Lululemon Wunder Train vs Align: Which Is Better?

There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing a pair of leggings. Do you want a high-waisted or low-waisted pair? What about a cropped or full-length pair? And then there’s the question of brands.

If you’re a fan of Lululemon, you’ve probably noticed that they have two popular types of leggings: the Wunder Train and the Align pants.

So, which one should you buy? Both are engineered to ‘help women engage and feel their strongest,’ according to the brand.

The Wunder Train and Align pants were also made to focus on the pelvic floor and core, with a ‘grip strip’ on the inside of the waistband to ‘maximize support, stability, and alignment.’

The key difference between the both of them is that The Wunder Train pants are made with higher quality material. The Align pants are made with a softer knit material, but the Wunder Train pants are made with a more durable and thicker material.

In this article, we’ll compare these two tights from lululemon, and look briefly at their composition and histories to decide which one is best between both.

Lululemon Wunder Train: First impressions

In 1998, Wilson opened up his first store in Vancouver under the name Lululemon Athletica. Since then, Lululemon has expanded into many different categories including activewear, athleisure, women’s apparel, and men’s apparel.

In addition to its retail stores worldwide (including Canada), it also operates an online store that sells its products online

The Lululemon Wunder Train tights were first introduced in 2020. They are made of a soft, stretchy fabric that hugs the body called the Everlux fabric trademarked by lululemon, and comes with a compression waistband.

The tights have been a huge hit, especially in Europe, where they’re known as “the pants that make you look good.”

The company has sold more than 2000 pairs of tights since it launched. The Lululemon Wunder Train tights are made from a special blend of  77% Nylon and 23% Lycra® elastane that absorb moisture and wick away sweat.

They also contain an anti-microbial finish that prevents bacterial growth.

The pocket lining is made of  56% Polyester, 33% Coolmax® polyester, and 11% Lycra® elastane according to their website

Lululemon Align tights: First impressions

The Lululemon Align pants are a new line of pants that debuted in February of 2018. They feature a wide waistband and a flat front, which makes them similar to the Lululemon Wunder Train, but with a more tailored look.

The Align pants are made from an innovative fabric called Nulu fabric, which wicks away moisture and drys quickly. They also feature an athletic cut and comfortable construction that allows for movement during exercise.

They also have an inner pocket, which can be used for storing a cell phone or other small items. They are generally composed of a special blend of 81% Nylon, 19% Lycra® elastane

The Lululemon Align pants are designed to be slim and fit close to the body, but not too tight. Their leggings-like cut extends through the hip and down to the ankle, with a gently rounded hemline that slides over shoes.

The pant features an adjustable drawstring waistband that’s designed to sit right where you want it to. No more loose bands that slip off your hips.

Lululemon Wunder Train vs Align: The real comparison

At a glance:

Features Lululemon Wunder Train Lululemon Align
Comfort and fit Flattering fit, comfortable not as snug as Align pants Flattering fit, comfortable, more snug and fitting than Wunder Train
Material and feel Everlux fabric, 77% Nylon, and 23% Lycra® elastane, thinner, softer, and luxurious feel. Nulu fabric, 81% Nylon, 19% Lycra® elastane, has more stretch and a wider bottom waistband


Overall style Casual style Athletic fit
Design Relaxed fit with a flat front and no hems Sporty look with a curved hem
Stitching and construction Straight and uniformed stitches across each panel, constructed with a combination of flat-felled seams and reinforced points Stitches with varying patterns found on the ALign pants, constructed with a combination of flat-felled seams and reinforced points
Durability/longevity Made with quality materials but not as durable as Align pants Can be worn for a year without wear or tear


Lululemon Wunder Train vs Align: Comfort and fit

Both the Lululemon Wunder train tight and Lululemon Align pants are great workout pants. Both have a flattering fit and feel comfortable to wear throughout your workout.

The Lululemon Wunder Train tight is a little snugger than the Lululemon Align pant, so if you’re concerned about fit, I’d go with the tighter fit.

The fit of both of these yoga pants is flattering, but I think that’s because they’re meant to be flattering.

You don’t really notice how they look until you start moving around in them or bending over in them. Once you break out into a sweat, they do feel very comfortable though!

Both of these pants tend to run true to size for me. They’re not as form-fitting as some other leggings but they aren’t baggy either.

