Levi’s Jeans Ripping At Back Pocket? What You Should Do!

When a brand’s jeans wear out too fast or are too easily torn, customers are more likely to leave negative reviews.

Those who have a back pocket blowout can barely be heard howling at a brand. To put it another way, this happens all the time and is not a plague on any particular brand.

After a lot of debate and discussion, the agreed-upon causes range from user mishandling and low-quality fabrics to natural causes.

In general, the back pocket blowout is the first part of a pair of jeans that wears out. Even if the rest of the jeans are still in good condition, you should be aware that back pocket blowouts are a sign of wear.

Why Levi’s Jeans Rip Out At The Back Pocket?

The back pocket area of your Levi’s Jeans wears out first, and you’re probably to blame for it.

Is there a reason why Levi jeans tear at the back pocket? Is it possible that they are a wear-out, but why is it happening so quickly?

You can’t blame the proximity to your buttocks or the fact that you sit on it for this. Some of the reasons, on the other hand, cannot be avoided.

Here are 5 major reasons why your Levi’s jeans rip at the back pocket:

  • Levi’s wear and tear
  • Overwashing your Levi’s Jeans
  • Incorrect sizing
  • Levi’s fabric is of incorrect quality
  • Heavy misuse of your Levi’s Jeans

Levi’s Wear-and-tear

In the event that your jeans begin to rip in the back pocket, it is possible that the pair has exhausted its usefulness.

A back pocket blowout can occur when a pair of jeans are worn out, as was previously stated, so we agree.

Stretching out a pair of jeans earlier than necessary can be caused by the actions of the wearer, but it can also be caused by the jeans stretching out naturally.

You should be aware of the possibility of a back pocket blowout if you decide to manage a pair of jeans that is stretched out.

Over-washing (Scrubbing of back pocket area)

There are a few ways a user can mishandle a piece of fabric. Unnatural wear-outs can occur in the same way that natural wear-outs do, increasing the likelihood of a back pocket blowout.

You may want to keep this in mind when you’re dealing with your jeans in order to keep them in shape.

Even though you’ve heard numerous complaints about jeans that have early back pocket blowouts, you don’t have to go through the same thing.

Your jeans will stretch out if you wash them frequently. The back pocket area of your pants will begin to stretch out first because of other forces at work in your pants.

In addition, the area you scrub the most is at risk. A blowout is more likely to occur if you scrub the back pocket area too hard during the washing process.

Your Levi’s Jeans is the incorrect Size (Big or Small)

It is possible for your jeans to tear in the back pocket if you wear the wrong size. When you go down a size in spandex pants, they’re more likely to rip.

In addition to making your back pocket area look shabby, wearing a smaller size makes your legs feel shackled and limits your mobility.

The back pocket area can tear if you wear a larger size, which is a well-known fact, but some people are unaware of this.

If you wear a larger size, you may need to wear a belt. In order to move your legs without a belt holding the waist up, you’ll either stumble or tear your jeans.

The Levi’s fabric is of poor quality

Jeans can quickly stretch out if the fabric is of poor quality. There are numerous factors that contribute to the back pocket’s stretch-out process, so you can expect the back pocket blowout first.

Holes form between the legs as a result of friction and perspiration.

Back pocket blowouts have a number of unavoidable causes, and this is one of them.

They appear to be wearing away at your jeans over time because of chafing and sweating between the thighs.

Moving around isn’t enough to tell how much damage has been done. The more you walk around in your jeans, the more friction there will be.

The back pocket area fabric is slowly degrading until the blowout occurs.

Misuse of your Levi’s jeans

This can also happen if you mishandle your jeans. This can be caused by sitting on a blade.

The chances of us misusing our jeans are slim to none, so let’s take a closer look at some of the other ways we might be abusing them. Running in jeans is not a good idea.

Splits aren’t meant to be done in jeans. A few pairs of jeans actually run small, restricting your legs and causing the fabric to tear if you move too quickly.

Cotton-based denim may not be able to handle any stretching.

What to do when your Levi’s Jeans Rip in the Back pocket

You might want to know how to fix a pair of jeans that have blown out in the Back pocket if you find yourself in this situation.

  • Buy the right size of Levi’s Jeans
  • The Back pocket Should Be Reinforced With Additional Fabric
  • Pay attention to potential starting points
  • Wash your Levi’s Jeans with care
  • Invest in replacements and rotate the wear
  • Get your ripped jeans repaired by a tailor

While the other options may seem more appealing, you may want to try to fix the blowout area yourself.

The following are the necessary steps.

  • Remove any loose threads from around the Back pocket area with a pair of scissors.
  • Cut a denim patch that is significantly wider than the rip’s width. At least 2cm should be added to the borders.
  • Place the denim patch over the area where the jeans have blown out from the inside.
  • Place the patch over the blowout spot and plug in your electric iron.
  • For a few minutes, hold the patch in place on the blowout area by pressing the iron side to side.
  • Stitch the sides of the denim fabric to the jeans while they are still turned inside-out to cover the blowout hole from the inside.
  • The patch and thread should match the color of your jeans so that the repair is less noticeable and more acceptable.

What can we do to prevent our jeans from ripping in the back pocket? It’s easy. We’ve figured out what causes the blowouts, so now it’s time to figure out how to prevent them from happening.

The following are some of the measures taken to avoid this:

  • Make sure you buy the right size of jeans.
  • The Back pocket Should Be Reinforced With Additional Fabric
  • Pay attention to potential starting points.
  • Washing with care
  • Invest in replacements and rotate the wear.

Make sure you buy the right size of jeans

This is enough Back pocket blowout news for us. Almost all of the holes in your jeans are caused by you wearing the wrong size.

