Lululemon 25 vs 28: Comparison

Ordering a pair of pants online is everyone’s greatest fear. If it’s not yours yet, then it should be. You can imagine placing an order and not getting it.

That’s probably rare and you might get your money back but that’s not the actual fear.

The fear of picking a wrong size of a nice pair of pants haunts you harder, especially when you have no idea how to return and make a change. Even if you knew how to do that, there are so many processes and time before you finally get what you desire.

Now, imagine you know your size and you can even boast of it in your sleep but it goes wrong again. The wrong length!

What is Lululemon 25”

The wrong length is a real challenge when ordering your pants from any brand. You have probably sat back in a chair with a mental image of what you expect in the box and how you want it to fit on you. It’s going to break your heart if it ends up different.

The Lululemon brand offers different lengths in all of the legging styles it offers. The legging styles include ‘Fast and Free’, ‘Align’, ‘Wunder Under’, and so many more.

You probably already know these styles and you might have fallen victim to the wrong length. You can take some time to laugh at that point in your life because you could have easily prevented that…. With a measuring tape.

There are crops and there are full lengths for each of the Lululemon legging styles. The cropped lengths range from 17 to 23. If you are ordering this size, that means you want the hems to be far above your ankles.

That is totally fine for some people and not for some others. If you had a full length in mind, you would have ended up regretting your order, or, like some people, you’d blame the brand for wrong sizing while the sizing is perfectly okay.

The full-length sizes range from 25 to 31. When you pick any of these sizes in your order, then you want the leggings to cover your legs completely and probably lay over the ankle.

You might wonder why the 25-inch leggings would be so different from the 28-inch leggings when they are both full-length. There are still some differences, even though they can be ignored.

The 25-inch length seems to cater for a bigger bone at the ankles which means you still might not find it perfect, considering what you expect from your leggings.

Who Should Buy Lululemon 25”

We can assume the 25-inch inseam length is for the short people since it is the least full-length size offered but some short people get away with the 23-inch cropped length.

The Lululemon 25-inch leggings should do great with people who are 5 feet tall and just a bit taller. The shorter people will definitely survive with a 23-inch length if they want their ankles covered.

Virtually anyone can buy the Lululemon 25” leggings. If you are as tall as 7 feet, you will definitely find it hard to get a full-length trouser but if you get the 25-inch trouser, at least you have something ‘cropped’.

The 31-inch Length was built for people- or ladies, actually- with really long legs. Nothing stops your long legs from fitting in a 25-inch legging as a cropped size.

The only problem you can complain about is it won’t reach your ankles and it will end up looking cropped.

Once you have measured your inseam, you just have to calculate where it falls in, then you’ll know whether to go for a 25-inch length or a 28-inch length.

For those who won’t take their time to do the measuring, you can opt for the 25-inch length if you are less than 6 feet in height. Your tallness surely makes for long legs so it matters.

Once again, there is a common question about the 25-inch length and the 28-inch length; whether to buy the 25-inch or hem the 28-inch.

You probably own a 28-inch legging with no idea of how to return because the legs seem too long and you wonder if you can hem the legging to fit right. That would be okay but the problem lies in the ankle opening.

What is Lululemon 28”

The Lululemon 28-inch length is one of the full-length sizes offered in all Lululemon’s legging styles.

When you order the 28-inch length, you should not expect the hems to come before the ankle. If you are hoping for a cropped length, your size should lie between 17 and 23.

There is probably someone out there who already has this knowledge but has a problem with the lengths.

That is the challenge of ordering the ‘wrong’ full-length size and having the legs longer or cropped. You can laugh at that memory when you finally read how to find the perfect length for you.

The 28-inch leggings were built for long legs but the number lies between two others, which means you can either get the shorter length or the longer one.

The 28-inch Lululemon leggings in every one of their styles are like your regular leggings. They lay on your legs and fit snugly in every part of the legs, down to the ankle.

The ankle turns out to be the problem for the shorter people, as many claim the Lululemon brand doesn’t cater to their legs.

You probably have the same issue with the ankles of your Align leggings or your Wunder Under leggings, or whichever one you own.

The 28-inch length truly fits snugly at the ankles but they weren’t made for the truly short people.

While one might advise the short ones to go for the cropped length pants, they may turn out to be too short, although the 23-inch length is working for many.

However, the argument lies in whether to hem the 28-inch leggings or just buy the 25-inch leggings.

