10 Leggings Like Fabletics But Cheaper

Leggings are comfy clothes that serve as workout wear and also fashion items. They are versatile pants that can be worn indoors, to the gym, and on some other casual occasions.

However, finding a good pair of leggings at an affordable price might prove a difficult task. So many are made from very thin materials that are see-through, some are too tight while some may stretch out after several washes.

Many high-quality leggings are on the high side with prices that may not be affordable for many.

Fabletics leggings are one of the best sellers on the market. These yoga pants are made of quality materials, having a blend of cotton and spandex, polyester and spandex, or a mix of all three.

However, their price starts from $39 which may not be affordable for all. If you’re in search of leggings like Fabletics at a more affordable price, then you’re in the right place. We will be reviewing 10 similar leggings to Fabletics.

10 Leggings Like Fabletics But Cheaper

Leggings  Unique Features Review
CRZ YOGA Leggings They are breathable 4.4/5
IUGA Leggings They are made from polyester 4.7/5
STRETCHUP Leggings They are made from spandex 4.4/5
Skyface Leggings They are durable 4.4/5
Colorfulkoala Leggings They are lightweight and flexible 4.6/5
Yogalicious Leggings They have mild compression 4.4/5
HeyNuts Leggings They have full length 4.7/5
Dragon Fit They are suitable for yoga and other exercises 4.5/5
SATINA Leggings They have a high waist 4.3/5
KUTAPU Leggings They have side pockets to store personal items 4.4/5


These pants are also made from quality materials that make them soft and comfortable. They feature a high waistline and are very flexible, making them good for the gym and all fitness activities.

Their flexibility and high-rise fit are appealing, making them a good match for your sneakers or heels to style up your look, and an excellent choice for your casual events.

They are very durable and comfortable and can be worn all day and best of all, they are less expensive than fabletics leggings.

Let’s get to the detailed review.

1. CRZ YOGA Leggings

The CRZ YOGA leggings are quality leggings that are designed for yoga, cycling, and running and also fit for other exercises. They are super light and feature an airy naked feeling.

These leggings are made from 62%  polyamide and 38% spandex. They have enough stretch with light compression, making them suitable for athletes. They are lightweight yet squat-proof. They are high-waisted and run all the way to the ankle.

These yoga leggings are very soft and cool to touch and provide maximum comfort. They are quick to dry and offer great breathability. They are great for summer, keeping you comfortable all day.

They are designed with side pockets for your phones, cards, and other small items. They have drawstrings for closure. You can adjust them for a more customized fit.

You’ve got it all with the CRZ yoga leggings. They are not only fit for running but also suitable for other casual occasions.

2. IUGA Leggings

IUGA leggings combine comfort, style, and performance. Their leggings are made with quality materials that are suitable for fitness enthusiasts and fashion customers who want to style up in these pants. The butt-lifting leggings will outline your figure.

They are made from 80% polyester and 20% soft spandex materials that offer enough stretch and flexibility. The materials are non-see-through, lightweight,  comfortable, and durable, the best choice for workouts, yoga, and running.

They feature a high-rise waistband and tummy control for fitness. They will outline your figure with great appeal. They are well-fitted with flatlock stitching that keeps the waistband flat, without digging into your skin.

They won’t fall off your waist as you perform. These yoga leggings have 2 deep side pockets to keep your essentials while performing. They have buttons for closure and a better fit.

The IUGA leggings are suitable to match with your sneakers or heels, keeping you smart and beautiful for your parties or any casual occasion.

3. STRETCHUP Leggings

STRETCHUP leggings are go-to pants for yoga, running, jogging, and other fitness activities. They are well designed with suitable materials that keep you comfortable throughout the day.

They are made from 78% polyamide and 22% spandex. The fabrics are lightweight and non-see-through with a soft, silky touch. They wick away moisture, keeping you comfortable all day.

They feel like a second skin and give you a flattering fit. They have a high rise with a wide elastic waistband and tummy control that brings out your figure and streamline your shape. They are well-fitted and will stay at your waist.

The STRETCHUP leggings are easy to care for and easy to dry. They have 2 side pockets to keep your essentials while working out.

4. Skyface Leggings 

Skyface leggings are a great choice for your fitness activities. They are made from high-quality materials and are durable and comfortable, suitable for running, cycling, jogging, and other forms of exercise.

The fabrics are skin-friendly and buttery soft with a 4-way stretch. They are non-see-through fabrics that give you a naked feeling and are lightweight.

They have great flexibility, making them suitable for a great performance during exercise. They are breathable with moisture-wicking quality.

