How to Make New Jeans Smell Better Without Washing Them

Have you just bought a brand new pair of jeans and realized they have a weird smell?

It’s okay, you don’t need to wash them, it could be that you don’t have the time, patience, or energy to wash them.

There are plenty of ways to make your jeans not smell bad and the best way is to take care of it from the start.

But when you can’t do that, there are different ways you can use to make that chemical smell that comes along with those pairs smell better without necessarily washing them!

Different ways to make new Jeans smell better?

How to Make New Jeans Smell Better Without Washing Them

  • Make use of essential oils
  • Spray them with lemon juice
  • Spray them with vodka
  • Freeze them for a few hours
  • Absorb the smell with baking soda
  • Hang them up in the sun
  • Spritz them with white vinegar
  • Air them out
  • Use a refreshing fabric spray
  • Brush them with an upholstery brush

Make use of Essential oils

Essential oils will overpower any unpleasant odors on your jeans.

With your favorite essential oil, add a little drop into a spray bottle of water, spray your jeans with the solution, allow it dry.

Then you’re good to him you can make use of any essential oil you like but some may serve as a trusted means to get out musty smells, grapefruits, lavender, and lemon are all good examples.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to take off if you use too much of the oil so ensure you dilute a small drop into s bottle of water.

Spray them with lemon juice

Lemon naturally can help get rid of odor-causing bacteria and leaves your jeans smelling fresh along with a pleasant scent.

This is what you should do; Add a small amount of lemon juice to a spray water bottle and spray thoroughly through the jeans, then after, air dry and you’re ready to wear your jeans.

Note that lemon juice can stain your jeans so ensure that you dilute them with water.

Spray them with vodka

There’s no need to worry, you won’t smell like alcohol once it dries. Fill a spray bottle with unflavoured vodka.

Spray your jeans and hang them up in the sun to allow the vodka smell to fade off then you’re good to go.

It is recommended to use unflavoured vodka to avoid adding an additional unpleasant smell and to prevent your jeans from being sticky, which can happen if the vodka contains sugar.

Freeze them for a few hours

Cold can also serve as a means for getting rid of the unpleasant smell on your jeans. All you have to do is place your jeans in a freezer bag that’s big enough to contain them.

Put the bag into your freezer and leave it for a few hours to allow the cold temperature to freshen your jeans.

Then, bring out the bag, allow your jeans to warm up a bit otherwise they may seem to be stiff so allow them to warm up for some minutes before you can wear them si they feel normal.

Absorb the smell with baking soda

Sprinkle in some baking powder in your jeans in a large plastic bag containing your jeans.

Shake the bag evenly so the baking soda covers all of your jeans and then allow it to sit for a few minutes, then take off the jeans from the bag and brush the baking soda off – no more smell!

Forming a thick paste also does the magic, add baking soda and water to give you the paste then thoroughly apply.

Allow it to dry, when it becomes hardened, brush off.

Hang them up in the sun

Doing this will wipe off the bad smell of your jeans. Utilize the power of the sun by placing your jeans on a clothesline in a sunny shade, also choose a spot with a cool breeze to allow air to help them out as well.

It’s simple logic, the UV rays will get rid of odor-causing bacteria and chemicals, while the breeze will leave them smelling fresh and nice.

Spritz them with white vinegar

This is an easy solution that has a great effect. Fill your spray bottle with white vinegar and water. Gently shake to mix well.

Spray your jeans with the mixture and hang them up to air dry for a day to allow the vinegar smell to fade off before you can wear them.

If you are in doubt that the vinegar will affect your jeans, try to spray a little amount on a spot to test it out, ensure that the vinegar and water are diluted, else you will end up trying to replace the smell of your jeans with the scent of vinegar.

Do not in any way use apple cider vinegar, it can stain and ruin your jeans.

Air them out

Let the stench fade off on its own. This is likely the simplest solution. All you have to do is place your jeans on a hanger and then hang them outside your closet or in a spot in your room.

Hang them for some days and then the musty smell will be gone like magic.

It’s also ideal to let your jeans air out before you fold them back I’m your closet after use, this helps to prevent odor-causing bacteria from making them smell unpleasant.

Use a refreshing fabric spray

This will also help to make your jeans smell better by adding a pleasant scent to them.

There are different varieties of fabric sprays, so with one of them, kindly spray your newly bought jeans and let them air dry.

The unpleasant smell will be gone and your jeans will end up smelling great! Your jeans will end up smelling like the spray you use, so make sure you like the scent before applying it to your jeans.

Brush them with an upholstery brush

This step helps remove the fuzz that causes odor on your jeans. Kindly take an upholstery brush and brush your jeans to get rid of anything stuck on the surface.

Care that must be taken when getting the smell out of your Jeans

How to Make New Jeans Smell Better Without Washing Them

If you could get rid of the chemical smell or that unpleasant odor from your newly brought jeans, what are those things you should look at before doing so?

