Levi’s Jeans vs Pepe: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Levi’s and Pepe is that Levi’s is a more popular brand known worldwide, while Pepe jeans are known to be an iconic casual brand for men, women, and children, it is also one of the best-selling jeans worldwide.

Levi’s is also a better-fitting Jean than that of Pepe. You cannot feel comfortable in your jeans with poor fitting. Fitting is what a lot of customers look for when they want to purchase their favorite Jean.

When you want to buy casual you know that the Pepe brand is the best to go for, and if you want something that you can use for your outing, night outing, or any social or church, then you know that the Levi’s are the one to go for.

This is the major difference between the two jean brands.

What is the Levi’s brand?

When you are doing a comparison between two brands to know which brand you should go for, it is usually good you check the history of the brand to know about it and if you should go for it.

Levi’s which is known as the Levi Strauss & Co is an American clothing brand that is popularly known around the globe for its Levi’s denim jeans.

When you hear of Levi’s jeans, you already know what is involved in quality jeans that you can purchase, and they will still serve you so well and last long for you.

It was started in May 1853 by a German immigrant Levi Strauss. What keeps Levi’s on top of their game is their ability to Transcend trends, their high quality, durability, and also the comfort that the jeans come with.

Because how Levi’s are so comfortable and have high quality, it has become so popular and lots of people tend to trust the brand better.


  • They have the ability to Transcend trends
  • They are very durable
  • They are best for outing
  • They are a better fitting jeans
  • It has the skinny modern pin-up fit
  • They are affordable


  • Wearing the skinny Levi’s jeans may lead to increased Candida yeast Infection
  • Too much wearing of the slim fit Levi’s jeans can lead to breathing issues and also cause suffocation

What is the Pepe jeans brand?

The Pepe brand is popularly known to be a casual wear and denim jean brand. It was founded in the year 1973 in London, but they are now based in Spain. It was founded by Nitin, Arun, and Milan Shah.

When you want to shop for jeans that you can wear for your casual outing for men, women, and children, then you should know full well that the best brands that you should go for are the Pepe jeans brand.

They are high-quality jeans that when you purchase for your casual wearing you would notice how comfortable and durable they are.

The Pepe Jeans brand is also known worldwide and they are the go-to when it comes to casual jeans. It is also one of the best-selling jeans worldwide.


  • They are the best when it comes to casual clothing
  • They are affordable
  • They are luxurious
  • They are durable
  • They are stylish
  • They are comfortable to wear all day long


  • They do not have really good fitting like Levi’s
  • They do not have a wide variety of styles like Levi’s

What similarities do Levis jeans and Pepe Jeans share?

Despite the fact that these two brands are basically two different clothing brands that manufacture and sell different types of clothing, there are still some similarities that you will find in these two different brands.

That is exactly what I will explain in this segment of this article.

Take a look at the various similarities between the two brands:

  • They are both luxury clothing brands
  • They are both true to size
  • They are both durable and high-quality brands
  • They are both unisex brands
  • They are both popular brands

They are both luxury clothing brands

When I say that they are both luxury brands, what I mean is that they make high-quality clothing that can last you for long, and still, they are expensive but not overpriced.

They are also a brand that does not go below the quality standard, you can always bank on it when you want to go for something quality at all times.

They are both true to size

One major issue that a lot of customers have with buying jeans is the sizing, if you do not get the sizing right, the Jean will not be comfortable for you at all.

Most especially if the Jean runs big or small. If the Jean runs big, then you will be forced to size down, the same thing applies to if the Jean runs small, you will be forced to size up, if not the Jean will not fit you properly.

The good thing is that these two brands excel when it comes to sizing, both of them are true to size and you will not have issues with the sizing.

What you buy will be your exact size and you do not have to size up or even size down. Being true to size is a huge advantage and it will save you the stress of having to size up or down before purchasing your Jean.

They are both durable and high-quality brands

What is the purpose of buying jeans if they are not durable? They will not last obviously.

