Nudie Jeans vs Ksubi: Which Is Better?

What differentiates Nudie jeans from Ksubi is the nature of the fabric. Ksubi jeans are made of a thicker fabric compared to Nudie.

Also, most Ksubi jeans are made of the back cross embroidery and signature tag while Nudie jeans do not have that. There is also a difference in price. Ksubi jeans are slightly more expensive than Nudie.

Why this Comparison?

This comparison and jeans review is necessary in order to access the features and quality of these jeans and then find out which is better between these two brands

Many people might find brand A better than brand B for them. That’s okay, as long as you are comfortable and it’s fitting on you.

But, there are people who are about to try out any of these two and they want to be sure.

I believe that is the reason you clicked on this post. Just stay, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

I’m going to take you through the first glance perspective of these two brands and I’ll compare the construction, quality, comfort level, price, fit & sizing, and silhouette of Nudie and Ksubi jeans. Then, I’ll finally say which is better between the two brands.

First Glance At Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans vs Ksubi Nudie Jeans vs Ksubi

Nudie brand is one of the famous raw denim jeans brands. When setting out to purchase Nudie jeans, there are certain features you will notice about their jeans. To start with, you will definitely notice the washes of the jeans.

Nudie jeans are available in different beautiful washes. Also, you will notice the zipper or button closure in most Nudie jeans. Nudie jeans are also available in high waist style and mid-rise style.

If you are planning to visit a physical store and you are able to know what Nudie jeans feel like, you’ll notice that they are thinner in texture. You will also notice that they are very stretchy.

The price is one other thing you’ll notice. Nudie jeans are not the conventional Levi’s jeans that you could get for a few bucks, they are pricy and you will most likely find less expensive ones in other stores aside from Nudie stores.

Another thing you’ll notice about Nudie jeans is the cotton thread construction. That is if you’re familiar with types of thread.

I am sure that the fashionable designs of Nudie jeans will not escape your eyes as Nudie jeans are classy and they look like jeans that classy people should wear.

First Glance At Ksubi Jeans

Nudie Jeans vs Ksubi Nudie Jeans vs Ksubi

Ksubi jeans brand is another brand I find interesting. When I checked out their collection of jeans, I was awestruck. Ksubi have a way of paying attention to the detailing of their jeans.

To start with, you will most likely notice the unique back cross embroidery on Ksubi jeans. You will also notice the signature woven pocket tag and the five-pocket detailing. When it comes to style, these guys’ got it.

You will also notice the front fly seam and the angled belt loops. If you are looking at the Van Winkle Spray model, you will notice the full-length fit and the mid-rise waist style.

Also, some Ksubi jeans are skinny and they are available in many washes like the faded black wash. If you are a classy type and you’re proud of the Ksubi signature, then I think you will love this.

If you were to touch Ksubi jeans, most of their jeans are stretchy and that is comfort assured. You will also discover that Ksubi jeans are thick in fabric compared to Nudie jeans.

Nudie Jeans vs Ksubi: Let’s get to the Comparison

I am sure that you are already excited to see which is better after reading all of the great features of these two brands.

Read along, let’s have a Head-to-Head comparison of these two brands.


Nudie jeans are popular for the thinness of their materials. This is their uniqueness and most Nudie jeans are light and stretchy.

Nudie jeans are made of cotton with the addition of lots of stretch. Some Nudie jeans are high-waisted while others are in mid-rise style.

Like I said at the first glance, Nudie jeans are stitched with cotton thread. I have seen some customers of Nudie jeans complain of the poor construction of Nudie jeans, but I think they are good.

Ksubi jeans, on the other hand, are made of cotton and elastane, the same as Nudie jeans. They are designed in high-rise style and mid-rise style.

Ksubi jeans are also made with stretch for comfort. There is the belt loops design, the front fly seam, the embroidery, and the woven pocket tag.

Ksubi jeans are also constructed in the five-pocket styling design. Even if Ksubi has received some complaints about the construction of their jeans, I believe that they are well constructed.


The construction of a jean goes a long way to determine the quality of that jeans. We have seen how Nudie jeans are constructed and it is believed that they are of good quality.

Nudie jeans are thinner in fabric and very stretchy. As a result of that, they tend to break out easily, especially in the crotch region.

This does not apply to all Nudie jeans, but a few cases have tainted the overall quality of Nudie jeans. Regardless of this, Nudie still remains one of the best raw denim jeans.

For Ksubi, they are of good quality also. Ksubi jeans may not be as famous as Nudie, but they are quality denim in the Ksubi collection.

The thick and stretchy denim is of high quality and many customers have found Ksubi satisfactory. Also, Ksubi jeans last longer and they last longer than Nudie jeans.

Durability is another factor to determine the quality of a jean. In this comparison, as per quality, I think Ksubi jeans are of better quality than Nudie.

