Levi’s vs Nudie Jeans: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Levi’s and Nudie jeans is in the fabric. Nudie jeans are made of thinner fabric than Levi’s.

And then, there’s the difference in fit. Nudie jeans fit better than Levi’s. You might also want to consider the pricing of these jeans. Levi’s are more affordable than Nudie jeans.

Let me also add that Levi’s is more recognized than Nudie.

Why This Comparison?

I am certain that you searched for this topic because you want to find out which of these jeans is better. So, this comparison is not only to declare which of them is better but to highlight the features of these jeans.

The fact is that you might find Levi’s jeans better for you even if I said otherwise. Surely, you might also want to find out why Levi’s are more popular than Nudie.

At the end of this article, you might want to find reasons to buy either Levi’s jeans or Nudie jeans. This comparison is to give you enough reasons you should buy either of these jeans.

Though, we will say which is better after comparing the construction, the quality, the Comfort level, the price, the sizing, and the silhouette of these two brands. Read through as you find out which is better.

First Glance At Levi’s Jeans

Levi's vs Nudie Jeans Levi's vs Nudie Jeans

Levi’s jeans are available in many styles and designs. When you see Levi’s jeans, you will notice the straight leg pattern in some. One specific thing you’ll notice about Levi’s jeans is the large metal zipper.

This is probably what will make you purchase Levi’s if you admire large zippers. At first glance, you will also notice the belt loops waistband in Levi’s jeans and the mid-rise style in some of their jeans. Some of Levi’s jeans are made with button closure type.

You will also notice the blue-washed color and other washes of Levi’s jeans. Levi’s have cool washes that will make you not want to look away.

If you go as far as touching the fabric, you will notice that it is thick and stretchy. Levi’s makes their jeans with a little stretch in them.

Before you even think of buying them, you should take cognizance of the price, the pricing on Levi’s is affordable. Some of Levi’s jeans have high rise style.

If you’re buying from Levi’s store, their customers’ service is obviously good. I believe you will notice every other thing you’ve probably heard about Levi’s.

First Glance At Nudie Jeans

Levi's vs Nudie Jeans Levi's vs Nudie Jeans

If you are familiar with denim, you will notice that Nudie jeans are made of raw denim. Another thing you will notice about Nudie jeans is the closure type, the zipper, or the bottom closure, depending on the one you’re looking at.

You will also notice at first glance that Nudie jeans are stitched with cotton thread if you’re familiar with threads. Nudie jeans come in high waist, mid rise and some may sit just at the waist.

You will also notice the cool washes that Nudie have. The famous blue wash and many other washes.

Nudie jeans, if you are opportuned to touch them at first feel very stretchy, and the fabric will be thin in your palms.

Some people say that Nudie is overpriced, but you might not notice that at first until you start using the jeans.

Also, if you’re purchasing Nudie jeans from Nudie store, you will notice that they do not have a free return policy.

At first glance, you will notice also that Nudie jeans have loopholes for the belt at the waistband.

You might not notice this by just looking, but if you try out Nudie jeans at first, you will notice that they fit better.

Levi’s vs Nudie Jeans: Comparison Proper


It is important to know what and how these jeans are made in order to determine the quality of these brands.

For Levi’s, the construction of their jeans is basically obvious as they have more customers buy from them.

Levi’s jeans are made of organic cotton with the addition of a little stretch in the place of elastane or some other stretch material. Some of Levi’s jeans are made of 100% cotton with no stretch.

Levi’s jeans are made of large metal zipper, belt loops at the waist and some are in high rise while others are in mid rise style. Levi’s jeans are well stitched.

Nudie jeans on the other hand, are made of organic cotton with lots of stretch. The stretch affects the sizing of Nudie jeans.

Nudie jeans are stitched with cotton thread. They are made of raw denim and they seem to be recognized as one of the good raw denim jeans.

Some Nudie jeans are high waist while others are in mid-rise style. Many customers complain of Nudie having poor construction and that is why they seem to be having a bad reputation.


Many of you know Levi’s jeans to be of good quality. It is actually true that Levi’s jeans are of good quality. Levi’s jeans are mostly thick denim . Some of Levi’s jeans are stretchy and comfortable while some are just plain thick denim.

In comparison, Levi’s jeans are thicker than Nudie’s. As a result of Levi’s quality, they are more durable than Nudie jeans. Some of Levi’s jeans are soft with stretch.

Even though Levi’s jeans are receiving lots of complaints recently regarding their quality, they are still better in the quality of jeans they produce.

Nudie jeans are of good quality too. Nudie jeans fabric is much thinner with lots of stretch in them. Nudie jeans are thin to the extent they break out easily. The thinness of Nudie jeans affects the quality and durability of the jeans.

When buying Nudie jeans, don’t hope to use them occasionally for more than two years. If you’re using them regularly, you should know how quickly they’ll fall apart.

