Lululemon Fast and Free vs Align: Which Is Better?

If you’ve ever tried out a pair of leggings from the Lululemon brand, you definitely want to check out more and more. There is no doubt you have heard of the ‘Fast and Free’ pants and the ‘Align’ pants.

There is an even high probability that you have tried them out once or twice. If you are still in doubt about whether or not to do so, then you are missing out on a lot.

These are two of the best pairs of leggings offered by any brand in the sportswear industry so your comfort is guaranteed. Before you put your money on this, you might want to know which to go for; ‘Fast and Free’ or ‘Align’.

Major Difference between Lululemon Fast and Free vs Align

Leggings usually come similar but you find many negative reviews under some products due to discomfort in some areas. Then you proceed to find boisterous positive reviews under some products due to the comfort provided and additional features.

The Lululemon brand seems to do this pretty easily, despite the high pricing. You will find positive reviews on both of these pairs but there is a massive gap in widely expressed preferences and comfort levels.

The major difference that can be noted between the two, asides from the quality and fabric composition, is the feeling. The Fast and Free Leggings provide a cool feeling in your legs, irrespective of the weather. The Align Leggings have a similar feature but it’s not as intense and effective.

Lululemon Fast And Free Review

Lululemon Fast and Free vs Align
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Lululemon is one of the best brands you can run to when you want comfort in your ‘leg-gings’. As mentioned earlier, the ‘Fast and Free’ is one of the best pairs produced by the brand.

You could call it ‘The best ones among the best ones’. However, like the top brands in virtually every industry, there are always contrasting reviews. You can blame this on the question ‘How can we get better?’

According to the most common reviews, the fabric is pretty thin. Some people don’t like when the fabric is thin but sometimes, a fabric is assumed weak because of the weak texture.

While this can be true in most cases, the ‘Fast and Free’ leggings are very durable. Another reviewer agreed with the fabric’s thinness but admitted that the fabric feels thick in a wicking process.

We can deduce that the ‘Fast and Free’ Leggings are thin and ‘moisture-wicking’, that is they dry sweat. The thinness of the fabric is similar to the second-skin feel that many love so dearly.

Another review pointed out the low compression in the leggings. It turns out the lightweight, second-skin feel is not enough for the runners, as it is compared to running ‘naked’.

While the ‘Fast and Free’ legging might actually be the best option for every runner, you might want to feel some compression on your legs. Some reviews advise you to size down for your ‘Fast and Free’ leggings just to get a bit of compression.

Some other reviews advise against that. That is technically bad advice, as the Nulux fabric, with which the legging was made, naturally offers low compression.

The ‘Fast and Free’ Leggings were made true to size so sizing down will make the fabric stretch further just to fit you. This will weaken the
fabric over time.


  • True to size
  • Cool feel in all seasons
  • Super stylish
  • Second-skin feeling
  • Quick-drying
  • High stretch
  • Durability


  • No compression
  • Expensive for regular leggings
  • Low stretch recovery

Lululemon Align Review

Lululemon Fast and Free vs Align

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As stated earlier, if you’ve heard of Lululemon, you’ve heard of Align. The Lululemon Align is one of the most hyped pairs of leggings ever produced by the Lululemon brand. When you hear the hypes, you know they are not merely biased rants from ‘fan-boys’.

The Lululemon Align really delivers its purpose. It has some of the best reviews that mostly emphasize its comfortable and buttery-soft feel.

It turns out the Lululemon Align is the softest pair of leggings produced by the brand, with just a few other pairs almost matching. However, similar to other almost-perfect products, it has contrasting reviews too.

While most of the positive reviews go ahead to reveal their love for the Align leggings, they rarely avoid mentioning its delicate state, advising you against doing intense workouts in the leggings.

The Align leggings are made from the special Nulu fabric which explains the super soft texture and delicateness.

Some reviews, however, debunk the rumors of low durability, stating how long they’ve had their Align leggings.

The Align leggings have reportedly been upgraded, having a bit more durability while the Nulu fabric keeps up its softness and low-intensive state.

Still, there are a few complaints about the Align leggings stretching out after a few wears. This is caused by choosing a smaller size.

The Align leggings, like most of the other Lululemon leggings, are true to size. Though there are very few complaints about the compression rate, some go ahead to choose a smaller size which later causes the fabric to stretch out and totally lose compression.