You have to make sure that the tricks to get your jeans smelling fresh will help do so successfully and bit ruining things for you.

Ensure your new Jeans are dry

Before putting your jeans on the clothesline outside, you have to make sure your jeans are completely dry before you put them on clothesline if your jeans are not 100% dry, they will get dirty when there is dew in the morning.

Remember that you have to leave your jeans for 24 hours on your clothesline? Also, you should avoid hanging your jeans up near plants, trees, and flowers.

These plants emit oils that could transfer into the fabric of your jeans and produce a smell that you won’t like, you might end up trying to remove that unpleasant smell on your jeans to add up more.

Dilute your Lemon Juice with water

You should be careful when you want to spray your jeans with lemon juice.

There are a few things you need to look at for; if the cotton content of your jeans is higher than 30%, you should dilute the lemon juice with water.

This will prevent you from ruining your trousers by making them shrink. If you do not dilute the lemon juice, it can cause excessive shrinking.

You might want to make sure there are no stains on the jeans as well. Lemon juice is acidic and if there are many stains on your jeans, it can react with those stains and make them worse.

Lastly, you should be cautious when spraying your jeans with citrus fruit juices as they can penetrate fabrics and cause discoloration over time.

Check for stains on your jeans before spraying

You know spraying your jeans with alcohol can also make the smell disappear like magic right?

Before spraying your jeans with vodka, you first have to check to see if there are any holes or stains in the area you want to spray.

This will ensure that the vodka doesn’t seep through to the other areas of the pants.

Secondly, remove any metal object from your pockets or the area you want to spray. Alcohol can cause rusting to these items.

Read the Jeans label before brushing

Before brushing your jeans, you should first be sure that the smell is coming from the fabric of the jeans, secondly.

Be sure to read the label of what you’re using to clean them, depending on what they are made of and if they’re washable or dry-clean only, they may require special treatments.

Lastly, before brushing your jeans with anything be sure to test it on an inconspicuous area first to make sure it doesn’t change the color or remove any of the print on them.

Do a patch test before spraying Vinegar

Spraying your jeans with white vinegar can help get rid of the unpleasant odor but you should know that the white vinegar can react with the dye in your jeans, so it’s important to do a patch test before spraying the entire jeans.

The vinegar also will cause a waxy coating to form on the surface of the jeans.

If you don’t what that to happen, try using an absorbent material like a clean rag or paper towel to soak up the liquid.

Do a colorfast before using baking soda on your new Jeans

Before you use baking soda on your jeans, you have to make sure they are not colorfast.

What this means is that if you were to spill a red drink on your jeans, the dye from the red drink would come out into the baking soda and cause it to be tinted red.

To avoid spoiling your jeans, only use baking soda in colorless fabrics.

You should know that removing the chemical smell on your jeans can be done through freezing but not all smells can be removed, it depends on what kind of smell is in your jeans.

If it’s something like garlic, onion, and fish, freezing will them will make the odor worse for smell like dirt, or sweat, frozen might be the best option.

Jeans brands that smell when newly bought

Formaldehyde is not only the odor-causing treatment that is applied during the process of manufacturing jeans.

There are other chemicals like caustic soda, synthetic dyes, acrylic, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), ammonia, and acid.

The fabric used for making jeans is been treated with these chemicals to make the cotton stretcher, to make it stiff, to bleach it, to dye it to the desired color, and to coat it with a finish.

There are different types of jeans that smell when freshly bought; Levis, Wrangler, Rock and Republic, and seven years.

Levis jeans

Levis jeans are Levi’s 501’s. These jeans have a very ironic look to them with two back pockets on the jeans. You’ll often find these in different colors, in light blue or dark blue.

Wrangler jeans

The difference between Levi’sand wrangler jeans is the companies, the wrangler is seem to be much of a workwear regular jeans, and Levi’s tends to be more premium jeans.

Wrangler jeans are typically just regular straight-leg pants that have no stretch in them at all.

They’re available in many different colors, but you will often find them in either black or indigo blue color options.

Rock and Republic

Rock and Republic is a brand that was founded by Noel Richards and she wanted to create denim that was fashionable but also more affordable for people who couldn’t afford more expensive denim.

Brands like Seven jeans company and Levi’s 501’s, The Rock and Republic jeans is one of the most popular items that come with a zip fly and button closure on the front.

It features a slim-fit style of jeans that has a lot less stretch than most other brands do.

Seven Jeans

Seven Jeans company is another company founded by Noel Richards; they were launched in 2007.

Their products include mainly women’s clothing such as skirts, dresses, jackets, trousers, blouses, rope, sweaters, cardigans, and knitwear made of wool.

Final words

Jeans are a favorite in all ages. It is an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe, but it can be challenging and annoying to get the smell out of your newly bought jeans.

You don’t have to throw away your favorite denim just because it doesn’t smell nice. Fortunately, you can follow the different ways earlier discussed in this article to get rid of that smell.

Take heed of what to look out for before trying those tricks and then you’re all ready.


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