12 Most Popular True Religion Jeans Reviewed in 2023

From Los Angeles Times 

True Religion is a designer brand, used to be an expensive one, is still loved and today has earned its place in the upper echelon of celebrity favorites. Among the stars who have worn True Religion is Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, George Clooney, and Jessica Simpson. 

True Religion is made of denim, and there’s hardly a wardrobe on this green earth without denim in it. Do you have True Religion Jeans? This article celebrates the best pairs of that iconic name. 

Our Top Picks

1.For Style 

True Religion Men’s Rocco Low Rise Skinny Fit Jean


True Religion Men’s Tony Skinny Fit Straight Leg Jean

True Religion Women’s Lurex Halle High Rise Big T Skinny Jean


True Religion Men’s Ricky No Flap Straight Leg Jean

True Religion Women’s Halle High Rise Skinny Jeans


True Religion Women’s Halle High Rise Skinny Jean


True Religion Men’s Tony Skinny Fit Straight Leg Jean


True Religion Men’s Tony Skinny Fit Straight Leg Jean

True Religion Rocco Skinny Fit Jean

You just have to love True Religion Jeans because of how extremely trendy and stylish they look. This Rocco Big T is one of the most popular ones from the brand and it’s been in production since around the first outing of the LA brand. Once you wear a True Religion Jeans you can’t have enough of it. 

This one is 95% cotton with a blend of 3% elastomultiester and 2% spandex to give you the mysterious stretch that is there, but not quite. 

It’s a skinny jeans, yes, but a skinny jeans with a difference because as you can see in the picture, it gives you just enough snug fitting for a stylish look. It is not so tight around the legs so that they look so fine on sneakers as in the photo below. 

It comes with the horseshoe detailing along the back flap pockets that we all so love. You can see the True Religion logo embroidered onto the pocket as well. 

You can take care of your jeans by washing machines. Of course, don’t wash your jeans after every wear to save the color and for durability. 

Why The Men’s Rocco Big T Is Popular

They are popular because they are designed to celebrate the freedom of expressing your youth. They go so well with sneakers and are easy to style with shirts of all kinds. They are between laid back and semi casual. 

True Religion Rocco Low Rise Jean

Following behind the Rocco Big T is this other Rocco Low Rise Skinny Fit Jean from True Religion. It features the same elements that made the Big T a favorite.

Like the Rocco Big T it’s got plenty of cotton, elastomultiester and some elastane. It features the back pockets with the True Religion embroidered horseshoe logo but without the flap that you find on the Rocco Big T. 

The jeans tapers along the legs to form a 34 inches snug fit around the legs without being overly tight. The low rise inseam sits stylishly on top of your shoe. It’s got a 3D whiskering and tonal stitching. 

The jeans have got a zipper closure. True Religion recommends machine washing for these jeans. 

Why The Rocco Low Rise Is Popular 

It offers the relaxed fit, not the over the top skinny that you have in other skinny jeans. The jeans come with great colorway variation on the Rocco Big T. 

True Religion Ricky Straight Leg Jean

The Ricky No Flap is a straight cut, low rise jeans. It’s one of the most popular True Religion Jeans that features the single needle design popular with True Religion.

This jeans is manufactured using 98% cotton and 2% elastane and a zipper closure. The back pockets come with the True Religion logo on it. This jeans is unique with the contrasting white thread. The jeans are truly classic jeans. 

Why this Jeans is Popular 

Folks love the rich, rinse color it offers. It is unique and easy to style with as many colors as you can. The threading is also very attractive. The straight cut for those who aren’t into skinny jeans. 

True Religion Geno Nf 32 Inseam

This is True Religion’s most versatile jeans. And also one of the most loved. It combines elements from several of the other jeans like the Ricky and Rocco Low Rise. 

It features a waist and thigh area that is a little wider that the skinny Rocco of Ricky. The 3D whiskering is accentuated by the thigh area wideness too. 

The whiskering covers the whole fly and pocket area and the crotch. It also features a waistband that’s a little wide for a great fit, a zipper closure and the three pocket combination on the front.

