Lee vs Lee Cooper Jeans: Which Is Better?

People often confuse Lee for the Lee Cooper brand. These two are different brands and one of the differences is that Lee jeans are super stretchy than Lee Cooper.

Although Lee Cooper Jeans have a bit stretchy, they cannot be compared to Lee when it comes to stretchy pants. Lee and Lee Cooper have different websites for their brands and that also proves that they are different brands.

Why this Comparison?

This comparison is to first, clear the air that Lee jeans are different from Lee Cooper Jeans. Also, this comparison is to point out the differences between these two brands and then to find out which of them is better.

I am certain that you might want to find out which of them you should purchase. Before the end of this article, you should be able to decide which jean is better for you.

Lee is already a popular brand and it competes with Levi’s, Wrangler, and the likes. A lot of people have voted Lee jeans to be better than Levi’s jeans.

So, in this comparison, we will compare the construction of these two jeans, the quality, the sizing & fitting, the price, the comfort level, and the silhouette, and then, we’ll finally decide which is better between these two brands.

First Glance At Lee Jeans

Lee Jeans vs Lee Cooper Jeans

When you check out Lee jeans, there are a lot of things you’ll notice about them at first glance. First, you will notice the 5 pocket styling that is unique and you will most likely find the detailing in the description.

There are also the washes. Lee jeans are available in various washes and you have the liberty of making your favorite choice. You will also notice the zipper fly with button closure in most Lee jeans.

Lee jeans also come with the signature label that is unique to Lee and I’m sure that you will easily notice this at first glance.

At first glance, you will also notice the Extreme Flex waistband on Lee jeans which is made for better fitting and comfort. Some Lee jeans are straight fit, some can be slim fit and then the regular fit, all these are available on Lee jeans store.

There is also the mid-rise and high-rise style. If you were in a physical store and you happen to touch Lee jeans, you will feel how soft they are and how stretchy the jeans are.

I am certain that you will also notice, just by glancing at the price tag, that Lee jeans are very affordable.

First Glance At Lee Cooper Jeans

Lee Jeans vs Lee Cooper Jeans

Lee Cooper Jeans look like the regular jeans you buy from other brands. Some of the jeans are in plain pattern and you will likely notice that if you are purchasing in that category.

Lee Cooper Jeans look like jeans you can wear to casual or regular occasions. You will notice the skinny fit and the regular fit also.

There is also the straight fit in some of Lee Cooper Jeans. Lee Cooper jeans come with button closure with a zip fly.

There are also nice washes available in Lee Cooper jeans and you will notice the variety you will have to choose from.

If you happen to have a feel of Lee Cooper jeans, you will notice that they are thicker with a little stretch in some of them.

Lee Cooper jeans are not as stretchy as Lee jeans. Also, some of Lee Cooper jeans are made of thin materials.

Lee Cooper jeans are as affordable as Lee jeans. They are even more affordable because you will probably notice that on the price tag of the jeans in the store.

Let’s get to the Comparison

In trying to find out which is better between Lee and Lee Cooper jeans, we’ll conduct a Head-to-Head comparison of these jeans using several factors.


I have been comparing jeans for some time now and I’ve realized that there are hardly any jeans that people haven’t complained of construction flaws, no matter how expensive the jeans are. But, we do not focus on that.

We focus on the majority that is well made. For Lee jeans, they have a nice way of constructing their jeans and they stay unique. Regardless of how cheap Lee jeans are, they are well made.

Lee jeans are made of cotton and spandex materials. There is the signature label construction and the waistband unique to Lee. Lee jeans are designed in the 5 pocket styling and they are made soft and stretchy.

Lee Cooper jeans are also well stitched and constructed. Although they have received few complaints on construction flaws, I think they are still good when it comes to construction.

Lee Cooper jeans are made of cotton with a little stretch. Some of their jeans are made of a blend of polyester. Some Lee Cooper jeans are rather thin in material. But, in summary, Lee Cooper jeans are well stitched just like Lee jeans.


I find these two brands of jeans good quality jeans, especially for the price they give out their jeans for. For Lee, they pay enough attention to details and that alone ensures that the quality of their jeans is good.

Although some customers have complained of low-quality Lee jeans, I think that is expected because not everyone will find a particular product good for them.

The cotton and the spandex fabrics that their jeans are made are quality ones and because of that, Lee jeans are recognized more for their stretchy nature than anything else.

Lee Cooper jeans are also good quality jeans. Just as every other jean brand, they have also received complaints about having bad quality jeans. But, in the overall rating, their jeans are good quality.

Some of their jeans are made of 100% cotton while others are made with a blend of polyester. There is also a little stretch in Lee Cooper jeans and all these materials are good quality ones.

