Levi’s vs American Eagle Jeans: Which Is Better?

The major difference between the Levis and American Eagle is that Levi’s is a luxury brand that is best for special outings and occasions when you are going for a night out or parties, while American Eagle is a popular jean brand that is best at regular work and casual use.

American Eagle focuses more on quantity than quality. Levi’s and American Eagle brands of jeans are among the best that you can find out there when it comes to buying the best jeans for your next occasion.

They are both good in their unique way, that is the exact purpose of this article.

Before you make a choice on which exact brand you want to get, it is always best for you to read about the brand to know if that is what will fit you the best.

Also, to know if that particular brand will suit the purpose you are buying it for. In this article I will compare two good brands which are Levi’s and the American Eagle brand, explaining the pros and cons.

After reading this, you will be able to decide which brand you want to go for.

What is Levi’s brand?

When it comes to pants, Levi’s is the largest manufacturer in the whole world. They are popularly known for their blue denim jeans which is referred to as Levi’s.

Tracing back to when the company started, it started as Levi Strauss in 1853. It was originally founded by an immigrant who was German. His name was Levi Strauss.

Around 1960, Levi’s jeans started to become popular around the world. Around that time it was worn chiefly by American cowboys. At that time, about 450 million Levi’s jeans were produced daily because of how popular the brand was getting.

Levi’s have been able to be the favorite of the majority because they do not compromise their quality and they are also able to stay up to date on the latest trend in jeans and clothing making them more relevant in the industry.

Levi’s is majorly known to be the go-to when it comes to luxury or when people want to get jeans that they can wear to parties or to a special occasion.

There are also some pros and cons about this brand which I will not hesitate to share.


  • They are luxurious
  • They are able to stay relevant by keeping up with the trends
  • They have high quality
  • They are the best for outing
  • They have high quality
  • They fit so well


  • The skinny model of jeans is not advisable to be worn too frequently

What are American Eagle jeans?

American Eagle is originally known as American Eagle Outfitters (AEO). They are an American clothing brand that is popularly known for making lifestyle clothing accessories, they also do retail.

This company was founded by two Pennsylvania men who happened to be brothers. They are Jerry and Mark Silverman.

This was in the year 1977.  One thing that American Eagle is known for is the flex design that their clothing usually comes with, this increases the rate at which jeans can stretch.

American Eagle is the go-to when it comes to casual or work outfits. They always deliver if that is exactly what you want.

Each time you need a work outfit or you need a casual outfit, you can always refer to American Eagle, they always provide quality and they do not disappoint.

American Eagle is so popular that there are around over 700 stores across the United States and Canada. If what you have in mind is to get casual or work Jeans, American Eagle is there for you.

The good thing is that they have made the jeans more affordable than that of Levi’s. Making it a preferred choice to the majority.


  • They are affordable
  • They serve a wide variety of target market
  • They are durable
  • They are comfortable
  • It is the best brand of Denim new for women with curves


  • Sometimes the quality can be compromised because of the reduction in price

What similarities do Levi’s and American Eagle share?

Despite the fact that these are two different brands entirely, there are still some things that they share that make them similar a bit.

Take a look at some of the similarities that these brands have in common.

  • They are both popular brands
  • They are both true to size and fit properly
  • They are both durable
  • They are both unisex brands

They are both popular brands

Customers always like to purchase brands that are very popular, especially when the brand always delivers as expected.

When a particular brand is popular, it is always believed that the brand has something really good to offer and that is basically why lots of people patronize the brand.

This is one way that the two brands tend to be similar. Levi’s is a popular brand known worldwide and also sold across the world, the same is applicable to the American Eagle brand.

You can find them in over 700 stores in the United States, and also in Canada. When a brand is popular, it helps to build immediate customer trust.

They are both true to size and fit properly

There is nothing as painful as when you order jeans online after selecting your size, it ends up not being your actual size.

That is what a lot of customers complain about and it also keeps people from patronizing online clothing brands. However, this is where Levi’s and American Eagle brands shine, they are both true to size.

