Levi’s Jeans Durability: What Makes Them So?

Oftentimes, people do not mind breaking the bank to get a pair of quality jeans because they appreciate excellence and durability. Without a doubt, you can link the popularity of Levi’s jeans to their durability.

Levis jeans have a comfortable feel and sturdy look of denim made from 100% cotton fiber. The durability of Levis jeans can be traced to CORDURA fibers.

Cordura is the name of a family of fabrics known for durability. A lot of clothing industries use this fabric as it is a respected brand. Military persons and retailers around the world use when this material when they need to make a material that is strong, versatile, and reliable.

Cordura fabrics are built to last and exhibit tactical durability for Levis jeans as work wear, they are comfortable and always ready to work overtime under some of the toughest workplace conditions.

Taking a closer look, Cordura fabric is a cloth that makes strong, long-lasting denim even tougher in several categories from outdoor gears to work wear to military and luggage.

Since Cordura fabric is used in the production of Levi’s jeans, its quality is exceptionally durable. Also, it offers outstanding softness and comfort when it comes to outdoor performance.

The construction of Cordura fabric is relative to its production. It is constructed from the family of high-strength nylon or polyester yarns which are woven and finished according to Invista strict fabric guidelines.

This results in the high-class durability and performance helping to set Cordura fabric parts form typical nylon and polyester fabrics.

They have high abrasion resistance which provides the jeans with the ability to withstand rubbing or scrapping. High abrasion resistance is crucial to Levi’s jeans because they may be mishandled during laundry or outdoor activities. It is not easy for them to wear off and are incredibly comfortable.

What is special about Levi’s jeans?

Levi's Jeans Durability

Levi’s is without a doubt the biggest name in the world of denim, one of the most popular modern-day jeans, and has been generally accepted as a component of the modern-day wardrobe.

The specialty of Levi jeans can be traced to its consistent high-quality products for so many years, this is what they are good at and their knowledge about jeans is so rich. Levi’s retain and improve the quality with which they are have been made right from time

Excellence is one of the numerous outstanding features of Levi’s jeans. They are meticulously produced right from the archives in San Francisco where notes, details, and photographs are obtained.

They are then taken back to their office where they work closely to reproduce the fabrics. The buttons, labels, packaging, and hand tags are designed to perfectly depict excellence

The versatility of the brand is another factor why people consider Levi’s jeans. Unlike other denim clothing brands like true religion which fell off because they were not versatile to adapt to the fashion trend, Levi’s jeans are exceptionally renowned to be fashionable even in this modern day.

People love labels that will give them their desire to be up to date with trends and a part of what Levi’s jean does is to help them complete that statement.

No clothing brand will be treated as though they do not exist if they provide people with what they desire and this is what Levi’s jeans do. Therefore it should not be a wonder that they are treated more special than other brands.

Why are Levi’s jeans the best?

Spending over 170 years in speculation hasn’t changed the picture of making the best quality jeans in the clothing industry rather Levi’s has modified their jeans in better ways to increase the quality in production.

If you look at the patch located at the back of any Levi’s jeans, there is an image of two horses pulling a part of jeans in opposite directions and the Levi’s is holding strong together without ripping or tearing off. Obviously, the strength of the jeans is something Levi’s wants to stand by.

In order to compete with other clothing industries in the US, they moved their production overseas which definitely shows in the quality control of their fabrics.

They are made with breathable materials which makes them flexible and not too burdensome that you can’t move freely in them.

They produce jeans in varieties of washes, fits, and styles making sure there is something available for everyone.

Although Levi’s jeans are quite pricey, they are worth the money. I have met with a hand full of people who would rather spend their money on one good pair of jeans than purchase three or four jeans that are relatively cheaper and are poor in quality and fit.

A large chunk of the cost price is put into the production process in order to conserve durability.

They are the best if you need Jeans you can look good and confident in.

How can you tell the year of Levi’s jeans?

In 1967, it became US law that garment makers have to include washing instructions on every garment they produce. Many companies were doing this prior to this moment while some were not.

Levi’s began printing the care instruction on the pocket bag of their jeans prior to 1967. Therefore having a pair of jeans whose care tag is placed in the pocket bag is a way to know if you have a pretty old pair of jeans.

After 1967, Levi’s introduced a small little paper tag that was sewn in, on the left side of the garment underneath the pocket bag or along the seam of the pocket bag which had the washing instructions and another bunch of information mostly in the firm if random numbers.

This version of care tag lasted from about 1957 to 1983.

Around the mid-’80s, Levi’s changed their care tag from the smaller size to a much larger tag. There was no branding but it had all the same information with a lot more white space. This tag only lasted a few years.