You might want to say “go for the 25-inch if it’s your right length”, instead of ordering the wrong length and trying to fix it. We could say that.

Who Should Buy Lululemon 28”

You should get the Lululemon 28-inch length if you are as tall as 5 feet and 6 inches. This is an estimate so shorter people may actually find it fine to get their legs in this pair.

However, some still need to have their 28-inch lengths hemmed down to fit better on their legs.

Like many other leggings – and how good leggings should be for athletics – there should be a lot of stretch and snug fit.

The Lululemon leggings are well tapered for a snug and comfortable fit but they seem to pay more attention to the tall legs.

In other words, ladies with long legs should find comfort easily in virtually any Lululemon legging if they choose to ignore the leg length.

The Lululemon 28” will work well for the tall girls so, if you are tall, you should be going for this, as long as you want the full length.

The short ladies won’t want to have the hems folded so choosing the 28-inch or a longer length would be a pretty bad idea.

We are about to answer the question of which is best to go for; buy the 25-inch length or hem down the 28-inch length.

It’s good to note that the only reasons you would want to hem down your 28-inch legging are if you want it cropped and if it’s too long.

If you wanted it cropped, you could have ordered a shorter length. If you found it too long, you could have ordered a shorter length too.

As mentioned earlier, the Lululemon brand seems to have catered more to the long legs which makes it easier for the taller people to hem the 28-inch to get a cropped version.

It’s not so comfortable for the shorter people to hem the 28-inch to fit them. It is the same brand and same product so what could be the difference!

How To Know Your Right Lululemon Length

As mentioned earlier, you could have measured your leg length before proceeding to place an order.

Note; the length stated when you order is for your inseam so if you just measure your actual leg length, you might end up getting the wrong figures and ordering the wrong length again.

Then you would blame it on the author of this article. Measuring your leg length by yourself is a task.

Measuring your inseams by yourself is an even harder task, as you are required to stand upright if you will get the correct figures. If you can’t find someone to do the measuring for you, then you can learn how to do that yourself.

First, you can check your old pants or leggings. Make sure it fits perfectly well on your legs. Check the tag of the brand on the pants.

The sizes of pants are usually stated on the tag and you might find the inseam lengths printed too. If you can’t find the inseam length on the tag, you can grab a tape measure and find the length yourself.

  • Lay your perfectly fitted pants on a flat surface and keep the legs straight
  • Turn one leg over the other so it’s folded lengthwise
  • Lift the top leg over the other one till the inseam of the other leg is fully shown. (The inseam is the seam that runs from the crotch area to the hem)
  • Make sure the bottom leg is straight to get the right measurement.
  • Run your tape from the seam on the crotch to the hem.
  • Write down the measurement and use the correct number when ordering

Lululemon 25 vs 28: Similarities

They are similar in virtually every way. We can point out that the two are made from the same brand. It is very obvious, even from the first glance at the title.

Every style of Lululemon leggings has a version of the 25-inch and the 28-inch lengths. While we are about to point out a difference, we should note a similarity that leads us right to the main difference.

The two sizes are similar in the stretch levels, build, Fit, and Tapering.

The fit and the tapering will be the topics for similarity. As mentioned earlier, your regular leggings fit snugly as they should and this is only made possible by a tapered fit. The thighs are a lot wider at the top.

The low thighs are wider than the knees, then the knees are wider than the ankle. Without a tapered fit, the trousers either go straight down from the thighs or the thighs are overly tightened just to make the trousers slim at the knees, and, even with that, there wouldn’t be a snug fit.

The Lululemon leggings are tapered so we should applaud them for making their leggings not weird.

Lululemon 25 vs 28: Differences

The major difference between the Lululemon 25″ and the Lululemon 28″ is how they fit. While leggings should always have a comfortable and snug fit, the Lululemon 25″ is loose at the ankle.

While the major difference should be the length of the inseams because the Lululemon 25″ was created for ladies with shorter legs, the Lululemon 25″ was tapered in the same way as the Lululemon 28″.

For this reason, the Lululemon 25″ would feel better in the legs of someone who would rather for the Lululemon 28″ than those whom the Lululemon 25″ were created for.

If you are looking for a snug fit, the Lululemon 25″ leggings are not an option and there is nothing the shorter ladies can do about it yet.

Which is Better

It is very obvious now that the 28-inch lengths are well built than the 25-inch. We have to avoid saying there is no solution yet for the shorter legs so we won’t say that.

The 28-inch length is definitely better, as long as you are looking into the full-length section.


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