  • True to size
  • Comfortable and Buttery-soft feel
  • Durability
  • High stretch
  • Quick-drying
  • Second-skin feel


  • Low compression rate
  • Expensive for regular leggings
  • Low stretch recovery

Lululemon Fast and Free vs Align: Head-to-Head Comparison

Construction Mode

Leggings are usually similar in structure. Some are ankle-grazing in length, while some other leggings cover the ankle. Ankle-grazing leggings tend to be the best for yoga.

The hems of the leggings on the ankle may be a distraction to most people. The Align and the ‘Fast and Free’ leggings are equally similar in structure and length. They are both ankle-grazing.

The two leggings are made with different fabrics that have their own peculiarities but they both have low compression, though the Align leggings have a bit more compression. They both have high waistbands that reach up to your navel.

Like every other legging, they fit snugly on your skin. The Nulu (fabric for Align leggings) and the Nulux (fabric for Fast and Free leggings) are both weightless.

The feeling is more profound in the Fast and Free leggings due to the thin fabric and its extremely low compression which is pretty good for runners.

However, compression has its positive effects on the legs of an athlete. If we were to judge from this perspective, it would be a tie.

Build Quality

The Lululemon Align is built with the Nulu fabric. The Nulu fabric grants the perfect feel to the legs with its buttery softness. It is the kind of leggings you can wear on a travel and for workouts of low intensity.

The Lululemon Fast and Free is built with the Nulux fabric. The Nulux fabric provides greater comfort for your legs while working out. It is not as soft as the Nulu fabric in the Align leggings but it provides a weather-resistant cold feeling on your legs.

In other words, your legs won’t heat up even in the summer. This is even better because it has superior moisture-wicking capabilities. You know how it feels to sweat on your pants and they feel wet and uncomfortable for you to keep working out.

The Nulux fabric absorbs the sweat quickly and dries up almost immediately. You feel as dry as you felt before you started working out and you can continue undisturbed.

The Lululemon was built for running which is why the compression is very low. However, it can be used for really intense workouts.

However, the Align leggings provide more comfort in terms of compression but can’t withstand intensive workouts. If we were to judge based on the quality of each fabric, it would be a tie since both fabrics have their uses and downsides.


 Lululemon is one of the best brands, once again, so you expect great offers to accompany the high price tags. Fortunately, Lululemon is not one of the big brands that let you down on quality. The Lululemon leggings last as long as your durable pants should, if not longer.

The Lululemon Fast and Free is thin in texture but it is extremely durable. The fabric reportedly thickens when wet and dries up quickly.

It is a lot more durable than the Lululemon Align leggings, as it can be used on a daily basis without stretching out the fabric easily. That is the magic of the Nulux.

The Align legging may be less durable when compared to the Fast and Free but it is one of the most durable leggings you can ever put your money on.

The Align leggings were built for workouts with low intensity and they can last for many years, as long as they are used well and carefully. Another downside that puts the Align leggings below the Fast and Free is the pilling that happens between the thighs.

Lululemon has adjusted the Nulu fabric to resist pilling. Now, it takes a longer time for the pilling to set in but the Fast and Free legging surely lasts longer. If we were to judge from this perspective, the Fast and Free legging takes the lead.


The Fast and Free leggings were not made to do all of the workouts you are interested in. The Lululemon collection literally has leggings that are best for each of your workout activities.

The Fast and Free, as mentioned earlier, was specifically made for running. They are the best pants a runner can put on during a sprint. It literally appears like regular leggings while you might feel naked and cool in the legs, due to its lightness.

The Align leggings were made for workouts but not for every activity, similarly. You can put on your Align leggings for any workout that doesn’t put stress on your pants. They are meant for low-intensity workouts like walking, yoga, and similar exercises.

However, the Fast and Free legging was made durable for intense workouts. Its low compression will not add strength to your legs the way you want it so many may want to find alternatives but the Fast and Free legging can be worn during exercises similar to running.

While the Fast and Free can still help with other intensive workouts, the Align is not durable enough to do that.

There are positive reviews on Fast and Free leggings being used for other workouts so it may not be so bad doing more than running. The Fast and Free legging takes the lead here, again.


Lululemon is not a small brand. Unfortunately, the prices aren’t small either. Generally, most of the Lululemon leggings cost between $98 to $128. You might have heard of Lululemon prices as low as $79 but that is still high.

It is very rare to get the $79 legging from the Lululemon brand and that might be a turnoff to many, as it’s pretty easy to get a $20 pair of leggings on Amazon. They may not offer the same comfort and perks as the Lululemon fabric but Leggings are naturally found comfortable.

