Love Her Leggings vs Zyia: Which Is Better?

While some people love wearing leggings, others tend to go to the compartments to get joggers, jeans, and other thicker pants, during shopping.

Some people are of the notion that leggings tear too quickly. Others may complain that they are revealing.

To solve the problem of easy tears and revealing limbs, two brands, amongst others have come up with never-ending styles, quality designs which are lasting in a good shape and hardly reveal any part of your limbs when you wear them.

Love Her and Zyia are two of those kinds of brands that started leggings production and sales out of inspiration and passion for people. They are now making waves in the industry as a result of their excellent quality.

Differences Between Love Her Leggings And Zyia

There are not many differences between Love Her Leggings and Zyia. They are made of thick materials which are non-see-through and feel smooth.

Love Her leggings are not lined, but Zyia’s are designed with inner linings to prevent transparency, except for the black-colored leggings.

Zyia leggings are stitched in a curvy manner while Love Her leggings are mostly seamed in a straight way. Looking carefully at the stitches, Zyia leggings have more stitches. This makes them more durable.

Love Her Leggings are not as concerned about the atmosphere as Zyia. Zyia’s packaging is made with friendly and environmentally helpful materials. Also, there are plans for the brand to introduce renewable materials into the leggings’ makeup.

Review Of Love Her Leggings

Love Her Leggings vs Zyia

After gifting a hospital patient who was putting on an uncomfortable gown with stretchy pants, the excitement on the patient’s face gave Adreana fulfillment.

This inspired her to create the Love her leggings brand along with her husband, who is an Engineer.

The brand commenced in 2019 and, since then she has been creatively designing leggings for women at affordable prices. Love Her leggings are not revealing.

This implies that they are not extremely thin. They are mostly made in high waists for a relaxed fitting with a customized love symbol in the back area.

Love Her Leggings are nice active wears. They are flexible and sturdy with reinforced stitches for durability. They have satisfying hugs which yield sharp looks.

Other products of Love Her Leggings includes Slim variety leggings with side pocket, shorts x-fit, joggers.


  • Thick
  • Lightweight
  • Sweat-wicking
  • Non-see through
  • They do not fade
  • Adequately high-waisted


  • Not comfortable

Review Of Zyia Leggings

Love Her Leggings vs Zyia

Zyia is a brand that creates and sells active lifestyle clothes. The brand’s main objective is to design outfits that inspire activity with cheerfulness, and flexibility and uplift the mind by making exercise and actions in general fun.

Erin Bradley, a creative entrepreneur, is the founder of Zyia designs. The leggings inspire women’s fitness and activeness.

Zyia was kicked by a company of ladies in 2017. Its inspiration can be traced from a hiking experience that made Zyia leggings comfortable sportswear for leisure and enjoyment.

From 2017 to date, the brand’s excellence has not declined, especially in regard to the legging’s quality.

The company was built by great entrepreneurs who portrayed excellence, a spirit of innovation, and tenacity to impact society positively through its products and concern for the atmosphere.


  • Lined
  • Durable
  • Squat proof
  • Brilliant fit
  • Nice designs
  • Great for a heavy workout


  • Inconsistent quality
  • Not regular sizes

Love Her Leggings vs Zyia: Head-to-Head comparison

Although Zyia and Love Her Leggings are stretchy and flexible, they have other differences as well. And, some are expressed in the features listed below;

  • Material
  • Durability
  • Brand
  • Sizing and Fit
  • Style and design
  • Price
  • Stitching
  • Usage
  • Quality


I believe that one of the basic qualities to look out for before paying for leggings is the qualities. The quality can only be ascertained when the materials used to put them together are of good quality.

And, both Love her Leggings and Zyia are made of nice quality fabrics, but their make-up slightly differs.

Love Her Leggings are made of authentic cotton to make them feel soft and thick at the same time. Like other leggings, they stretch too, so they have some percentage of Nylon, depending on the variety you desire to get.

Polyester is added to the combination in compression leggings. For comfort and proper balance around the abdomen, waistbands are added.

Also, Love Her Leggings and Zyia activewear are made with Lycra fiber, but that of Zyia seems to be more than Love Her Leggings.

