Lululemon ABC vs Rhone Commuter: Battle for the Best Pants

Active wears for workout are not just necessary for comfort and convenience. Consumers want high-quality, stylishly designed fitness garment that bolsters their workout routine and helps improve confidence and wellbeing.

Lululemon and Rhone are a splendid selection, as they offer these qualities. With the increase in fitness trends, quality gym clothes are sought after especially brands that offer technical fabrics and activewear to everyone.

Both guarantee a wide selection of activewear for athletes, and active folks at affordable prices, but which brand comes on top?

This article would point out the qualities and features of both Lululemon and Rhone, it would be your decision on the best choice.

Differences Between Lululemon ABC vs Rhone Commuter

Their consumer markets count as a major difference between the two brands. Lululemon brand offers both male and female athletic garments and merchandise suitable for exercises, yoga, running, training, and more.

Initially, Lululemon began as a part-time design studio and yoga studio. The success led them to turn into a garment retailer. Rhone deals with high-performance garments available for men with an active lifestyle.

Lululemon provides men’s workout apparel covering from yoga to tennis, weight lifting, and casual garments for streetwear.

The brand is popular for quality women’s leggings, and sports bras, expanding into menswear including pants, shirts, tank tops, boxer briefs, and accessories available in trendy colors, technical fabrics, and multiple fits.

With fine attention to detail and the use of quality materials for its activewear.

Rhone is known for creating men’s activewear. Famously named after a European river, their athletic gear feels good and has extreme functionality.

This brand designs performance activewear that is versatile, trendy, and sleek. This athleisure garment is lightweight and comfortable to wear in the gym, studio, and travel.

Unlike other activewear brands, Rhone caters to men’s clothing using best performance technology such as odor control, moisture-wicking fabric, quick-drying fibers, and lightweight, well-stitched garments that are durable.

Still pointing out differences, Rhone has a limit to its collection of high-performance activewear, while Lululemon offers a wide range of stylish athletic garments.

Lululemon also ships its product within Canada and US only, while Rhone conducts international shipping. I hope this little info has updated you on what the two brands offer.

You can buy their products while feeling confident. Keep on this post as we continue with the review.

Brief History of Lululemon ABC

Lululemon ABC vs Rhone Commuter

Lululemon ABC is an athletic garment manufacturer headquartered in British Columbia.

It was conceptualized in 1998 as a seller of yoga pants and other yoga accessories, expanding its retail to include lifestyle garments, athletic wear, personal care products, and accessories; they operate over 574 stores across the globe, with an e-commerce site.

Lululemon was created by Chip Wilson in Vancouver, opening the first single store in November 2000.

The company’s vision for its stores was to create a center point where people could find proper gear to sweat in, creating a community hub.

Its values center on providing people with safety information and space to interact about the physical aspects of living a healthy, careful, and purposeful life.

The Lululemon company is invested in harmonization among its guests and understanding their passions, what they like to sweat, and assisting them in achieving their goals. Every store carries this mandate.

Initial Lululemon designs were made for women during yoga. They provided sweat-fitting apparel for athletes and sweat-minded people too.

Garnering positive feedback from guests, top athletes, ambassadors, and users, they now design yoga for running, cycling, training, and most other sweaty adventures for men and women.

Driven by A constant desire to empower people to reach their full potential through the provision of proper tools and resources, and bolstering a culture of leadership, personal responsibility, and goal setting.

Their core values include personal responsibility, entrepreneurship, honesty, courage, connection, fun, and inclusion is practiced by every member of the team and are at the heart of the company culture.

The founder Chip Wilson resigned as chairperson in 2013, being replaced by Laurent Potdevin as CEO. In 2014, Lululemon expanded in Europe with its first store in Covent Garden England.

Chasing advancements in technology, Lululemon gained Mirror, a fitness start-up that sells virtual exercise mirrors.

This follows the trend of the increased trend of people performing home workouts instead of going to the gym.

Marketing the product is done through an extensive network of stores around the globe numbering about 270 as of 2018.

The online store provides customers with an express shopping experience.

Lululemon is concerned with the comfort of its consumers and invests heavily in new fabric designs, such as their Nulu fabric.

The brand has frequently been in the media multiple times for different issues.


  • Versatile designs for both men and women.
  • Ships internationally.
  • Patent fabrics.
  • Good for warmups
  • Perfect for causal jogging/walking.
  • Can be worn daily.
  • Has a recreational lift


  • High price tag
  • used in freezing conditions.

Brief History of RHONE

Lululemon ABC vs Rhone Commuter

Rhone, also called Rhone apparel, is a men’s sportswear company in the US. Established in 2014 in New Canaan, Connecticut by brothers Nata and Ben Checketts and Casey Edgar.

The brand name is derived from the same river and region in Europe with the same name. Rhone river has a reputation for beauty and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Starting as a web-only retailer, Rhone and Bloomingdale partnered in November 2014 selling at five retailer shops.

The next year had the company up the charts with over 127 retail shops such as Equinox, CorePower Yoga, and Nordstrom. Website traffic increased by 350 percent and annual revenue increased by 62 percent.

