Nudie Jeans vs G-Star: Comparison

How do I know the perfect pair of jeans? There really is no perfect fit for all legs. While some prefer the classic straight-cut jeans, some others will rather go for the comfortable stretchy. However, everyone has to agree on the fact that quality is key.

There is one feature that is never left out in jeans; it’s Denim. Nudie jeans and G-Star jeans have an abundance of that, yet, they are different brands with notable differences. (I wouldn’t call it ‘notable’ but some people would rather have chicken than beef- so yes, the two brands have their fans and, maybe, their perks too)

Before we go into the details, we should note that both the Nudie Jeans and the G-Star jeans have different sections, ranging from the 100-percent (Rigid) denim to the 5-percent elastane.

Also, they both use 100-percent organic cotton for their denim. It’s hard to note a basic difference aside from the obvious logos so we will have to result to the quality, as mentioned earlier.

I’ll say the major difference I can note between the two is that Nudie Jeans are a lot more stylish and thin in texture, while G-Star, despite its luxurious state, usually appears with a straight cut like many plain jeans out there.

But when two brands their best products, how can one get stomped by the other?

History of G-Star RAW Jeans

You probably don’t care about the origin of the clothes you wear but we will go through it, anyway. This may eventually influence your choice.

In Amsterdam, I998, G-Star, the widely known designer clothing company, was founded by Jos van Tilburg. Having been originally named Gap Star, the company decided to change its name when going international to avoid being confused with the already established Gap company.

For seven years, the company stuck to the G Star name, giving no hint to what the G stands for. In 1996, after adopting the use of raw denim to the brand, they elongated their name to become G Star RAW.

G-Star is said to be influenced by military clothing. Apparently, inspirations for the G-Star designs are gotten from vintage military uniforms from around the world.

In early 2013, G-Star joined the Detox Campaign. They committed to the elimination of all uses of hazardous chemicals from its supply chain.

According to the G-Star company, its organic crops are grown from non-genetically modified seeds. They developed a new and better indigo technology for their dying process that uses 70% fewer chemicals, no salts, and produces no-salt byproducts.

With this new process of production and washing, G-Star claims to have created the safest and most sustainable options for denim jeans.

This is probably confirmed true, as G-Star raw becomes the first denim company to get a Cradle-to-Cradle Certification of the Gold level.

History of Nudie Jeans

The Nudie company was founded by Maria Erixon, back in 2001. The Nudie Jeans company is based in Gothenburg, Sweden and its parent company is Svenska Jeans Holding.

With the company’s vow to produce all of their jeans with 100% organic cotton and to manufacture those jeans in ethical production, they began their production at the start of the twenty-first century.

The Nudie jeans happen to be conversant with their customers, giving pieces of advice on how to extend the lifespan of the jeans.

The brand offers free Nudie denim repair services for a lifetime. They also sell repaired secondhand clothing, and they recycle worn out products.

The brand has evolved from its origins into a fully developed clothing line offering virtually everything from outerwear to underwear, knits, and even furniture.

Their signature jeans are still in production, leading the brand with their principal styles including the Thin Finn and Grim Tim.

Evaluated in four criteria (innovation, design, technical quality, and sustainability), Nudie Jeans received the Sustainable Fashion Award in 2018.

In 2019, they won the Habit Award for denim supplier of the year. In the same 2019, they also won the Good Design Award for repair, reuse, and recycling services.

Why The Comparison?

I would ask why very similar products have to be compared too but take a look at the DC and Marvel fictional characters that got inspired from the same source. They are similar but they get compared. Why?

  • To know which utilizes the idea best (Efficient use of resources)
  • Which is created stronger (Durability)
  • Which is more affordable (Price)
  • Which appears as intended (Reviews and Consumer Preference)


I am pretty sure the idea of efficiency is already deduced from the earlier paragraphs. The two products are made with organic cotton denim. The process of dying and washing also adds.


How long do these products last? It’s more like comparing the black panther to the batman. They are similar but you definitely want to know which one will last longer in your legs.


You will probably find the two too similar to choose. Then, the price will be an important factor. Despite offering similar products, which one tends to be more luxurious… and which one is cheaper.

Reviews and Consumer Preference

Everyone gets to choose if Superman will stomp Thor or not. In the same way, you get to decide which one you prefer among the two… AFTER testing it out.

You definitely will want to hear someone’s complaint or compliment before spending your hard-earned fortune on a product so this is essential.

Nudie Jeans vs G-Star: Let’s get to the Comparison

We should get to the point, shouldn’t we? Despite the close similarities, there are contrasting reviews for both jeans. There definitely has to be a difference between the two, therefore. Let us check out the similarities, first.

Nudie Jeans vs G-Star: Similarities

Organic Cotton

As all brands should, these two companies go for the best materials to get the best products and attract the best reviews from their customers.

With organic cotton denim, the jeans are said to be technically immortal…. But don’t test out your knives on it, alright? Even Loki died.


Both brands utilize elastane, mostly in skinny fits. This makes it pretty hard to compare the great minds behind these brands. They have rigid denim products but total straight cuts with enough space for the legs.

They also have jeans with additional elastane so the texture can stretch without wearing out as early as rigid denim would if stretched…

But why would you stretch a rigid denim straight-cut jeans, when only a monster leg can fill up the available space?

Dye/Color Durability

When you wash any pair of jeans, it eventually begins to fade. The same applies to the two brands.

The dye eventually fades and you begin to see wear lines that are not very attractive. G-Star says that is not the end.