Comfort Level

Comfort is seen as one of the most important requirements in jeans. When it comes to comfort, Nudie jeans are really comfortable. The stretch added to Nudie jeans affords the comfortability of their jeans.

The fact that Nudie jeans are thinner and stretchy means that they are lightweight and comfortable. Heavyweight jeans do not sit well with many people and I’m sure Nudie is the best jeans for such a category of people.

This is one of the things I like about Nudie jeans, they ensure that you are comfortable while you wear them, no matter how long they last.

Ksubi jeans are also comfortable because they are made with stretch in the place of elastane, the same material that Nudie uses for stretch.

Ksubi should have been as comfortable as Nudie if not that the fabric of denim is thicker and that makes Ksubi jeans heavyweight than Nudie.

Some of Ksubi’s jeans are made of 100% cotton and sometimes, the fabric may not stretch to the level of comfort you desire.

As much as Ksubi jeans are comfortable, I believe that they can improve on that. So, when it comes to comfort, Nudie jeans are more comfortable than Ksubi jeans.


The pricing of jeans is another important factor when you’re considering getting a pair of jeans. The quality of the jeans should be worth the money demanded for that jeans.

For Nudie, their jeans are as expensive as Ksubi. But, they are more affordable jeans available in Nudie jeans collection. You can find Nudie jeans on Amazon store in the price range of $23 to $222.

There are more affordable jeans than the expensive ones. Most Nudie jeans are priced below a hundred dollars and that’s quite affordable.

Except, you want to get the pricy ones that are above $100. Although, some customers think that Nudie jeans are overpriced for the quality they give.

And then, Ksubi jeans are expensive. I haven’t found any Ksubi jeans below a hundred bucks. We know that anything above $100 is expensive.

On the official Ksubi jeans website, jeans range between $132 to $280. Although, you might find off prices in some stores which may be 20, 30, or even 50 percent price slash.

But, for the original price, it’s as high as almost $300. They might be worth the price but I think that they are still a bit pricy. Of these two brands, Ksubi jeans are more expensive.


I understand how important it is for the sizing to be right and the fitting perfect. Nudie jeans might have a few issues in sizing, but they fit perfectly when you get the right size.

As a result of the excess stretch in Nudie jeans, they tend to run big even when you purchase your size. In this case, you are advised to size down when purchasing Nudie jeans.

Although most people have testified that they stay true to size, you might want to size down for a perfect fitting. Generally, Nudie jeans are true to size.

As for Ksubi jeans, they are also very true to size. Ksubi jeans are available in sizes XS to 2XL.  While researching on this, I realized that most people find Ksubi jeans larger on them.

Ksubi jeans might run large on you and you might want to size down when purchasing in order to get a perfect fit for yourself. But, they are more true to size than running large.

When it comes to sizing, Ksubi jeans are more true to size than Nudie jeans. Then, Nudie jeans are more fitting than Nudie jeans.


When I started, I mentioned how fashionable these two jeans are. Nudie jeans look like the regular jeans that you would want to wear to every regular occasion.

They are available in different washes and you can choose your favorite wash. I find Nudie jeans very fashionable and stylish. If style and fashion are what you are looking out for in jeans, I think you might love Nudie jeans.

Nudie jeans also look classy and a little expensive. You might actually get more easily attracted to Nudie jeans than most regular jeans in the store.

Ksubi jeans are just unique in the way they look. Most Ksubi jeans are skinny and high-waisted. Ksubi jeans are very classy and you cannot escape seeing the unique woven signature tag.

Ksubi has a way of personalizing their brand in their jeans and it’s so visible in their jeans. You will most likely find Ksubi jeans fashionable and classy and they look expensive just as they are expensive.

Ksubi jeans are also available in several washes and you might find the faded black wash fashionable. Ksubi pays great attention to the detailing of their jeans and you can see that in every look of their jeans.

Final Verdict – Which Is Better?

It’s actually very difficult to say which is better between these two brands. Nudie jeans are more popular than Ksubi jeans. Let’s go over the summary of the comparison between them.

When it comes to construction, both jeans are well stitched and constructed. When it comes to quality, Ksubi jeans are of higher quality.

And then, getting to the comfort level of these jeans, Nudie jeans are more comfortable. As per the price of these jeans, Nudie jeans are more affordable than Ksubi jeans.

We then consider the fit and sizing of these two brands, we find out that Nudie jeans are better fitting while Ksubi jeans are more true to size than Nudie jeans.

Both jeans are fashionable and stylish. Ksubi is more unique in style than Nudie. In all these, one brand seems to be good in something the other is not good in.

You might find Nudie jeans better for you or you might find Ksubi jeans better, depending on your preference. I love the fact that Ksubi jeans last longer, but in this review, I think that Nudie jeans are better than Ksubi jeans. 


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