Although Nudie will blame the bad quality on the way you take care of the jeans, I think they still cannot compete with Levi’s in this stead. Nudie jeans are of lesser quality compared to Levi’s.

Comfort Level

Levi’s jeans are of a high comfort level. Personally, I find Levi’s jeans comfortable. Most Levi’s jeans are made with a little stretch and this stretch adds to the comfort of those jeans.

The stretch is just right for the jeans to attain the kind of comfort desired. Some of Levi’s jeans are made of soft fabric with stretch also. And, that makes them more comfortable.

Even the ones that are made of 100% cotton are comfortable. Levi’s jeans are comfortable enough that is why they receive more patronage daily.

Nudie jeans are also very comfortable. Any jeans that come with stretch are aimed at comfort. Nudie jeans are made of more stretch than Levi’s jeans and that makes them really comfortable

So, even if you might not have worn Nudie jeans for a long time, you will be comfortable while you wear them.

The fabric is thinner and doesn’t get heavy on the body. That alone is comfort.

In comparison here, I think Nudie jeans are more comfortable while they last than Levi’s jeans. If comfort is what you look out for most, then go for Nudie jeans and enjoy them while they last.


Pricing is another factor in the comparison of these brands. As the price can make you buy one instead of the other. Apart from being famous, Levi’s jeans are known to be quite affordable.

Levi’s jeans are the go-to jeans for everyone. Everyone can literally afford Levi’s jeans. I found out that most Levi’s jeans do not go more than $100. Jeans that price below a hundred dollars are said to be affordable.

You can find Levi’s jeans for between $32 to $98 in most retail stores. This is another reason Levi’s is so popular. Their prices are pocket friendly.

Nudie jeans are also affordable. But, they are Nudie jeans that go more than $200. And, any jean for up to two hundred dollars is expensive.

There are Nudie jeans below a hundred dollars but, they are more than a hundred dollars. Many Nudie customers believe that Nudie jeans are overpriced when they begin to analyze the quality of the jeans compared to other brands.

You can find Nudie jeans between $23 to $222 in some online stores like Amazon. As per whether Nudie jeans are overpriced, I also think they are overpriced.

Although, you could avoid the higher price and get the lower priced ones.


Sizing is a different ball game in jeans and how they fit is also another thing. For Levi’s jeans, they sure have size charts where you can check for your size and make your purchase.

When it comes to fit, Levi’s are fitting as well. This is another reason they are so popular. Levi’s get their sizing right. Just recently, Levi’s customers are having more complaints about the wrong sizing of their jeans.

But, they fit right. I will say they are most fitting and the sizing is mostly right.

Nudie jeans have an issue with the sizing of their jeans. They also have a size chart where you can pick a size for yourself.

But, as a result of the excess stretch they add to their jeans, the jeans can get bigger on you and you may have to size down in order for you to have a good size for yourself. When it comes to fit, Nudie jeans are more fitting.

They fit so well when once you get the sizing right. When it comes to sizing, Levi’s is better. But, comparing the fitting of these two brands, Nudie jeans are more fitting than Levi’s.


The outline and the general look of jean are also important as that will determine the style you prefer. Levi’s jeans have a great silhouette.

Levi’s jeans are very fashionable and they are many beautiful designs and styles. They look just like every normal pair of jeans. Even the outlook itself shows that Levi’s jeans are thick and lasting.

The skinny fit is really skinny fit and you won’t have a problem choosing the style you want because they look great.

The packaging of Levi’s is good too, plus you can freely return any for another if you want to.

Nudie jeans look more fashionable than Levi’s. The washes of Nudie are profound and they are available in beautiful designs and styles. You might be tempted to choose Nudie over Levi’s jeans because of the way they look.

They look very attractive and the distressed style is classic. Maybe, that is why they are so expensive than Levi’s. If you didn’t know the things you’ve read about Nudie, I’m sure you would go for Nudie jeans.

They are nice and good looking and they are classy. Whichever jeans you choose, you will still have classy styles from them.

Final Verdict (Which Is Better?)

Having considered all the factors of comparison, some of you might still want to know which one is better by my standard. From the above comparison, Levi’s jeans are better in construction, they are also better in quality.

And then, Nudie jeans take the lead when it comes to the comfort level. Levi’s jeans are more affordable than Nudie, even though you can still find affordable Nudie jeans.

In the sizing, Levi’s has better sizing designs than Nudie. But, Nudie jeans are better fitting than Levi’s. And then, both jeans have a good silhouette, with Nudie looking more fashionable.

So now, which of these two brands offers better jeans? I am sure that already Levi’s lovers will readily vote for Levi’s as being better. And I have seen some Nudie lovers who will readily vote Nudie to be better.

If I were to choose between the two, I will go for Levi’s. I sure want something that will last me longer and something I can easily afford.

Although, Nudie jeans might be better for you depending on the features you want in jeans. But, I believe that Levi’s is better.


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