They are tights though so I would recommend sizing up if you want them to fit tighter or down if you want them looser

Lululemon Wunder Train vs Align: Material and feel

Both leggings are made with nylon, spandex, and lycra elastane blended in different compositions with the trademarked Everlux fabric in the Lululemon Wunder Train and the trademarked Nulu fabric in the Lululemon Align pants.

The material and feel of the Lululemon Wunder Train are much softer than that of the Lululemon Align pants.

This is due to the fact that the Wunder train is made out of a lesser composition of nylon and spandex than that of the Align pants.

Because of this, it feels much more comfortable on your body when you are wearing it as well as having a lot less bulk when wearing it under clothing.

The Align Pants material does not feel as luxurious or soft (but still comfortable). They also have more stretch than the Wunder Train and a waistband that is wider at the bottom so you have more room in the hips/butt area.

Lululemon Wunder Train vs Align: Overall style

The Lululemon Wunder Train is a more casual style, while the Align pants are more of an athletic fit. Both of these styles are designed to keep you comfortable and feel great!

Lululemon Wunder Train pants have a very high rise, but they are not as high as the Align. They both have hidden pockets by the side and they both tend to be form-fitting around the waist, thigh, and knee area.

The Wunder Train pants have more room in the hips and thighs, while the Align pants have more room in the waist and legs.

The Align pants also have more stretch, which makes them easier to move around in than the Wunder pants do.

Lululemon Wunder Train vs Align: Design

The Lululemon Align pants and the Lululemon Wunder Train pants are designed to be different.

The Align Pants are designed for those who want a more sporty look, while the Wunder Train pants are designed for those who want a more relaxed fit.

The Wunder Train pant has slimmer legs and a narrower cut. This is to make it more comfortable while you’re running or performing any physical activity.

The Align pant is meant to feel slimmer on your waist, but not too tight around the legs or bust area.

The Wunder Train has a flat front and no hems, which makes it more comfortable for yoga practice, while the Align pants have a curved hem that is more flattering on the body.

Lululemon Wunder Train vs Align: Stitching and construction

The stitching on both pants is very similar, although there are differences in detail between them.

The stitching on the Lululemon Wunder Train pant is very straight and uniform across each panel of the pant leg.

The stitching on the Align pant appears to be slightly more varied in its patterning than that found on the Wunder Train pant; some panels appear to have significantly more stitching than others.

The construction of both patterns seems to be quite similar as well; they both use a combination of flat-felled seams and reinforced points along their waistline and leg openings (where they meet).

Lululemon Wunder Train vs Align: Durability/longevity

The Align pants are made from a blend of lightweight stretch fabric that makes them perfect for any activity. They have reinforced knees and ankles, as well as zippered pockets on both legs.

The waist also has elastic panels for added comfort and fit.  They can be worn for 45-50 hours each week over a period of 1 year and they won’t have signs of wear or tear.

The Wunder Train pants aren’t quite as durable as the Align pants; however, they still offer plenty of protection during outdoor activities like hiking or skiing.

They have reinforced knees and ankles, as well as zippered pockets on both legs and an inner thigh panel that helps keep your thighs warm while you run or hike through cold weather conditions.

Final Verdict

After much pondering and comparison between these two very similar tights from Lululemon, I’m happy to give my final verdict.

The Lululemon Align pants are better than the Lululemon Wunder Train due to the fact that the Lululemon Align pants are more comfortable than the Lululemon Wunder Train tights. The reason why they are more comfortable is that they don’t ride up or down.

The Lululemon Wunder Train tights have a seam that rides up your leg when you walk or run, and it’s a pain to have to pull them down every time you want to go for a run.

The Align pants have no seams at all, so they stay put on your legs and don’t chafe or rub against your skin like the Wunder Trains do.

The Align pants do not have a compression fit like the Wunder Train Tights. The Align pant has more breathability and is made from a stretchier fabric that doesn’t hold in heat as much.

This allows for better movement and comfort when you’re working out or just moving around the gym.


We’ve finally come to the end of this lengthy comparison and I hope you agree with my final verdict that Lululemon Align pants will make better yoga pants than Wunder Train tights in terms of stylishness, comfortability, and durability.

I hope this article helps in your buying decision.


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