10 Leggings Similar to Victoria’s Secret Knockout Leggings  

Secret knockout leggings are fantastic sports leggings you can get for any workout session you have or even while going to the gym.

They have high performance; they are super comfortable, and they also have great breathable fabric that will keep you comfortable and free from excess sweat.

Because you will sweat while working out, the material used can wick away sweat.

In situations where you may not get Victoria’s Secret knockout leggings, there should be other alternatives that you can get that have similar features and that would also last so long for you as you make use of them.

Some brands tend to run out of stock, so in order to not be disappointed, I will recommend ten leggings similar to Victoria’s Secret knockout.

What makes these leggings similar is that they have features that Victoria’s Secret knockout leggings have like the breathable fabric, the four-way super stretch feature, the durability, the sweat-wicking technology, and the ability to keep you comfortable while working out, etc. 

Alternatives Victoria’s Secret Knockout Leggings

Leggings similar to Victoria Secret Unique feature Rating
CRZ Yoga hugged women’s compression leggings hugged feeling legging 4.5/5
Takusun compression leggings Medium compression helps with Waist, tummy, and hip shaping
Lululemon high-waisted leggings Combination of nylon and Lycra for a durable fit 4.5/5
Lululemon Wunder Leggings Versatile and stretchable 4.5/5
Women’s CW-X mid-rise compression leggings  Two-way stretch EXO-WEB panel 4.5/5
Simiya Compression high-waisted leggings with tummy control Elegant30-day money-back guarantee 4/5
Compression Z high-waisted leggings Chafe-free stitching 4.5/5
AbleTree compression leggings Ankle and joint support 4.5/5
Mohauchi high-waisted leggings for women with tummy control Quick dry 4/5
FeelinGirl high-waisted leggings with tummy control Attached high tummy control 4/5

CRZ Yoga hugged women’s compression leggings

This hugged-feeling legging is tighter than the regular ones you find out there.

This particular one offers a more compressed feeling and gives you better muscle control. It has a high waist which provides extra coverage for your stomach and also a more comfortable feel.

It has a quick dry feature and a seamless waistband. The waistband is able to adjust to the size of your waist or hip. It is a good option for workouts, training, etc.


  • Hugged feeling legging
  • Versatile
  • Seamless waistband
  • Quick dry


  • Not unisex

Final verdict

You would enjoy how comfortable you will be while wearing this legging. The hugged feeling gives you a more compressed feeling and boosts your performance generally.

Takusun compression leggings 

This comes with nylon and spandex material which is durable while using it.

It has tummy control compression that helps to keep your tummy in shape while working out and also makes your butt lift a bit.

It has a seamless and high waist design as well. You would love how comfortable this legging will make you feel.


  • Seamless and high waist design
  • Comfortable fit
  • Durable material build
  •  Versatile usage


  • No side pocket

Final verdict

Getting the right type of leggings for a workout enables you to enjoy the workout session all day long.

That is exactly what this legging does for you. Good thing is that it is versatile, you can wear it even if you are not working out.

Lululemon High-Waisted Leggings 

They designed the Lululemon leggings in such a way that will reduce the rate at which you get distracted and increase your comfort at the same time.

Lululemon leggings are made with 86% nylon and 16% Lycra.

This combination makes the leggings so comfortable as you wear them. It has a high rise, which means that it will sit comfortably on your waist without falling off or causing any discomfort.

Some of the Lululemon leggings usually come with an on-seam side pocket where you can store something small while working out.

You will also get the four-way super stretch feature that makes you stretch comfortably while working out.

Without this feature, you may not enjoy these leggings, especially if you perform lots of stretching. 


  • Four-way super stretch feature. Comfortable fit 
  • Durable
  • Combination of nylon and Lycra 
  • High rise


  •  It’s not suitable to be put in the dryer. 

Final verdict

While washing this legging, take note that you are not supposed to put it in the dryer.

Putting it in the dryer makes the material build degrade and deteriorate easily. You should be aware of this as well. Aside from that, everything about leggings is good.

Lululemon Wunder Leggings

This legging will give you the extra boost and confidence you need while you are stretching and working out in the gym.

One of the important features that workout leggings need to have is the ability to stretch and return to their original shape after stretching.

That is exactly what this legging has, and it makes it super comfortable.

I like that you can make use of this legging for workouts, and even if you are not working out, you can wear it around the house and it will still look good on you.

This legging is unique in the sense that you can make use of it for other activities like running, yoga, cardio, etc. 


  • Comfortable fit 
  • Durable
  • Versatile and stretchable


  • There is no on-seam side pocket. 

Final verdict

You will be getting value for your money if you choose to go for this legging. It serves you a lot and you can use it for many activities like yoga, running out, etc. You should get one for yourself. It is an excellent alternative to Victoria’s Secret knockout leggings. 

Women’s CW-X Mid-Rise Compression Leggings 

This legging has a unique feature that targets support areas around the pelvis region, lower back, knee, and hip joints.

You will also notice that this compression leggings have an abdominal panel, which gives you extra support around your core area.

