Levi’s vs Polo Jeans: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Levi’s and U.S. Polo jeans is the fabric combination used in the making of these jeans.

While Levi’s jeans are made of cotton and elastane, Polo jeans are made of cotton, polyester, and spandex. As a result of these, the textures of these jeans are different. Levi’s jeans are thicker with a bit of stretch and Polo jeans are lightweight with more stretch.

Why this Comparison?

This comparison is necessary in order for you to know which is better for you. Because the jeans that may be better for me may not be better for you.

So, the features of these brands that I will outline here will help you make a better choice on the brand that is better for you. This comparison is also aimed at pointing you to the best quality jean you should have in your closet if you do not have them already.

I am going to compare the construction of the jeans, the quality of both Levi’s and Polo jeans, their comfort levels, their price range, their sizing and fitting, and then the silhouette of these two brands.

In the end, we’ll discover which of them is better in the overall verdict.

First Glance At Levi’s Jeans

Levi's vs Polo Jeans

Levi’s jeans are unique in appearance and the design that most people easily identify is the 501 design both in women’s and men’s designs. At first glance, Levi’s jeans are just like the regular kind of jeans.

Levi’s jeans are available in a straight fit, skinny fit, regular fit, and many other patterns that you can easily notice.

You will also notice the big metal zipper on most of Levi’s jeans and it’s just unique to them. Someone said he liked that the zipper is that large.

Also, Levi’s jeans are available in mid-rise and high-rise styles and you can notice that with a glance.

When you are opportune to touch any of Levi’s jeans before purchase, you will realize that they feel thicker and are a bit stretchy. Some of the fabrics may be soft and stretchy.

At first glance, you will also notice the belt loop on the waistband of Levi’s jeans which is meant for any belt. I am sure that you will easily notice the price tag on any jeans you pick.

That should make you make the purchase or look for other options. You will also notice the different colors and washes of Levi’s jeans.

First Glance At U.S. Polo Assn. Jeans

Levi's vs Polo Jeans

Polo jeans are also the regular kind of jeans. At first glance, you will notice the 5 pocket styling pattern on Polo jeans.

There is also another unique thing you’ll notice about Polo jeans, the Polo iconic logo and it just makes the jeans different and unique. Polo jeans really look cute, especially the ones for women.

Polo jeans are also available in a slim fit, straight fit, and regular fit and you will most likely notice all the styles available.

Also, when you glance at Polo jeans for the first time, you will notice the variation in the mid-rise and the high-rise style.

If you were in a store and you’re opportune to touch Polo jeans before purchasing, you will notice that they feel light and stretchy.

You will also notice the different styles available for both men and women and the ones exclusive to either men or women.

Polo jeans are also available in many colors. I, in particular like the Polo jeans in white color. Some Polo jeans are wide in the leg and others are skinny. You will notice that Polo jeans are the kind of jeans you should buy.

Levi’s vs Polo Jeans: Comparison Proper

Before I conclude on which of them is better, I will make a side-by-side comparison of the construction of these jeans, the quality, the comfort level, the price, the size & fitting, and the silhouette.


How a jean is constructed determines how long they can last and how stylish they will look. Levi’s jeans are well made and the stitching is nice. Most Levi’s jeans are 100% cotton.

And, some of Levi’s jeans are made of organic cotton and elastane. Levi’s jeans are made with zipping fly and button closure. The ones that are made of a blend of cotton and elastane are soft and stretchy.

Most Levi’s jeans are suitable for heavy-duty kind of work. They are made to be tough and thick.

On the other hand, Polo jeans which started as long as Levi’s started in the 19th century are well made and stitched. They are mostly designed in the 5 pocket styling pattern.

Some Polo jeans are made of 100% cotton just as in Levi’s. Some are made of cotton, polyester, and spandex mixed together.

That makes Polo jeans lightweight and soft. Polo jeans are made in a slim fit, straight fit, and other designs. Some are available in the mid-rise design while others are in the high-rise. Both Levi’s and Polo jeans are well stitched and constructed.


Levi’s has always been known for the quality of its jeans. So many people buy Levi’s jeans because they are actually good quality jeans. Levi’s jeans are more durable and that is dependent on how you take care of them.

Levi’s jeans are also good quality because of the organic cotton used in making them. Although, there are some complaints about the quality of Levi’s jeans and that is just recent.

But, I still think that Levi’s jeans are good quality, especially if you buy the more expensive ones.

Polo jeans have been a special kind of jeans made with the U.S signature and they have existed for over a century.

Their jeans are also quality jeans. The type that is made of 100% cotton is thick and of nice quality.