The gold stitch makes the jeans look really cool and moderately stylish. It’s got the horseshoe detailing on the back pocket too. The inseam is slightly smaller at 32 inches. 

Why the Jeans is Popular 

It is popular for its versatility. The jeans are so easy to style because of the combination of the 3D whiskering and the color overall. 

True Religion Jean with Horseshoe Rivets

This Jack jeans is very popular among exercise buffs and gym lovers. The skinny is as skinny as skinnies get. It sets off your muscle tone, both on your thighs and calves. Plus the wash is great for versatility. It features an exquisite cut that is wide around the waist and crotch but tapers down to the legs. 

This is one out of the few True Religion Jeans that don’t feature the horseshoe detailing on the pocket but rather has it on the rivets. 

The ultra slim jean features a tonal stitching and clean back pocket. The fabric is made of cotton, polyester and lycra. 

Why the Jack Super Skinny Jean is popular 

These jeans are popular among folks who love the plain, unassuming style of their favorite jeans brand. Most brands love to be in your face with their logos and names. With these Jack jeans, True Religion gives the wearer the freedom to express his style without losing his personal identity. 

True Religion Straight Leg Jean

This straight leg jeans is one of the most popular True Religion Jeans. It’s called Tony.

The True Religion brand has peculiar names for their jeans, which is one of the reasons the jeans are appealing besides the style statement each jean offers. The jeans are stretchy, made of 92.5% cotton, 5.5% polyester, and 2% elastane.

These jeans offer mid tempo stretch with the high content of cotton in the mix which makes it retain its shape. It comes with the normal five pocket profile but without the customary horseshoe detailing. 

With the right amount of stretch this jeans offers a super trim silhouette. These jeans remain one of the best picks for any man, young or old. 

It offers style and the right amount of fit around your legs. The low rise is one of the reasons you should buy these jeans too. 

Why the Tony Jeans is Popular

It is versatile and offers the right amount of slim. It is a cross between skinny and slim fit. It is easy to style with boots and sneakers and offers just the right low rise for any kind of shoes. 

True Religion Skinny Jeans 

This True Religion is popular with women of all works and ages. It is the Halle High Rise with the 3D whiskering and clean tonal stitching. It comes with a beautiful blue tone that sets its feminine allure off.

These jeans offer the pure flex ladies need in their pants. The fabric is 98% cotton and 2% elastane. A very versatile pair of jeans, the high rise allows you to style it with just about many types of footwear, from sneakers to high heels and loafers. 

It offers the five pocket design and can be machine washed. 

Why the Halle High Rise Skinny Jeans is popular

One reason is the versatility it offers the woman. It can be styled easily with almost everything you have in your wardrobe, shoes and tops. 

True Religion Super Skinny Jeans 

For everyday style this different take on the Halle High Rise Skinny Jeans tones things down to give you jeans that allow you to relax.

The 66% cotton, 23% polyester, 10% rayon, and 1% elastane stretches over your body nicely, flattering your curves and legs. So does the fading 3D whiskering around the hip area. This jeans is popular, and if you don’t have it yet, here’s your new fave. 

These jeans feature five pockets, two on the back with flaps. 

The back pocket features the True Religion logo. It is high waisted, a snug fit around your body, and the dark gold stitching is a great contrast that sets off any complimenting accessories. 

To make these jeans even more laid back and casual you have a tapered fit that ends in a raw hem. The jeans go with your favorite slip-on shoes and sneakers. 

Why this Halle High Rise Skinny Jeans is popular

It is extra casual and versatile. The high waistband is reminiscent of yoga pants. The jeans are very feminine and allow you to be sexy even in the most casual way. 

True Religion Big T Skinny Jean

Black has never been beautiful with this laurex Halle High Rise Big T jeans for women. The classy look is what only True Religion can offer. The jeans offer the Big T stitching you have in the Rocco jeans, the contrasting stitching and the high rise to compliment it all.

