Lee Cooper vs Levi’s Jeans: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Lee Cooper jeans and Levi’s jeans is the branding. Levi’s brand is far different from Lee Cooper’s brand.

Both jeans brands have existed for several years, but Levi’s has become more famous than Lee Cooper.

Levi’s jeans are made of organic cotton fabric with stretch while Lee Cooper jeans are crafted from a blend of polyester or cotton with a little stretch.

Why this Comparison?

Many of you who are already familiar with Levi’s jeans might be wondering why we should go over this comparison.

You might have had your favorite already or you’re thinking of getting a pair of jeans from any of these brands, this article is to help you make a better decision on which to purchase.

I am going to outline the features of these jeans and compare them side by side so that you will see which is better for you. Note, the jeans brand that is my choice might not be your choice.

Whatever need a brand supplies to you, then I think you can go with that. So, read along as I reveal the first glance look of these jeans, and then the comparison proper.

First Glance At Lee Cooper Jeans

Lee Cooper vs Levi's Jeans

When you set out to purchase Lee Cooper jeans, there is not going to be a different look from the normal regular jeans you wear. Just that, brands have their uniqueness and differences.

Lee Cooper jeans are available in a straight fit, skinny fit, and many other styles. You will most likely notice all the styles in the store. Also, Lee Cooper jeans have a zip fly with button closure.

This happens to be the regular closure type of most jeans in other brands. Some of Lee Cooper’s jeans are just in plain pattern and you will probably notice that. If you do not fancy exuberant stylish jeans, you can shop for Lee Cooper jeans.

At first glance, you will also notice the price on the price tag and that should encourage you to get Lee Cooper jeans because they are very affordable. You might also notice that some of Lee Cooper’s jeans are really long and beneficial to tall people.

Even if you’re not tall, you can roll up the hem for style. If you are shopping in a physical store and you feel the fabric of Lee Cooper jeans, you will realize that they feel a bit stretchy and the material is thin in some pairs.

First Glance At Levi’s Jeans

Lee Cooper vs Levi's Jeans

Levi’s jeans look like the regular kind of jeans you can get from many other brands. Their uniqueness is in the large metal zipper closure on most of their jeans. You will easily notice that in their jeans.

Also, there is the belt loop waistband in most Levi’s jeans. You will also notice the mid-rise style or the high-rise style in Levi’s jeans.

Levi’s jeans are also available in a straight fit, regular fit, skinny fit, and many other styles that you will find when you’re set to buy Levi’s jeans.

When you check the price tag, you will realize that Levi’s jeans are also affordable. When in a physical store and you have the opportunity of touching the jeans, you will notice how soft some of them are, some are stretchy and the fabric is also thick.

If you’re buying on Levi’s website, they offer a free return policy and you can make use of that while it lasts. Most of Levi’s jeans are in the 5 pocket styling design and you’ll love to check that out yourself.

Let’s get to the comparison

Before we decide which of these brands is better, we will conduct a head-to-head comparison of these jeans. There are factors of the comparison we’ll follow.

I will compare the construction of the jeans, the quality, the comfort level, the price, the sizing, the silhouette and then I’ll give the final verdict on which is better.

Lee Cooper vs Levi’s Jeans: Comparison


The stitching and design of a jean affect the quality, durability, and styling of that jeans. For Lee Cooper jeans, they are well stitched and they are available in various designs.

Lee Cooper jeans are designed with a zipper and button closure. There are available in skinny, regular fit, and plain designs.

Some Lee Cooper’s jeans are made of thin materials. Lee Cooper jeans are mostly made of cotton and some are made of polyester blend.

Lee Cooper jeans are also constructed to be stretchy a little. The construction of Lee Cooper jeans is right and good.

Levi’s jeans are also well constructed and stitched. Levi’s jeans are more available in well-textured, distinct, and clear patterns.

They invest in a particular pattern and ensure that people know them for that. Just like the 501 design of Levi’s jeans. Levi’s jeans that are made of 100% cotton are thick and suitable for heavy-duty.

Some of Levi’s jeans are designed in the mid-rise pattern while others are in the high-rise style. Some of Levi’s jeans are made to be soft with stretch. Both jeans are well stitched and constructed.


The quality of these jeans is indisputable. Just that, some jeans do not just meet the standard of some people. Lee Cooper jeans are good quality jeans for so many people, but not for everyone.

Some people find Lee Cooper the best jeans for them in relation to the features they like about Lee Cooper jeans.

Though Lee Cooper jeans are not my best jeans, I like them and they are good quality jeans. Their jeans are lasting and fitting, but not as lasting as Levi’s.

Levi’s quality outweighs that of Lee Cooper. So many people seem to prefer Levi’s jeans to Lee Cooper jeans. Levi’s jeans are known for the good quality jeans they produce.