They have a high-rise and run from the waist to the ankle with a tummy control waistband that flatters your figure. They have inner pockets for your phones, keys, and cards.

The Skyface leggings are well designed to give you easy movement. They will follow your movement as you exercise, giving you comfort all day. They are also excellent for casual events.

5. Colorfulkoala Leggings

The colorfulkoala leggings are made with quality materials that deliver high performance during running, yoga, cycling, and other forms of physical activities. They are also suitable for your leisure time and other casual occasions.

They are made from 75% polyester and 25% spandex. They are stretchy and soft to the feel, lightweight with a naked sensation. These leggings are very flexible and give unrestricted movement, allowing you to perform in comfort.

They are high-waisted with a waistband that does not stick to the skin. They have side pockets so you can store your personal items.

The Colorfulkoala are high-performance leggings and are great to style with your sneakers or heels.

6. Yogalicious Leggings

Yogalicious leggings are designed to give the perfect fit, comfort, and high performance. They are excellent for yoga or workouts in the gym and are also relaxing for your leisure time.

The materials are ultra-soft and lightweight. They fit like a second skin and are soft to the touch.

They provide a more stylish alternative to sweatpants. They are high-waisted and run from the waist to the ankle.

They have a gentle compression at the waist that gives a trim appearance. The gusseted crotch allows for free movement. The interlock seams reduce rubbing and friction.

These leggings are constructed from squat-proof and 4-way stretch fabrics that follow your movements, offering great comfort.

The Yogalicious leggings are an excellent choice of clothing as they are very durable and will retain their shape over time.

7. HeyNuts Leggings

HeyNuts leggings are designed with a blend of comfort, fit, durability, and performance. They are quality made with suitable materials, perfect for fitness activities.

They are made from 70% nylon and 30% spandex. These lightweight fabrics are non-see-through with a soft feeling and matte finishing. They have a high waist and seamless waistband that streamlines your shape and flatter your curves.

They have moderate compression with great flexibility that keeps you comfortable. You won’t feel suffocated in them. They have hidden pockets in the waistband to keep personal items. These full-length leggings are also perfect for casual hangouts.

8. Dragon Fit Leggings

The Dragon fit leggings are designed to provide maximum fit and comfort with high performance during exercises like running, cycling, and jogging. These sports pants are also good for yoga and your leisure time.

They are made from 88% polyester and 12% spandex. The non-see-through fabrics are quick-drying and breathable. They offer enough stretch and flexibility and are the perfect choice for exercise and can be worn daily. They are extra comfortable and durable.

They are well-stitched, giving you a close fit without being too tight. They have a high waist and full length. They have a wide waistband and tummy control that keeps you in shape. They have hidden pockets to store necessary items.

9. SATINA Leggings 

The SATINA leggings are good-quality pants that are versatile to wear for exercise, errands, and casual occasions.  They are well-fitted, comfortable, and reliable.

They are made from 92% polyester and 8% spandex. They offer good stretch and flexibility. These leggings are super soft, squat proof, and lightweight. They are also durable and breathable, keeping you comfortable throughout the day.

They are high-waisted with a comfortable waistband. They feature a tummy control to flatter your curves. They run from the waist to the ankle and the waistband provides a good fit and keeps your leggings in place without sagging.

The SANITA leggings are a great choice for your gym activities and to style up your look a bit. They will keep you comfortable all day.

10. KUTAPU Leggings

KUTAPU leggings are designed with quality materials to offer maximum fit, comfort, and durability. They are well-fitted and suitable to wear indoors and to the gym.

They are made from 88% polyester and 12% spandex. The soft material is non-see-through with a naked feeling. They are lightweight, flexible, and super comfortable.

You can wear them all through the day without feeling suffocated. They are thick enough and squat-proof.

They have a high waist and elastic waistband with a hidden drawcord for an excellent fit. The leggings will stay on the waist. They will hug your shape without being too tight.

The crotch design makes them very comfortable and the smooth stitching minimizes irritation and chaffing. They have side pockets to store your necessary items.

The KUTAPU leggings are a great choice for yoga, running, cycling, and other forms of exercise. They can also be worn for casual occasions.


To carry out your daily activities from running, cycling, and yoga to running errands, you will need comfortable and durable clothes.

These 10 reviewed leggings are not only comfortable but also durable and will help you perform well while exercising.

And whether you are staying indoors or going for hangouts, these leggings are an excellent choice to style you up and keep you comfortable all day.

They are great alternatives to Fabletics. They are more affordable with very good quality.


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