This means that if you select a particular size once you wear it, it ends up being your actual size just.

Nobody will like to spend some amount of money on jeans only to find out that the jeans do not fit, fitting is another important thing that you need to consider, and these two brands excel at it.

They are both durable

Jeans that will last long for you are usually the best to go for. This is because it saves you the cost of having to buy jeans all over again because of the inability of your jeans to last long for you.

Levi’s jeans and American Eagle jeans are of very good quality and once you purchase them, you will have no regrets at all. Durable jeans will always last long for you.

They are both unisex brands

It is usually a good thing when you can shop for men and women at once. If you are a family person and you would love to get jeans you can simply shop at once and you will be able to get jeans for both sexes at the same place.

This makes the brand have a wider range of audiences and also solves the problem of both sexes. It is actually a good thing that Levi’s brand and American Eagle are unisex.

This gives the opportunity for both sexes to explore the different styles of each brand.

Let’s get into a comparison of the two brands

First glance

When you take a look at the two brands you will notice something at first glance. You will notice that the American Eagle brand stretches more than Levi’s.

American Eagle also fits women who are curvy. Levi’s does not do this. When women want to shop for jeans that are for their curves, they always go for American Eagle.

Material build

Levi’s makes use of cotton to make their jeans. The same thing is applicable to American Eagle jeans, they are made from 100% cotton.

They are both durable so it is a bit difficult to tell who the clear winner is for this category.

They both offer a great material build made of cotton which is known worldwide to be a durable material that does not get deteriorated easily.

Winner: Tie


As far as design is concerned, Levi’s has the win. This is because Levi’s has a wide range of styles that will fit whatever you want to get.

Also, Levi’s are better when it comes to fashionable clothing that you can wear to special occasions, jeans like that usually have better designs. American Eagle is a casual and Work type of Jean that had a minimal design than that of the Levi’s

I can comfortably come to a conclusion that Levi’s is the better one when it comes to Design.

Winner: Levi’s


It is a bit difficult to tell which one is better when it comes to sizing, this is because both brands of jeans are true to size.

This means that if you pick a size 32 of Levi’s when you try it on, it will be exactly size 32 just as you selected.

The same thing is applicable to American Eagle jeans, they are true to size so you do not have to bother about the jeans not being your size when you wear them.

For sizing, both Levi’s and American Eagle have done a great job of making it true to size. This is definitely going to end up as a tie between the two brands.

Winner: Tie


American Eagle jeans are obviously cheaper than Levi’s jeans. However, there is a reason why this happened.

American Eagle wants to make its brand of jeans affordable for a lot of people out there, so they had to cut down a bit on the quality so that the pricing can be reduced. Levi’s did not do this and that is one obvious reason why their prices are high.

If you are simply looking for jeans that are not so pricey, probably because you are on a budget, then American Eagle is the one for you.

Since American Eagle is the more affordable one when it comes to pricing, I can comfortably conclude that American Eagle is a better option and it had the win for this category.

Winner: American Eagle


When you compare the overall quality of the Levi’s to that of the American Eagle, it is a clear win for Levi’s.

This is not to say that American Eagle does not have a good quality, they do, however, the quality has been compromised because American Eagle also wants to make the jeans more affordable for a lot of people out there.

Levi’s do not go this, so they stay strict on high-quality jeans. And you can tell from how they price the jeans. Their jeans are more expensive because they are of higher uncompromised quality.

Before you conclude on what exactly you want to purchase, you need to ask yourself what needs do you want to meet? If you want something that you can wear to an outing, to parties, to church, etc, then Levi’s is the best option for you.

Take note that if you are choosing Levi’s you also have to consider the price and get ready to spend some more money to buy the brand.

On the flip side, if what you seek is something you can wear casually or something that you can wear to work, then American jeans are the best for you because that is what they are built for.

The good thing about American Eagle is that it is more affordable than Levi’s. If I were to choose which one to go for, since what I need is fashionable jeans that I can wear for outings, parties, and church, then I would rather go for Levi’s.


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