There is just enough stretch in it for a great fit that snuggly holds on to your body. This is possible on account of the 93% cotton, 6% polyester, and 1% elastane. 

The high-rise is what gives these jeans its elegance, plus the two front pockets done up in glaring white stitches.

On the back it features the iconic True Religion logo on the back pocket. Yo set this style up, wear this jean with tucked in shirts. 

Why the Luarex Halle is popular

In my opinion, its popularity among fans of True Religion is hinged on the style versatility this jeans offers. The color, the stitching and the fabric are all the reasons to love the jeans. 

True Religion Curvy Skinny Jean

If you love and wear True Religion Jeans, then you know they don’t run out of styles. Simple styles that flatter your body and accentuates a woman’s curve. And they come in common, everyday names. This one is Jennie, and like the name sounds, these jeans offer a simple yet versatile exposure to class and style.

The Jennie is a skinny fit jean, form fitting and designed to lay on your body smoothly, and it doesn’t matter what sort of shape you have.

The jeans feature the classic five pocket style; two on the front, the micro pocket and the two back pockets with the True Religion logo on it. And of course, you will find the 3D whiskering on the jeans too. 

The jeans are made of cotton, polyester and elastane in just the proper amount to give the flattering effect that the True Religion line is known for. 

The style is finished off at the bottom with the high rise and fitted legs. The jeans look great on whatever you wear it with; shoes, or sneakers. 

Why the Jennie is popular

It is because it is one of True Religion’s best attempts at versatility. And it is super comfortable. 

True Religion Mid Rise Skinny Jean

If you thought the Jennie jeans are cool, wait till you try out the True Religion Stella jeans. 

The jeans feature the subtle fading type of colorway. There is the ever so slight 3D whiskering and the horseshoe detailing the brand is known for along the back pockets.

You also have the five pocket style, large belt holes and a slightly wider than normal waistband. The fabric is made of 69% cotton, 26% polyester, 3% rayon, and 2% elastane. It is an easy to style jeans which goes with most footwears like sneakers, clogs, and shoes. 

Why the Stella Jeans is popular 

Customer reviews reveal it is the fading color that draws ladies to the Stella jeans. They also love the mid rise legs too which allows for easily moving from casual to semi formal. 

True Religion Mid Rise Capri

Curvy women love the Jennie Mid Rise Capri. The cut sits right on their hips and can never go wrong with whatever you wear it with. 

These jeans come with all the essential True Religion effects and more. The fading color is clean and clear. The skinny fit gives you freedom to do what you wish around the legs. The mid rise Capri gives you the freedom to style it however you want with sneakers of either white or dark colors.  It features the horseshoe stitching in the back pockets. 

The True Religion pocket flap appears on the back pocket with a prominent button to keep it locked down. The high waistband hugs your belly and curves out, and the rest turns heads as you walk by. 

Why the Jennie Mid Rise Capri is popular 

Ladies love the light vintage color because it is easy to style, and they also love the way the jeans flatter and play with the curves. It is a favorite among curvy women and those with hourglass figures. 

If you are new to True Religion and would love to join the train of one of the world’s most iconic jeans, be acquainted with the sizing facts. 

True Religion Jeans are mostly slim fitting jeans so when buying you would have to size up a little. The waistbands on the jeans usually run small. Pay attention also to the thigh or inseams by measuring properly before making a purchase. 

True Religion Jeans are easy to care for. They allow for machine wash or hand wash. 

Bottom Line

True Religion stamped its brand on the minds of the public in the mid 2000s as producers of premium jeans.

True Religion is a designer brand but in the years following the brand boom sales have reduced as competition became stiffer. Customers shifted from designer jeans to more casual yoga pants, especially ladies.

Although denims will always be in fashion, brands have to always tussle over customers who now have a plethora of options to choose from. To match up with competition, True Religion created its own line of workout wear. 

Since 2017 True Religion began producing jeans that feature throwback vibes. So if you missed any of the jeans that were popular in the years of the boom, you can now catch up with the brands horseshoe designs. 


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