Marika vs Lululemon: Which Is A Better Leggings?

The Marika here is not the Empyrean goddess. You already know, I guess. If these two brands ever came your way and you really had to choose one, which would you go for?

We are about to know the best brand for women’s leggings, the leggings for your squat tests, leggings for women’s butt lifts, and whatever else you want to know.

While both brands are specialized in the production of gym pants for women, you probably wonder what could be the difference.. or why Lululemon is so popular as a brand. This is where we start with the major difference.

Marika leggings are made of breathable cotton and spandex. It is said to have quick-drying features to absorb your sweat during a workout. Lululemon uses the Everlux fabric, which has superior absorption and drying feature with a soft spongy feel.

This, I can say, is the difference I see. Let’s dive into the probably unimportant origins of the two brands.

Marika As A Brand

You might have had your guess on the background of Marika or the Idea that prompted its creation.

The Marika Brand was founded at a time when cardiovascular fitness was expanding as a real deal.

In 1982, Marika was created as a part of the Rock Fit brand in San Diego, California, to make comfortable sportswear clothing for women.

The Marika Brand managed to succeed, despite the competition, with their quality fabrics and seamless styles.

In 2008, the Marika Brand was bought and is now owned by FAM Brands, advancing to become one of the top activewear US brands inspired by Yoga and athletics.

The Marika Brand can now boast of a 30% compound annual growth rate, continuously growing in the global market.

Lululemon As A Brand

Lululemon was established in 1998 by Denis Chip Wilson. The Lululemon Athletica Incorporation had its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada.

Back in its early days, the company was just a design studio before it began making yoga pants. In November 2000, Lululemon graduated as a standalone store, making all kinds of athletic wear.

Chip Wilson addressed the brand name, ‘Lululemon’. According to him, Before Lululemon, he had been successful in the Japanese market with a skateboard brand named, ‘Homeless’.

The name, Homeless, was considered special, as the ‘L’ sound did not exist in the Japanese alphabet, making its pronunciation sound foreign and difficult.

However, Wilson believes this special characteristic allowed Homeless to stand out among Japanese companies, as no Japanese company had the ‘L’ sound in its name.

When Chip Wilson was going to choose a befitting name for his sportswear brand, he wanted one with an ‘L’ sound in it.

In an interview, in 2004, Chip Wilson jested with the idea of creating a brand name with three L’s to see if he could make three times the money he made with Homeless.

Chip Wilson set up a survey with a list of up to 20 suggested brand names, including Lululemon, and Lululemon had the highest votes.

Why The Comparison

Yes! They are both nice brands for similar products. Both started with yoga pants and dived into full athletic wear production.

They can definitely be compared but, even if looks don’t stand out, the quality of either of the products will.

Someone out there probably already thinks Lululemon wins this, considering how popular they are, compared to Marika, but Marika has devoted fans, just like Lululemon… and the same popular Lululemon brand has a pretty low rating on many review websites.

This comparison helps you to have a rethink on whatever is already on your mind. With this comparison, we can tell the difference in;

  • Quality/Texture
  • Price
  • Customer Service
  • Durability

Marika vs Lululemon: Similarities

  • Slimming Effect
  • Spandex Concentration
  • True to size
  • Moisture-wicking

Slimming Effect

When you wear leggings, your legs appear smooth and your shape is traced with the fabric. This is how leggings should be but not every legging gives this flattering look to the wearers.

If you need true leggings that perform this function, then I’ll recommend you go for either of these brands.

Spandex Concentration

This shouldn’t be a point, considering the fact that leggings should really have some level of elastane, but I’ll add it anyway. The Marika Brand makes use of stretchy cotton and a high percentage of spandex in their leggings.

Similarly, Lululemon leggings may contain 11% spandex or even more. This is to prevent the leggings from wearing out.

True To Size

When you want to order your leggings, you can use your normal measured size and they will fit perfectly. This applies to both brands.


The two brands have added moisture-wicking properties to their leggings. This feature helps to keep you dry, as the texture of the fabric absorbs your sweat and dries up as quickly as they get wet.

The leggings are sports wear, anyway. Without this feature, they may just get you feeling uncomfortable with your workout.

Marika vs Lululemon: Comparison

  • Brand Recognition
  • Durability
  • Current Sales Performance
  • Texture and Stretch level
  • Lululemon leggings can be sheer
  • Prices

Marika vs Lululemon: Brand Recognition

I don’t know how much I can emphasize this. You already know it. Lululemon has paranormally demeaning brand recognition, compared to Marika.

In fact, where Lululemon is mentioned as a brand, you might not find Marika as part of the competition. Marika has been around for a longer time and is known for its good products but Lululemon takes the lead in this case.

Marika vs Lululemon: Durability

This part might spark some argument, as it is only based on reviews. Marika leggings are said to last as long as two years, even with regular washing.

However, Lululemon leggings are said to be able to last three to five years, as long as they are well managed.

Marika vs Lululemon: Current Sales Performance

This is the revenue that each of these brands has been able to generate recently. Lululemon has a higher annual revenue.

That is totally understandable since it has a wider recognition and coverage. However, this is beyond understandable, considering the fact that Lululemon’s reported annual revenue is not just greater than Marika’s but also its parent brand.

While Lululemon is reported to have made over a billion dollars in the first few months of 2022, Fan Brands is said to record annual revenue of $600 million.

Marika vs Lululemon: Texture and Stretch level

You understand what texture means. Considering how often this has been mentioned in the reviews, it should be a lot easy for you or anyone to note that Marika leggings are thicker than Lululemon leggings.

Not everyone likes their leggings thick and not everyone likes it the other way too. Despite how much spandex is added to the Marika leggings, you might just find them to not be stretchy enough.

Marika vs Lululemon: Lululemon Leggings can be sheer

Yes! You might order your superb Lululemon leggings, which you intend to put on for your yoga, morning jogs and exercises, but get disappointed when you step out in them and have people staring. Lululemon leggings can be sheer, that is, transparent.

This is because it is pretty thin- a lot thinner than Marika- and picking a slightly imperfect size can lead to a transparent view when the fabric stretches over your skin.

Marika vs Lululemon: Prices

Lululemon leggings are a lot more expensive than Marika and even more expensive than some other luxury brands. Lululemon blames this on the high cost of production and costs of testing out their products.

While Marika pairs can come as low as $20 or even less, Lululemon leggings usually range between $90 and $130. Lululemon once released a collection, back in 2015, and put a pair of running leggings up for sale at $298.

Which Is Better?

We have had a look at both brands. Wow! It’s been a long way from the top and here we are, finally about to decide who stomps the battle.

Always remember to give a chance for your own reviews, instead of letting the judgment of others fill your head and push you away.

If I were to choose which one is better, I will consider the texture of the product. Marika leggings are thick and, therefore, are not sheer so it is impossible to see through them.

You wouldn’t want someone staring through your leggings at work but Lululemon is fixing these sheer leggings. For someone who wants what is in vogue, you’ll definitely want to go for the Lululemon leggings.

I will go for Marika leggings. Two years is a pretty long time to wear leggings. It performs every function you expect from proper leggings and it doesn’t bite too deep in your pocket.


There you have your nice leggings to do all you want with them. Both sides have their downsides and they are both great too.

Note: the above article is my review of the two brands. The best way to get your review is by trying the items and actually having something to say.


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