Wearing a smaller size increases your chances of having a Back pocket blowout by a factor of 1000, especially when moving your legs impulsively or suddenly.

It’s more common for Back pocket rips to occur quickly in this situation. When you go up a size, the same rules apply. Leg movement becomes a battle between the fabric and your hips when the Back pocket room is too large, making it difficult to move.

Stumbling or ripping the fabric is the only option.

As long as you are wearing clothing that fits properly, the other natural causes of Back pocket blowout can be delayed if you stick to high-end brands and high-quality fabrics.

The Back pocket Should Be Reinforced With Additional Fabric

This is one of the best ways to keep your hair from blowing out. A blowout can be prevented by the method described above, but this method can be used to repair an existing blowout and keep it from happening again.

Blowouts are more likely to occur if the fabric is damaged, according to our research. To avoid this, thicker fabrics should be used rather than thinner ones.

It will take longer for thicker fabrics to become enervated. Regardless of the thickness of the fabric, tailoring may not be able to prevent another blowout.

You can protect your jeans from the wear and tear on the Back pocket area by sewing thicker fabric there. No, this isn’t meant to fix anything.

Jeans’ Back pockets can be reinforced prior to wearing. As a result, Back pocket blowouts can either be delayed or completely avoided.

Pay attention to potential starting points

Some rips aren’t spontaneous. Jeans that are worn frequently or five days a week tend to weaken more quickly.

Slight changes can be difficult to detect while the rapid debilitation continues. Blowing out your hair isn’t something that just happens.

To avoid a blowout, keep an eye out for starting holes. Some jeans are so comfortable and flattering that you don’t want to take them off. It would be disappointing if there was a sudden Back pocket leak.

Wash your Levi’s Jeans with care

Over-washing your denim can do more harm than you think. Every time you wash your jeans, the stretch-out process is accelerated, which is contrary to popular belief.

The Back pocket area could be strengthened to prevent a blowout, but the entire fabric is already worn out.

If you don’t follow the washing instructions and regulate the amount of time between washes, the added fabric patch will lose its strength.

Invest in replacements and rotate the wear

There are also consequences to wearing the same pair of jeans every day. When you don’t give the fabric room to breathe, it becomes weak. Washing your clothes becomes increasingly important as your wardrobe grows larger.

The more you wash, the weaker the material becomes. The washing process weakens jeans, but they also need time to rest, so it’s best to have more than one pair of jeans so you don’t have to stretch one out to the point of breaking.

Get your ripped jeans repaired by a tailor

In the event that you do not want to go through the stress of fixing your ripped Levi’s Jeans on your own. You can head out to the tailors to get it sorted out.

How much will it cost you to fix your ripped Levi’s Jeans back pockets? To fix your Levi’s Jeans back pockets, expect to spend not less than $15 at the tailors to get it fixed.

Easy peasy, innit?

How To Prevent Your Levi’s Jeans From Ripping?

Even though it’s hard to imagine, vertical rips in jeans are possible. Even if it’s just a small thing, you can avoid it before it gets out of hand.

  • Fix ripped jeans early.
  • Jeans should be handled with caution.
  • With a Patch, Strengthen the Back pocket.

Fix ripped jeans early

Vertically ripped jeans, like Back pocket blowouts, typically begin with small holes.

Back pocket blowouts can be avoided if you look small, but it’s not a good idea. While the Back pocket blowout is controlled, the friction continues and the fabric weakens over time.

It’s possible that the already-weakened fabric is just waiting for you to spread your legs a little to tear apart.

Fix your ripped jeans as soon as you notice them because you don’t want that to happen in public.

Jeans should be handled with caution

It’s possible that some vertically ripped jeans started out as small blowouts, but others can happen at any time, even in public.

There is no way to cover this up, and it would be humiliating and impossible to conceal. It’s important to know what jeans can and can’t do when you buy the right size. Running in your jeans is not recommended.

They’re also not designed to perform splits. There are a few pairs of jeans that are able to handle your wiggles, but the tolerance doesn’t last long.

If you’ve ever done a lot of splits in your room but failed miserably when you tried them out in public, you know what I mean.

There are some jeans that don’t have much stretch, and they’ll tear more quickly if you try any crazy moves. Recognize the purpose for which your jeans were designed.

With a Patch, Strengthen the Back pocket

With a denim patch, you can keep your jeans from ripping vertically, just like you can keep them from ripping horizontally.

Strengthen your fabric to avoid forcible tears, while reducing fatigue caused by friction between your thighs.

In a pair of jeans made of 100% cotton, attempting to run or split quickly can cause the jeans to tear, but if a strong patch is sewn into the inside, the movement can be restricted.

Although it can be ripped by stronger legs, at the very least it strengthens the fabric. The best way to avoid a vertical rip is to use this technique.

3 Great Levi’s Jeans That Won’t Rip

The Levi’s Premium 511 Slim Fit Men’s Jeans

Levi's Jeans Ripping At Back Pocket

Many people have a soft spot in their hearts for Levi’s 511 skinny straight jeans. They feature a classic American design with strong stitching and stretch.

This pair of tight-fitting jeans has just the right amount of stretch to turn an already-comfortable pair even cozier.

Designed to sit just below the natural waistline, these dark-wash jeans have slim legs that still allow air to circulate around your lower legs.

Levi’s Selvedge Vintage 1954 501’s

Levi's Jeans Ripping At Back Pocket

In honor of Levi’s earliest hard selvedge shuttle loom jeans, the Vintage 501s are a special collection. A wide variety of washed/rinsed varieties are readily available.

Levi’s 502

Levi's Jeans Ripping At Back Pocket

The leg of these jeans is slim and streamlined. This pair of Levi’s is one of the most adaptable on the market thanks to its understated style.

These can be worn to work, on the weekends, and everywhere in between.


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