Zyia leggings are made in a 4-way stretch. This means they provide nice compression, flexible form, great fitting, and comfort in general.

The added designs and technologies used in their make-up, including microbial fabrics and a 4-way stretch quality of Zyia, give a glimpse of the materials used to build them which includes;

A combination of 90 percent of Nylon and 10 percent of Spandex. Put in the leggings are copper-infused fibers to lessen the rate of bacteria growth.

Also, some varieties are created with cotton stretch for added comfort and fit. The waistband has a V net waistband in the front area.


Love Her Leggings are made of excellent quality material. This makes them last longer. There are quite a lot of nylons in the stretchy variety of Love Her Leggings, this makes them not tear easily.

Zyia has proven time and time again that they stand for excellence. You’ll definitely get value when you pay for one of any leggings from Zyia collection.

Brand Width

Since Love Her brand was born out of passion, and from every purchase made, a free pair is given to the charity.

Zyia is a lifestyle brand that makes leggings for women, children, and sometimes men. Just like Love Her Leggings, Zyia sells directly to their customers in a catalog, but they employ Rep services where you can channel your question of fit and get guidance on their products.

Due to Zyia’s expertise and creativity, they create new clothes almost every week.

Sizing And Fit

For me, the fitting of Love Her Leggings varies, depending on the variety you purchase.

The stretchy variety of Love her leggings fit perfectly since they widen up as you wear them, while you need to size up when you go for a compression variety because they are usually small.

The small varieties are made in 2-4 while the large is made in, scopes of 12-16.

In a way, Zyia doesn’t run small, and neither do they run big. They fit exactly in size.

I would advise you to size down to get a more compressive fit. The luxe variety of Zyra are made with strings for a more satisfactory fit.

Style And Design

Love Her Leggings are available in different colors. Even though Zyia designs new leggings every week, Love Her Leggings has put together leggings with over 300 diverse styles.

They maintain their 4-way stretch design with a high waist for a calm fit and confident design. Most of Zyia’s leggings are not designed with pockets.

But the Luxe variety of Zyia leggings has very deep side pockets, starting from the thigh, down to the knee, area while almost all varieties of Love Her Leggings have constant, functional pockets.


Although one leggings cost more than the other, both are budget friendly when compared with their quality.

A pair of Love Her Leggings costs $25-$35 while that of Zyia which is much more costly costs $65-$75.


As you know, the nature of a cloth’s seaming determines its lasting impact. Love Her Leggings and Zyia have nice seams, but that of Zyia is more.

Normally, Love Her Leggings are sewn together in straight stitches while Zyia has slightly curved seams.


Love Her Leggings vs Zyia

As much as leggings are flexible and great for sports and high-impact actions, not all leggings are good for every sport or task.

Leggings like Love Her Leggings are good for lounging around, working out, gymnastics, or indoor exercises since they are easy to move around with.

While Zyia leggings have a wider functionality. Aside from lounging, you can use them to run errands, for shopping, work out, and dance classes. They are great for gymnastics and yoga training too.


I won’t forget to say that both leggings are soft, even though Zyia has a lot of breathable varieties. While Love Her Leggings are non-see-through, Zyia’s are made to be a bit thicker and in most cases, lined.

Love her leggings are great for athletics, but they are not made with materials as thick as Zyia and this limits their functionality.

Final Verdict

Zyia and Love Her Leggings have smooth textures. If I am to pick one at the expense of the other, I will go for Zyia leggings.

Zyia is most preferred to me because they are more opaque and transparent when it comes to their looks. Aside from purchasing leggings for sports activities, I intend to wear them to the office once in a while.

Judging by looks, Zyia leggings look more professional since they are not mere leggings but active wear, nice for social events.

Also, Zyia designs more attractive wear with different kinds of materials, including durable faux leather.


The cost of clothing is a determinant of whether it will be a bestseller or not. On the other hand, certain people esteem quality over quantity.

But whichever category you fall in, I would advise that you purchase clothing that is comfortable and made with excellent construction so that it can endure for an extended period of time, giving you the comfort you deserve.


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