Both jeans are good quality, but Lee jeans are of higher quality than Lee Cooper jeans.

Comfort Level

This is a factor I think should be the most important when looking out to buy a pair of jeans. Lee jeans are very comfortable. One thing that makes jeans comfortable is stretch.

The better the stretch, the higher the comfort level. Lee jeans have a higher percentage of a stretch compared to Lee Cooper jeans. So, they are more comfortable.

The spandex fabric that is added to Lee jeans is the stretch in the jeans and that contributes to the comfort of Lee jeans.

Lee Cooper jeans, on the other hand, are also comfortable. There is the addition of a little stretch in the making of Lee Cooper jeans and that ensures the comfort of the jeans.

Even the ones made of all cotton are also comfortable depending on the making process of these jeans. In general, the comfort level of Lee Cooper jeans is good.

So, when it comes to the comfort level between these two brands, Lee jeans are more comfortable than Lee Cooper jeans.


Pricing is another important factor of comparison between these two brands. Because of the price, you might decide to buy one instead of the other. I find Lee jeans very affordable.

I like shopping on Amazon store and I realized that Lee jeans are so affordable on my favorite online store. You can get Lee jeans from $28 to $50.

Imagine getting quality jeans for such an amount. Little wonder a lot of people prefer Lee jeans to Levi’s as they are even more affordable than most Levi’s jeans.

Most Lee jeans are between $27 to $28 and I find that affordable. I also think that the quality of Lee jeans is worth the price and even more.

Lee Cooper jeans are also very affordable. You can find Lee Cooper jeans from 1,200 rupees to 2,799 rupees. That is, from $15 to almost $40. There are Lee Cooper jeans that are more than that price.

From here, we can see that Lee Cooper jeans are more affordable than Lee jeans. Lee Cooper is certainly worth the price they are sold for.

Lee Cooper has existed for over a hundred years now and they are one of the most affordable denim jeans to buy from. Both jeans are affordable, but Lee Cooper jeans are more affordable.


I believe that this is a very important factor to look out for in jeans. The fitting of jean can guarantee a high level of comfort. But, when a jean is not well-fitting nor true to size, comfort is out of the question.

Lee jeans are available in various sizes and they are sure true to size. They fit great on the body and every style is cut to fit. I find Lee jeans true to size for most of the time.

All you need to do is to check the size chart and purchase your size. Another good thing about Lee jeans is that they are flexible on the body. So, the fitting is in such a way that you can move comfortably and flexibly.

Lee Cooper jeans are also true to size. They are available in many sizes and you have to check the size chart guide in order to get the right size.

Some Lee Cooper jeans might get too long on some people and you can tailor-cut it to your size. Lee Cooper jeans just have a nice fit on the body and the skinny fit style is really fitting.

Both jean brands are well-fitting and they are true to size. Although, I think Lee is more true to size.


With the 5 pocket styling pattern of most Lee jeans, they look just like regular jean that can be worn to any occasion, casual or official.

Although, most people use Lee jeans for casual occasions. The zipper fly with button closure on Lee jeans gives them a stylish look.

Then, the signature label on Lee jeans is unique and they make the jeans look stylish. With enough stretch, Lee jeans sure look skinny on many people especially if you’re wearing the skinny fit.

Also, the many washes available in Lee jeans are really fashionable and stylish.

Lee Cooper jeans are not lacking in style also. They are available in many washes and they are fashionable and stylish just like Lee jeans.

Just like Lee jeans, Lee Cooper jeans look like the regular jeans you can wear for casual occasions.

The straight fit, the skinny fit, and even the regular fit are good styles you should try out. There is also the button and zip fly closure on Lee Cooper jeans that are designed to fit.

Some of Lee Cooper’s jeans are just plain patterns with no wash and design. In all, they look good. Both jeans brands have a good silhouette.

Final Verdict – Which Is Better?

Lee jeans are already very famous and even though they started about the same time as Lee Cooper, they are doing much more than Lee Cooper.

Many people are still confused about the identity of the two brands. I think that should have been settled long ago if both brands were actively marketing their brands. But, that’s by the way.

So, which is better between these two? Let’s go over the comparison.

When it comes to the construction of the jeans, both jeans are well stitched and constructed. Then, Lee jeans are of higher quality than Lee Cooper jeans.

The comfort level of Lee is also higher than that of Lee Cooper. Lee Cooper jeans are more affordable than Lee. Both jeans brands are true to size and they are fitting.

And then, both Lee and Lee Cooper have a good silhouette of jeans. So then, which is better overall? I believe Lee jeans are better than Lee Cooper jeans.

Lee Cooper jeans are not bad themselves, just that Lee jeans are better when compared to them.


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