There is a feature that provides support for the parts mentioned above. That feature is known as the two-way stretch EXO-WEB panel.

This is one unique feature you will not see in many compression leggings out there. Breathable fabrics are usually the best option for you because they allow ventilation to come in to reduce the rate at which you sweat.

I also like that the fabric of these leggings is moisture-wicking. This helps to wick away sweat and moisture while working out in order to keep you dry and comfortable all day long.


  • Moisture-wicking feature 
  • Two-way stretch EXO-WEB panel
  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable fit 


  • It has no on-seam side pocket. 

Final verdict

You would be getting value for your money if you chose to get this legging. The good thing is that it is also affordable, so you do not have to spend too much money before you get something of this quality.

Simiya Compression High-Waisted Leggings with Tummy Control

The tummy control feature in these leggings is a unique one. It does a unique job of working on your stomach at the same time you are working out.

This is more like a two-in-one legging that helps to make blood flow well around your body while working out, and at the same time it works on your stomach, helping you burn some fat in that area.

This legging also has an UltraWide elastic waistband that expands adequately to the size of your waist, and even after you have removed the legging, it adjusts back to its original shape.

This is the quality of a legging with a good elastic waistband. No matter how wide your waist is because the waistband is elastic, it will always expand and get back to its original shape afterward. 


  • Tummy control
  • Stretchy fit
  • Comfortable fit 
  • Elegant30-day money-back guarantee

Final verdict

I like that this legging has a 30-day money-back guarantee. In situations where you may have ordered the wrong size, as long as the 30 days have not elapsed, you can go ahead and return it and get it replaced.

Compression Z High-Waisted Leggings

You can work out comfortably in these leggings without worrying if people can see through them.

It is not a see-through legging, so you have nothing to worry about. You can work out confidently on these leggings.

It also has body-slimming compression that tends to make you look slim and attractive when you wear it. You would get excellent muscle support while working out in these leggings.

They backed this legging with an amazing quality that is set to last so long for you without it breaking.

The sweat-wicking technology will take sweat away while keeping you dry and comfortable all day long.

The fabric is also breathable, giving room for enough air to penetrate and keep your body cool. The four-way super stretch feature will make it possible for you to stretch comfortably.

If you are doing certain workouts that require you to stretch, you will have no issues stretching with this legging because of this feature.

You’ll also get chafe-free stitching that will keep you comfortable all day.


  • Non-see through
  • Comfortable fit high quality 
  • Four-way super stretch is a versatile feature
  • Chafe-free stitching


  • There is no on-seam pocket. 

Final verdict

I like that you can rock these jeans even while you are not working out. It is not see-through. You can work out comfortably in this legging without worrying if people can see through your legging. 

AbleTree Compression Leggings.

This is a high-waisted compression legging that has a 5-inch high waist that helps in body sculpting. It also has a secure elastic band that prevents slipping.

There are flatlock seams that work to reduce chafe and ensure a good squat.

This legging comes with bonus side pockets that give you the extra space you need to store some items while you are working out.

Do you know one good thing about this legging? You can buy it for workouts, but it can also be used for other activities such as running, yoga, and so on.

With this legging, you will have a better circulation of blood around your body while working out. You will also have fewer risks of injury.

This legging also helps with speeding up recovery from fatigue. It can also increase your performance while working out.


  • 5 inches of waist height for body sculpting comfortable fit 
  • Durable
  • Ankle and joint support
  • Risk of injury


  • It is not unisex. 

Final verdict

With these leggings, you can achieve a lot while working out and while at the gym.

With the increased blood flow feature and fewer risks of fatigue, you can work out for an extended period of time while wearing these leggings. You should try it out.

Mohauchi High-Waisted Leggings for Women with Tummy Control

This legging has a butt lifting feature that a lot of ladies are going to like and enjoy.

The high waist leggings will look great on you as they sit just right above your waist when you wear them.

Another good thing is that it has just the right fit for you. The elastic waistband will compress your midsection and make your curves conspicuous.


  • High waist comfortable fit 
  • Elastic waistband
  • Moisture wicking
  • Quick dry


  • It is not unisex. 

Final verdict

This will benefit you a lot, especially if you are the type that likes to wear leggings that will lift your butt a bit while still keeping you comfortable. 

FeelinGirl High-Waisted Leggings with Tummy Control 

This legging has one of the best tummy control features. They attached the tummy control to this legging.

This legging will look so good on you because it brings out your curves, lifts your butt, and also compresses the leg fat. It is non-see-through, versatile, and very comfortable.


  • Attached tummy control 
  • Non-see through
  • Versatile, comfortable fit 
  • Premium high-stretch fabric


  • It comes with no side pocket. 

Final verdict

Those who want to work on their tummy and work out their other body parts simultaneously will definitely love this leg. Especially if you want a flat tummy. This legging will help you work on that.


These leggings that I have reviewed in this article are literally some of the best that you can find out there, and whichever one you pick will definitely serve you well. It all depends on what your budget is and which one you would like to get exactly.


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