The Lululemon Align can cost as much as $118 or even $128- which is not cheap in any way- and as low as $98. Most of the Lululemon Align leggings, in the various styles they come, stick to the $98 price tag and you might find it lower if you are lucky. There are usually coupons that help you save some percentage.

The Fast and Free leggings cost a bit more, ranging between $118 and $128. The price tag you find floating around is the net more often is $128 which makes it more expensive than your Align leggings.

However, you can find prices as low as $79 and even discounts. Equally, you can find bigger prices as high as $168 for just a pair of Fast and Free leggings. The Align legging takes the lead when it comes to the best reasonable pricing.


Lululemon Fast and Free vs Align

The Lululemon leggings always run true to size. You might come across reviews that ask you to size down for your Align or your Fast and Free Leggings.

It’s a bad idea, as the only goal of sizing down is for further compression on your legs. While the satisfaction would be there, you would be slowly damaging the fabric and eventually blame the legging’s short lifespan on the brand.

The Lululemon brand has a size chart for their products so before you order any legging from the brand, you will definitely want to refer to the size chart. Go for your correct size when ordering your Align leggings.

Go for your correct size when ordering your Fast and Free leggings. However way they fit on you, that is how they were built. Note; as long as you are wearing your right size and managing your pair of leggings in the right way, you can have maximum durability.

While Lululemon leggings can last up to 2 years and even 5 years, some boast of owning a Lululemon pair of leggings for 10 years. That is definitely worth its price tag.

The sizing for both leggings is the same. The compression level may make it feel different, anyway. It is a tie here since the two leggings are both true to size.


Virtually all the Lululemon leggings have the same silhouette. A good legging lays snugly on the skin. The same applies to the Lululemon leggings.

They fit perfectly, hugging the shape of your legs and accentuating your leg muscles.

The Lululemon Align leggings are available in full length and cropped length. There are also normal hems and scalloped hems.

However, this is not special since Lululemon tends to apply all of its designs to all of its products. The Lululemon Fast and Free are also available in the mentioned designs so there is no difference in this part.


All leggings should fit snugly and the same applies here. If your legging doesn’t lay on your skin, then they are either not leggings or they are not worth your money.

The Lululemon leggings fit snugly but they don’t actually feel snug. When you feel the snug fit, then the legging is actually tight. This might be a loved part but it doesn’t apply to many Lululemon leggings.

As stated earlier, the Lululemon brand has a size chart to guide you against picking the wrong size. The Align and the Fast and Free leggings fit true to size. Ordering a smaller size may harm the fabric.

However, the fit might not feel the same for someone who desires compression on the legs. Some people are tempted to pick a smaller size of the Align leggings because they want some compression.

Wearing the right size of the Fast and Free leggings after this will feel even bigger since the compression is less than that of the Align leggings.

However, the sizing and fit are right for the purpose of your Lululemon leggings and you shouldn’t size down. In this case, the Align legging takes the lead by a tiny gap.


The difference in their uses has been addressed earlier. Your Align leggings are meant for yoga, walking around, and basically just to feel good.

The buttery-soft feeling is too extraordinary to let go of but, unfortunately, if you are the busy type with a lot of tasks to get done, this may not be for you.

The Fast and Free leggings are not described as the versatile type either but they are versatile. While this pair of leggings is designed for running, it is durable enough to be used for virtually any workout.

The feeling you get from this is not ordinary either so the Fast and Free legging takes the lead here.


You were probably waiting to know which is the best overall. All the Lululemon leggings are good but we still want the best if we will be paying as much as $100.

They will last so long but how will they work for you? Which is the best for your workout and which is the best for comfort?

The Align legging is the most popular legging from the Lululemon brand, despite the mixed reviews on it.

The Align leggings might deserve their spot as one of the best leggings but the Fast and Free legging wins this.

The Fast and Free leggings provide the same second-skin feel that you get from your Align leggings.

It has slightly less softness but it remains soft and is even the best on a hot day. It has similar quick-drying features to the Align leggings so you can keep exercising without discomfort.

In short, the Fast and Free leggings have all that your Align leggings offer with more versatility.

Some diehard fans of the Align leggings will never pick any other pair over it. It has its own peculiarities and, as mentioned earlier, the feeling you get from the Align leggings is extraordinary.

You might want to find out why the Align legging is still the most requested by buying a piece. I bet you’ll go back to get more. Get Align Leggings.

The Fast and Free leggings won this comparison for a reason too so you have no excuse to let this one go without checking it out.

A ton of workout sessions are waiting. You won’t want to embark on all that wearing the wrong pair of pants. Get Fast and Free leggings.


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