With the organic cotton that they are made of, they last for long and they are fitting. Levi’s jeans are more durable than Lee Cooper jeans.

Both of these jeans have received some complaints about the quality of their jeans, but a majority of customers vote for the quality of these jeans. I particularly love Levi’s jeans because they pay attention to details.

Comfort Level

To me, comfort is a priority and I pay more attention to the comfort a pair of jeans will provide me even while checking the fitting.

Lee Cooper jeans are comfortable jeans. Their jeans are made with a little stretch and that alone raises the comfort level of the jeans.

Another thing that makes Lee Cooper jeans comfortable is the thin material they are made of. When a jean is lightweight, a level of comfort is guaranteed. But, I think Lee Cooper jeans are not as comfortable as Levi’s jeans.

Levi’s on the other hand are comfortable jeans. The trick here is that Levi’s jeans will not be comfortable for everyone.

But, so far, many people find Levi’s jeans comfortable. Some of Levi’s jeans are made with a little stretch and that makes them comfortable. Even the ones that are made of 100% cotton are still comfortable.

Another thing about comfort is to get the sizing right. When the jean is true to size and fits on you, then you will be comfortable in the jean.

Both Lee Cooper and Levi’s jeans are comfortable, but Levi’s are better.


To some people, the price does not matter as long as they can get the quality they want. To some others, they look for items based on a budget. So, Lee Cooper jeans are really affordable.

I think when checking to buy Lee Cooper jeans, you should not consider the price because it’s something you can afford. Rather, check the features you like in the jeans

Lee Cooper jeans are sold for $15 to $40. They are very affordable jeans. I don’t think Lee Cooper jeans are above $40 in any store you check.

Levi’s jeans are affordable as well. But, they are more expensive than Lee Cooper jeans. You can find Levi’s jeans for between $32 to $98. To some people, that’s still very affordable.

But, in comparison to Lee Cooper jeans, Levi’s are expensive. But, I think they are worth the price they are sold for.

You can find some Levi’s jeans that are above a hundred dollars and that’s fine because they are worth the price. When it comes to price, Lee Cooper jeans are more affordable than Levi’s.


Lee Cooper jeans are true to size and they are also fitting. For a jean brand that is so affordable, they offer fitting jeans that are available in various sizes.

There is a size chart where you can check for your size before picking your Lee Cooper jeans. As a result of the stretch, they may get a little stretchy, but they are still true to size.

From what I know, it’s difficult not to get a complaint about the fitting of jeans. Lee Cooper may not be fitting for everyone. You just have to keep checking until you find the one most fitting for you.

Levi’s jeans are also true to size and fitting as well. The belt loop on the waistband is made to accommodate the belt so the waist can be adjusted for a better fit.

Levi’s has a sizing chart for both men and women where you can check for your size before purchasing Levi’s jeans. Generally, Levi’s are true to size and all their styles are fitting.

Although, they may not be fitting on everyone, they are majorly a great fit. So, both jeans are true to size and they are fitting.


Lee Cooper jeans are plainer in look and they are other styles available in their collection. There is the straight fit, the skinny fit, the regular and many others.

Lee Cooper jeans are the kind of jeans you can wear anywhere, on any casual occasion. They are just regular jeans and they are cute too. They are available in different washes where you can select your best color.

I think Lee Cooper jeans are fashionable enough and they are also stylish. Some people seem to like the plain pattern style.

Levi’s jeans are also the regular kind of jeans. They can be worn to any casual occasion and people even use them to work. There are available in mid-rise and high-rise styles.

Levi’s jeans are also available in many washes and you have the chance of making your choice. Depending on the design you take, Levi’s jeans are stylish and very fashionable.

Somehow, Levi’s jeans look like the classy expensive jeans that they actually are. Both of these jeans are fashionable and stylish, but I think Levi’s is more classy.

Final Verdict (Which Is Better?)

Already, so many people’s favorite is Levi’s. But, I believe that a lot of people will still prefer Lee Cooper jeans even after my verdict in this comparison.

Some people find Lee Cooper fitting and more comfortable on them than Levi’s and that’s okay. While others are already in love with Levi’s and that’s fine. Let’s go over the comparison briefly before we give the conclusion.

In the comparison of the construction of these jeans side by side, both Lee Cooper and Levi’s jeans are well stitched and constructed. Also, they are both good quality, but Levi’s is of better quality than Lee Cooper.

The comfort level of Levi’s is higher than that of Lee Cooper. When it comes to pricing, Lee Cooper jeans are more affordable than Levi’s. Both jeans are true to size and they are also fitting.

And then, they are both stylish but Levi’s jeans are more classy than Lee Cooper jeans. Now, what’s the conclusion? Which of them do you prefer?

My choice may not affect yours but I believe Levi’s are good. I think that Levi’s jeans are better than Lee Cooper jeans.

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