The ones that are made with a blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex are light, stretchy, and soft.

They make the quality of their jeans more pronounced by attaching the iconic logo where you can easily see and identify Polo jeans.

I can’t really say which brand is better in quality, I think both brands make good quality jeans.

Comfort Level

Like I will always say, comfort should be considered the most essential requirement for getting jeans because I know how bad it is to wear jeans that are not comfortable on the body.

Levi’s jeans are comfortable and most people have testified to loving Levi’s because of the comfort those jeans provide.

Some of Levi’s jeans are made of 100% cotton and they are still comfortable as long as you get the sizing right. Those that are made of cotton and elastane are even more comfortable as they are stretchy.

And then, Polo jeans are also comfortable. I am not a fan of Polo jeans but I think they are really comfortable. The spandex in the jeans is to make the jeans stretchy. And I know that stretch contributes a lot to the comfort of a jean.

The only bad side to stretch is when it gets too much and the jeans tend to run big on people. But, Polo jeans are comfortable.

The Polo jeans that are made of 100% cotton are also comfortable on the body. So now, I believe that when it comes to comfort, Levi’s are more comfortable than Polo jeans.


Pricing is another important factor to consider before buying any jeans. To some people, the price does not really matter as long it is the kind of jeans they like.

Levi’s jeans are quite affordable and I’ve never considered them expensive jeans. You can find Levi’s jeans in the price range of $32 to $98. Some can be above $100. But, they are still prices anyone can afford.

More Levi’s jeans are available between $35 to $65. So, you can find good quality jeans with that amount of money.

The same thing relates to Polo jeans. They are affordable jeans and anyone can afford to purchase them.

You can find Polo jeans within the range of $17 to $110. I think this makes Polo jeans more affordable.

Polo jeans are mostly available between $30 to $45. This means that most Polo jeans are very affordable.

The pricing here is pocket friendly and you can use the price of one Levi’s jeans to get two Polo jeans. So, when it comes to pricing, it is obvious that Polo jeans are more affordable than Levi’s jeans.

Size & Fitting

Sizing is also very important when it comes to purchasing jeans. When you do not get the sizing right, the jeans might not be comfortable for you. Levi’s jeans are mostly true to size.

They have a size chart available for both men and women in order for you to select the right size of jeans. The belt loop on the waistband is added so that belt can be used to adjust the fitting on the waist.

The skinny fit, the straight fit, the regular, everyone one of them fit well. Levi’s are not that perfect when it comes to sizing as a lot of people have found their jeans not fitting enough. But, I still think they are well fitting and true to size.

Polo jeans are also true to size. They have a size chart for men and women that one can check before selecting any size of jeans.

Polo jeans run small in size most of the time and you might have to size up when purchasing. A lot of people had to return their jeans just to order another size.

And then, Polo jeans are actually really fitting on short men. Yea, many people have confirmed this and it’s true. So, if you have been looking for jeans that will fit you best as a short person, I think you should try Polo jeans.

For sizing and fitting, Levi’s jeans are more true to size and both brands are fitting.


Some people like their jeans classy, some like them plain, while some like them more stylish. Whichever group you fall into, I believe you can find the style you want in Levi’s collection.

Levi’s jeans are mostly regular jeans, jeans that can be used for any casual occasion and even the official space. I find Levi’s jeans fashionable.

Levi’s jeans are available in many washes and you can select the color you like. You will also find trending styles in Levi’s collection. There is the skinny design, the regular, and the straight fit.

Polo jeans are really colorful. I mean, they are available in many colors. Remember, I told you I like the white color of Polo jeans.

And, what you find on the website is the color that will be delivered to you. Polo jeans are just the regular jeans that can be worn in casual or even official arena.

They look really cute and stylish. Most Polo jeans are in mid-rise and if you need mid-rise jeans, Polo jeans are the best in that style. Both brands are stylish and fashionable.

Final Verdict (Which Is Better?)

I might not know which is better for you but I’m sure you must have decided which of them is better for you. Let’s go over the comparison briefly. For the construction, both jeans are well made and they have good designs.

And then, both brands make good quality jeans. When it comes to comfort level, Levi’s are more comfortable than Polo jeans. And then, Polo jeans are more affordable than Levi’s jeans.

When it comes to sizing, Levi’s are true to size and they are both fitting. Talking about silhouette, both brands make fashionable and stylish jeans.

So now, which is better? It is kind of difficult to say which is better because both are good at something the other is not good at. Polo jeans might be better for you, but I think that Levi’s are better than Polo jeans.

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