Nudie vs Acne Skinny Jeans: Comparison

Nudie and Acne are jeans brands that majorly produce skinny jeans. While you can find less expensive jeans for Nudie, Acne is more expensive. Although, both jeans brands are affordable.

The major difference between these two is in the feel of the jeans. While Nudie is made of softer material, Acne is rather stiff. This is the reason why you will feel more comfortable in Nudie than Acne.

Acne is made of a rigid material, unlike Nudie. So, when setting out to purchase any of these jeans, have this in mind.

In this article, I will carefully compare these two jeans brands using various factors before I finally say which is better.

First Glance At Nudie Skinny Jeans

Nudie vs Acne Skinny Jeans Nudie vs Acne Skinny Jeans

So, the first thing you’ll notice here is that you’re about to purchase a skinny jean. In case skinny is not what you are looking out for, then you might as well check some other options.

Nudie has majorly skinny collection of jeans and that is exactly what you will notice at first glance. While some of Nudie’s jeans may be high rise, some are middle rise.

You will notice this also, especially if this is not your first time buying jeans or dealing with jeans. There are also straight-leg cut jeans in Nudie’s collection. You can easily notice this at first glance.

Depending on the style you want, some of Nudie’s jeans are faded in some parts while others are all one color. You will also notice that you have many colors to choose from in any model of Nudie jean that interest you.

Let me also mention that there are various sizes available and you will have the liberty of choosing any size you want. Looking at Nudie skinny jeans, you will notice the zip fly or the button closure, depending on the one you want to buy.

First Glance At Acne Skinny Jeans

Nudie vs Acne Skinny Jeans Nudie vs Acne Skinny Jeans

When you set out to buy Acne jeans, you will first notice that Acne jeans are more available in full length. Acne jeans look like the kind of jeans a regular man or woman would put on.

They do not look too expensive, but they look like quality jeans. Since we are talking about skinny ones, you will probably notice how skinny-looking Acne jeans are. I mean, they are great skinny jeans.

You will also notice that they are the type of jeans you would want to wear anywhere, like everywhere.

Acne jeans are unique in design, as some of them are made with original belt that can be adjusted. You will certainly notice this if that is the type you want to buy. That’s one very good thing I like about Acne jeans.

My favorite here is the Acne studios loose-fit jeans that come with regular Length, high rise, and adjustable belt.

It is the adjustable belt that first attracted me to that jean. Acne jeans might not really look rigid, but they feel rigid. You will also notice that Acne jeans are available in different styles and colours. Some are distressed and others are not.

Similarities Between Acne & Nudie Skinny Jeans

Organic cotton

There are many similarities between these brands of jeans. The first one here is that both Acne and Nudie jeans are made from organic cotton.

While Acne jeans are made from organically grown cotton, Nudie jeans are made from just organic cotton. As a result of this, both jeans can have the same texture if made with 100% cotton.

This also means that the way you take care of your Nudie jeans is the same way you should care for your Acne jeans. Although their construction process may not be the same, they share the same making material.

They are both skinny jeans

Isn’t this how we got the topic we are talking about now? Both Nudie and Acne jeans have a skinny collection of jeans. This implies that you can choose to either buy skinny jeans from Nudie or Acne. You will still get the same skinny jeans.

Personally, I have not seen any plus-size jeans from these brands. So, they are your go-to for skinny jeans.

I have seen a situation whereby a guy was contemplating whether to get Nudie or Acne because they are both skinny jeans and that got him confused. He had to check which served him better.

Moderate prices

Another thing these two brands have in common is the price range. Although Nudie has more of less expensive jeans, there are prices of Nudie jeans that fall within the same price range as Acne.

Acne sells jeans from $100+ and there are many Nudie jeans that are above $100. Just that, you can find Nudie jeans for below $100 while you won’t find Acne jeans below $100.

So, you can basically budget the same amount for any of these two brands of jeans. The qualities they have should make you either buy Nudie or Acne.

They are stretchy Jeans

Moreso, Nudie, and Acne have something else in common. Acne jeans are super stretchy while Nudie jeans are made with a combination of elastane with cotton. This elastane is to make the jeans stretchy.

So, both jeans brands are stretchy. And as a result of this, both jeans brands have a great fitting for customers. Regardless of how stiff Acne jeans may be, they are stretchy and will still conform to your body after the first break-in.

Nudie is originally soft and stretchy so, you won’t need much break-in. But, both brands of jeans are stretchy.

Nudie vs Acne Skinny Jeans: Comparison


Construction goes beyond the materials used in making these jeans. The construction of a jean contributes to the comfort level of that jeans and the durability of that jeans also. For Nudie jeans, they are made with organic cotton and elastane.