When you want to purchase any of these brands, you do not have to worry about the quality and durability, this is because Levi’s and Pepe jeans brands are globally known for producing and selling high-quality jeans that would last so long for you.

They will not wear out easily and that is where both brands shine. You can always bank on Levi’s or Pepe jeans if you want quality jeans that you can either wear to your next social outing or even to your casual outing, these brands will serve you well.

They are both Unisex brands

There are some brands that focus solely on female clothing, but the similar thing between these two brands is that they are both unisex, which means that they make clothing for both men and women.

This is a good thing because it gives them a wider range of customer base. If you want to get good unisex jeans from Levi’s or Pepe brand, you can always get them.

They are both popular brands

This is the first thing you will notice about these two brands that are similar. When you search for the best Jean brands you will definitely find the Levi’s and Pepe jean brand.

These two are popularly known worldwide and they have also sold lots of jeans worldwide.

They are so popular that they have their stores all around the world, this makes it possible for you to be able to access their physical stores all around the world.

Even if you do not want to shop physically, they have different websites on which you can purchase any of their stores.

They are so popular that they make lots of sales online as well.  Levi’s brand was founded in 1853, a brand that has been running and been consistently producing quality clothing for this long should be popular.

The same thing is applicable to the Pepe jeans brand, it was founded in 1973 in London, and they have also stayed consistent in producing quality jeans.

Comparison between Levi’s and Pepe Jeans

Levi's Jeans vs Pepe

When you get hold of these brands you will notice one thing, you will notice that they are of high quality and the Jean material is not a regular material that you find anywhere.

It is a carefully sought-after material that is used in making these jeans.

Material build

Levi’s jeans are generally made from cotton, the same is applicable to Pepe jeans. However, in their more affordable jeans, Levi’s make use of stretch Denim.

Pepe jeans also make use of cotton. Since both make use of cotton, we cannot say that one is better than the other.

They are both high-quality cotton so there is no clear winner between the two brands, we have to conclude that it is a tie.

Winner: Tie


When it comes to the design, it is a clear win for Levi’s, this is because Levi’s jeans have a wider range of designs than the Pepe jeans.

If you are someone that pays attention to details like the designs that your jeans come with, then you should definitely go for Levi’s, this is because they have a wider range of designs. Levi’s would be the best design for you.

Winner: Levi’s


When it comes to sizing, both of the brands are true to size, so it is obvious that they are on the same level when it comes to sizing.

When they are true to size it means that when you purchase them, they will be exactly your size so you do not have to size up or size down.

The sizing is an important part of these jeans that determines how comfortable you will be while wearing them.

In comparing the Levi’s and Pepe jeans, since they are both true to size, I cannot completely say that one is better than the other.

Winner: Tie


These two brands offer great quality jeans, however, when it comes to the price difference, there is a clear difference between the price of the Levi’s and the Pepe jeans.

The Levi’s cost more than the Pepe jeans. What this means is that if you want something that is of good quality but allows you to save more by not spending a lot, your best bet is the Pepe jeans.

Levi’s costs more, unlike the Pepe jeans. It is glaring that the winner here is the Pepe jeans.

Winner: Pepe jeans

Which one is better overall?

There is no doubt that both brands perform excellently well in terms of quality and durability. However, Overall, Levi’s is the one to go for.

This is because they cover a wide variety of styles and also they are of good quality. They are also more popular than those Pepe jeans.

If you do not mind the slightly high price, then you can go for this Levi’s jeans brand. However, if you are on a tight budget but still want something durable and of good quality, then you should go for Pepe jeans.

You also need to consider what you would be needing the jeans for before you purchase them, if you want something casual then Pepe jeans are the best for you.

On the flip side, if you want something you can wear for your social outing or probably to church, Levi’s are better for you.

You should always have this in mind as you make a decision on which one exactly you want to get, this will help you to make the right decision so that you do not make the wrong choice.


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