By 1987, Levi’s added a red batwing logo to their care tag, still having the same information but was a different design.

This tag lasted for about three years before the black tag was added. These two tags ran concurrently, the black tag ran up till the early 2000s while the red ran into the mid 90’ when it was replaced by another tag.

In the early ’90s, the red version of the tag was used for the 501. The care tag had the same information, quite a bit bigger with a heavier material. This tag lasted till the early 2000s.

After 2003, Levi’s made big changes to all their materials inside and we now have tags that are basically a small book.

A quick summary of all we have talked about:

  • Proto care tag (printed on the pocket bag) – 1967
  • Small white tag: 1967 – 1984
  • Larger white tag: 1984 – 1986
  • Red Batwing tag: 1987 – 1995
  • Black Batwing tag: 1991 – 2003
  • Red thick Batwing tag: 1995 – 2002

To know the exact date, located inside of the jean is the care tag guidelines containing information, size, and where it was made. While on the other side, there are a bunch of numbers.

The first number is the most apparent to everyone and that is the lot number: either 501, 505, 517, and so on.

That number is fairly noticed on this large patch of numbers. In some cases, with the lot number, you can tell what year Levi jeans was produced, just like the 501 and 517 were produced as the earlier pairs of jeans.

How to keep your Levi’s from wearing out

Washing your Levi’s jeans breaks down the fiber and removes dye, this is why it is recommended you wait for 6 months if you can stand it before washing them.

Until then, spot clean light stains with a small amount of gentle detergent and reduce odor by airing them outside and giving them an occasional spray with an antibacterial spray.

Ideally, you should wash your pair of Levi’s jeans, but washing them without being careful will wear them out in no time. Here’s how you can prevent them from wearing out even when you wash them:

Ensure that you are hand washing them. Turn the jeans inside out, fill a bowl or bath with temperate water, add a little amount of detergent then let the jeans soak.

Whatever you do, do not scrub them or ring them out or else you will interior the natural fade. Leave them for thirty minutes after which you rinse them and air dry them.

Move away from the tumble dryer as it is capable of shortening the life span of your priciest Levi’s jean, instead hang to dry. Turn the jeans the right way, straighten them and arrange them on a rack or over the shower rail in your bathroom.

Know when to retire them. At any point in time,  you probably have several pairs of jeans in the rotation that are at various stages of wear and tear.

For example, there are jeans you wear more often than others. To keep your new pair of Levi’s jeans from wearing out, there ought to be a rotation between them.

You can decide to wear one as your weekend casual jeans, another as your everyday jeans, and your newest pair as your Friday night pair.

Rotating them conserves the jeans from wearing out.

Levi’s styles you should have in your closet

Levi’s as a clothing brand has been around for so long, they have got so many styles that came out in different time periods.

For this reason, you can’t just purchase any style and expect them to match up with just any shirt or shoe. Here are some Levi’s styles your should have in your closet:

The 501 Levi’s Jeans

The 501s are the oldest jeans produced by Levi’s clothing brand, hence they are regarded as iconic jeans.

They are dark wash jeans, they are taper down the legs and seat high on the waist, and have a button fly.

They are versatile because you can pair them with almost any shirt ranging from polo, t-shirts, jackets, and long sleeves, You can cuff them for a more vintage look and pair them with boots

The 502 Levi’s jeans

The 502’s are new modern Levi’s jeans. They are the modified version of the 501’s. They built them to have a little more room in the thighs and a straight cut with a more taper look towards the legs.

You can dress them up with some sports jacket or still dress them down with something that is versatile but still has a modern fit with a bit of taper look at the bottom.

The 510 Levi’s jeans

They sit right below the waist and towards the legs, they fit the body close. These jeans are skinny jeans and are more suitable for skinny guys, although they come in different sizes and can be worn by even heavier guys.

To fit perfectly, the 510s are made with 1% of elastin to enable them to fit closely. They come in five different colors – black, grey, dark wash, medium wash, and light wash.

The 511 Levi’s jeans

They have a slim fit and are better styles for young men. If as a thin person, you don’t want to go for a pair of trousers that are not relatively skinny but one that will allow you to move freely, the 511’s are your best shot.

They do not give a loose and baggy appearance. In general, 511’s are trimmed close to the body but not restrictive.

The 513 Levi’s jeans

The 513s are slim straight and have similar cuts to the 511s but have a little bit more room in the waist and thigh area.

They are a perfect fit for men with larger thighs or bigger buttocks. These varieties are less taper but, not as much as the boot cut.

The 550 Levi’s jeans

They are a relaxed cut that comes with a tapered style so that you can dress them up and down.


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