Organic cotton contributes a higher percentage to the production of a jean. The elastane is only added to make it stretchy and more comfortable. For Acne jeans, they are made with twill denim which is made from organic cotton.

It is not said which other materials they are made with, but most Acne jeans are 100% cotton. Whatever processes the cotton goes through sure make it stiff and stretchy at the same time.

Both jeans brands are well stitched and constructed with several designs to suit people’s fashion taste. We cannot say which is better here, because both are well stitched.

Comfort Level

Comfort is the most important part of any clothing. If I am not comfortable in a jean, regardless of how fitting it is on me, I may as well not put it on. For Nudie jeans, I like the way they are so comfortable.

They are made with soft materials and this has elevated the Comfort level of Nudie jeans. I have written on a lot of jeans and this is one of the most comfortable jeans I have found. For Acne jeans, they are comfortable also.

The super stretch feature of the jeans makes them more comfortable. I have compared Acne jeans with other jeans and in that comparison, Acne was more comfortable.

But, in this very comparison, I can tell you that Nudie is more comfortable. If comfort is the basic thing you want in skinny jeans right now, then go for Nudie.


When it comes to pricing, you can decide to get the jean you want from any store and that might make the price different from the original price.

Nudie jeans are priced from $29 to $383. Yes! You can find Nudie jeans for as low as that price. One thing with pricing is that you have to be careful of the store you buy from, especially online stores.

You must be able to trust that store before getting anything cheaper than the original price from them. For Acne jeans, the prices for men range between $132 to $380.

And that for women is between $192 to $380. While Nudie sells less expensive jeans, Acne sells more expensive, but does not go above the highest of Nudie jeans.


This is the part that I really look out for. That is why I asked and researched these two jeans on how long they can last before I decided to check them out.

Just that sometimes, you can’t have your jeans last long for you if you do not take care of them. From what I know, Nudie jeans last long.

They can stay as long as you want them and as long as you make provision for them to stay.

Acne jeans also last really long. So, these two jeans last a great while that I’m finding it difficult to say which last longer.

So, I just want to assure you that whichever brand you choose after reading this article, they will stay durable.


After all said and done, if a jean you like does not size or fit you, you would not want to buy it.

Or if you have bought it already, you would be forced to return it. So, when it comes to sizing, Nudie has a size chart where you can pick your jean according to your size.

You shouldn’t be bothered because the sizing there is right and whatever size of yours you picked will definitely fit you.

Nudie jeans fit like a glove. As for Acne, they also have a size chart where you can pick your size of jeans. Acne jeans are well-fitting too.

When it comes to fitting, both jeans brands are well-fitting. But, you might have a hard break-in for Acne jeans.


I decided to bring this last because I also want you to determine which has the better quality from the comparison we have above. Nudie jeans are well stitched and constructed, they are also comfortable, more comfortable than Acne.

Nudie jeans are durable as well as Acne, they fit well and they have moderate pricing. Acne is well stitched, not as comfortable as Nudie, fits well, and is as durable as Nudie.

Acne has moderate pricing too but is slightly more expensive than Nudie. Because of the Comfort level of Nudie over Acne, I will say that Nudie jeans are better quality than Acne.

Why Should You Buy Nudie Skinny Jeans?

Let me first say that you should buy Nudie jeans because you need skinny jeans. You surely wanted something that will fit you well just like Nudie jeans.

You should also buy Nudie jeans because you need to be comfortable in your jeans. You also should buy Nudie jeans because you can afford them.

You can find the less expensive amount and moderate amount depending on your budget. You should also buy Nudie jeans because they are made of a softer material and they will feel soft on your skin.

Lastly, you should buy Nudie jeans because they will last longer.

Why Should You Buy Acne Skinny Jeans?

Here also, you should buy Acne jeans because you need skinny jeans. I believe that is why you are still reading this article. You should buy Acne jeans if you want rigid jeans that will serve whatever purpose you want them for.

Another reason you should buy Acne jeans is that you can afford them. They are of moderate price and you do not need to save for too long in order to buy them.

Also, you should buy Acne jeans because they are durable. They will last long for you. If you need full-length jeans, I believe Acne jeans is where you should look. Buy Acne jeans because they are comfortable and fitting as well.

Overall Verdict (Which Is Better?)

Having critically considered these two brands, I believe you should have decided which is better for you. From the features of these jeans, a lot of people will still prefer the one I don’t.

If I were to choose, based on the qualities we have outlined above, Nudie is better than Acne jeans.

Just like I’ve said, you can choose the one that is better for you.


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