Turn your jeans into shorts and wear them ‘Till the end…’. Nudie Jeans, well. They say ‘don’t wash your dry jeans for the first six months’. Don’t freak out. Air-dry or refrigerate to keep away smell.


Although it’s a slow process, your jeans are going to wear out. You will see those lines in your G-Star or Denim jeans, eventually, no matter how long they last.

This is caused by washing, wearing, how they fit, what is in your pocket, and virtually everything… unless you hang it forever. Yeah, it should last a lot longer that way.

Nudie Jeans vs G-Star: Contrasts

Here comes the section we patiently await. If you are looking for physical differences, you should probably just look out for the logo.

They are two competitive brands so they just add all types of jeans to their collection, constantly. Let’s dive quickly almost into the noted differences.


This is one minor feature, you think? As long as you wouldn’t want to walk around, holding your jeans up with safety pins, then the buttons are pretty important.

Reviews have revealed that Nudie Jeans don’t use buttons that last long enough. G-Star, on the other hand, seemed to care for every part of their denim products up to the buttons, collaborating with the YKK company to make eco-finished metal buttons.

Asides from the rumored longevity of these buttons, it is said to have eliminated acid and toxic chemicals by avoiding electroplating baths which other buttons have to go through during production. Innovation!

Nudie Jeans vs G-Star

Crotch Fasteners

This is probably another minor and physical feature. It is minor till you really need to pee but the crotch opening on your jeans are fastened with buttons rather than zippers.

Nudie Jeans don’t stress you with that but G-Star chooses to use buttons for most of their jean products… but don’t be quick to judge. G-Star is only staying true to its objective of not wasting resources.

Remember the buttons are great. The buttons are used so they can be recycled like other parts of the jeans they make.

Nudie Jeans vs G-Star


While Nudie Jeans doesn’t seem to share their production process or claim anything special about how they make their jeans, G-Star has been able to win a gold level certification from Cradle-to-Cradle.

You should note that this can’t be done with claims but with proofs. G-Star uses completely organic cotton, the cleanest indigo dyeing technology with fewer chemicals, and 91 percent less water, compared to other jeans that can require 40 to 70 liters of water. Efficiency!

Customer Service

You are probably interested in this. Not only do they assure you a lasting use of your jeans but Nudie Jeans offer free repairs for your nudie jeans.

That is great, right? G-Star doesn’t do this though, but they also keep up with customers by giving you pieces of advice on how to recycle your G-Star jeans.

Nudie Jeans vs G-Star

Denim Texture

This is one feature you might want to know. Nudie Jeans is said to use very light denim compared to other jeans. This makes your jeans feel lighter, instead of being unnecessarily thick and heavy.

It’s great but is it? G-Star is said to use pretty light denim too, though creating much heavier jeans too. The light texture of your denim jeans may lead to an early wear-out. This is probably one of the reasons for early crotch blowouts.

However, irrespective of the denim texture, blowouts are said to be inevitable for your jeans.

One important thing to note is washing your jeans is said to prevent blowouts WHILE leaving your jeans unwashed is said to keep your jeans looking fresh… Nudie Jeans still offer free repairs, though.



I don’t go with reviews when it comes to movies but when it comes to products, you have some parts to look out for:

G-Star (Bad): The jeans are out of size and they can’t even renew their stock, it has been like that for more than 5 months now, you can’t rely on them for your jeans collection.

It’s sad because they have a good quality of jeans ( products) but they have bad selling or marketing people.

Nudie Jeans vs G-Star

Nudie Jeans vs G-Star

Nudie Jeans vs G-Star

Nudie Jeans vs G-Star



G-Star is a luxurious brand, definitely accompanied by pretty high prices. However, this doesn’t stop you from getting one within your budget. There are G-Star jeans as low as $80, ranging up to $260.

Nudie Jeans are not not-luxurious either, though they have prices as low as $45, ranging up to $180. There are discounts for certain products at the Amazon store so you are in luck.


Which Is Better?

I am not very sure I like to be the judge here but the proofs are above. Both brands are obviously trying hard to produce the best quality products.

As you can see, there are bad reviews for both, just as there are good reviews. In other words, some would rather have one or both of these jeans than any other so, instead of judging and forcing my ideas into your head, I can help you make a decision.

G-Star works hard to produce zero-risk products, just for your safety. You might want to check out what you are being protected from to appreciate the G-Star jeans.

They are luxurious but you get what you pay for. The reviews reveal that the products last long enough for you to forget the time of purchase.

Nudie Jeans are just as stylish and very light too. Not only is the product just as durable but they offer free repairs, though one of the reviews reveals the process can be time-taking. They are also not too expensive for what you get.

Like other jeans, the brands advise that you don’t wash too often, to avoid stressing out the dye retention.

Which would you go for? Lightweight, cheap and free repairs? Or Long-lasting, luxurious and safe?

Now that I am asked to make a decision, I would go for the Nudie Jeans. Not only do they have higher ratings with their dye retention but they cost less and last long enough for a good pair of jeans, even though G-Star jeans tend to last longer.


You are probably still indecisive on which one to choose but you should really check these jeans out. It is usually nice to test things out and get your own review, though it requires you to turn a blind eye to the bad reviews.

If I had chosen to follow reviews, then I probably wouldn’t get to see the great work in Morbius. People have preferences and you will definitely get yours.


Rush over to the store while the discounts are still on. Good luck getting your perfect pair of Jeans.


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