Closing profitably in 2015 many investors from sports, media, and fashion circles joined Rhone. Since 2016 it has gained a building in Stanford to use as its headquarters, raising over 6.2 million dollars since its launch.

Rhone targets high-income customers, active men between the age of 25 and 50 years. Customers of its products are diverse including bomb diffusing squad in Afghanistan and elite athletes.

The brand seeks to produce a distinct product away from competitors such as Under Armour, Nike, and Lululemon.

It claims to produce clothes that are durable by using high-quality materials putting them ahead of other brands.

Further research into antimicrobial fabrics by the company’s founders, opened a vital opportunity in manufacturing a cloth with permanent antibacterial and anti-odorant protection.

A thread of silver is woven into the brand’s fabric. The Polartec Power Dry Patented construction handles quick-wicking fabric for improved performance and breathability.

Inspirational quotes are often stitched on, such as ‘’what we do in life echoes in eternity’’ or ‘’don’t die without a few scars.’’ Chaffing is prevented by using flat lock stitching where the edge is flat against the seams.


  • Focus on activewear for men
  • Stylish designs.
  • Perfect for all occasion
  • Flex-Knit fabric offers comfort and durability.
  • Good option as all-season wear.


  • The Snap button could be redesigned.
  • The price may not be pocket friendly.

Head-to-Head Comparison of Lululemon Abc and Rhone Commuter

Both Lululemon and Rhone commuters are invested in creating athleisure clothing for active persons on the move. I hope that you have been well informed about the offers you can get from both brands.

Before going through their extensive collection and buying yourself lovely activewear.

Here we break down the similarities and differences between the brands.



Lululemon Abc offers unique activewear for many of its users. Their shape, quality of material, and product finishing are superb. The brand has a patent fabric composition, used in manufacturing many of its activewear.

The fabric is durable to last extensive use, stretchable, and breathable for optimal comfort.

With the quality, Lululemon possesses you can’t go wrong with this brand. Rhone’s quality of products matches that of Lululemon although customers have said Lululemon offers a better material than Rhone commuter.

This doesn’t mean Rhone is of poor quality as they offer a wide range of colour and clothing options that are functional and trendy.

The Lululemon brand is obsessed with technical performance and innovation. Adapting fabric technology to bring about the best activewear in the game.


The price of Rhone commuter is more affordable albeit slightly when compared to Lululemon. High-quality fabrics are used for customizing their luxury garments so a higher price is expected for those.

The commuter pant, a fast seller, comes costing $138, while other products such as briefs, undershirts, and accessories range from $20 to $30.

Lululemon is known for offers of discounts and more variety of products. However, be aware that Lululemon ABC has a steeper price than Rhone commuter.

Lululemon is the more expensive of the two. Both brands have a close price range and operate as luxury athleisure outlets.

Style and design

Many of us buy clothing based on the style and design used in making them. Lululemon ABC Is everyday go-to activewear. The ABC stands for ‘’anti-ball crushing.

The comfort it provides is next to none, because of the use of innovative tech fabrics like Warpstreme, a loomed polyester made in japan with adequate stretchiness similar to yoga pants.

Lululemon ABC removes tension from the crotch of our pants, by using an ergonomic gusset.

The pants can be styled with any kind of shirt or accessories easily. They have a classic fit and cut, sitting right in your thighs and not being baggy with a five-pocket design.

The pants have a sheen that is noticeable outdoors and no minimum break in stitching.

Rhone commuter design is uniquely styled. It’s a men’s favorite pant designed to be free and corporate in design. An extra pocket is placed on the right side for your wallet, keys, and valuables.

The fabric is Flex Knit, a security zipper pocket, media pocket, and Gusset for comfort and mobility. A sophisticated rubber snap closure with a perfect fly.

What Rhone commuter is designed for men who are always on the move, designed for versatility, and created with a purpose.

Using advanced textile technology and modern fabric innovation, high-performance activewear is made to endure an intense workout and a busy commute.


Lululemon ABC is made for men’s and women’s activewear. Starting with yoga pants, they are made for commuting and the office.

Rhone commuter is a men’s activewear that serves the purpose of being work clothes and also for active purposes. Lululemon ABC pants are functional, hybrid, and comfortable.

Rhone commuter offers similar qualities, catering to men who work and also have an active lifestyle. Stylishly designed for commuting, and cycling and suitable for the office.


Lululemon ABC is an extremely durable pant. The fabric made from Warpstreme is a stretch Japanese loomed polyester blend that lasts a long time.

Rhone commuter is durable, with the added Flex-knit fabric you are guaranteed a long-lasting experience and use.

Final verdict

Lululemon ABC and Rhone commuter are both highly ranked activewear garments and both brands are worth considering.

Both brands have good quality and a closely related price range, although Lululemon is the more expensive of the two.

After analyzing both qualities of each brand, my final verdict of which is better lies with Rhone commuter. Reasons for this include;

  • More affordable of the two.
  • Specialty made for men.
  • Better suite for work and pleasure.
  • More stylish and colorful options
  • Positive reviews from many users.

With this, we come to the end of our reviews and hope you have enough knowledge to guide your choices. Cheers.


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