seems, down to the cultivating and harvesting process, the cotton used to design Edwin jeans are biological grown, without unhealthful chemicals detrimental to the health of living things.


This is an artificial fiber that facilitates stretching so as to enable the denim to flatten and shape your limbs. Edwin jeans use virgin elastane materials in order to protect the environment. These elastane materials can be used with time.

Eco Adornments

Edwin uses renewable brooches, buttons, and rivets to wrap up their finishing. Their pockets are made of organic cotton and renewed polyester. The stitchings are made with threads made of reused plastic containers.

Free Packaging

This brand didn’t fail to balance its use of atmospheric-friendly materials. They also utilize plant-derived enveloped and revived polyester to construct envelopes for packaging.


Nudie jeans are true to size, they deliver an extensive mixture of fit. They design skinny, tapered, Ultra skinny, and slim pants.

Edwin jeans do not shrink too much after cleaning in water. They are not accurate in size, so you will need to size downwards by half of one inch around the waist region.



Nudie Jeans are styled in different patterns. Some include; Skinny Lin, Tight Terry, Lean Dean, Thin Finn, Grim Tim, Slim Adam, and the likes.

These jeans are made with a diversity of light stretch and raw denim.

Skinny Lin

This variety of jeans is extremely thin, wonderful for persons with slim legs. They feel close around the contours, down to the legs.

They are groovy slender jeans so, you need to size up before purchasing, especially if you have big thighs. Skinny Lin jeans are put together with pockets at the back and they relax properly on the waist.

Tight Terry

This Nudie design is a lanky silhouette. It almost looks like the skinny Lin variety, but Tight Terry is designed with slanted waists which is a but raised around the back.

Lean Dean

When it comes to Nudie jeans sales, this Lean Dean category is a best seller. It is much more comfortable than Tight Terry.

It is not thin or tipped, but it’s a flattering cut for virtually all body sizes. They are a little bit longer than usual and shrink after the washing and drying process is completed.

Thin Finn

This Nudie jeans are designed with Nudie’s authentic fit. Just in case you use Nudie’s sizing chart to get a pair of thin finn, be assured that you won’t go wrong.

Nudie’s thin-film jeans have tied silhouettes. Although the back pockets are positioned downwards, the leg’s structure is precise.

Grim Tim

This is a straight leg pants made with thinner legs starting from below the knee.

As a result of its slightly roomy thighs, Grim Tim is nice for workouts, they have conventional pockets stationed at the back and grip tightly at the waist area.

Slim Adam

This jeans look so much like Chinos, but their waists are small but described in relation to Lean Dean, they are regular.

Edwin Jeans

These jeans are available in loose, slightly loose, and tight styles, but they are all comfy. When it comes to good-looking innovation, these jeans are the topmost.

They are sufficiently detailed in raw, light, medium tone, heavy, and faded denim tones. Their men’s variety comes in various shades of black and indigo.

High Rise – Straight leg

This classic Edwin’s cut has a conventional straight leg style with a high raised midsection. This style is modeled after denim with vintage fashion in the 1950s but recently modified.

This raised style is not saggy, it has a unique loose fit which is nice and looks like American fashion.

Medium Rise – Loosed Tapered

These recently initiated fit has brought many sales to the company as a result of their standard looks. They are made with loose thighs and tipped legs. This slightly skinny-fitted jeans can be worn as an everyday pant.

Medium Rise – Regular Straight

This jeans fits like a regular one, it suits practically all physique and looks good for outdoor events. These pants are not too slender or feel extremely loose.

Nudie’s Mid-rise jeans are made with straight legs which look good on boots and trendy on plain tops.

Medium Rise – Relaxed Tapered

This is Edwin’s leading fashion because it looks more contemporary than the rest. Also, these jeans are versatile, conforming to various physiques. The thigh area is super comfy and does not restrain your movement, even though they look slender.

Relaxed Tapered Mid Rise jeans are the label’s best seller. They are available in unique washes and detailed looks.

Medium Rise – Slim Tapered

This is another standard Edwin’s style that fits slim persons. They are smart and usual, this makes them suitable for office and regular wear. Around the thigh area, the cuts are thin and look further slender downwards with a cuff at the bottom.

These jeans feel super relaxed and are obtainable in different materials.

Medium Rise – Slim Tapered

This is Edwin’s freshest cut. It is exceedingly thin from the thigh and lessened for a stylish look. These jeans are relaxed and versatile, they have fine patches and stitched pockets at the back area.


Due to the quality of raw denim used to design Nudie jeans and its construction process, they are not cheap, but reasonable. Nudie sells a typical pair for $185.

Edwin jeans are not so costly when the quality of the jeans are placed side by side with their monetary value. A regular pair sells for $180.

Pros of Nudie Jeans

  • They are luxurious and detailedly stitched.
  • Nudie jeans feel relaxed when you wear them since they stretch a lot.
  • They look finer when they break-in.
  • These jeans are elegant men’s wear, put together with premium denim.
  • Nudie jeans break in with ease.
  • They are made in raw and pre-washed samples.
  • Nudies jeans are crafted by masters skilled in the art.
  • The fabrics used feels remarkably soft.
  • These jeans are sturdy, this makes them enduring.
  • Nudies jeans produce an expansive variety of jeans in distinct styles.

Cons of Nudie Jeans

  • They are too expensive.
  • These jeans fade hastily.
  • Nudie jeans are not durable.
  • They are not completely sustainable.
  • Their zip breaks effortlessly.
  • Nudie jeans are inconsistent in their sizes.
  • They do not offer forever repairs as they guarantee.

Pros of Edwin Jeans

  • Edwin’s manufactures one of the best denim you can find.
  • They are made modeled with excellence and authentic denim.
  • These jeans are constructed with great craftsmanship.
  • They are made in unique cuts and styles.
  • These jeans are available in raw and washed versions which are durable.
  • Edwin jeans are made with organic compounds which are not toxic, but helpful to the surrounding.
  • Their denim treatments or sanforization process are thorough and superb.
  • They feel soft and smooth
  • Edwin’s jeans are lightweight, they do not shrink much.
  • They are versatile, composed of innovative features that make their styles limitless.

Cons of Edwin Jeans

  • Some categories of Edwin’s jeans feel extremely large around the abdomen.
  • The Raw denim variety of Edwin Jeans is too stiff.

Final Verdict

When it comes to jeans constructed for luxury with smooth denim, Nudie and Edwin’s jeans are nice.

They feel very relaxed when you put them on. They both declare that they design denim which is beneficial to the ecology, but there are elements of toxic materials in the materials used to design Nudie Jeans.

Aside from Edwin’s numerous years of production, they have a wide range of styles, and their premium designs and precise procedure of construction are superior when described in relation to Nudie jeans.

Winner: Edwin Jeans


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